I did not asked to be blessed with such adorableness today, but alas here I am.
Watch These Kids Slay A Song From "Hamilton"
At the Miscast Gala Monday night, Luca Padovan, Joshua Colley, and Douglas Baldeo, put their own twist on "The Schuyler Sisters." Work!
By Louis Peitzman

MCC Theater’s annual Miscast Gala features Broadway stars performing musical numbers associated with roles they would never get cast in. This year’s event, which honored MCC alum Marisa Tomei, was held Monday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center. Grease: Live’s Aaron Tveit tackled the Rent duet “Take Me or Leave Me” with She Loves Me star Gavin Creel; The Color Purple’s Cynthia Erivo slayed “A Piece of Sky” from Yentl; and Kimmy Schmidt breakout Tituss Burgess lured his boss Tina Fey onstage for a performance of “You’re Nothing Without Me” from City of Angels.

But one of the most memorable performances was the one that opened the show:School of Rock’s Luca Padovan, Les Misérables’ Joshua Colley, and Kinky Boots’ Douglas Baldeo took on Hamilton’s “The Schuyler Sisters,” with an assist from On Your Feet star Ana Villafañe as Aaron Burr.


A’ight! already for day 2 of Melbourne comic-con, if you’re attending and see me feel free 2 say hi! (also im shorter than u might expect dont expect tall i am medium height at best) Will be wandering around with the oh so beautiful kai as Harley Quinn so I’ll see you there!

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German Artist gets robbed and Conventions blames it on her!

LINK HERE [in German]

Apparently, every artist at the Leipziger Buchmesse (LBM) got kicked out by security on Sunday (after the Con had ended), but non of them had the time to pack up their stuff. Returning the next day to grab their stuff, one artist (Naraseth) found non of her stuff when she returned to her booth. EVERYTHING got stolen!
Apparently, after all the artists have left, some visitor had still access to the halls and took what they could grab. But the Convention tries to blame it all on the artist, telling her “Why did you let the Securtity kick you out?”
I hope whoever robbed that poor artist of her work and goods gets busted.
Also, the Convention should take some responsibility instead of turning their heads away.

(Here are before and after photos!)

Rest now... my warrior.
Rest now, hardship is over.
Live. Wake up. Wake up.
And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones.
Cling to your bones.
Wake up, wake up.
Live. Wake up. Wake up.
And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones.
Cling to your bones.
Wake up. Wake up!
Live! Wake up! Wake up!
And let the cloak! Of life! Cling to your bones!
Cling to your bones! Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!

The backgrounds of the Master Chief Collection

I’ve managed to capture the backgrounds for each of the games in Halo The Master Chief Collection. Going from top left to bottom right we have:

  • Halo The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo Combat Evolved / Anniversary
  • Halo 2 / Anniversary
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo 4