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Harvest Moon AU - In this Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon inspired AU, the MC is a farmer who’s just moved to the small-town community of Mystic Valley to try their hand at country life.

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MMO AU - In this Log Horizon, .hack//Sign, and SAO inspired AU, the MC - along with the entirety of the RFA - have become trapped in the online world of Mystic Message Online, with no ability to log out or contact the outside world!

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Crystal Messenger -  Mystic Messenger Fantasy AU. You’re one of the most respected knights in King Han’s kingdom until a horrible incident leaves you with a missing eye, a dead best friend, and a curse on your body that grants you tremendous power while driving you steadily insane. Desperate, distressed, and feeling like a worthless failure, you embark on a suicidal mission of unrestrained heroism, leaving your life behind as you try to make something of yourself before you die.

It doesn’t quite work out like you’d hoped.

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✿ Custom MCs (their names link to the tags, which contain art of them!)

Sidhe - A shy girl yet brutally optimistic girl with severe burn scarring who believes she was saved from death by a magical cat spirit. She also believes this is the source of her horrible-yet-amazing luck and her impressive strength.

Vega - A former hitman who ends up falling in with the RFA and having their life changed (ostensibly) for the better. They smoke, they drink, they lowkey constantly want to die, and they’re terrible at dealing with their feelings.

Lily Wellington - A bizarre witch who is approached by the RFA to help grant their wishes. She always has an expression of disaffected unamusement on her face and has an extremely difficult time understanding this wacky technology business.

anonymous asked:

Hello may I request a hc ^^ because I love makeup I wonder how the rfa + saeran would be like shopping at a makeup store with mc and they see mc gushing at the pretty eyeshadow colours of an eye palette or they see mc trying on lipstick in the store. Or a hc where mc is excited to them their makeup collection and mc is explaining to them what their fav products are. I hope this isn't too much. Thank you lovely~ <333

Cute! Hope you like these~


  • You were just shopping in the mall when you saw a new store open up
  • You dragged him inside
  • Zen knew a little bit about make-up because of his career
  • But honestly, he mostly knew about foundation
  • Could tell you which brands are the best and going into style
  • Thinks he knows a lot about make-up because of his modeling jobs….well…
  • “MC, look at this eyeliner.”
  • “Zen, that’s for your eyebrows.”
  • His pride was hurt
  • He listens to you ask you talk about countour and different lipstick shades and all that
  • In the end, he actually buys himself a bunch of masks and beauty products
  • “Zen, you bought more than I did!”


  • He had been shopping in GameGo (Gamestop lolol)
  • You saw a new make-up shop Seforah (lolol try to stop us) across the way and begged for him to tag along
  • He agreed, but he was lost the second he stepped into the store
  • He thinks the eyelash curler is an instrument of torture
  • Constantly asking you what all these colors are for
  • “Who wears purple lipstick???”
  • You chuckle and put a sample of it on your lips
  • He’s stunned for a few moments
  • “You’re an exception, MC. You look good in anything.”
  • After you try on several eye shadows, he wants to buy it for you as a gift
  • You ask if he’s sure, considering you had one pallet and two lipsticks  in your bag
  • He insists thinking it’s going to be like 30 bucks
  • Then you get to the register
  • You see his face and you’re kind enough to settle for one lipstick for now so he doesn’t feel bad


  • She doesn’t wear much make up
  • She watched you do your make up once and asked how you did it
  • You drag her out to the closest make up store
  • She’s very confused as to what to buy
  • You help her pick up some eye shadow and new eyeliner and mascara
  • She likes a natural look, so you stay with those tones
  • Surprisingly, she kind of goes crazy in the lipstick section
  • She buys a set of bold red colors
  • When you get home, she gets a whole make over
  • She doesn’t get dolled up every day, but definitely on special occasions


  • His company is about to buy off a new brand of make-up that opened
  • Before the deal is finalized, he wants to check out its potential
  • He asks you to come along and check out it’s store downtown since he hears you talk about make up a lot
  • You didn’t realize he was taking you to heaven
  • You’re going crazy hopping from product to product
  • It takes you an hour to realize he’s been putting everything you said you liked in a cart
  • “Jumin, no! This is really expensive stuff!”
  • “But if you like it and it makes you happy, you’ll put it to use. It’s not like it’s going to be wasted.”
  • You did make him put back half of the cart.
  • He refused to leave without buying you something
  • You have a supply of make-up for a year


  • He needed to stock up on Ph.D. Pepper
  • He thought you were right beside him, but he lost you when you passed the make up aisle
  • You tell him that you were thinking about doing galaxy-inspired eye shadow
  • He walks past you and skillfully picks out two or three pallets and throws them into the cart
  • While you’re looking at some brushes, you hear him gasp loudly
  • He holds up two small boxes that have those soda flavored chapsticks
  • He buys the Ph.D. Pepper ones for each of you
  • Just before you leave, you’re fascinated by one of those electronic blending brushes
  • A few days later, you find one in your make-up bag, except there’s a cat on the top
  • You didn’t need a note to know who it was from


  • He doesn’t know how he got here
  • But somehow…he got dragged along and was now staring at a wall with colors he didn’t know existed
  • You ask for his help in picking out a color scheme for the next party
  • For some reason, he keeps picking out different shades of burgundy or mint
  • He swears all the colors are the same
  • You two actually end up bickering over which shades are lighter or darker or just the same
  • He’s fascinated by the facial care gadgets
  • He’s asking the sales clerk questions about how they are built
  • No, Saeran…they only sell them. They’re not engineers

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anonymous asked:

ayyyy could i request the rfa + saeran and v's reactions to an mc who likes to collect rlly cute lingerie.. like kinda pastel goth-ish? but mainly pink? (sorry if that sounds weird and specific lmao)

That is very specific, but it sounds really cute so I enjoyed writing it. Sorry if it’s a little short- I don’t have much time to write at the moment. I hope it’s what you wanted!~ H x 

RFA with MC that collects cute pastel/goth lingerie


-He didn’t really get it
-He knew that you always wore pretty pink or pastel-y coloured underwear from experience
-But when you told him that you liked to collect it he was just like
-Despite not really getting it, he does think it’s adorable
-He loves that you’re into such cute stuff because it makes him feel like a man
-And after much persuasion, he’s happy enough to go lingerie shopping with you
-“MC why don’t you buy the LOLOL underwear range?”
-Oh heavens, no!
-He likes the ones you pick out, though
-And agrees to come shopping with you again
-He actually loves them but he wants to pretend to be a man
-When it comes to sexy times, he’ll probably admit that he does like your collection
-Before ripping them off your body


-He thinks it is simultaneously the most adorable and the most sexy thing in the world
-You can bet he’s gonna admire your collection
-And go shopping to pick out the nicest stuff
-You find he has a really good eye for cute pastel lingerie
-Plus there’s the fact that Zen thinks you look sexy in everything
-In his eyes, you are so. freaking. beautiful
-You once got mad at him for ripping one of your favourite panties
-Zen blames you
-Because you allowed The Beast™ to escape
-So he ripped them off you
-Literally ripped them
-When you’d… finished… you cried for an hour
-He repeatedly apologised
-But those were your favourites, Zen!


-She noticed the theme the second you moved in with her
-Really, all she had to do was look in your lingerie draw to see the pastel-goth theme
-And despite not being willing to wear them herself
-She thinks they’re really cute and that they suit you
-When it comes to shopping, you totally shop for bras and panties together
-So if Jaehee sees anything she thinks you’ll like, she’ll sneakily buy it without you noticing so she can give them you as a surprise later
-Save your money, Jaehee, you don’t need to buy cute bras for you gf
-Whatever it is that she picked, it’ll fit perfectly you obviously know each other’s bra sizes 
-And you’ll love it
-You make sure you’re wearing it next time the two of you are
-Getting it on
-But Baehee gets flustered at first when she realises it’s the one she bought you
-Basically just loves all your fashion choices and things you’re interested in
-But your pastel-goth lingerie is one of her favourite interests of yours


-When he finds out you have a particular taste in lingerie I bet you can guess his immediate request
-“Cat lingerie, MC. Please.”
-He actually finds a really cute, pastel set online, though
-So he buys it for you
-He’s happy to buy you any lingerie set that you like
-He’s honestly just your own personal, unlimited supply of money
-But you make sure he doesn’t buy you too much
-Jumin thinks it’s adorable that you like pastel goth lingerie because he thinks it looks so unique
-Would probably ask you to just walk around the house without your clothes occasionally because he knows you like your underwear and he wants to see your beautiful body
-It works for both of you
-Whenever you guys are getting steamy, he always removes it so gently because he doesn’t want to damage it by being in a rush
-Unlike some people, ZEN
-Definitely thinks that cat ears make all your lingerie sets look better
-He probably tried to buy Elizabeth lingerie to match yours


-“Haha, you like cute lingerie? Me too!”
-Ok, but we all know Seven has a collection too
-“For cosplaying purposes” Yeah, sure
-So whenever the two of you go shopping, you always make sure to find the cutest stuff
-And he hacks into clothing websites to find really rare sets he thinks you’ll like
-He’s definitely going to try and wear some of your sets, though
-“MC, don’t I look hot?”
-“Saeyoung this is the fifth time this week. Get out of my underwear!
-He’ll force you to wear his so that it’s fair
-And you actually steal a set
-He’ll joke that he looks better in them but he actually gets really turned on when you wear your pastel goth lingerie
-Especially if it’s a cat set
-Saeran just leaves the house if the words ‘bra’, ‘panties’ or ‘lingerie’ are even mentioned because he knows exactly where it’s about to lead
-The bedroom
-I wasn’t kidding when I said they always bang in my headcanons


-Like Yoosung, he just doesn’t really get it
-Sure he’s all into pastels
-And goth
-But why would you want to collect underwear??
-He kind of changes his mind when he sees you in it
-Saeran.exe has stopped working
-It’s just everything he loves in one
-After that, he decides he likes your collection
-And will definitely recommend some to you if you ever go shopping
-Before blushing and turning his head away in embarrassment
-Because he’s so precious
-You eventually encourage him to start his own pastel-goth theme with his underwear
-He’s definitely all for it tbh


-This boy just supports literally everything you like
-Pastel goth lingerie? Sure! You look great!
-But the pastel colours are so aesthetically pleasing for him
-Especially because you wear pink pastel colours
-And he has blue hair and definitely matches you by wearing blue pastel boxers
-Cutest aesthetic couple
-He’ll definitely want to take photos of you in pastel underwear
-But he asks permission first because he’s a gentleman
-And he definitely would never share the pictures anywhere
-Personal gallery only
-He doesn’t even get embarrassed about shopping for lingerie for you
-He’s just happy to have input in your clothing choices- especially if it’s something you’re really interested in
-And no matter what colour or style you choose, he loves it on you
-Honestly, if you didn’t have a praise kink before this boy came into your life you sure do now

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for the RFA with an MC who has lots dogs and cats? Too many really. Stop collecting animals MC you don't need anymore, just. Put the cat down. Please.

I tried writing saeyoung differently as to how I think he is in the after ends

-he has no room
-or money
-tho he loves them so much
-as long as mc is able to take care of them then he is fine with it
-and he really really really loves them
saeyoung :
-L O V E S T H E M
-so yeah he is a “cat person”
-he still loves ur dogs
-he knows his limits though
-and has to warn u that u really only can take care of a certain amount of animals
-F U R
- F U R
-she cannot handle the fur for her life
-she is extremely happy that you love them BUT THAT
-but it isn’t like she bans them completely
-or forces them to clean up everything
-but she will get a little stressed when it comes to helping care for them
-not cats
-dont do that to zen
-he is okay with dogs but his apartment isn’t that big
-he also ya know lives in an apartment
-there is a limit to how many pets you can have and how big they can be
-he actually loves when ur dogs will lay down on him when he’s laying on the couch reading a script or something
-zen laying reading his script on the couch as like a full grown akita just lays down on top of him is my new aesthetic omg protect
-but what about elizabeth 3rd, MC?
- is she not enough?
-he really likes that you have such a passion for these animals
-he will support you
-but his elizabeth will always be the number one priority

V : -he can’t tell u no -he loves and supports this decision -he thinks it’s pure -but will kindly tell you to calm down - “MC, I love all these pets as you do, but please don’t have too many.”

anonymous asked:

how would the characters feel if mc wrote a song about them?

As someone who has music being one of their top multiple intelligences, I can already tell you how many times I’ve tried to write songs-about a good five to seven times-all, of which, have somehow turned into poems. I’m going to write this ask as if MC wrote an amazing song and by amazing, I mean like Grammys-worthy amazing. But the thing is, the characters are all into different genres of music so this would make their actions just as various. As for:

Asra: Would like the gesture a lot. He likes to feel needed and important so having a song written about him would make him feel pretty important and special. He’d find it laying somewhere around the shop, as you were too excited to remember leaving it out in the open before heading to the palace. He immediately recognizes your handwriting and smiles at the sweet words written together with a series of notes. As he reads along he grows to recognize the passionate references to a man that taught them many things and travels a lot. Once he reads how sad his absence makes MC he begins to feel guilty. The next time he sees MC, he doesn’t bring the notes back-nor does he mention them either. He simply decides to spend a day with them as a way of making it up to them. Throughout the day he makes subtle hints about the song-quoting a few short phrases here and there which only leaves MC more confused and makes them wrack their brain about what he could be trying to say. At the end of the day, as dusk falls over the city, he tells MC, again, about how much he missed them and how much more relaxed he feels after spending time with them. He then gently kisses MC on the forehead before quoting the whole last verse of MC’s song as he walks away with a big grin on his face. It doesn’t take MC long to realize what Asra is singing about before flushing in embarrassment and then calling out to him for an answer as to how he found out about the song.

Nadia: May does not even look in MC’s direction with an expression of distaste on her face. She’s the kind of person to despise posers, and so if she feels MC was making the song just to please her, she wouldn’t appreciate it. But, under the right circumstances, she may appreciate the gesture. Say for example she finds MC alone on the veranda of the palace, facing the away from the door and writing a song. She approaches them silently, falling into her habit of observing rather than interrupting. She sees them humming and snapping their fingers accordingly to a tune. She immediately recognizes the tune to be one of her favorite classical songs. She makes herself known by apologizing for interrupting and MC jumps in surprise, due to not hearing her come outside. MC collects their ideas and turns to face her, reassuring her that it was alright. She asks about what they were doing and their face flushes red. They reluctantly tell her that they were writing a song, and they hand over their notes, once she gestures to see them. Nadia’s expression changes from curious to soft and gentle as she skims through the notes and the lyrics. She begins to blush once she recognizes the references in their lyrics and asks MC, without making eye contact, if the song was about her. MC nods with a hopeful smile on their face. She makes a longing expression at the notes and lyrics before looking up at them and smiling and thanking them.  

Julian: Would get flustered-because he’s easily flustered. He’d have been following them after seeing them out and about with Portia. The notes would slip out of their bag in the middle of the street completely unseen by everyone but him. He’d walk up to them, pick them up, before stashing it in his jacket and moving to a more remote area. On the backstreets to the Rowdy Raven, he’d glance around before pulling them out again and reading them. At first, he smiles at the sweet words but then blushes as he realizes he’d basically reading a declaration of love. He’d stop reading for a moment and hesitate if he should respect MC’s private thoughts before he decides to finish reading-clearly if those private thoughts are formulated into a declaration they weren’t going be private thoughts much longer. His face grows more and more red with each reference to him in MC’s lyrics. By the time he’s done the reading, he feels as awkward as can be. He decides to find Mc and give them back to them as walking around with such a thing would embarrass him. He waits until he finds them alone and as far away from the Countess as can be before approaching them-he’d stay embarrassed than risk his life. He awkwardly, without even making eye contact with MC, hands back the notes and apologizes for not returning it sooner. He then leaves ina blink of an eye before they can ask him any questions.  

Muriel: Doesn’t say much at first-but that’s probably due to his lack of social skills. MC goes looking for Muriel in the woods and decides to wait for him out there only to find that he had been tailing them the whole time. Once they spot him, he reveals himself and he stands there, only making a few glances at their face every minute or so as if he’s waiting there expectantly for something to happen. Nervously, Mc decides to muster all the courage they can and hands Muriel the notes. Muriel takes them slowly and gently and MC begins to leave before they glance back at him and see him staring blankly at them. MC then smiles and chuckles realizing that he doesn’t know how to read. They’d walk back to him and gently take the notes from him and set them down on a rock nearby. They then sit on the biggest rock close by and leave some room next to them so that they can tap the rock. They then begin to sing the song and use one hand to tap the beat and the other to tap the rhythm. The further along they get in the song the more awkward Muriel appears. He begins to shuffle his feet and take a few slight steps back.  By the time MC looks up again they find that he’s gone. This breaks MC’s heart so they slowly and in tears begin to walk out of the forest, and just as they approach the last line of trees they briefly hear the sound of chains and look for them to find that Muriel had come back and looked at the notes with a small smile on his face. MC’s tears quickly dry up, as a grin spreads across their face and they run out of the forest feeling unstoppable.  

Portia: Would find the gesture sweet, regardless. She tends to be very appreciative and positive-most of the time, so I think she’d like the gesture even if it wasn’t for her. They’d wait until the end of the day and wait until she’s escorted them to their room because MC is too embarrassed to be able to handle everyone hearing about it. As they say goodnight to Portia, just before she leaves, they stop her and hand it to her. She looks up at MC with her wide eyes and pouted lips-curious-but Mc simply smiles and says good night before making themselves comfy in their bed. Portia stands there for another moment before shrugging and leaving. The next morning upon waking up in your bed, Portia greets you with a big smile and narrow but still smiling eyes. She appears to be in a more cheerful and giggly mood than usual. She opens the curtains for you and says good morning-as usual-before thanking them for the song. MC can’t help but blush as Portia explains which parts were her favorites and why she liked it so much. As she as escorts you to breakfast that same morning, she begins to hum the tune as happily as ever, and MC can’t help but blush a scarlet red.  

Lucio: Is one hundred percent likely to tease you about it-using quotes from the song itself to describe himself. They’d go back to his old chambers and leave it sitting there amongst the ashes on his bed, trying their best not to freak out or cry. They leave as quickly as they can out of the chambers and glance back into the shadows and catch a glimpse of a figure with horns before dashing out to the lighted hallways. He’d go up to it curiously and worriedly, as they left with tears streaming down their face and in quite a hurry. As he begins to read over the words he smiles and laughs to himself. He feels arrogant and prestigious for a moment before reading further along. Now the more he reads the more he depressed he grows. He can almost hear MC’s sobs as he reads the notes and lyrics and he himself grows to feel bad. Seeing as he can’t actually do much to help MC feel better. As he finishes it, even though the song wasn’t really disco-enough for his tastes, to begin with, he grows to love it. It becomes one of his favorite sources of entertainment. He creates skits and small plays based on the song and next time when he sees you, he gives you a big ol’ hug and hums the song and quotes it from time to time.  

-Admin Seraphina   ;-)

RFA members realizing that MC loves to collect animal/chibi dolls


- Also a fan of animal/cute dolls (not as hardcore as MC)

-He probably squeals for a bit when he realizes how much of them you have in your room

-Finds all of them really cute (would occasionally hug them while playing LOLOL for comfort)

-Whenever Yoosung and MC are hanging out together they’ll prefer going to the arcade

-RIP money to buy new skins

-Kisses almost all of them goodnight

-Will never throw any of them away, even if some of them looked a bit ragged

- cute Yoosung would’ve CHERISH THEM FOREVER


-Like, really surprised at your collection

-Never has the chance to buy 1 when he was little, considering how his childhood isn’t really a happy one

-Loves the MC even more (fasincated by how many varieties of dolls you’ve kept during the years)

-He began to find comfort from hugging them when both MC and Zen are just relaxing on the sofa/ on the bed

- But MC is still the best hugging pillow ever

-Buys new dolls for his house to fill up the windowsill (no  cats sorry)

Same as Yoosung; wouldn’t throw them away and will try keeping them as clean as possible

-All the dolls has female names

-Even if some of them isn’t


-Seeing your doll collection reminds her how she used to keeping a lot of them before working as an assistant

-Threw all of hers away when most of them weren’t really good taken care of

-Wouldn’t really buy a lot of new ones tbh (would rather much prefer normal throw pillows with unique patterns)

-Still a really good stress reliever compared to them (MC’s animal dolls all have cute faces)

-Occasionally pets them like, how you pet a cat

-Also loves to bury her face beneath the animal dolls

- sucker for those really huge ones (like Rilakkuma)


- Elizabeth 3rd over cat dolls!!!!!!

-Loves your doll collection nonetheless

-Acts stoic whenever MC is nearby, but secretly loves hugging them all the time

-Especially. Cat. Dolls

-Always buy new ones for himself and whenever he buys it, its usually a set that involves a male and female

-Few of them has MC and his name sewed on

-He even had someone make a doll that’s literally the same as Elizabeth 3rd

-The cat ended up keeping it before he realized it


-Guess what

-He has as much dolls as MC did (even a chibi version of himself and the MC)

-Instead of pillow fights, they throw dolls instead

-Has a habit of throwing them upwards while he’s daydreaming on his working chair

-not until it landed straight owards his face

-Also hugs them goodnight, similar to Yoosung

-Names them numerically (808,909…etc. Get it? MC is 606, then Seven is 707, haha… i’m so funny)

-Instead of putting them on the windowsill, most of them surround his bed

kayladchristine  asked:

Request? The RFA boys reacting to MC moving in with a large collection (of, say, Collector's Barbie dolls) and wanting to display them all very openly

I snuck V in here because technically he’s part of the RFA  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jumin Han:
-During the move, you carried this one box with you everywhere
-Jumin’s naturally very curious when it comes to you, so it was killing him not knowing what was in it
-“Love, what’s in that box?”
-you eagerly open it up for him and honestly, dolls were the last thing he expected
-of course he asks you before picking one up, inspecting the date on the back of the packaging
-“These are collectables,” he observes. “I wasn’t aware you collected anything, MC.”
-you explain how long you’ve been collecting and the story behind how you acquired each one of them
-Jumin is so excited!!! You have something you love!!!
-he listens attentively, especially to the part when you talk about the one you’ve been coveting for years
-you find it sitting in a brand new cabinet that was made especially for your dolls at the end of the day

-he went out to get food, exhausted after moving & unpacking boxes all day
-when he returned, the shelf over his desk was covered in boxes of dolls???
-“MC, where did these come from?”
-he’s seen them before, his sister has a few that she was gifted for Christmas so he knows not to touch them without your permission
-“Oh, those are my dolls,” you respond casually and start eating
-he drops it for the moment, but picks the subject back up again when you both finish everything for the day
-Yoosung, much like Jumin, wants to hear the story behind your dolls and what made you begin collecting
-seeing you love your dolls makes him want to collect something!
-and if he ever sees a doll you have been looking for, he picks it up immediately. His sister loves your collection & it’s a bonding moment for you both! You inspired her to collect more of them

-you two carried all of the boxes inside but he told you not to bother unpacking 
-but you’re reaching for a box on the floor???
-he’s horrified, not more manual labor same
-you’ve got his attention when you pull out a doll, though!
-he doesn’t even care when you pull all of his racecar models off of the shelf to display your dolls, he just can’t believe he never noticed you collected!
-”yeah some of them are really rare and limited,” you proudly point to a few
-he refuses to let you keep them in the bedroom though, telling you instead where the better places would be to display them
-Saeyoung would build you special shelves all around the house so you can have them with you wherever you go
-does he make you a Saeyoung barbie doll complete with legit packaging and everything? yes. it comes with a little plastic laptop and several plastic bags of honey buddha chips, but you’re most curious about the cars it comes with??? how did he make working race cars that match his babies perfectly laskdjfalksdf
-”MC, that doll I made you is Pepe”
-”Very rare”
-it takes everything you have not to chuck something at him

-he can’t see
-and had no idea that you took down some of his things to display your dolls, even though he said it was perfectly okay!
-so he went to reach for a book, but ended up knocking two of your favorite dolls down
-you  s h r i e k e d
-he jumped ten feet in the air and dropped a mug full of steaming tea on the ground
-so now you’re both screaming
-you quickly clean everything up and explain where you’ve set his books, that you thought he’d like it better if his books were near the bed and you’d like it better if your dolls were displayed proudly
-he immediately understands, and honestly he’s super impressed that you collect something!
-V collects a lot of things so you both display your collections side by side!

-he had no idea collectors dolls were an actual thing
-he just saw them in the box when you moved and thought you never played with or looked at them so he donated them to charity, thinking some kinds would love to play with them
-this boy cares about you so much that he drove all the way back to the thrift store in the middle of the night just to get them back for you
-the plastic was a bit dented on the front of the package but everything was good as new
-honestly sometimes having thirty pairs of eyes around the house creeps him out a bit but he can’t deny how cool they are!
-he adores their outfits, and sometimes he’ll compliment them just to hear you gush about them
-he thinks it’s so cute omg pls talk about it more often it makes him melt
-there was totally an article about Zen leaving a thrift store carrying fifteen boxes of Barbie dolls and the press thought it was so sweet

petalpetal  asked:

the RFA's plus V and unkowns reaction to finding out that MC collects something (can be anything like those small pokemon figurines, or keeping any greeting card they ever gotten, Banana Labels, Candles, Dice, extra)

I decided to do Pokemon plushes for this, since I actually did collect those for awhile (though my current collecting hobby is, um. >w>…weird medical texts.)


  • He was such a severe, serious student for such a long time that he never really got into collecting things. However, once you reveal the depths of you plushie collection to him, he’s hooked.
  • You’ve got everything from a snorlax the size of a mattress to a full set of eeveeloution keychains and Yoosung thinks it’s the neatest thing ever. He asks all sorts of questions - how did you get into it? How long have you been collecting? What’s the thing here that you’re most proud of?
  • The two of you make acquiring a new object for your collection a Friday tradition. Every week, you either go out to a store together or purchase something online to add.
  • It’s fun for him, getting to see you have an interest you’re so passionate about, and he likes sharing that with you.


  • but why do you collect that when you could collect merchandise of him
  • He kinda doesn’t get it, considering he doesn’t really… own??? anything??? but over time, as he sees your collection grow, he starts finding it really endearing.
  • On your birthday, he totally takes you off guard by having a special, custom-made plush made-on-commission for you. That way, you can have something in your collection that no one else in the world has. 
  • You give it a special place of honor in your shrine to Pokemon glory, and whenever you see it, you always think of Zen and smile.


  • Jaehee’s life has been all about efficiency and not causing a burden on others, so the idea of dedicating so much space to a collection of something is… strange?? at first???
  • But she likes how your collection of plush toys gives your house character. Pretty quickly, she starts associating the plushes with you, and whenever you’re not around and she needs some comfort, she’ll hug a plush as a substitute. 
  • if you’re comfortable with it, she will totally display some of your collection in the cafe, b/c she’s proud of you and that means she’s proud of it by extension.


  • so jumin offers to buy literally every Pokemon plush in the world for you and you have to stop him and say that would totally take the fun out of it.
  • Your collection is not only impressive because of it’s scope, but also because of how long you’ve been collecting. And if he just filled in all of the gaps with one fell swoop, that’d be…
  • it’d just…
  • don’t fix all your problems with money, Jumin!
  • Jumin takes some time to internalize this idea, and at first you think he’s just decided to, y’know, let you do you in regards to it. However, some time later, he brings home a gift and tells you to open it.
  • It’s a rare, limited edition anniversary plush that you were really wanting.
  • Jumin had taken the time to brush up on the hobby, figure out what rare items you don’t have, and then get them for you in a more… tactical way. So it still feels special.
  • …please imagine jumin becoming a plush toy expert though… please.


  • He loves collecting things! He’s got cars, you’ve got plush toys… sounds legit!
  • He buys you stuff for your collection occasionally, but his main way of engaging with your hobby is incorporating it into his own.
  • He gets some plush buddies of his own to be his driving companions, and even hangs one from the interior mirror (where one would keep a pair of fuzzy dice). 
  • He wants to think of you while he’s doing his own thing, y’know?
  • (You do something similar by learning to paint hot-wheels toys to look like Pokemon…)


  • This poor man is… hapless. He doesn’t really get it, and it’s just like… trying to watch a grandma use a keyboard. This is pretty thoroughly not his world.
  • He wants to get it! But he’s always mixing up terms and terminology, and the mistakes he makes are both charming and adorable. 
  • For a gift, he tries to give you a plush you were talking about not having, and he’s so proud of himself… and you don’t have the heart to tell him that he got a bootleg knockoff.
  • it’s okay, V. you’re a sweetheart. you tried.


  • what comes out of his mouth: this is stupid, why do you collect this junk.
  • what he’s thinking: oh my god this is the best shit in the world i want 200.
  • He tries desperately not to acknowledge how cute you are when you get into finding new things for your collection, but he also just can’t help himself. It’s so pointless, and yet…?? So compelling???
  • He doesn’t get it!!!
  • One morning, you find a new Pokemon plush just… sitting in your mailbox????
  • ????
  • ???????? how did it get there?
  • who knows? it definitely wasn’t unknown. he definitely had nothing to do with this STOP ASKING HIM QUESTIONS.
  • GOD.
  • (he sulks and then tries to pretend he isn’t watching u add the new toy to your collection.)
General Masterlist - Part 2

anonymous asked:

oohh if ur taking requests, can u pls do one with saeyoung reacting to an MC who really loves collecting toys!! especially tamagotchi and old electronics lol i think it'd be cute

hey anon! sorry this took a while ^^; but i think it’d be adorable too, so here you go! thanks for stopping by(´∀`) 

idk if you wanted headcanons or a fic, so you get a little fic yay! 

Saeyoung thought he knew everything about MC, or at least almost everything. He looked up the important stuff; things like their records, medical history, where they tended to shop, just a peek at their browser history. Enough to know quite a bit about a person. But there are some things that aren’t shown on record.

Their interests, for example. He could get a vague idea of what they might like given the stores they went to, but it was impossible to be sure. What made them laugh, was another one. Or cry. Even what made them excited. And he was genuinely curious about all those things. He wanted to know so that he could do them himself. Not make them cry, but be happy. He wanted to see their face full of joy.

So when he went over to the apartment…and when everything settled down, he started to take his chance. They talked for more than half the night. The past wasn’t an option since there were things he couldn’t tell them yet. Things settled, but they weren’t done. They settled on interests instead.

Now, when Saeyoung first came to the apartment, he tried to see if they had made any noticeable changes. Like hung posters or put up pictures, something that would give off some impression. And there were some pictures, but it still didn’t give him a very good idea. It was mostly just pictures of family. Maybe they were a little lonely…

“Am I allowed to know about things you’re interested in?” They asked, sitting with their legs criss-crossed in front of him. He sat the same way, leaning against the wall. “Yeah, but that’s not fun. I’m into pretty much everything.” “Cooking?” They asked. He smiled, “Well, got me there. But I mean, stuff like video games, cars, cosplay. Nothing interesting. Besides, I want to get to know about you.” “…Fine.” They said, reluctantly, Saeyoung noticed. “This is strictly between you and me, understand?” They said. He nodded excitedly. Something about MC that only he could know, even when they others do get the chance to meet them. Wonderful. “I like collecting toys. You know how you talked about floppy disks earlier? I have stuff like tamagotchi and other things like that. The old toys, that you can’t find anymore. Don’t you dare laugh at me, Saeyoung-”

He couldn’t say anything for a second, really. “Wait, you’re serious?” He asked, to which they nodded. “That’s amazing! Can I see them?” Laugh at them? No way! Those things were so cool. Saeyoung didn’t even have any, he got rid of his own. MC stood up excitedly after his question, pulling him up with them and dragged him to the room. They took out a small box and opened it, showing Saeyoung those tamagotchis and other small toys. “I have more too,” They said, “But I didn’t want to bring them all here.” “These are so cool!” He said, picking some up with a grin. “Can we play with them?” He looked at her, his eyes sparkling. “Oh, you bet we can!” They answered, and they spent the rest of the day playing with them.

jakestan  asked:

Jake x MC for ship asks! if someone hasn't asked yet.

Hey, Rachel! Here it is:

1. Neither of them is a fussy eater, but Jake’s the one to scrunch his nose when he doesn’t like the appearance of a certain food (he ends up trying it either way).
2. Both of them like convincing the other to hop in the shower with them because of them like the chase & the banter that comes with the convincing.
3. Jake was a troublemaker so all the students knew about him & he likes to say that he was popular because of it (he wasn’t, most couldn’t stand him). MC was focused on her stuff & didn’t really care about being popular but she doesn’t lie about it.
4. Both of them thought that the other was experienced when they slept together & they were right (so the expected mind-blown was delivered).
5. MC plays video games, but only when she’s with Diego, so Jake just has his arms around her waist, pulling her rather close and groaning about her not putting the controller down & paying attention to him.
6. MC’s the one horny all the time.
7. Jake’s the one who is sleepy & cuddly all the time, especially when he wakes up and MC teases him all the time about it because she never would’ve guessed that the tough pilot liked cuddling so much.
8. MC’s the one who knocks on Jake’s door, especially when her dreams haunt her about the possible future (particularly the ones that involve Jake’s & Diego’s deaths).
9. Neither of them is big animal lovers, MC just loves Furball & is set on keeping him (no matter how much Jake may whine about it).
10. Both of them need persuading, but more MC than Jake.
11. MC collects them, Jake thinks it’s dumb (but he doesn’t say it because it’s something that makes her happy & he won’t be the one to spoil her harmless fun).
12. Jake loves provoking MC so that they have kinky sex (they have kinky sex most of the time, he just likes seeing her annoyed because he thinks it’s hot).
13. Both of them are pretty vocal about their admiration for the other.
14. Both of them have adorable sneezes.
15. Jake wants to have sex everywhere, MC’s worried about being attacked while they’re having sex rather than getting caught by one of their friends.
16. MC does, and she pretends not to because she knows she won’t hear the end of it if Jake catches her (and also he’ll gloat a lot).
17. Jake secretly believes in astrology, and although MC loves to see an interest of his that doesn’t involve drinking or fighting, she’d much rather spend her time kissing him rather than hearing that Sean & him but heads all the time because their signs don’t usually get along.
18. MC has super powers & Jake’s survival skills are wicked so both of them are surviving the apocalypse.
19. Jake’s ticklish & MC’s the tickle-attacker.
20. Jake’s the one to exaggerate but just because he’s too lazy to actually do anything, so he takes advantage of being sick so MC will do things for him.