Lesbians movie recommendations part 2

-Elena Undone (2010) - English

-When Night is Falling (1995) - English

-Bloomington (2010) - English

-The World Unseen (2007) - English

And yet again:

-Blue is the Warmest Color - (2013) - French

-Kyss Mig (2011) - Swedish

EPIC David Dobrik fanart - UPDATE

A lot of people were complaining that I didn’t include Erin and Kristen. I want to make clear that they were NOT an afterthought, I didn’t include them in the first place because I had to fit as many people as I can while keeping the drawing simple and save my energy and my time. Because Carly and Scotty were already on the drawing, it was obvious for me that Erin and Kristen were on it “in spirit”. This artwork (not including Erin and Kristen) took me nearly 10hours to make, so I hope y’all understand my “process”.