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 Mark Strong Ralph Fiennes Eddie Redmayne James McAvoy Tom Hiddleston Sam Claflin Martin Freeman Jack O'Connell Henry Cavill photographed by Gavin Bond - The Brit Pack - GQ UK June 2015 

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anonymous asked:

I think you see what you want to see. To the left of BC is a lot of empty space where he could sit down and do not embrace to outsiders. But he sits very close to the shaggy brunette, and we know who doesn't like a comb in his life. And it's a child, his attention is attracted to everyone around not just parents. And even if this girl didn't say "he was with his family" that's not mean he was alone. They were not in her focus. I'm ok with that- McAvoy is divorced but he walk with his ex and son.

And don’t forget, it will be Sherlock s4 promo soon, so we should wait pr-walking with clean papz photos very soon. But relax, if marriage is on rocks (and I think it is, but not in war) no one child or two, three, or walking, or holyday with family in any part of the world every week will not keep a man in it, espetially if once he will fall in love with someone new. Just breath deeply;) - You see what you want to see Anon.

“P.S. Has the guy with the glasses and grey shoes that’s in both pics and has obviously noticed Ben tweeted/instagrammed anything yet?” I hope he respects Benedict’s right to having a private life. You sound like a stalker.


Well, You See What You Want To See Anon -we’ll have to work on your Anon name by the way, this one’s entirely too long  ;o)

let us discuss on what we can see on that picture, shall we?

  • Ben (that’s the only thing we’re 100% sure of)
  • a brunette woman who is sitting between Ben and another brunette man
  • the brunette woman seems to be focused forward, just like the brunette man sitting next to her.  Meanwhile, Ben is focused to his left
  • we have a child that doesn’t look to be the correct age or the same size that Rent-A-Pilo from JFK was (thank you @khanspets, I’ll take a nurse’s opinion over rough assumptions every day of the week LINK)
  • a child that doesn’t seem to pay any attention to Ben or the brunette woman, but rather the woman with the ponytail
  • a man with a shaved head that’s standing to the bench’s right.  As long as we’re making assumptions here, why not assume that’s the guy that was on the date with Weirdo at the National Theatre when Ben was out of town filming?  :P

The important part about this is that we have no mention of Ben being with anyone else at the Tate, and we also have another picture of him standing in front of a painting.  Alone.

So… unless someone can provide a close up picture of the brunette’s face, or point me to another tweet mentioning Weirdo that will include another pic of Ben that will prove the person who tweeted it was also at the Tate at the same time, or realistically answer why Weirdo and Pilo are nowhere near Ben in the other picture, I’ll be right here assuming Ben went to the Tate alone.

Basically, it’s a classic case of 

only in this case, we have pictures of Ben being at the Tate alone.

To be perfectly honest with you, You See What You Want To See Anon, the only thing that makes even me consider whether Uncombed Brunette is actually Weirdo is the fact that it’s Weirdo Wednesday ™

Meanwhile, Sherlock doesn’t need any promo and I’m not the one taking walks in Ben’s neighbourhood.

Anna Seeing What Is Actually In The Pictures Shipper  :o)