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moonlight-rising  asked:

Hi there. I found my way to this blog. I hope you're still here... I had started watching the Star Fox Lylat Legacy comic you were making a few months ago, and became really inactive due to my computer being broken until recently. I'm sad to hear that you guys have completely stopped all efforts towards that comic... I know it's your decision, and I'm not here to judge you, but I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a place where I could at least read the rest of the comic?..

OH yeah You can find all Three Chapters on my Pixiv. 

thanks for all the love, the comic is discontinued, for personal reasons alone. 

Hope you enjoy what’s there,

-Future Layeyes
(Please note that you don’t have to make a pixiv to view the comic you can x out the login pop up) 


Val: Mom… Mama.. I have something important to ask you. Now that im a young adult I think I want to travel to sixam!? I mean you guys did such an amazing job raising me and I will never forget you but I want to meet my biological mother. Get to know where I came from. Please dont get mad!

CJ: Sweety, thats so great! That would be so good for you,, I love you so much! also ps Sixam is pretty great :)