You know there are those days in your life where you think you can might possibly make something happen and then it works out. But in turn you also help make someone else’s day in the process. To Monica I am so happy that I was able to help you in meeting Felicia Day. I got your photo because it amazing and I thought it would be cool to get her to sign it. When she told me she wanted one also I almost told her, “Hold on give me like three seconds and I’ll be back with her!” I wanted to run to you and tell you. Seeing your reaction though coming back to tell you made my day and seeing Felicia’s reaction when she got it seeing her smile and seeing you smile made the start of this comic con an AMAZING one! Thank you!

Hello everyone!

My Storenvy is now open, where you can purchase my prints, stickers, original art, and more! Currently I only have stickers available, but will be listing more products soon. In honor of my store opening, I am having a sale where you can purchase 5 stickers for $10! Thank you for checking it out, and please pass it along to your friends! <3

For 2016, I’ve been accepted into a number of conventions I’ve always wanted to attend, including C2E2 and Wondercon! :D I’m now taking commissions to help pay for the travel expenses, so please spread the word! <3

-Waist-up black and white commissions are $40
-You will receive a high-resolution digital JPEG file

-Send an email to with the subject line “Commission Request”

Include the following in your email:
-Your name
-Your Paypal email
-The subject matter of your commission
-Any reference images

Thank you very much for your continued support of my work, it’s thanks to all of you that I’m able to travel and share my art at conventions! c: <3


I am very proud to announce that commissions are open!

I am starting with full color, single-character bust commissions for $30.00 here! I will be adding more variation in commission types in the future for those interested in different options. c:

I will be taking these in slots of 5 at a time. If my slots are full, the stock bar will display as sold out. I will refill the stock after I complete my slots of current commissions. ♥

Please read my terms of service before purchasing a commission. By sending payment through Storenvy, the client agrees to these terms.

Feel free to ask me any questions in my ask box, or by emailing me at ♥