Sometimes Liam wishes he could just not talk to people, it takes too much effort and he doesn’t really like being the center of attention. Unlike someone he knows, who he very much despises. Looking over to the group at the big table, he sees kids that are considered “popular”, cringing at the laughter that carried his way. 

Liam rarely talks to people, and if someone tries to engage in a conversation with him, he’d do quick replies so eventually the other person would leave. Looking at the group of people he goes from face to face until he reaches Niall Horan’s. 

Liam doesn’t know why he hates the guy, but something in him just does. So he just kinda went with it, and stayed off his radar. Niall is the star quarterback of the school, and he’s the most popular guy on the team. Girls would flock to his side and even some of the guys too. There was that one time Niall made out with a guy, he didn’t stop until he was nearly naked and on top of the guy.

To which he realized he’s Bi, and not completely out of the closet. Niall laughs as his friend tells a funny story about this girl he played a prank on, even though he hated when they did that. He had to put up this act, and slowly cringe on the inside for he seemed like a big asshole.

Liam continued to stare, and finally deciding to leave he gets up, muttering “asshole” under his breath.   

“Li. What did I say about pouting. It makes you look kissable, and I may not resist myself.” He smirks, and watches as Liam stops pouting. Zayn personally thinks that Liam has a major crush on Niall, and Liam is too stubborn to actually see it. Zayn likes reading people, and by the way Liam’s body language is. There was more to it than he was admitting. 

“Come on Li. Just talk to him, you haven’t even talked to the guy and you just hate him?”

“Yup. I dunno what it is. But I just do.”

“Pfft, maybe you’re harbouring a crush, and you just pass it off as hating him.” Zayn smirks as Liam goes speechless for a couple seconds.

“I.. I.. I don’t like him. He’s too egotistical.” He nods, and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Wow.. Big word. Someone swallowed a dictionary last night.” Zayn retorts, laughing at the glare sent his way.