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I'm so happy for you? And in admiration? Mcaws are so loud and need so much space and attention and special care and live for like 20 years?? But you're so dedicated to helping this bird omg i love you <3

They actually live up to 50+ years if in good health, but he’s already 15. My dad loves birds, so if I have to move to go to college my dad said he’ll care for him and I’ll be able to take him again afterwards.

I’m just really excited to help this guy grow and be the best bird.

And don’t worry about space or how loud he is! He has a huge cage, a perch for him to sit on inside, and when I know we trust each other I will be flight training him. We also live in the country, so there is no problem with him being loud besides our own problems.

Anyways, thank you and I hope you have a good day!! #asks