Derek was prowling the area again, he could tell that the alpha was interested in the territory, but this was his birthright and he wanted to claim it once more, even though he had been gone for some time. He could smell McCall trying to mark the forest with his scent and Derek snarled at the thought of it as he covered it with his own. 

They’d fought a few times, but they were fairly evenly matched. It frustrated Derek, this skirmish should have been over with a while ago. He scented the air, checking for any threats but all he smelt was a few deer a little to the north.

Following his path south he stayed down wind of them, he wasn’t in the mood to hunt them.

Scott - Bath

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Having a bubble bath was one of Liam’s little secrets. His mom brought a bath foam that was for achy muscles and he had to admit it was heaven to use after a Lacrosse game. Laying back in the tub he closed his eyes enjoying it until suddenly someone was climbing in. Jumping up he was about to yell when he saw it was Scott.

“Hey, you sneak in my window?”

      He’s sitting on a smelly bed inside of a dingy California motel room. While he could smell the faint scent of stale cigarette smoke and cheap perfume, the smell of his Alpha also tainted the air. Of course, Scott was no where to be seen when he broke into the room, his clothes and personal items remaining in a backpack or scattered about the small round table in the corner.

     When he hears footfalls from outside approaching the door, Jackson’s eyes shoot up, watching, waiting until the handle jiggled, the door opening in response; his Alpha now in plain sight. The Beta stands tall, heart rate remaining steady as he put on firm features. 

                                              “–Before you growl or sneer at me for coming, I just want to let you know, I had good reason.” No he didn’t. He missed Scott. Melissa was constantly calling, asking about him, and so was Stiles. They all wanted Scott back.

When Scott returned to his home, he immediately knew that Jackson had been there. It didn’t take him long to place his jacket or to locate the pillowcase where it sat in rags in his trash bin. At least he realized that he’d done something wrong. That was a start. A start of what though? Jackson had already made it clear that they were just alpha and beta, and even that thread was wearing thin. Maybe this had been  bad idea from the start. A true experiment in futility.

But he couldn’t give up on Jackson. It wasn’t like Scott to give up on anyone. He hadn’t given up on Jackson when they hated each other and everyone wanted him dead, how could he give up on him know that they relied on each other and it was something that was apparently small to Jackson?

Scott had obviously invested too much into whatever they had become. He couldn’t blame Jackson for that.

Even though he definitely did.

      After new years, the day after the text where he told Scott he was no longer his Beta, Jackson skipped school and took his sick day to run out all his frustration. Nothing hurt more than realizing that he didn’t have a pack any longer. He had began to get use to his role as a Beta and understand what being a pack meant. When he was with Scott, Issac, even Stiles, he felt stronger, faster– more powerful than he’s ever felt as a werewolf.

                                   But not anymore.
                          And especially not today. Even if today was the day he was going to rip that Alpha apart mentally. Watch out, it probably wasn’t going to be pretty because Jackson was going to drag this on for days.

             January 3rd. 2014~

      Jackson Whittemore was back on the prowl.


Waking up in Scott’s arms Liam checked the clock before snuggling back into his alpha when he saw they weren’t in danger of being late for school. He was still a bit lazy in the mornings and leaning on Scott’s warm chest didn’t make him want to move at all for hours. He liked listening to his heart beat and feeling safe that Scott was alive and well.


          Jackson’s body slid against the cold stone wall, muscles feeling as if they weighed a thousand pounds. A dagger shook in hand violently, blood trickling down the handle and onto his trembling fingers. Dropping the object in that instant, the sound of it hitting the ground echoed in the wolve’s ear, eyes remaining shut.

         There were voices around him, footsteps quickly receeding closer, hands pressing against his arm, his shoulder, his face. …Issac was to his left and Lydia to his right, Stiles about ten feet away, unconscious and pretty banged up. Then again, they all were for the last few months, constantly fighting to stay alive– to keep other’s alive. Eveything they cared for.

           Eyelids managed to flutter open a short moment later as he let out a weak groan, attempting to push himself up, but pain shot through his ribs at even the slightest movement. Whining, Jackson slumps back down to the ground but raises a hand in insistance. “I’m fine. Check on Stiles. Call his dad… Scott’s mom. Someone." 

Something Hidden

 ”These are reports from agents who have scoped out the area. It includes the suspected kids even some adults in there, a map of the town, your school schedule, a key to your ‘house’, and I have this for you” Roshawna took out a cell phone from her desk and handed it over to him. “Now you have to fit in, don’t you? We don’t want those high schoolers seeing that you have a top secret phone so you’re going to be using this. It’s a long flight and I know you can’t sleep on them so get readin’!”  

        Ben hated flying because if something happens, you can’t just jump out and expect to be okay… Even if there are parachutes. After finally arriving, the agent stretched out his back and tail only to be stuffed in a black SUV for about an hour. The house he was staying in wasn’t big at all, then again it would mostly just be him there. The local agents would stop by if needed, but other than that, the whole house was his. 

      With his cloaking device on, contacts in, and claws in his backpack, he walked to school. SHIELD never taught him how to drive since most of his missions were just watching people for hours on end. There it was, Beacon Hills High School. Ben kept a lookout for the people mentioned in the reports as he walked in… And now he was lost. 

“Excuse me, can you point me in the direction of room A03?” The lizard asked a guy that was taller than him, not surprising though. 


Every night since Liam had returned from Mexico had been the same. He’d wake from terrifying dreams he couldn’t quite remember to see shadows in the corners of his room, or eyes glaring at him from behind a skull. The visions disappeared the moment he sat up but the fear they left behind was very real.

By Thursday he’d grown sick of it and when he woke just after midnight he threw back his covers and pulled on his lacrosse hoodie before jumping out his bedroom window. One favour from being bitten was it made it a lot easier to sneak out of his house. Heading over to Scott’s he climbed up onto the roof with ease and into the open window of his alpha. Seeing the older man was fast asleep in his own bed Liam sat down on the edge and rubbed a hand over his face. It seemed so silly now he was here to be running from a fear that wasn’t even in his room.

Let me in|| Scott & Isaac

Isaac knew he was in for it, but there was a part of him that couldn’t bring himself to try to feel any emotion that would probably accompany the screaming match that was most likely going to occur. Scott hadn’t said one word to him since the incident at the hospital, hadn’t even looked at him once he knew that he was all right. Even worse, Scott had gone home and hadn’t given any indication for Isaac to follow.

Just the same. All the same–did it even matter? Isaac was just feeling so low–rock bottom didn’t even begin to describe the sensation. He’d betrayed Scott’s trust, and all in that tight space had come to the realization that he was just as useless as he’d always been, just as weak. And now he’d probably lose his mate.

Still, he’d moved his feet in the direction of the McCall residence, and still, he clambered up to the roof to slide in through the window. He was surprised when it wasn’t locked, he guessed Scott hadn’t come straight home and so hadn’t made the proper preparations to keep him out. Sighing, Isaac slipped in through the opening, one leg at a time into Scott’s darkened room and sat himself down on the computer desk chair, picking up the lacrosse stick that had been leaned up against the table, fingers playing with the netting.

mccallofthewild || Continued from here

“I warned you McCall.” The coyote smirked pulling a small
tube of glitter from her jeans pocket. “Look I even brought
some specifically for you Alpha.” Malia smirked lightly locking
her legs on either side of his waist so he couldn’t escape.
Her tongue ran across her lip to hold back the giggle threatening
to spill form her lips as she tipped the contents over Scott.