Abby Sciuto profile/bio screencap #1

NCIS 2x09

Remember that time when Abby went undercover for the first time? 

Her alias: Miss Gibbs 

Name: Abby1600

Sex: “When I want it ”

Into: Humans 

Location: “Under the morgue”

Likes: “Blue states, Red states, Altered states, Ducks, My Boss.”

Dislikes: “Questions, Instructions, Let me figure it out.”

Feteshes: “Ooh, Kinky.”


McAbby | Tony’s team screencaps #2

NCIS 4x01

Tim: Tony, what if we lie? 

Tony: Sachs is an  self-centered egotistical jack-hole, b ut he’s not an idiot. 

McGee: No. I mean… why on the BOLO, instead of looking for a rogue Mossad spy wanted for murder, we put on a BOLO for a wife beater? 

Tony: That’s underhanded, devious 

Abby: … And it’s completely getting me hot.

Tony: Glad to see I’m finally rubbing off on him.

Tony/Voice recorder: DO IT!