McAbby screencaps

NCIS 4x06

McGee’s mind when seeing Abby “Marilyn” Sciuto - Ice Queen? What ice queen? Timmy is literally drooling at the sight of Abby during the whole episode. 

PS. Abby’s comment “That ended the moment you started se*ing up that cheerleader” as a reply to McGee’s “Abby and I did it again”  has always made me think that they were definitely casual (friends with benefits) up until this point - season 4 (or started again during the Gibbs-less summer). I have just made this my headcanon. No matter what the actual canon story is/was supposed to be.

my other headcanon is that McAbby’s first ever date was on Halloween. It fits, cause McGee first met the team at the end of October during the 1x07 case. 


Abby Sciuto profile/bio screencap #1

NCIS 2x09

Remember that time when Abby went undercover for the first time? 

Her alias: Miss Gibbs 

Name: Abby1600

Sex: “When I want it ”

Into: Humans 

Location: “Under the morgue”

Likes: “Blue states, Red states, Altered states, Ducks, My Boss.”

Dislikes: “Questions, Instructions, Let me figure it out.”

Feteshes: “Ooh, Kinky.”


McAbby | Faith EDIT

Merry Christmas, McAbby fans!

“I guess you just gotta believe.” /  "I do believe.“  

” Faith. Faith is infectious. Life isn’t always perfect. But sometimes things will work out for the best if you just have faith.“  


Unedited Tim McGee “ office”  screen caps #1

NCIS 10x23 Double Blind 

McGee/Sean was/looked just absolutely adorable during that scene. Sitting on the floor of his office, legs “crossed”, laptop on his lap, surrounded with wrappers of (snacks) food (and listening to his kinda music).  He really looked like a little kid in that scene. I don’t know if it was the surrounding, the lighting, the facial expressions, something else…or all combined…but it was super cute!