Heat of the Moment - Part 2: Awakening

Characters: Reader (Y/N Padalecki), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki,

Pairing: Jensen x reader, Jared/sister!Reader

Warnings: Smut, Oral (female receiving), Unsafe sex (wrap it before you tap it boys and girls), Angry Moose.   

Word count: 1500ish

A/N: Andi aka @ellen-reincarnated1967 offered to write me another drabble for a series of hers I love, so I told her to pick one of five prompts but my overactive brain made a story of all five prompts. This is part two of a two part story.

2 out of 5 prompts are used in this one and they are bolded if you are curious.

Thanks a billion to @teenage-internet-recluse and @mamapeterson for betaing this for me. You’re awesome girsl :D


You squeezed your eyes harder together to keep the sunbeams penetrating the curtains from stabbing your brain. Fuck, it felt as if a herd of rhinos had a dance party in there. You let out a soft moan, trying to move out of the offending sun’s passage and stick your head under the pillow like an ostrich. You instantly froze when you felt a foreign weight wrapped around your middle. 

“Shit!” you thought as you slowly moved to turn your head. The sight that met you, combined with the dull ache between your legs as you moved, made your breath catch in your throat. The man beside you was still asleep with a blissful expression on his face, while your head and heart was tearing your emotions in opposite directions.

What if he regretted this? Fuck he is beautiful. What if Jared find out? Would it be bad to lean in and kiss those pouty lips of his? Dammit Y/N, focus!  

Even if you had no immediate recollection of last night, there was no doubt in your mind what had happened. You were both naked and the delicious soreness between your legs served as a reminder of where the adonis next to you had been.

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As long as you watch the nationality, the skin color of an artist, or if he/she fits with your beliefs and opinions BEFORE you just receive the pleasure he/she offers you, you’re totally wrong.
It’s a matter of seconds, sometimes less, and it can totally spoil your reception. Unfortunately, many of you behave like this.
—  Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 25 July 2 017.
Télépopmusik, Smile

Zabu: “Did he say what the problem was?”
Carmen: “No.  Better not be any heat from the eastside.  We took care of those pendejos last year and if they start shit again that’s it for them.”

Carmen: “Okay, Sneaks.  We’re here.  What’s the problem?”
Sneakers: “See for yourself…”

*distant chanting and muffled voice on a loud speaker*

Zabu: “What is that?”
Sneakers: “It’s some kind of protest, signs say “No Sims Left Behind”.  I think it’s part of that fucking gentrification project.  It’s blowing up my spot for the second day.  No one wants to stop and buy something with those assholes marching around screaming.”
Carmen: *sneering* “Only time those pinche uptowners want anything to do with this neighborhood is when they want to tell us how to do what we’re doing better.”

Zabu: “Why haven’t you run them off?”
Sneakers: “Cops, in the unmarked black Simaru.”

Detective Zardari: “Bruiser on the corner has company, Russ.”
Detective McClusky: “I see em’“


Well, it’s been about a year since Motion City played our last show. Stumbled upon this video my wife sent me of the last song (I believe Josh’s wife Jill was the one who shot this). It’s got me feeling all sorts of nostalgic.

I can’t believe that was a year ago. It feels like this last year just flew by. What happened? Let’s see… I got to spend a whole hell of a lot of time with my wife and daughter. That was, and continues to be, fantastic. Getting to watch a little human grow and encouraging her enthusiasm for life’s mysteries is quite a trip. Speaking of trips, I got to take my wife to London and Paris. She’d never been and I’d never really spent time in either city doing touristy things. We got to see David Tennent in the play: Don Juan in Soho. Spent time on a London tour bus (which was actually both hilarious and informative). Went to some museums in France. Turns out I don’t care much for old art. I dig the more modern stuff. 1900’s and on… Went on our own makeshift Amélie tour in Montmartre. Good times were had.

Oh, I also made (for lack of a better word) a solo record with Josh Cain producing. It only took us 8 months, but it’s now being mixed by Marc McClusky (he mixed Panic Stations). I played everything on it other than drums. That was performed by the incredibly talented Dave Jarnstrom (BNLX). Jacob Carlson (Ant Studios) engineered the drums for us. Yeah, it’s been quite an undertaking trying to do this with no safety net, but I set out to see how much I could write and perform on my own, and at the very least I did it. Now I just have to wait and see if anyone out there cares for the early to mid ‘90s sounding record I tried my best to emulate.

I now shift gears and begin working through the rest of those boxes from early 1995 that continue to haunt me. Hopefully, my office and basement (same thing really) will be up and running by the new year. Only took me two years of living in perfectly stacked piles of OCD garbage to get my shit together.

I’m down 25 lbs (gained 35 between the last show and January), but I still have a ways to go. I’ve gotten really into biking, but I look like Tobey Maguire in the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man before he gets his real suit, huffing away in sweatpants on a mountain bike while everyone zips around me in their tight as fuck nylon whateveryoucallthem on tiny bikes with rear view mirrors on their helmets, muscles rippling in the wind (I’m not bitter).

Anyway… it’s been great being able to be creative, writing songs in the basement, coming upstairs to mow the lawn or tar the driveway, dancing with my daughter while she sings “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, and watching tv at night with my wife while we eat Pizza Lucé. I’m lucky I get to do so many wonderful things. Thanks for listening. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again one day soon. 😘


Let’s discuss episode 7


Ripped pages from Laura’s diary - I called this from day 1 - Coop (his spirit/soul) IS in the Lodge, the guy who came out was BOB. Dougie is the decoy in Coop’s real body…I think.

Do you think Richard is Audrey’s son?

Can someone explain Ice pick/assassin guy to me? Is he somehow related to MIKE/The One-Armed Man?/Gerard? Can someone shed some light on his for me? I’m confused.

Major Briggs - I’m also a bit confused on this whole thing…help. So they found his body, but it’s the wrong age? Sooooo maybe he was in the white lodge and was recently let out? Then…beheaded?

What song is Gordon whistling? Has anyone figured it out?

Why would Frank ask why Leland would hide the pages from the diary? Why wouldn’t Leland? The pages could implicate him in Laura’s murder.

The scene in the Bang Bang Bar with the guy sweeping the floor…wow! Beautiful lighting, and how very Lynch!

Also, who was surprised to be Jacque again? Didn’t Leland kill him? And it sounds like he’s still involved with One Eyed Jacks if it’s still around. Or perhaps runs his own prostitution ring? I wouldn’t put it past him.

Gordon and Tammy - the fingers…huh? Anyone have a theory as to what this could mean? Isn’t that what Gordon told Coop when he saw him in the prison? “spiritual mound”? Huh? David Lynch, you’ve outdone yourself in the bizarre department this time…

What do you think happened that night at Diane’s, the last time she saw Coop? It must have been awful if she’s still so upset 25 years later.
Why is she so hostile to everyone?


The mysterious, dark figure in the hospital…thoughts on that?

How cool is Frank’s pop-up desk computer.

Anyone have a theory as to who Joe Mcclusky is or Mr. Strawberry was?

Numbers seem to be of significance in this season. Is there any significance to “Lucky 7 Insurance”? Maybe just a nod to Dougie’s luck at the casino.

People are obviously trying to kill Dougie, but why?





The humming sound in the Great Northern. Any ideas?

It’s just so interesting to see the change– or lack thereof– in Freddy once he’s totally alone in the warehouse with Marvin. A situation wherein he should feel relief that he’s talking openly and honestly with another cop during his moment of crisis, someone on his level to identify with until they find rescue, this should be the most emotionally open situation that we see Freddy in.

And he finds Marvin annoying.

Freddy’s frustrated at Marvin and the idea of Marvin, an idealistic young cop theoretically very much like himself, the career that he chose, what he’s supposedly working for. But he’s gone so native that he can’t connect to being a cop without it feeling wrong. He’s frustrated that he didn’t remember this stupid guy’s name who won’t stop crying and trying to talk to him when he just wants to lay there in silence and preserve his strength for when Larry gets back. It’s disturbing and Marvin being there is sort of making him face it.

I love the little moment where Marvin is bawling at Freddy about the sick fuck who just cut his ear off, and Freddy gets a little reaction shot before he tells Marvin to hold on, where I feel like he’s being forced into awareness of just how monstrous Blonde and the rest of the gangsters are. Freddy probably liked Blonde well enough for the past few weeks. He liked all of them (some more than others, clearly.) They all liked him.

And I get the impression that Freddy overall doesn’t really like cops? Like maybe he came on to the force expecting one thing and got another and is overall a little disenchanted with them. Even in Freddy’s private fabrication of the commode story, the cops that he chooses to represent are shallow, ignorant brutes, probably based on people he knows. He’s obviously very close with Jim and likes McClusky(?) but that seems to be the extent of his actual emotional connection to being a cop. And then he gets dropped in Joe Cabot’s gang undercover and… they’re crass and ugly and awful but he finds himself fitting in with them and getting the feelings of camaraderie that he thought being a cop should have given him.

As hippiebydayrickymartin pointed out, a fact that is currently murdering me is that Freddy is actually still muttering Larry’s name under his breath right before the boys come back from retrieving the diamonds. Freddy’s so far gone his brain is still 110% on Larry and the heist even when he’s alone with another cop.

Love will thaw the frozen heart. 💙
We finally took some photos and I love how they turned out!
Anna: Myself
Elsa: Makenna Garner
Photographer: Katt McClusky




Chicago, IL’s William Beckett is premiering his new song “Walls” today via The Huffington Post. The song comes from a two-song digital single that is expected to be released on July 1.

The release will also feature a newly recorded and revamped piano version of “Just You Wait” – a song that originally appeared as a bonus track on his debut solo full-length album Genuine & Counterfeit, which was released last Summer.

“The inspiration for the song "Walls” actually came from a fan. Her story was so touching and relatable that I just had to write a song about it,“ reveals Beckett to The Huffington Post. "There comes a time in everyone’s life where you feel lost and uninspired; stagnant and not sure which way to turn or how to pull yourself out of the rut. This song is about believing in yourself and holding out hope that, with a positive attitude and dedication, each day can be better than the last. Of course things happen that are well out of our control, but the weight of each problem is measured in how you respond and react to it.”

The two songs were recorded with producer Marc McClusky (Weezer, Ludo) in Chicago, with whom Beckett also recorded Genuine & Counterfeit.

This Summer, Beckett - former frontman to The Academy Is… - will also perform solo at a series of amphitheater shows across the US, supporting Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo and Rick Springfield.

Beckett shares, “I’m so excited to be able to play this song on my upcoming tour with Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar. I still can’t believe that I have the opportunity to share the stage with such amazing songwriters and legendary performers. I’m also looking forward to sharing my music with an audience that, for the most part, hasn’t heard it yet. It’s going to be fun to show that my songs can speak to all generations of music fans.”

All upcoming William Beckett tour dates can be found below.

External image

William Beckett w/Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo and Rick Springfield 
Jun 28 Atlanta, GA @ Chastain Park Amphitheatre 
Jun 29 Raleigh, NC @ Red Hat Amphitheatre 
Jul 01 Boston, MA @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion 
Jul 06 Canandaigua, NY @ Constellation Brands – Marvin Sands 
Jul 08 Cincinnati, OH @ PNC Pavilion at Riverbend 
Jul 11 Waukegan, IL @ Genesee Theatre+ 
Jul 16 Kansas City, MO @ Starlight Theatre 
Jul 19 Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theater 
Jul 25 Saratoga, CA @ The Mountain Winery 
Jul 27 Portland, OR @ Oregon Zoo Amphitheater 

+ William Beckett w/Rick Springfield only


Thrilled. That about sums it up. As I sit here listening to our new album, I think about how a year ago, a more appropriate title might have been Bummed. We are now, however, sitting on what I believe to be the best Punchline album yet.

And it almost didn’t happen. Deep in my heart though, I knew it would. It had to. How could we not follow up the release of our last EP? The outpouring of support made it clear that people WANTED us to keep going. Sure, I got on the internet and made a pretty bold and ridiculous ultimatum - but everyone could have easily ignored that. Instead, it turned into the coolest thing to ever happen to our band. At a time when Punchline was neck and neck with Adele on those mythical music “charts”, we should have instantly hopped in the van and played anywhere and everywhere we could - just like we did when we were 21 years old. We could have snuck into some motel pools at night as a sort of makeshift bath, just for old times sake. We could have slept on people’s floors and felt awkward in the morning when their roommate/parent/spouse was getting up for work, and we had to pretend to be asleep. We could have walked around with a Sony Discman and ask that people check out our music. Had we not done all of those things a decade earlier, maybe we would not have experienced that avalanche of love in January of 2012. That should have been the launching pad into the world we had fought so hard to exist in for so long - a world where we could just write music every day, and make enough money doing it to ONLY have to worry about writing great songs. Not that money is what we’re in this for, but it IS kinda cool when you want to do things like eat and live somewhere, and maybe get a new pair of Jordans.

Instead, we did just the opposite. Due to scheduling conflicts, other projects, and the all-around mistake of “spreading ourselves too thin”, the hype behind the release just sort of fizzled out. Even after the fizzle, we should have wasted no time in getting back into the studio to follow up with an absolute BEAST of an album. I honestly have no idea why we didn’t. But I do know that next thing I knew, Steve texted me to tell me he was moving away. And I was MAD. I thought to myself, “Yee haw Steve, move to Nashville, maybe you’ll become the next COUNTRY MUSIC SUPERSTAR.” Looking back, my reaction was completely unreasonable. We live in a technological age in which Steve and I could write songs together even if he lived in Timbuktu, let alone a city which was about a half day’s drive away. So after a period of limited communication between Steve and I, I was more than happy when we finally got back to talking about making that new Punchline album. The prospect of making music together again was exciting. Talking to my bud all the time again was even better.

So there we were, 2 ½ years since the release of So Nice To Meet You. Marc McClusky (the producer we had worked with on the EP and that we really wanted to produce our full length) had an opening in his schedule, and was offering a deal that we could not pass up. All we needed was for the four of us to get on the same page and finally make it happen. But it wasn’t that easy. Personal differences made it so that making an album with the same lineup was near impossible. Paul and Cory are both my friends, and both are out-of-this-world musicians. I wanted so badly for it to be us four once again. The four of us wrote what I believe to be the best Punchline songs ever. Soon, however, it became clear that it was not going to work. Steve and I, having both been in the band since 1997, had to make a move and book the studio time. This involved asking both Paul and Cory for their blessing in moving forward with the band as just Steve and I. Being the great dudes that they are, they were understanding. I enjoy playing with those guys as part of Punchline so much that I still hold onto the hope that we’ll get onstage together again one day. In the meantime, Paul and I actually have written almost an entire album’s worth of songs together that we plan to record and release in the future, and Cory plays drums in Badboxes (which if you haven’t checked out, you certainly should).

With all the details worked out, Steve and I could approach the new album with CLEAR EYES and FULL HEARTS, and of course we felt like we COULDN’T LOSE. We exchanged song ideas over the internet, which worked somewhat well. It was during Steve’s trip back home to good old Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, that a lot of the album came together though. We wrote over half of the album in my very small office, and the songs really seemed to flow out of us. Both lyrically and melodically, it was the absolute pinnacle of our career as a songwriting team. We didn’t spend much time thinking about what particular “style” each song was. Instead, we focused mainly on writing the best songs possible, regardless of whether it would fit into the preconceived notions of what Punchline was. Some of the songs ended up being a natural progression for our sound, and some of the songs came from a very different place. Either way, we loved what we had written, and when you take all the other factors away, that’s what really matters - creating something that YOU love and that YOU would listen to.

So now, here we are. Three years since our last release, we are sitting on what we believe to be our best album. We kept the whole thing a secret for the most part (although I’m pretty sure that I’ve told at least 100 people about it over the past couple months). The reaction to us posting a little trailer about the album was overwhelming, calming any fears I had about people maybe not caring anymore. Who was i kidding anyway? The people that support our band are the greatest that I’ve seen for any band. I have played the album in my car for many friends and family members who are more than wiling to be brutally honest, and to my delight, pretty much everyone comments on how “next level” this album is for us. Even my own Dad, who despite being very supportive has never really had much to say about our actual music, called me to talk about how much he likes it and which songs he likes the best. I hope that this doesn’t come off as arrogant or cocky, because that’s not my intention. But I do think you have to believe in what you do, and I believe in this album. I believe that this album could appeal to a 4 year old, or to a 94 year old, or to anyone in between. I think that you could turn this album on at a party to really get it going. I think that you could have your first dance at a wedding to a few of the songs. I think that you could MOSH to some of the songs, if you’re still into MOSHING in 2015. I think that you could fall in love with this album as a soundtrack. I think that this album could help guide you through a rough patch in your life.

So yeah, that’s about as honest as I can possibly be about how this album happened and what it means to me. The most exciting thing in the world to me is seeing people’s reactions to what we create. This is BY FAR the most excited I’ve been about that. Soon, we’ll release a song, then another song, then a music video, and then the album. I am confident that we are putting something into the world that’s special. When I was a Man In My 20s, my goals were to make great music and travel the world. As a Man In My 30s, my goals are to make great music and continue to make great music. I want to be on everyone’s iPhones, Spotify play lists, and record players. I want to be responsible for the song stuck in people’s heads. I want to play amazing shows. I want to go back to Japan. I want to win a Grammy. I want to laugh about our past frustrations. I want to make Punchline albums until I’m a Man In My 80s. I want to text with Steve about how cool it is that we’ve been a band for so long. I want to do it all. I want to stay THRILLED for as long as I’m on this Earth. This band is a big part of that for me. This is right now. This is the time to back up our big words and live our lives the way we want to. Aw yeah, you know what I’m talking about.