Last second Backpacking trip with my cousin @thefishmonster to wake up go catch the sunrise at McAfee knob. Though this isn’t the knob but the valley below. Hope to get other pictures up soon.
#goodoldfreshair (at Mcafee Knob Virginia)

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“Security is an illusion… We don’t get out of life alive — none of us, so there can be no absolute security. That’s the certainty.”

Other than the interesting still frame, this is actually a good video with commentary about how the government can be watching you with an interesting person by the name of John McAfee. 

If the name rings a bell, yes, he’s the former owner of McAfee Anti-Virus Software (resigned since 1994), which was sold to Intel years later and that would slowly become “Intel Security”. (Oh… and if you must ask, he doesn’t use his former creation because it became in his own words “too annoying”.) 

groverman62  asked:

Have you met Tom kenney?

No, but if i work on a show in the main building i might run into him near the recording studios. I ran into Andi McAfee (voice of Phoebe from Hey Arnold) While i was waiting for one of my interviews so it’s entirely possible.

anonymous asked:

hi!! just want to ask which translator is the best? I've heard it's either charles wilbour or fahnestock/mcafee but i wanted to ask your opinion anyways. i remember my cousin told me there is a specific translator who chose to "tone" down the homo-ish parts which is absolutely not what i want because i want a translation closest to hugo's original work. i would totes read the original thing but my french is worse than my spanish... thanks. you're blog is brilliant ur writing is beautiful

Oh you absolute sweet pea, thank you very much T.T ♥

I’d be at a loss to tell you though? Because I have only one copy in English and being French, my go to is the French original version and then the English one. The one I own is the Fahnestock/Mcafee but it may not be the one you want? IDK it was the cheapest on amazon and it differs from the “”Be serious/I’m wild” to “I’m fierce” and other little things so if you bothered by that maybe not.

I’m afraid I can’t guide you any further than that :/ ♥

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August 26, 2016

If you have to ask yourself if you brought enough water for a day out in the sun, you probably didn’t bring enough. I should’ve taken my own advice today, and my body is certainly paying for it. As I’ve been chugging waters in order to feel better, and preparing for another long two days in the sun this weekend. Heading out to Mcafee Knob in Virginia for a short backpacking/ photography trip. 


Anndi McAfee (Phoebe) Answering Hey Arnold Fan Questions

I’m on twitter with this same username…

and my profile pic is of flacco

and my cover photo is of flacco and gilmore and another guy on the ravens…

and the ravens just beat the colts in the preseason…

but i follow pat mcafee…

and liked his tweet about the loss.

whoops. :|