The Girl Who Pt. 1

Author’s note: Hey beautifuls!!! As promised, this is my new series for Teen Wolf 😁😁 Again, this is in honor for the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf airing this Sunday (I’m not ready 😰😭😅) Happy Friday and Happy Reading 😘😘!!!

“Shhhh…It’s okay. You’re okay, you don’t have to be scared, you’re safe now,” Y/n says calmly to the curly-haired boy bunched in a ball in a semi-dark corner in the stuffy loft; the only light coming from the ray of sun piercing through the window opening. Y/n crouches down to the boy and immediately, he clings to her, leaving hot and wet stains on the red flannel she borrowed from her best friend.
“Is he okay?” a raspy voice cries.
“He’s fine. Get up, Isaac!” a dominant and rough voice commands.
Isaac tries to obey his Alpha but his body won’t respond, all he can do is clutch onto the gentle girl in front of him. “Are you alright? Y/n asks pulling away only to grab ahold his face. He doesn’t say anything; his glowing eyes bore into hers as they puddle with fright and embarrassment; the werewolf’s face heats her soft hands. She pulls him into her again rubbing his sweaty back soothingly as she continues bringing him back to reality.
He and Derek were battling, Derek was teaching him how to use anger to fuel his strength when his mind took him back to that bloody icebox, and he panicked and tried to run away. He almost made it out the loft until a sweet voice called his name causing him to back himself into the corner, knowing she’d follow and comfort him. He only has control whenever Y/n is around; little did she know that she was his safe place.
“Isaac,” Derek scolds, causing everyone to look at the Alpha, “You’re gonna get yourself killed if you can’t control those flashbacks.”
“I can’t help it,” Isaac whimpers, sniffling up the last few tears as he melts into the alleviating arms of the girl in front of him.
Y/f/n Y/l/n; the girl who chose to befriend kids a year younger than her because her age group, in her words, suck. She’s the girl who has spent the last four years consecutively watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and sobs on “The Last One” episode every single time as if it were her first time seeing it. She’s the girl who proudly listens to Disney Movie soundtracks and reads Twilight. The girl who only laughs at cheesy puns until her stomach bursts and only eats Italian, Hispanic and Asian foods because they’re made with passion. The girl whose retaken Metaphysics three times because she loves the class. The girl who, can always be found walking or sitting in the woods/forest because, to her, it’s serene. The girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and would die for the boy in her arms or any of the 8 circled around them Allison, Erica, Boyd, Derek, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and yes, even Peter.
“I thought turning into a werewolf is supposed to make you stronger not weaker,” Erica speaks up.
The pack quickly noticed the once sick girl, she belittles others any chance she gets now to compensate for her bullied past. To Y/n, Erica was misled into this life because she was misunderstood.
“It does make you stronger, sometimes it takes a little longer to get used to your new abilities. However, Little Miss Sunshine treating Isaac-Pooh like a baby, doesn’t help,” Peter seethes.
“Don’t talk to her like that!” Scott growled.
They’re all super protective of her; maybe it’s because of her gentle and loving spirit or maybe its cause she’s older. Or maybe it’s because she always knows the right things to say and do. Or it could be simply because she’s Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who only sees good in people and somehow brings out that goodness in everyone, yes, even Peter.
“Trust me Isaac, I know all about family issues—Hi nephew,” Peter breaks as he sarcastically smiles and waves at Derek who rolls his eyes.
“But while Y/n and you are playing Dr. Phil, two Alpha twins morphed into one giant Alpha and has just ripped you both to shreds. Is that what you all want?” Peter spits, causing everyone to do Derek’s dramatic eye roll.
“Isaac, you need to forget about Daddy Dearest and pull it together!” Peter shouts at the now calm werewolf.
This isn’t the first time during training, Isaac’s mind flashed to his abusive past with his father, which Isaac hasn’t forgotten nor forgiven. Y/n thinks it’s because of Derek’s training method, to which Derek always respond, “It’s the only way I know how.” Isaac knows what they’re saying is true but he just can’t help it.
“Is it that time of the month or is your mission to be a douche to everyone?” the sarcastic boy asks.
“I’m sorry, please forgive me Stiles, for cherishing my life and not wanting to be killed,” Peter snaps back.
“You’re so selfish!” Allison speaks up.
“Yeah? I hope you told your aunt that as well when you found out what she did to my family!” he shouts at the hunter who lowers her head in shame.
“Look, we all have problems, whether its familial or other. What’s the big deal?” Lydia speaks up for her friend.
“You’re exactly right Lydia. We all have our own problems, but right now we’re all facing the same problem. An Alpha problem, there’s a whole frickin’ pack of them!” Peter screams.
“Sorry but, Peter’s right, I’m not dying on nobody’s watch,” Boyd speaks up.
“Oh, so he does speak!” Stiles gasps as he starts a slow clap.
“Are you that annoying or is your mission to irritate the life out of everyone you encounter?” Peter mocks.
“Stop!” Y/n shouts and everyone hushes, “You’re all right!” She removes herself from the heated wolf, straightening out Stiles, her flannel and faces the others.
“We need to be on guard of the vicious Alpha pack that is willing, in fact, thrilled to kill all of you to get to Derek and maybe Scott,” she says shifting her eyes to her best friend who gives her of look of, why-did-you-say-that.
“Possibly Scott? What do you mean, Y/n?” Erica asks.
“It’s not certain,” Derek says.
“But it is a possibility,” Peter rebuttals.
“What’s a possibility?” Allison asks, “Scott?” she asks again when no one answers her.
Y/n looks to Scott, asking with her eyes if it’s okay if she can elaborate and he nods at her.
“When Scott was saving Deaton, he was trying to walk through Mountain Ash,” Y/n starts.
“Ha! How did that work out for ya?” Erica jokes.
“Erica,” Y/n says softly and Erica lowers her head, “Although he didn’t break through, Deaton saw something,” she says walking towards Scott. “His eyes were flickering red. Like an Alpha,” Y/n finishes standing by Scott’s side.
“What?” Lydia, Allison, Erica, and Boyd all say at the same time.
“How is that even possible? Scott didn’t kill an Alpha,” Allison asks.
“Well, it’s extremely rare, only seen every hundred or so years, where a Beta, through goodwill and strength of character, can become an Alpha without killing one,” Scott answers.
“Yeah, they call it a True Alpha,” Stiles adds moving to stand next to his two best friends.
“So, this pack could be after Scott as well?” Allison asks turning to face Scott who’s already looking at her.
“Yes, Allison, which is why we need to train harder than ever, to protect both Derek and Scott,” Y/n says causing Derek, Peter, Erica, and Boyd to give a “told-you-so” look at the others. “But!” she continues holding up a manicured finger, courtesy of Lydia Martin, “We must be mindful that Isaac is dealing with something none of us have experienced and we should be patient with him,” she says turning back around to face the hazel-eyed boy. “Derek, what good is numbers if your Beta isn’t well?” she asks the wolf who shrugs; he knows she’s right Isaac shouldn’t fight, honestly none of these kids should even be in this situation.
“I’ll tell you what good numbers is,” Peter starts.
“Peter, Isaac being in the state that he is will only weaken Derek,” Y/n turns to look at him.
“She’s right, Derek and you know it,” Scott agrees.
“We’re all going to help you Isaac, we’re here for you, even Peter,” she continues as she crouches down to him as Peter rolls his eyes but he knows he’ll do it if she asks. “Isaac, yes Derek is stronger in numbers, but your overall being is worth more than some stupid, territorial dog fight,” Y/n tells him.
“Stupid fight?” Peter gasps unbelievably, “I’m sorry but am I the only one who actually comprehends the heat we’re up against? Y/n, this isn’t some stupid dogfight, oh no, this will be a bloodbath and everyone single one of us will be drowning in it; that includes you Mother Theresa,” Peter snaps at her.
“Shut up, Peter!” Isaac cracks.
“I’ll remember that when Kali’s claws are meters away from your throat and sweet ol’ daddy pops in that curly little head of yours!” Peter tantalizes.
“Enough!” Derek shouts. “Isaac, can you or can you not fight?” Derek demands from him, as he marches over and stands over the Beta.
“Der, please,” Y/n says putting herself between the two, “I know you’re worried and trust me I’m doing everything I can to find a way to help you, but don’t intimidate him,” Y/n says to her dear friend as she grabs his hands and holds them near her heart.
“I’m not trying to intimidate him, Y/n,” Derek says defeatedly, “I-I just need to know,” he finishes; Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who managed to sweeten the Sour Wolf.
“I can fight,” Isaac says softly but they all heard it loud and clear. “As long as Y/n is nearby,” he finishes.
“Absolutely not!” Scott and Stiles shout.
“Are you insane?” Peter asks.
“We’re not letting her anywhere near them,” Allison says firmly.
“I can’t believe you said that?” Lydia says at the same time Erica asks, “What is wrong with you?” Boyd looks disapprovingly.
“Well why not? Lydia is gonna be there!” Isaac shouts back.
“Lydia’s not human! She’s—something that screams when people die,” Stiles shouts back at him.
“Y/n can’t come, Isaac,” Derek says after everyone stops yelling their nays causing Y/n to look back at Derek.
“I can’t do this without her, she’s my anchor,” Isaac says softly. “She’s the only one who can bring me back if I do have another flashback,” he adds as he stands up pulling Y/n away from Derek. “I know it’s a lot I’m asking, Y/n. But I don’t think I can do it without you, Y/n,” he says, his large hands wrapping around her small ones.
Without a second to ponder, “I’ll do it,” Y/n tells him staring into his pleading eyes.
“No, you’re not,” Scott states matter-factly and marches next to Y/n, pulling her away from Isaac’s stare. “Y/n I can’t let you do this,” Scott pleads with his best friend.
“Yeah, and I’m not letting ya,” Stiles speaks up standing next to Scott.
Y/n looks between her two best friends, who are more like the brothers whom she always dreamed of; it sucked being the only child.
“As much as I hate to agree with Scotty Boy and his idiotic sidekick, he’s right,” Peter says, “Y/n, as much as no one believes it, I don’t want to see you hurt or killed for that matter,” Peter finishes smiling softly at Y/n and surprising everyone in the room.
Everyone except for Y/n, even when Peter mocks and snaps at her she knows it’s coming from a good place. Sure, the man is selfish and manipulative but he’s only doing what he feels is necessary to protect himself. “The man watched his family burn to ashes,” she pleads with her friends whenever they’d express their hatred for Peter. You can’t treat someone bad for wanting secure their safety, right?
“I know you care about me, Peter,” Y/n smiles at him, “And Scott and Stiles, I for damn sure know you care about me,” she continues, “All of you care, because we’re family and yes, that includes Peter,” she says causing a few to chuckle, however Scott, Stiles and Derek didn’t find the humor. “Think about how much you care for me, now multiply that by 10,000. That’s how much I care for all of you. So, if I have to risk my life to make sure only one of you is safe, I’ll do it. I need to be there so Isaac will be fine, which might save Derek, which benefits everyone. You guys have to look at the big picture,” Y/n bargains with her friends.
“Oh okay, I’m looking at the big picture now,” Stiles starts as he closes his eyes, “The werewolves are battling; I have my bat and I’m watching from a distance,” he pauses to open his eyes, “Because let’s be honest, I’m not gonna stay inside Roscoe,” he chuckles and closes his eyes again. “Yep, I see Lydia screaming bloody murder in the woods somewhere because I’m betting the Darach will strike again tonight; Allison is shooting arrows and daggers, and you, Y/n, are at home studying for the Statistics midterm you got coming up,” Stiles finishes opening his eyes, although it seemed funny, everyone knew he serious.
“Oh, look, I see the picture too,” Y/n says with sarcasm, closing her eyes “I finish studying, haul ass to the fight and I’m there for Isaac because he needs me,” she finishes.
“Y/n come on, you’re not seriously considering this are you?” Allison queries her big-hearted friend. Allison has always admired Y/n’s bravery, how did the sweetest girl manage to make Peter Hale care about someone other than himself, they all wonder to this day.
“Guys I appreciate your concern for me but—
“No, Y/n if you show up you become a liability,” Derek cuts her off, his way of preventing his confidant from getting killed, “The second the Alpha Pack gets their hands on you it’s over.”
“I’m already a liability! Don’t forget, they’ve been here for a while, meaning they’ve been watching us. Do you know how many times Aiden has either offered to take me home or go back to his place?”
“WHAT?!” Scott, Derek, and Isaac shout.
“When?!” Derek demands.
“I’m gonna rip his throat out!” Isaac shouts.
“Before or after, you’re nightmare of Daddy?” Peter taunts him.
“Look at you! They see how you guys protect me, who’s to say they’re not at my house right now waiting for me?” she challenges.
“Damn it, she’s right!” Derek curses while pulling at his hair he starts pacing back and forth.
“Is that true Derek? There could be a pack of Alphas waiting for her?” Scott says worriedly, feeling himself beginning to shift.
“Hey, hey, calm down, Scott. I was only being hypothetical,” she says calming her friend down,
“Well don’t be! You know I hate when you do that!” he shouts back at her, his fangs shooting out.
“I’m sorry, Scott, I didn’t mean to upset you,” she tells her glowing-eyed friend.
“Scott, look at me, I’m going to be okay,” she says hugging him making him relax in her arms as he shifts back.
“I’m sorry, Y/n” he says with puppy eyes; he’d almost broke his promise of ever wolfing out on her again. When Scott first got bit, Y/n noticed all the attention he was getting and she desired for that as well. She thought if she became a werewolf, her parents would stay home more and pay attention to her. She let it slip once that Derek proposed to give her the bite and how she was considering it and that made Scott furious. He’d die before he let any of his friends receive this curse. He didn’t know how to control it back then so he wolfed out and nearly attacked Y/n until Allison came to her rescue. Y/n forgave him immediately and Scott promised her, he’d never get that angry at her ever again.
“It’s okay, Scott. I understand, I’d do the same if anything ever happened to you,” she says rubbing his shoulders. “Which is why you need to let me be there for Isaac, so I can save you,” she continues, sincerity dripping from every caring word. “Please Scott,” she begs once more before walking away from him.  
Allison walks up behind Scott and rests her hand on his shoulder, “We can’t stop her, look at her,” she tells him as they all turn around to see Y/n caressing her thumb across Isaac’s tear-stained cheeks, “Her mind is already made up. I can see it in her eyes,” Allison continues as Scott turns around to completely face her, “It’s the same look I had when I wanted avenge my mother,” she confesses glancing at Derek before looking down at her feet.
“Y/n, are you gonna be there for me?” Isaac asks softly only wanting her to hear but in a room of werewolves he knew that was impossible. They stand for together for a while getting lost into each other’s eyes; their hands find their way back home, intertwined together.
“Always,” she replies smiling at the sweet boy. She will save Isaac, she thinks to herself.
“Y/n the second they see you— Peter starts.
“Then I won’t get caught,” Y/n sasses as she walks out of the loft pulling Isaac with her.
And no one stopped her because they knew Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who’d put her life at risk for the disturbed, curly-haired werewolf whom she was in love with.

Author’s Note: What did you think? FYI this will be a rrrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy long series and I’m super stoked for it!!!! 😋Feel free to comment or message me if you love, hate or have suggestions for it! Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend😘!

One Of Us (Part Three)

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Reader x McCall pack / Reader x Mikaelsons

Warnings: Reader uses strong language.

One of Us Masterlist

Freya muttered strings of words while Stiles peaced behind her. Malia had gone back with Rebekah in hopes of protecting the Mikaelson home while Stiles and Lydia had decided to followed Freya and check that she was performing a spell to help.

Lydia’s boots crunched over the leaves drying on the cold muddy floor. Scott was leant against the wall below the window which Klaus had perched himself on.

“Is this supposed to take so long?” Stiles fretted as his hands shakily skimmed through his hair. “Maybe we should call Deaton?”

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Perspective - Part One

Pairing: McCall/Hale Pack x Child!Reader

Summary: Supernatural creatures are seeing strange changes in nature, and Stiles becomes a babysitter.

“Stiles, could you get the door?!” Noah Stilinski called down the stairs for his son, but received no answer. He groaned, set his newspaper down, and lifted himself from his comfortable armchair. “Or I can get it, that works, too.” He shook his head, biting back a smile at the thought of his son’s antics. The older man shuffled down the stairs, slowing to a stop halfway down the staircase when he saw Stiles with the door opened, “Stiles, what the hell?” 

The spastic boy in question looked up at his father, confusion etched into his face. “But… Dad, you just told me to get the door. Aaaaand, now I’m getting the door.” His right eyebrow raised slightly, and he was snapped back into the moment when the woman in front of him withdrew her hand from his. “Oh! Sorry, Dad, this is Caireen, she was looking for someone to watch her kid, and Roscoe could use some extra repairs, so the money couldn’t hurt and I just figured you wouldn’t- I mean, I know I should’ve told you, but I just-”

Noah placed his hand gently on the teen’s shoulder, effectively silencing. “Well, I think that’s an awesome idea, Stiles. Where’s the kid, though?”

A small smile graced Caireen’s gentle face as she brushed her long, dark brown hair to the side. “She’s really shy, sorry.” She turned around, kneeling down to give a small pep talk to the girl she’d brought with her. “Come on, (y/n), these nice men aren’t gonna hurt you.” A small girl with (h/c) hair and (s/c) skin peeked out from behind the tall woman, causing Stiles to smile at her.

He knelt down to her eye level, holding his hand out to the small girl. She leaned forward tentatively, one hand still grasping her mother’s leg. “How old are you, kid?”

(y/n) giggled, swinging on her mother’s leg and holding her hand out toward Stiles with her thumb pressed to her palm. “I’m this many!” She slipped, landing on her back with a thump, but continued staring at him. “You’re really tall, did you know that? You’re like a man-giraffe, but with a cuter face.” 

(y/n)’s mother’s eyes widened as she scooped up the small child. “Okay, she’s mostly shy.”

Stiles blushed slightly, but held his arms out, offering to take (y/n) off her mother’s hands. “I think I’ll be able to handle her. You said you just need her watched until five-o-clock tonight, right?” He smiled when Caireen nodded. “I’m sure we’ll be just fine.” 

Caireen sighed with relief, her body visibly relaxing. “Thank you so much! I swear I’ll pay you, I just really, really need this job interview.” She placed a short kiss on (y/n)’s forehead, then ran off to her car to get some of the little girl’s things. Noah rushed out to help the dark-skinned woman grab the toys and other things, and Stiles adjusted the small child in his arms.

“Did you know I’m adopted?” She wrapped her small arms around the  neck, clinging tightly to him. “I’ve never met my parents before, but I think Caireen’s a really good mom. She tries really hard, and that’s what I think matters.” Stiles’ eyebrows shot up as he pulled back to look at the girl in his arms. 

“You’re really smart, did you know that?” He laughed when she nodded vigorously, walking into the living room and setting her down on the couch. “So, have you ever seen Star Wars?” He fist-pumped the air when she shook her head. “Well then, youngling, it’s a good thing you’re staying with me for the next seven hours, isn’t it?” The question stayed hanging in the air while he went through his movies, immediately finding his copies of the Star Wars movies. After he set up the movie and pressed ‘play,’ he sat (y/n) on his lap, then smacked himself on the forehead with the palm of his hand. “Sh..ooot.” 

He’d started yelling, but quickly realized he needed to start watching his language now that there was a four-year-old child around the house. “Just lemme grab some popcorn and then we can start the movie. That okay with you?” She nodded quietly, taking the time to read the part of the beginning text that had appeared on the screen. “Hey, (y/n)?!” He yelled from the kitchen, searching through the different kinds of snacks they had in their pantry.


“Do you like buttered and salted popcorn?!”

“Yes, please!! And can you add extra salt?!”

Stiles popped up from behind the wall separating the two of them, several packs of popcorn dropping from his arms as he pointed at the girl on the couch. “You are my favorite kid. Ever.” He struggled to pick up the stray packets and put them back into the small cupboard, finally getting two of the same kind of popcorn into the microwave. He peeked over at the child he was watching, relieved to see that she was managing to stay in one spot, although he did notice her fidgeting a lot. “Don’t worry, kiddo, I’ll be there in just a second.” The microwave beeped loudly, alerting him to the second packet being done. He grabbed both packages, pouring them into a large bowl at the same time then pouring a bit of extra salt into the bowls and shaking them lightly to mix in the salt.

(y/n) saw him coming with the popcorn and sighed happily. “Finally! You took forever!” She grabbed at Stiles, trying to grab some of the food and drinks from her babysitter. He laughed, setting the bowl of popcorn on her lap and handing her a small cup of soda.

“Alright, alright, now shush and just watch the movie.” He pressed the ‘play’ button on the remote, and the two of them were sucked into the adventures of Luke Skywalker.

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McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent (mentioned)

Words: 1933

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst. Angry reader and allusion to the murder of Jason Blossom.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: Ask if you want to be removed or added! At the bottom.

A/N: I’ve completely fallen in love with Riverdale mainly because I grew up reading the comics. IT’S AMAZING! With that being said I will be taking requests for Riverdale!

This is to hold you guys over because Ash and I will be unavailable for a little way. I have tons of homework and I’m not at liberty to say what Ash is busy at!

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You were humming to yourself as you walked into your house in the town that mimicked Beacons Hills just without the supernatural element. You had moved here when your dad decided moving to his hometown would be ideal following the harsh ending of your family. It wasn’t anything bad other than Allison had died and you wanted out. Riverdale was interesting but not like the dangers of living in Beacon Hills.

“Hey Dad?” You called from the porch. It had a few hidden places holding some weapons just in case.

“Sweetheart.” Your dad, Chris, asked from the dining room table. On the table was a bunch of weapons laid out to be cleaned, “Anything I can do for you?”

“I see it’s the weekly cleaning.” You chuckled as your eyes caught sight of Allison’s beloved Chinese daggers, “Want to order out?”

“Sure.” He chuckled tapping your nose, “You know what I like.”

You laughed before picking up the phone to call Pop’s diner. It was a short wait before you were able to place the order with the waitress. You were pretty sure she was the new waitress.

“It will be ready in twenty minutes.” She replied before the two of your exchanged goodbyes.

You sat at the table going about cleaning the weapons along with your dad. It was second nature and a bonding experience from the moment you learnt what the Argents really did. It was so second nature that your mind went back to the group of friends you had left behind.

Beacon Hills had been the first place that had become a strong permanent home since the moment you made friends. You cherished the times of happiness you had with your older sister and the pack. In the wise words of Robert Frost, nothing gold can stay. It was true.

“Do you want to go practice shooting?” Your dad asked nonchalantly.

“So soon after that death?”

“We’ve delt with worse and you know it.” He pointed a knife at you, “A murder like this is a hell of lot more welcome that the supernatural.”

“Someone still died.” You grumbled slumping down in your chair.

Chris sighed before glancing at the clock watching his remaining child sulk. Both had changed after Allison’s death for the better if you looked at it one way. It didn’t mean it didn’t hurt when her birthday rolled around and each locked themselves in their rooms.

“Go pick up the food.” He sighed tossing a pair of keys to you.

Without looking you caught them and hastily grabbed one of Allison’s daggers and pushing it into your boot. You quickly inserted the key to the car and drove the distance to the only good diner in town.

You sat there remembering the last time you had drove yourself, well more accurately when you drove. Stiles had been knocked out cold with an attack from the supernatural and you practically did illegal stunts to make it to the hospital.

“Get over it.” You mumbled to yourself as you opened the door of the diner. Inside was a remotely busy rush following the welcome back dance.

You hated dances. The last one your were at was sophomore year with Allison.

“Y/N!” Pop’s grinned, “You’ll have to hang tight, the deep fryer wasn’t working for a couple minutes.

You chuckled before settling into a booth with a good view outside. You watched as a group of teens laughed as they walked into the diner. You saw the resident hot shot Archie Andrews as his friends. Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. You shifted as they sat int the booth across from yours. It reminded you of your favourite times with the pack.

It was late when the pack dragged their asses to the diner that sold adequately healthy fast food. A lot of your were limping or injured in some kind of way following the shit kicking you had received against the Alpha pack. Thankfully all was right again…for now.

“Is my head supposed to hurt this much?” Stiles groaned shaking his head as Scott patted his bed friend on the back.

“You were knocked unconscious in a car accident. It’s safe to say that yes it should be for the next little while.” Lydia chuckled as she fixed her hair once more.

“What happened to you guys!” A young waiter exclaimed at the sight.

“We were playing a game of football.” You lied quickly.

Placing your orders in you all began to laugh tryng to ease the heightened feelings from the win you had managed. It was a shame everyone was under age and the diner didn’t sell alcohol because you could use some. Inside you all had different kinds of drinks.

“To a safe Beacon Hills!” You exclaimed clinking glasses with everyone.

“For now.” Stiles said meetings everyone’s eyes, “We killed ourselves and came back. It’s going to get a lot worse isn’t it.”

“We can face it. Together. We’ll come out the same.” You said before taking a long sip of your milkshake.

Boy were you wrong on that one.

You shuffled as a tear rolled down your cheek and you brushed it off. You hated thinking of those times at the same time. You missed them so much but in agreement with your dad you both needed to be away. It couldn’t be going to bad given no calls had happened.

“Y/N right?”

You looked over to see Betty looking at you concerned. The others watched the interaction with the same expectations. Veronica and Archie had already tried to make friends with you when you arrived in the summer but you wouldn’t have it.

“Yes.” You grumbled irritated by the tears wanting to move down your cheeks.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine.” You practically hissed before pulling the sleeves of your sweater down further, “Go back to gossiping.”

“We aren’t gossiping, man your one very angst teen.” Jughead said watching you.

“Says you.You’ve been attached to your computer since that kid was killed.”  You groaned leaning back but it stopped when the diner door slammed open with a strong force.

It was too strong so you were on your feet in a defensive position with the Chinese dagger neatly swinging in your hand. You heard a gasp from Betty as the dagger glinted in the dark lighting. Your head tilted as the frantic person landed their eyes on you with a friend sharing the same movements.

“Scott? Stiles?” You exclaimed shocked before the spazzing teenager harshly dragged you out of the diner. A concerned and worried Archie Andrews frantically followed you out with his friends.

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Do you want a part 2? If so let us now and it can be longer, if you want?


Predictions based on the trailer:

- Chris Argent will play as a double secret agent for the McCall pack. He’ll get information from Gérard and Kate, pretending to be on their side (explaining why in the sneak peek Scott said he’s giving the bullet back to Argent especially if he’s the one who fired it)

- Lydia will have nightmares about loosing Stiles after the events of the wild hunt. She says “Where is he” as she’s tossing and turning in bed, probably about Stiles.

- The cob webs in the hallway is obviously an illusion or part of a dream. It’s either happening in a nightmare for Lydia or a day dream. Her banshee powers are getting more powerful and she’s able to see things in her mind, explaining her huge shock and almost awakening right after the cob Web scene.

- Scott and Malia are going to work together, they’re canon. The shower scene may be an illusion… but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be real. My guess is they’re already super closer from the start of 6x11, and it slowly gets more intamite as the episodes progress. Maybe the shower scene is a way for both of them to clear their mind after experiencing more traumatizing events?

- The storyline will be based on everyone in Beacon Hills finding out that the supernatural does exist. Explaining why those girls in the hall turned away from Liam.

- When the pack figures out the Hunters intentions to kill all of them. They will gather up every werewolf in Beacon Hills. 2.0 pack will have a big part in finding out who is a werewolf and how to get them on their side, since Scott’s older pack will be in the centre of the drama. 2.0 pack will be responsible for gathering everyone and bringing them to Scott to start their supernatural army. This is were Liam and Mason will become good friends with some of the new characters.

- Scott, Lydia and Malia will keep finding themselves in trouble when they face the hunters alone. I can’t really think of much to say yet for this…

- I believe Gérard is trying to play them. He’s acting like he’s on Scott’s side by telling Chris to warn him “you tell him to run” but I hope everyone is smart enough to understand by now that he shouldn’t be trusted, especially an event that involves hunting werewolves down.

- Near the later episodes, the hunters will have caught some of the werewolves… like the ones that we’ll sort of care about. Characters like: Nolan, that other guy (i forgot his name) theo or liam. And they will get tortured.

- The new Hell hound is giving me vibes that he’s a bad guy since Parrish looks at him in a weird way and also around 1:11 of the trailer someone hits him with a locker door. So I have no idea what is really happening with this…

- “You think you’re doing this without me did you?” “Without us” Okay so this will be Stiles and Dereks first return to Scott. I want to say that they return around 6x19 and we will probably see them coming back in the episode before they reveal their return to Scott. I don’t know how they meet but Derek was obviously in the jeep with him.

- Jackson and Ethan could be dating? I hope they are if Danny doesn’t come back because then it proves how both of them found happiness in the end. And it all makes sense because Ethan is gay and Jackson is bi

- Stiles will join one of the big fights, when we see him carrying out a hurt Derek in his FBI gear. I hope we get to see him shoot a gun here smoothly and controlled.

- Lydia will be kicking some ass with her banshee scream.

- For the final clip of the pack gathering in the trailer this is where Gérard will reveal how he’s been playing them, and how he’s planning to kill them as well. Judging by the placement of each person: (Malia leaning against Scott) (Lydia standing next to Stiles) (Peter and Derek on the outside) This may mean they all split in pairs until the six of them agreed to meet in a single location after. Before this meeting we will get some partner in crime action/ detective work with stydia, werewolf fights with scalia and same with Peter and Derek. I also believe at this point majority of the werewolves in Beacon Hills have been caught and rounded up, and now they are one of the last ones standing. Ready for the last fight.