Derek was prowling the area again, he could tell that the alpha was interested in the territory, but this was his birthright and he wanted to claim it once more, even though he had been gone for some time. He could smell McCall trying to mark the forest with his scent and Derek snarled at the thought of it as he covered it with his own. 

They’d fought a few times, but they were fairly evenly matched. It frustrated Derek, this skirmish should have been over with a while ago. He scented the air, checking for any threats but all he smelt was a few deer a little to the north.

Following his path south he stayed down wind of them, he wasn’t in the mood to hunt them.

Scott - Bath

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Having a bubble bath was one of Liam’s little secrets. His mom brought a bath foam that was for achy muscles and he had to admit it was heaven to use after a Lacrosse game. Laying back in the tub he closed his eyes enjoying it until suddenly someone was climbing in. Jumping up he was about to yell when he saw it was Scott.

“Hey, you sneak in my window?”


Waking up in Scott’s arms Liam checked the clock before snuggling back into his alpha when he saw they weren’t in danger of being late for school. He was still a bit lazy in the mornings and leaning on Scott’s warm chest didn’t make him want to move at all for hours. He liked listening to his heart beat and feeling safe that Scott was alive and well.


“Well, this one might be different. And why do I need to look at it. You never let me down, remember?”

Stiles flushed, looking over at Scott and biting his bottom lip. “Well – just because I’ve never let you down before doesn’t mean that I’m a great artist. You might want me to clean this off before we go to the party that’s going to be different.” He laughed. “I’m just hoping no one hallucinates or gets kidnapped this time.”


Every night since Liam had returned from Mexico had been the same. He’d wake from terrifying dreams he couldn’t quite remember to see shadows in the corners of his room, or eyes glaring at him from behind a skull. The visions disappeared the moment he sat up but the fear they left behind was very real.

By Thursday he’d grown sick of it and when he woke just after midnight he threw back his covers and pulled on his lacrosse hoodie before jumping out his bedroom window. One favour from being bitten was it made it a lot easier to sneak out of his house. Heading over to Scott’s he climbed up onto the roof with ease and into the open window of his alpha. Seeing the older man was fast asleep in his own bed Liam sat down on the edge and rubbed a hand over his face. It seemed so silly now he was here to be running from a fear that wasn’t even in his room.


Davi’s face was pale and blotchy, tracts running down from a mess of tears. He ran fast through the house, searching for something, anything, settling on a knife to try and protect himself. 

He wasn’t sure what he saw. There had been blood, there was screaming, and growling, growling. He didn’t know a person could make that sound. He did know that Scott’s face had changed, that people were hurt, and he could be to. He gripped the handle of the knife, barely thinking how to use it as he hid in the back of the pantry, trying to stifle his cries as he heard Scott approach. 

A Well-Deserved Winter || mccallofthewild

Aiden, surprisingly, did not mind the cold weather. One would think that with his attitude problems he would find something to complain about. Of course he could see the things that bothered him but he preferred to keep them to himself around company. And due to him no longer being able to merge with his brother it meant he didn’t need to rip his shirt off at random times, saved his chest from getting chilly. It meant he could walk around town, not having to be bothered due to all the people rugging up indoors and not cluttering up the side walk.

Yet he found himself outside the McCall home, knocking on the front door with his free hand while he held his coffee in the other. Aiden had also rugged up appropriately, wearing a large beige jacket that hung down past his waist and a beanie atop his head. His other clothing was more of less the same though.

Growing impatient, he knocked again. Perhaps if he finished off his coffee he would be able to climb up and see if Scott was in his room. It didn’t seem like too much of a challenge but not one he would do one-handed.