here is the tabletop for a farm table i am building.  it’s 68"x36"x1" and is glued up from only 3 boards.  i had this one white oak board that i have been saving that measured 15" wide.  that’s pretty rare in this day and age and i knew it would make a great table top.  i’m going for the super traditional peasants table here.  i tennoned and pegged the bread board edge.  stoked on how it came out. 

the base will be constructed from some salvaged boards that i got from Revolution Recovery, a construction waste recyclying center here in Philadelphia.  but that’s next weeks project. 

with the burn/scrape wound still fresh on my thorax…here is one of the two finished chairs that caused the carnage. 

these were made from two trash picked chairs.  when i got them they were covered in Band-Aid colored paint with burlap-esque upholstery.  the maple was all scraps and leftovers from the now defunct tweed restaurant here in PHL. since they were such small pieces i was able to use up some leftover finish that was getting old and otherwise would have gone to waste.  aren’t i GREEN?

Sometimes the work I do is stuff that I would want for myself.

These steel steps were built and installed by bill curran who is a friend and mentor of sorts. He has more talent and less ego than anyone I’ve ever worked with.

I sprayed and installed the reclaimed hemlock treads.


 farm table meets farm house.

installed this today.  the top was featured a few posts back.  the base is made from reclaimed hemlock studs from around the city of Philadelphia. i used my asterisk joint to make something classic a little tricky.  i’m into it. 

the bench seat with storage is made from distressed white oak (yes it’s a faux finish) and some old crates left in my shop from whence it was a glass shop many moons past. (theres even some old stencils that say FRAGILE and BELETZ BROS. GLASS

most important is that the homeowners are loving it.