Morning View

#lowcardiet So my run this morning was pretty good. I ran a mile in 7:05. Just a tiny bit over the pace I had set from yesterday of 6:50, but not too bad. I was running outside this time instead of the treadmill, and it was significantly colder as well, so it took me a bit to get my breathing and pace down.  I used the Microsoft photosynth app on my phone to take some panoramic shots of the sound/bay and they came out pretty well. The sun rises in the east, so I wasn’t able to catch the actual sunrise, but it did make for some pretty dope shots of the horizon. 

Mid-day now, and I’ve been working from home today, while handling some personal business, but I’m rushing to get outside in some of this sun. I’m baking a chicken breast I marinated last night, and I’ll be eating that with some brown rice and peas! Which is seriously like one of my favorite meals at home to cook. Super simple, but it’s like my go to at this point. Going to try to get another run in this afternoon before I head back out, I’m gonna head to the Pioneeer Square Art Walk a little later tonight I think. Tomorrow kicks off Seafair Weekend!