McBusted - Thunderbirds Are Go (Live at The O2)
Live performance by McBusted, recorded live at the O2 Arena in London during their 2015 'Most Excellent Adventure" DVD |

I love this song, I seriously do, because it shows just how awesome Thunderbirds is, despite the movie not being what we wanted in a reboot, the message is so freaking good, and McBusted does such an awesome job at reminding me so well of why I love Thunderbirds and everything associated with it so much. *Loud Pyre shrieks.* I’ve got the soundtrack for the movie on my phone, never fails to give me a boost.

#tb to a year ago today when we saw McBusted at Newmarket (little did we know it was the second to last time they would play as McBusted whoop!). Honestly this was the best concert I have been to and we were so close to them! Also a year ago today me and @angelbooklife took one of the best pictures of us two that exists. Says a lot tbh.

#concert #friend #mcbusted #tbttothepostattheendoflastyearwhenIhopedthiswouldbetheyearofmcfly #itis #andwerenotgoingboooo #newmarket #julyracecourse #selfie (at Newmarket July Racecourse)

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