Called McIntosh’s “most revered tube amplifier,” the sixth generation of the MC275 is electronically and functionally identical to the 50th anniversary edition, without the badging or the gold chassis.

Pushing 75 watts a channel thru a quad of KT88 (or 6550) tubes, no one really has to know how well your vintage amplifier has “aged.” Just how it sounds.

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McIntosh MC275 50th Anniversary Tube Amplifier


McIntosh MC275 tube amplifier features retro good looks and some clever new twists for its 50th anniversary edition. The amp still provides the same tube circuits as the original, giving listeners that iconic and rich sound that digital, chip-based equipment can’t provide. Aesthetically, most of the exposed metal is gold-plated for an elegant look, and the plain looking old speaker taps from the original have been replaced by solid 5-way binding posts that will accept any speaker connectors you choose. By far the biggest change comes in the form of glowing, orange LED lights that move in succession from left to right. The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition MC275 tube amp is expected to be available in limited quantities in December of this year and retails for $6,500 USD.