So I’ve done the math to try and figure out how old Kili and Fili were in human years when they died. They talk in the books about how young the were, but it is a little hard to grasp when everything is in Dwarf years.

In Dwarf years, Fili was 82 and Kili 77. Now if you take the average age of Dwarf when they die (340) and divide it by the average age of human (80) you get 4.25. Now divide 82 by 4.25 and 77 by 4.25 and you get their ages.

Fili was 19 when he died. Kili was 18.


Jack McBear and Georgie Auction!

This is Jack McBear and Georgie. Proceeds from this auction will go to our charity drive for Switchboard LGBT in honor of Harry Styles’ birthday. Auction includes Jack, a rainbow Build-A-Bear. He’s wearing a hawaiian shirt, white skinny jeans, and gold boots. He’s wearing a gold headband, cross earring, and a camera necklace. He comes with a business card that says Jack McBear, Personal Consultant. He also comes with a Flamingo Cove Bungalow D key card, a sparkly pink microphone for karaoke, and a cucumber face mask. He also comes with Georgie the pug, who is wearing a purple bandanna. Happy bidding!

So this is um, my hello to the HBO War Fandom? Yes? This is what its called? I’m just gonna continue, you all seem like a cool bunch, and I really enjoy Band of Brothers and The Pacific, but no one I know likes them so I tend to not talk about them, but anyways, I wanted to see more of it and find some people who enjoy it (ya know, share the pain) I figured I’d look in and it seems like you all know each other… so, I’m not sure if I’m intruding… but, yeah…


So I’ll just go poke around a bit, yeah? I’ll check out any blog (person? no, that sounds weird) who reblogs this or likes it or even just sends me a message :) If you reblog stuff from Vikings or Game of Thrones, thats a plus


I decided to rewatch Spartacus, and it was all fun and games until Andy Whitfield came back on the screen. Now… I’m on the verge of crying. I just can’t believe he’s dead. He was such an amazing actor. I mean, he was (VERY) good looking, but he really connected with the audience (or at least, me) on so many levels, and gave Spartacus a depth and an intensity that was so real, and so astonishing, you didn’t quite notice it’s full effect until he was gone. Liam McIntyre is very good, but Andy was great. I respect that Liam was willing to come on the show and he has done (and I hope, will continue to do) a fantastic job bringing the character of Spartacus back to life, but they are very big shoes to fill. And I think they will always be a little big for him.


Red Dawn - Trailer

Major characters from the Avengers, Hunger Games, and Supernatural Fandoms with Josh Peck as an added bonus and Aldis Hodge’s little brother?! Yes, please!