Can i use this dress for the marine ball? 
I bought it in Tradera (Swedish Ebay) and i will probably use it as a “plan B dress”. 
I’m not so sure about the color. And i don’t know if it shows too much boobies..
But i will rather have this one, than go naked. And it was cheap (38 dollar = 250 sek) . So if i don’t find anything else, this will be my “Plan B dress”.. i guess.. maybe…

MFW Guys Taking A Tango Lesson With MC


With a ball coming up, you were required to learn this dance, as it was going to be done at the event. Ren held your hand as you two walked to the room in the castle where the private lessons were to be held. “I’m nervous. I’ve heard the tango is pretty complicated” You said. “Some types are. We’re learning a simple tango” Ren explained. “Okay” You breathed a sigh of relief. The two female dance teachers greeted you. “Hello Prince. Hello Princess” One said. “Hello” Ren responded, emotionless as always. “Ready to begin the dance lesson?” The other asked. “Yes” You replied.
      You and Ren took your positions; his hand on your waist, your hand on his shoulder, your free hands interlocked in the air beside you. “A little closer please” One of the teachers requested. Ren used the hand on your waist to pull you closer so that your bodies touched. You blushed from the extremely close contact. “Perfect” She said. The music started. Under the guidance of the teachers, Ren lead you into the dance. You were instructed to stick your foot out, which you did. Ren used the heel of his shoe to raise your leg so that your knee was forming a 90 degree angle. You widened your eyes. He was very graceful and confident. It wasn’t that surprising. He is a prince. He’s probably been taught this all his life. “Princess, please concentrate” The teacher reminded. You didn’t realized your mind had wandered off, and quickly resumed your stance.
      Soon, the dance came to an end. The teachers praised you both, but did mention that more practices were needed. You walked out hand in hand with Ren. “You did really well” You told him. “Thanks. You did good too” He smiled. “I was nowhere near as graceful as you though” You lowered your head. “You’ll get better. Just keep working on it. I’m sure you’ll blow everyone away at the ball” He lifted your chin and you smiled back at him. Suddenly, a mischievous glint appeared in his eye. “Why don’t we go practice in my room?” He suggested. “What?” You question. He didn’t reply, but simply pulled you into the hallway, in the direction of his bedroom.


He was sought after for a show called Dancing with the Stars. Because you weren’t a celebrity, he was assigned a famous singer as a partner. Although you weren’t too happy with the idea of your husband having his hands on another woman, you supported him. This was a very popular show after all. The singer couldn’t come in to practice with Yuta today, so he begged you to come dance with him instead. You eventually agreed.
      You walked out of the changing room and into the studio, wearing a strapless, knee-length, loose red dress. Yuta was waiting in a dark purple, long-sleeve dress shirt, black vest, black dress pants and polished black shoes. “You look handsome Yuta” You said. “Thanks. You look beautiful” He complimented. Then the instructor walked in. “Let’s get started” She said.
      Yuta spun you out to the side and back into him. Your arms crossed in front of you, hands holding his. You were blushing while he was perfectly calm. After taking a few steps, the instructor called out to you. “Don’t look at your feet” She said. “Sorry” You apologized and lifted your head. “Don’t be nervous. This is just practice” Yuta whispered in your ear. Feeling his breath on your skin only made you blush more, but nevertheless, you continued to tango. Once the session was over, you both changed and left. “I should dance with you more often. That was fun” He smiled, taking your hand. You laughed along with him to cover up your embarrassment.


“I can’t believe she got time off for simply spraining her wrist” Yamato complained. Apparently, the usual dance teacher sprained her wrist and took time off work. Now he was having to fill in. He was to teach the students an easy tango routine. He needed some practice, so he used you as his partner.
      After going over the step, he pressed play on the stereo he borrowed from the school. A slow-tempo instrumental song flowed out from the speaker. He pulled you close and took a few steps, which you mirrored. “Ready?” He asked. You nodded. Staying in time with the beat, you dropped down, sliding your leg out behind you, dragging your toe on the floor, balancing on your other one. Upon rising again, Yamato spun you and pulled you back to him. “Nice job” He smiled. “Thanks” You replied, enjoying his rare compliment. You got caught up in the moment and messed up the next move. “Be careful” He frowned. “Sorry!” You quickly apologized. The dance was fairly simple from there. You managed to complete it without making any more mistakes.


Somehow, he convinced you to take dance classes with him. He was planning to write a tango scene in his next script and ‘needed to experience it himself in order to portray it accurately’. Though that made next to no sense to you, you agreed. Wearing a simple black dress with red heels, you stood next to Saeki, who was wearing a red shirt, black suit jacket, black dress pants and shiny black shoes. “You have to press against your partner, Honey” He smiled, bringing you close to rest against him. Although you were positive he was saying that to get you to stay close to him, you knew enough about tango to know that was right. He suggested many different poses, most of which were a little perverted, until the teacher arrived.
      A series of dance moves had been accomplished. Now it was time for the finale; a dip. Saeki leads you into the position and wrapped his arm around your back. You bring your arm around his neck and rest your hand on his left shoulder. Saeki gently leans you down, gazing into your eyes the entire time. You tip your head back as told by the teacher. The teacher says to hold that pose. A few seconds pass, then you’re brought up out of the dip by Saeki’s strong arms. He kept his hands on your sides and whispered, “We are definitely trying this at home”


You and Takao walked into the dance studio. His grandmother had given you two a pass for a free dance lesson. After your mutual agreement that it would be a shame not to use it, you headed off. When you walked in, both of you were surprised to see nobody else in the studio. Just one woman sitting on a chair, fiddling with a boombox. She notices your presence and smiles, “Hello. You two must be here for the dance lesson” Takao speaks up, “Yes, we are” She leads you onto the dance floor. “Um, where is everybody?” You hesitate to ask. “Oh, this is a private dance lesson for couples” She replies, not noticing yours and your husband’s surprise. “You mean it’s only us?” He asks. “Yes. Now, we’ll be learning the tango” She says, heading over to the boombox.
      Though you both were surprised and a little embarrassed at the revelation, Takao suggested you both take the lesson anyway. The teacher places a magazine between your abdomens. “You must hold your partner close enough that this magazine can’t fall” She says. The two of you awkwardly move closer to hold it with your bodies. “Good. Now let’s begin” She says.
      A few minutes had passed. Now it was time to put your skills to the test. Carefully moving across the floor, you two followed the routine taught to you. A special move was coming up. “Don’t worry if you don’t get it right” Takao said, a blush appearing. “Okay” You replied. On your cue, you jumped as Takao helped lift you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist, then immediately jumped off of him as he gently let you down. Both of you were blushing at the sensual move. “Perfectly executed” The teacher praised. Quickly finishing the dance, you and your husband thanked the teacher for the lesson, then left to go home, where Takao called his grandmother. She admitted that she knew it was a private tango lesson for couples. “Grandmother!” Takao exclaimed. You were embarrassed, but it was a great experience.

Hope you enjoyed it! Sorry that some are longer than others…

Coming soon - MFW guys explaining the birds and the bees to their kids, MC teaching her guy how to play an instrument

Vamps fans unite?<3
Hello Lovely Vamps fans, this video is me pouring my absolute heart out about our sunshines, and it would mean the world to me if you could watch and spread it to the boys and management and help me meet my everything’s and get their writing tattooed on my body forever ❤️


July diary


Alexander Mc Queen: Savage Beauty

This highly anticipated show was a smash in New York; now the elemental vision of hyper-beauty that Alexander Mc Queen pioneered – tartan ball gowns, butterfly headdresses – will come crashing into town. The tinge of tragedy only serves to heighten the artistry, making us all the more grateful for what McQueen left behind. The V & A has pioneered revolutionary fashion exhibitions, from Hollywood costumes to glam rock – but this will set a new standard. Until 2nd August at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Painting Paradise: The art of the Garden

From McQueen to the queen. Queen Elizabeth’s predecessors accumulated quite a collection of palaces and paintings, manuscripts and statues. Now they (the paintings, at least) are being put to public enjoyment. If there’s one thing English people are obsessed by – after their dogs and theirs manners – it’s their gardens, so this is a canny show. Expect the royal curators to dust off works by Leonardo da Vinci and Carl Faberge, as well as beautiful botanical drawings, to chronicle the changing character of the garden from the 16th century to today. Until 11th October at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Light Touch

Best known for his lyrical portraits from the era of Napoleon, Pierre-Paul Prud’hon (1758 – 1823) bridges the gap in French art between the classicism of David and the Romanticism of Géricault and Delacroix. Born in Cluny, he trained in Dijon and Paris, and in Rome, where he developed a softer style that owned more to Raphael, da Vinci and Correggio. Dulwich Picture Gallery has brought together a selection of his chalk-drawn life studies. Spanning his whole career, they reveal the grace with which his use of chiaroscuro – modelling with – endowed even the most muscular human forms. ‘Pierre-Paul Prud’hon: Napoleon’s Draughtsman’ is at Dulwich Picture Gallery, Gallery Road, SE21 (020 8693 5254; June 23- November 15

The Shape of Things

With exhibitions in London and Wakefield devoted to Barbara Hepworth, and at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Waddesdon Manor to Henry Moore (1898 – 1986), this is the summer to compare the work of these two leading twentieth-century British sculptors. The Sculpture Park has the space to explore Moore’s profound relationship with the land. This show makes connections in his work through forms, scale and location, not only to the external topography but the underlying geology – the caves and holes that excited the imagination. Meanwhile, in the Coach House at Waddesdon, drawings from the Henry Moore Foundation are on show. They include studies for his sculptures as well as the drawings he made underground during the Second World War: people sleeping in London Tube shelters and Yorkshire miners working at the coal face. Two Moore Bronzes, King and Queen (1952), inspired by reading fairy stories to his six-year-old daughter, and Hill Arches (1973), are also displayed in the garden. ‘Henry Moore: Back to a Land’ is at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield (01924-832631; until September 6; ‘Henry Moore: From Paper to Bronze’ is at the Coach House, Waddesdon Manor, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (01296 – 653226; June 17 – October 25

Colonial travels caught on camera

Last winter, Cairo to Constantinople, the exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery of early photographs of the Middle East taken by Francis Bedford, provided a tantalising glimpse of famous monuments and archaeological sites before the age of mass tourism. Now, as part of its multi-faceted India Festival, the V&A is showing the photographs of the memorably named Captain Linnaeus Tripe (1822 – 1902). A British East India Company officer trained as a military surveyor, he travelled round southern India and Burma on diplomatic missions in the 1850s. The images he took of the landscape and architecture are of an extraordinary aesthetic quality, despite the technical difficulties he faced printing them in the heat and humidity. ‘Captain Linnaeus Tripe: Photographer of India and Burma, 1852 – 1860’ is at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, SW7 (020 7942 2000; June 24 – October 11