JESS I am jealous of you why why why why why would you make me YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO QUESTION 1 GODDAMNIT
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1. If you got to choose between having the most amazing sex with your favourite celebrity once and never seeing them again, or being married to them but having to go to counselling on a regular basis, which would you choose?


Can I have both, ahahaha? I would be married and have counselling and because then there is a chance to resolve this relationship and stuff PLUS MAYBE MORE SEX

2. And why because I’m freakin’ curious holy god. (that counts as two questions, you shut up)

I am pretty sure that I would do it because I value love > sex, even with hot celebrities. Like yeah. Plus “never seeing them again” would also mean not watching their tv shows and I COULDN’T DO THAT

3. What’s your favourite flower, dude. TELL ME YOUR FLOWERY SECRETS.

Oh my god I DID NOT EXPECT THIS QUESTION LIKE HOW HOW HOW uh probably a nirnroot (bonus for anyone who understands this reference) but probably in reality a violet

4. Chicken or beef? (someone has to do it. someone HAS to get it.)


5. Coke or Pepsi?


6. If you’re an atheist, what would you do if you died and met God? Similarly, if you’re any kind of religious, what would you do if you died and found out there was no God?

I would probably have a heavy discussion thing and ask him why he makes people suffer and oppresses people and stuff…

7. Would you rather be in a mental institution for your whole life or be perfectly sane and… have cancer?

While this is a bit of a touchy subject for me… cancer.

8. Jack of all trades, master of none or Jack of few trades, master of one?

I would be master of one. I would definitely like that.

9. Poet or painter?


Probably a poet… I can do poems. :)

10. Your nightmare becomes a real thing. THE HELL DO YOU DO?

I die. That’s what my nightmares are about. Or, I weep helplessly as everyone else dies.

11. If your entire world got turned upside down, if you lost everything and everyone you cared about, what would you do to fix it, how would you cope? (be srs guise this is a srs question)

Okay I thought you meant literally turned upside down for a minute there

I would either try to find them, or turn all the anger on myself and write some goddamn sad music and things.

Okay, so gonna tag 11 people now and make questions…

1.What would you do if you suddenly found yourself heir to a lost kingdom? Would you try and be royalty?

2. What if you had the choice to end someone’s suffering, if only to inflict it on someone else? Could you do it?

3. What if you could take the pain on yourself, elevenfold? Would you do it?

4. Tacos or burritos?

5. If you could change an aspect of your life, what would it be?

6. M&M’s or Skittles?

7. Macaroni & Cheese or Mac ‘n’ Cheese?(srs question)

8. Werewolf or Vampire?

9. If you could choose between infinite wealth or eternal health, which would you pick?

10.Are you afraid of spiders?

11. If one could determine your life, would it be phrenology (bumps on your head) or astrology (star signs)?