rfa-angels-deactivated20170205  asked:

How about a reaction of the RFA Members + V + Saeran to seeing M/C trying on a wedding dress for fun!

Why for fun?? Why not for real?? hahahaha

Okay, here goes. 


  • He’ll try on a suit too
  • The staff won’t mind at all, it’s Zen!
  • Takes tons of selfies together
  • Shocks the whole RFA
  • “Let’s do this for real one day.”


  • Confused why MC wants to try on a wedding dress
  • Nobody’s getting married
  • But actually picks several dresses for MC
  • Awed by how beautiful MC looked
  • Ends up buying them for real


  • “Are you sure they won’t mind?”
  • Acted like MC and him are dress-shopping
  • Helps MC picks dresses
  • “I’m seeing an angel……”
  • Next bucket list: Be a successful vet and Marry MC


  • He’s probably that come up with the idea
  • Picks almost half of the store
  • “Do you have space themed wedding dress?”
  • All the staff will probably go ‘what??’
  • Takes pictures to troll the rest of the RFA. 


  • He kind of liked the idea
  • He’s camera-ready, of course
  • Says that every dress MC wears is pretty
  • But his favorite was a white dress with blue gradient on the bottom.
  • Keeps MC’s photo wearing that dress in his pocket


  • What? Why? Why? For what?
  • MC ended up dragging him inside
  • The staff is suspicious though
  • But ended up commenting the dresses MC tries on
  • “Okay, you look pretty….”