Wild Run


Philip just wanted to run. It felt good, stretching his legs and trying to move as fast as he could. He would turn back later, he couldn’t miss the curfew or Kane would be furious, but he had some time. He could keep running. 

Philip tripped, rolling along his side with the speed he’d been running. It took time, the haze of falling clouding his mind until he could pick himself back up, sitting on his knees. “Shit.”

It wasn’t that he hurt himself, a skinned forearm that would be completely healed in a few days. It was more the smell of Alpha- it was no root or rock that tripped him. But the smell. He turned on his toes, brown eyes wide as he looked. 

“Who’s there?”

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While he wasn’t exactly self-conscious, using the showers while everyone else was there wasn’t the most appealing idea to the witch. Therefore he waited until most everyone was gone before he walked in, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Scott was there alone. Nope, definitely not.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Matthew responded, glancing at the other out of the corner of his eye while starting to wash the chlorine out of his hair.

     “i found her in the streets, probably a stray… and it looks like her leg is broken.” marek put the little ginger kitten on the table, gently brushing over head to reassure her that he was there, and make her calm down a little. he often found stray cats, or they came to him. this was the third one since he was back in beacon hills with his brother. he’d expected to find deaton when coming here, since theo had told him that the true alpha and some of his pack were off to college – but instead, it was scott who was at the animal clinic. the werelion looked up, studying the other’s features for a moment. it was the first time they met, they’d never spoken before. had theo even told him about him about marek? well, marek had met liam already, and he doubted the beta wouldn’t tell his alpha about theo’s twin brother showing up in town. 

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Not Jeallous

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Jackson feels uncomfortable with Scott’s arm on him, but the shocked look on the girls face at Jackson’s abrupt intrusion makes it more than worth it.

Still, he’s relieved when Scott slips off him a few steps away.

“Really, McCall?” he says as they head into the locker room. “A sophomore? You couldn’t figure out how to get rid of her?”

“How about you start with something like, ‘Hey, you’re a sophomore and I’m a senior/co-captain of the lacrosse team, so yeah this” he gestures to Scott and then at himself, as if he’s Scott and Scott is the girl in question. “’…probably not gonna be a good fit.’”

“You can’t be flirting with B-list chicks.” he adds, turning the combination on his locker. “As much as I loath to say this, you and I occupy a much closer social status than we once did so you doing that makes me look bad.”

There. He knew there was a reason that the scene had made him angry. That was definitely the reason.

Cyclone versus Cyclone


By the time that the winds picked up enough for the school to announce the tornado, Philip was already freaking out. But the announcement came, and everyone started to scream. Philip could hear the students down the hall yelling, running at top speeds like they could outrun the wind.

It didn’t take long for Philip to join them. Where was Scott? What class did he have this period? Oh god, what if he was in the library? His anxiety just grew and grew, as he checked every classroom that he passed and found nothing, just strangers with arms clean of the two black circles that he needed. He aimed for the library, shaking as fast as the windows shook on their eaves, trying to find his senior. 

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“Uh…” Shit. Philip wasn’t supposed to be hearing that talk. “Sort of, yeah. It’s something he calls me because I’m sort of… a mentor, I guess. We’re working it so he kind of takes over for me when I go to college.”

 Philip raised his eyebrows. He didn’t know what kind of answer he was expecting, but it wasn’t that. “He calls you Alpha because you’re tutoring him? In lacrosse?”


Derek was prowling the area again, he could tell that the alpha was interested in the territory, but this was his birthright and he wanted to claim it once more, even though he had been gone for some time. He could smell McCall trying to mark the forest with his scent and Derek snarled at the thought of it as he covered it with his own. 

They’d fought a few times, but they were fairly evenly matched. It frustrated Derek, this skirmish should have been over with a while ago. He scented the air, checking for any threats but all he smelt was a few deer a little to the north.

Following his path south he stayed down wind of them, he wasn’t in the mood to hunt them.

Scott - Bath

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Having a bubble bath was one of Liam’s little secrets. His mom brought a bath foam that was for achy muscles and he had to admit it was heaven to use after a Lacrosse game. Laying back in the tub he closed his eyes enjoying it until suddenly someone was climbing in. Jumping up he was about to yell when he saw it was Scott.

“Hey, you sneak in my window?”

      He’s sitting on a smelly bed inside of a dingy California motel room. While he could smell the faint scent of stale cigarette smoke and cheap perfume, the smell of his Alpha also tainted the air. Of course, Scott was no where to be seen when he broke into the room, his clothes and personal items remaining in a backpack or scattered about the small round table in the corner.

     When he hears footfalls from outside approaching the door, Jackson’s eyes shoot up, watching, waiting until the handle jiggled, the door opening in response; his Alpha now in plain sight. The Beta stands tall, heart rate remaining steady as he put on firm features. 

                                              “–Before you growl or sneer at me for coming, I just want to let you know, I had good reason.” No he didn’t. He missed Scott. Melissa was constantly calling, asking about him, and so was Stiles. They all wanted Scott back.