edgar Allan poe : the raven

It was around the Time I had to read this poem and I met this girl I didn’t thing much of her at the moment see I was scared of what people thought of me so I kept low low and one day my nigga Ant (Anthony)was like go hope down and i declined she walked away. Awhile after when I had to say the poem I seen her go to class and she told me her name and I really was paying attention to her she was cute and she had nice hair and thick as shit man but for the life I can’t remember her name and I can’t stop thinking about her and when the poem said forever nameless it hunt me but I’m put a look out for her shit I want to know her and i want her to know I been looking for her and thinking about her

So if you live in St.Louis go to Mccluer north she like a senior or a junior and know this girl she light thick wavey hair medium length pretty as all day get at me

fifteen highschool memories challenge
  • one : How you felt the first day of highschool
 - Naive. Small.
  • two : Your very first friend that you made

-New friend? Cam. (Most of my midlde school friends all went to my HS too)

  • three : do you remember your schedule ?

-Homeroom, Biology, English, Social Studies, Math, lunch, Choir - I don’t remember the last two electives.

  • four : your favourite class to go to and why ?

-In all of HS? Creative Writing/ Honers Advanced Brit lit. - Same teacher for both classes - Mr Jasper. More like a parent then a teacher. Kind, engaging, funny, sincere. He gave me my creative voice. Plus all of my friends were in it with me.

  • five : who was that guy ?

-That guy? lol - There were a few.

  • six : tell me about that time you got sent to the office

- They called me in to tell me that they were GOING TO PAY ME, yes pay me, $200 to take the ACT prep course.

  • seven : the biggest drama you can remember

- All of it. It was always drama….

  • eight : what did you usually buy from the caf ?

- Cheeseburgers and fries.

  • nine : what were your school colors ?

- Red and Blue

  • ten : your favourite teacher

- “Mr Jasper. More like a parent then a teacher. Kind, engaging, funny, sincere. He gave me my creative voice.”

  • eleven : the girl you just wanted to hit in the face

- it’s best if names are left unsaid. -grin-

  • twelve : that sweet boy who gave you butterflies.

- JB. (Now JT.) He was sweet then….

  • thirteen : the mistakes you made & are glad you did

- Choir - all 4 years. Did I need it? No. Did I love it? Absolutely.

  • fourteen : the mistakes you made & wish you hadn’t

- Not believing one of my best friends over my boyfriend.

  • fifteen : how you felt your last day of highschool or how you think you’ll feel

- Sad, Happy, excited, worried. Nostalgic.