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Hay! I just noticed on Tom's insta video he calls his teddy bear "BMcB". Do you know what it means? Also can you please avoid "is he dating.... questions until there is a genuine reason to do so. Thank you for your patience!

It means Bear McBear. Thank you, i’ll think about your suggestion :)

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Please write a Halloween themed drabble? I miss having holiday themed episodes on greys :(

I miss them too! Alright, I’m combining this with another prompt of Owen and Amelia babysitting Ellie – kind of. Just a fast & cute thing inspired by @pxsthumus. Also dedicated to @soldierboy-owen because of reasons. Set a bit in the future.

Halloween night; a night of magic and darkness, mystery and candy. Or that’s what the younger Shepherds had to say about it. Two hours spent taking them door-to-door through the neighborhood was enough to wear any aunt out, tagging along by request of the youngest little blonde while Maggie stayed back to hand out candy. Full-size chocolate bars, by her protest. ‘Fun size’ was never that fun, and it only made her steal more of them because of their tiny mind games. Meredith only relented after her sisters had managed to devour an entire pack of individually-wrapped Reese’s peanut butter cups in a matter of about two days. Full-size just to stop them from putting the entire house into a sugar coma.

Three kids ran door-to-door with a kind of energy adults were mystified to understand. Screams at the top of their lungs for candy, candy, and more candy as they wandered along in decorated costumes. The Wizard of Oz was this year’s theme, with Zola as Glinda the good witch, Bailey as the lion, and Ellis as a miniature Dorothy, dragging along with her a stuffed unicorn whom she insisted was much cooler than Toto. Laughter could be heard from blocks over, like some kind of cheesy kids’ movie, and the surgeons trailing after tried only to enjoy the night until at last the inevitable crash. Tiny feet fell out from beneath them as the Oz crew sat themselves cross-legged on the driveway of a stranger, trading snickers for lollipops and arguing over who got the most kit kats until they were collected by those in charge, the younger two carried home as they drifted in and out of consciousness.

Within the hour, each child was tucked away in their beds, fast asleep in dreamland so the remainder of the night spelled freedom – and freedom spelled a date for the neurosurgeon. Okay, so it was actually a staff costume party that sounded kind of lame if not for the redhead who would enter on her arm, but she was still pretty excited. Slipping into her witches’ robes, dark hair straightened down her back, she barely needed a moment to be ready, but still took an added second before opening the door to her boyfriend to double check her reflection – as if it were necessary.

Swinging open heavy oak, a grin spread its way across her lips at the sight of the trauma surgeon in his matching wizards costume. “Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” As if she could resist that opportunity.

“You look…wow,” Owen breathed, laying hands to rest on Amelia’s hips as he stole a kiss. A few kisses, actually. The magnet between them never seemed to dull, no matter how long they had been together.

“Yeah? You look pretty…terrifying, actually. You sure you’re not really a death eater?” she grinned, threading fingers through his as two pairs of baby blues met and locked. “But still hot.”

“Thanks,” he blushed. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah. The kids are all tucked in, Meredith’s successfully downed enough tequila and Maggie took off like an hour ago, so I think we’re good to go,”

“Great.” He ushered her out to the night, giving her hand a squeeze as they stepped off the porch and down toward the car. Holding open the door to his vehicle, she gave him a nod. So gentlemanly.

Flicking on the radio, Amelia found at least three consecutive stations playing Monster Mash and Thriller in succession to fill their ride, making small talk of what costumes they thought everyone would wear. Nothing would beat the disco inferno costumes worn and matched entirely by accident by Richard and Ben the previous year, eliciting endless teasing so even Chief Bailey couldn’t scare them out of the mocking. This yeah, she was sure, they had called to plan ahead so neither would arrive in the same costume as the other.

“I always saw Isaac as a pink bunny, though. Very Chandler Bing,” Amelia commented.

“Don’t let him hear you say that when you see his Matrix costume.”

“For the third year in a row. I know we underpay residents, bu that’s just laziness.”

“Aren’t you the one who suggested we just go naked to this thing?”

“I said we should go as streakers. And it was a joke. The hospital couldn’t handle this bod.”

“Your body’s too bootylicious for them.”

Laughter erupted from her throat. “Did you seriously just say ‘bootylicious’? And I didn’t even have a camera.”

“You’re a bad influence on me, Dr. Shepherd,” Owen returned, pulling into the lot of Grey Sloan Memorial.

“So bad,” Amelia rasped. “What are you going to do about it, Dr. Hunt?”

He shot her a sly smile, but didn’t respond until the car was in park. For a second, not a word was spoken, just a mutual gaze, entrancing and unbreakable. Slowly pulling each other in until they met in the middle, lips connecting.

Ew!” came a squeal from the back seat. “Gross!”

Immediately, they broke apart again, turning in unison to face the source of the little giggles. “Ellie?” Amelia asked, eyes narrowing. “When did you– What are you doing here?”

“I want candy, too!”

She blinked. “What? Kiddo, we already went trick-or-treating tonight. Your candy is all at home, remember?”

“I know, but I wanna go grown-up trick-or-treating! I got my costume, see!” It was true. The dress was backward and the braided wig lopsided, but remnants of Dorothy still remained.

Owen laughed and Amelia echoed. “Little Bear, we’re not going trick-or-treating.”

“Why not?”

“Because adults don’t usually go trick-or-treating.”

“I don’t ever wanna be a grown up!”

“Stay young as long as possible, kid,” the aunt returned.

“Then why you all dressed up?”

“Because we’re going to a party,” Owen answered.

“And you’re supposed to be home in bed,” Amelia added.

“Ooh! Ooh! I love parties! There’s birthday cake at parties!” Ellie exclaimed, completely disregarding the last sentiment. “Cake! Cake! Cake!”

“Bed! Bed! Bed!” the brunette chanted, though an unmistakable smile still donned her lips.

The little girl pouted. “But I wanna be with you.”

Damn it, she knew just how to pull on Amelia’s heart strings. She was so bad at saying ‘no’ to the littlest Shepherd already. She looked to Owen for any kind of strength, but he was just as weak as her when it came to kids. They were going to be screwed when they had one of their own, if this was any indication.

“We should call Meredith,” was his only answer.

Meredith. Crap, she hadn’t even remembered Meredith. And of course this was going to earn her a lecture later – as if it were her fault. “Do we have to?” she whined quietly, but she knew he was right. They couldn’t very well let the older woman worry over her stowaway child.

No! Don’t call Mommy! She’ll get real mad and then I’ll be in big trouble, mister,” Ellis cried. “Please? I’ll be real good!”

How was she supposed to dispute that? Fingers clenched in her fist, trying not to be the pushover they all knew she was for the tiny blonde. “Your mommy is going to be very worried about you. We just need to let her know you’re safe.”

“Auntie Mia,” she sulked.

Like some kind of divine intervention, before Amelia could bring herself to dial the number of the home she shared with her sisters, her phone lit up. “It’s Meredith,” she stated, sliding her finger to answer. “Hey, Mer. Yeah, I was just about– Yeah, I– I know, she’s– Meredith, calm down for a second. I was just about to call you. Ellie’s fine. She’s with us. She stowed away in the back seat of our car. Yeah. Mhm, I know. No, I– Okay. Yeah, we’ll bring her back. I know.” She rolled her eyes, letting out a huff. “She’ll be home soon. Okay. Bye.”

“Do I gotta go home?” Ellie asked, lip jutting out and tears filling her eyes.

“You gotta go home,” Amelia echoed, tapping a finger against the arm rest of the chair. A beat passed. She looked toward Owen and then back to her niece. “But first, we’ll get you a piece of cake. How’s that sound?” That’s what Meredith gets when she yells at her sister on the phone; a sugar high kid to try and put to sleep.

Big eyes to mirror her own shot back up, a light twinkling inside. “Okay!”

“How about Uncle Owen runs inside to grab you a piece and we can play games out here while we wait?” Only because they all knew if they took her inside, there would be no leaving.

“Mhm,” Ellie nodded as the redhead took his orders and climbed out of the car.

“You know it’s wrong to sneak out of the house, right, Little Bear? Something bad could’ve happened to you.”

“But I wanted to be with you,” she answered.

“I know. I want to be with you, too, but next time let’s plan it first, okay?”

“You don’t like my surprises?”

“I love your surprises. Most of the time.”

“But not this one?”

Amelia paused for a moment before shaking her head. “No, honey.”

Ellie nodded, moping as she turned to look out the window. “You’re not mad at me, are you?”

Reaching back her hand to pat the little girl’s knee, she shook her head. “No, I’m not mad at you.”

“Is Mommy mad at me?”

“I think your mommy is just worried. Sometimes those two things look a lot alike. I’ll have a talk with her tomorrow, okay?”


“Alright, now how about those games?” she asked, attempting to lighten the mood. Holding out her hands, she offered, “Do you want to play Miss Lucy? Or the alphabet name game? Or we could listen to Monster Mash for the millionth time.”

A smile cracked. “Alphabet name game! I go first! A is for Auntie Amelia!”

“B is for Bailey.”

“Or Uncle Buttface,” Ellie giggled. “And C is for Gramma Carolyn!”

“D is for Dr. McBear.”

“E is for Ellie!”

They continued down the list until neither could think of a name that started with X and they had to move onto a clapping game while they waited. Midway through their fourth round of Stella Ella Ola, a rap on the door pulled their attention away. “Looks like your cake is finally here, Little Bear.”

“Cake!” she beamed, reaching for the paper plate and plastic fork all decorated in pumpkins and crumbs. “Chocolate cake!”

“What do you say, Elle?”

“Thank you Uncle Buttface!”

He feigned rolling his eyes at the nickname he had been given long ago that had, regrettably, become a permanent use. He had Amelia to blame for that. It always made her laugh to hear, and if there was one thing the youngest Shepherd loved the most, it was to make her aunt laugh. He offered out another plate to the older woman, earning a flash of her dimple. “Thanks, chief.” Another nickname that lingered, well past his passing of the torch.

“Anything for my two favorite girls.”

At last a station somewhere in Seattle decided to move on from the two classics, broadening into This is Halloween and Ghostbusters, too, which earned a round of giggles as all three joined in to sing along. A subsequent game of I Spy was a monumental failure as it was soon realized that all that could truly be seen in the dark were traffic lights and shadows of figures. But alas the frat house wasn’t far from the hospital, as it was, so little was lost by that discovery. Besides, Ellis was more of a chatterbox rambler than even her aunt, so any silence was filled with stories of princess doctors and explanations of hospital gossip; especially the interns who had the misfortune of trying to keep track of the tiny Houdini when she broke free of the daycare to find her mom or aunts.

As they pulled up in front of their home, the little girl’s demeanor shifted, shooting a look toward her aunt. Amelia turned to meet the pout, but tried her best to ignore it as she unbuckled Ellie from her seat, wrapping arms around her to carry her inside.

“Don’t make me go in.”

“Ellie Bear–”

Please let me stay with you?”

“I promised your mom–”

“Pretty please with a ice cream and cookies and teddy bears and a cherry on top? I’ll be your best friend!”

“I thought I already was your best friend.”


“Elle…” She pushed open the door to the foyer, pressing a kiss into a tuft of pale hair. “You have to go to bed now.”

“Stay with me!”

“I can’t, kiddo.”

“Yes, you can!” she protested, holding tighter onto her aunt as Meredith came running in.

“Ellis!” she exclaimed. “Don’t ever do that again. I was so worried about you.” She made a move to unhook the kid from Amelia’s arms, but it took both their efforts to make the transfer, eliciting tears in return.

“Sorry, Mer. We didn’t know she was there until we got to the–”

“Is that cake on her cheek? Amelia, you gave her cake?”

Big blue eyes flashed and she plastered on her best cherubic expression. “Owen’s waiting for me. Gotta run. Bye Ellie Bear!” Another quick kiss to the girl’s head before darting from the room. When in doubt, run the hell away.

Flopping back into the car, she grinned over at Owen. “Sorry about that.”

“Hey, I can’t say I blame her for never wanting to let you go,” he chuckled, putting the vehicle back into drive.

Cheeks flushed. “You’re such a charmer.”

“I’ve been told it’s one of my many skills.”

“Yeah? I look forward to a demonstration of those many, many skills later.”

“I think we can arrange something,” he hummed.

Flipping between frequencies, she started looking for anything less Halloween, finding an alternative rock station at last. He liked to make fun of her when she put on the 80′s pop to sing along to Boy George – a side of her she scarcely allowed others to see. “Did you see anyone when you were grabbing the cake?”

“Not really. Callie, for a second.”



“I was hoping we could pretend we made an appearance and just skip to the more fun part of the evening.”

He laughed, unable to deny the appeal of that idea. “We’ll just stay a few minutes. No one will ever know.”

She beamed a cheshire smile as she climbed out of the car, wandering around to wrap her arm into his. “Just a few minutes.”

But it was deathly quiet as they approached the attending’s lounge, not a word nor hint of the life that once had been. Streamers and balloons seemed to have fallen from their place, trash bins filled with paper, plastic, and styrofoam, but food had disappeared from plates and lights turned out.

Or not,” Amelia sang.

“I guess we missed it.”

“Did Richard and Ben match again? Did Isaac finally discover a new costume? How much did Richard try to turn into pumpkin spice because he heard Zozo talk about it? The world may never know,” she dramatized, turning back toward Owen. “Sorry.”

“No, no. It’s not your fault Ellie stowed away with us. Besides, I love seeing you with her. And maybe one day we’ll have one of those of our own to constantly interrupt our plans.”



“I’d like that,” Amelia replied.

“But first I think we need our own place.” He looped an arm around her waist, pulling her into a kiss. “No interruptions.”

“Mmm. No more interruptions.”


I was so worried that Jamie and Lily wouldn’t have the right chemistry (even though i bloody adored Jamie in Camelot) and that the ending scene wouldn’t be played out right, with enough emotion, BUT IT WAS, and it was amazing and they combined a couple scenes to make the final one work, but I understand it, AND THEY DID MAGNUS’S CAT EYES, and the combination of scenes was necessary and it made it so that, even though they are slightly changed, all the parts if the book are still there and I just, it was so good, and FUCKING HELL, JAMIE IS SO HOT, AND HE PLAYED JACE TO FUCKING PERFECTION and quite honestly, Lily Collins is stunning and i’m not sure if i want to be her, or just sleep with her, but either way, I’m just very very happy with the way everything worked out.