Murder Marquis by mcbiffart

And now for something (a little) different… all the private eye/client art I’d commissionned so far were diptychs made of two A3 or 11"x17"“ boards. I loved McBiff’s art, and it became soon obvious that his acrylic painting on wood panels needed a little more room, so we moved one size up to two 18"x24” panels.

I’m really happy with the result, it’s a pretty perfect combination of McBiff’s weird vintage style with ‘60s magazine illustrations and my own obsessions, and his P.I. strongly reminds me of a young Alain Delon.

McBiff even came up with a little blurb for this scene: “Detective Frank Logan is about to reveal that he is the one that killed Lady Lamont’s husband and there is no need to keep him employed to find him. Little does she know that she is next.