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Break into people’s apartments and ask them if they’ve eaten yet

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Angsty headcannons with the RFA + v and saeran for when they get into a rly intense argument with MC??

A/N: Look you guys we’re finally posting! sorry It’s been so long things got super crazy and stressful all of a sudden. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to write a few of the NSFW oneshots that will be based off of this headcanon. There will be one for each character! We’re super excited to get back to posting. Thankfully I only have four days of school left! Also tw for a blood mention - Mod MC


  • Zen has been working a lot for the past couple of weeks to the point where you only saw him maybe once a day, if he even came home at all.
  • To distract yourself from how lonely you were feeling, you started to clean his desk and came across an open fan letter.
  • Glancing at the letter you were surprised to see your name show up.
  • I know you must care for her deeply, but as a dedicated fan ever since your first big production, I must say that your acting style has changed. It took me forever to figure it out but I realized that you started to change after you started dating her. She is holding you back. She is poison to your career. I’m just worried about your future…
  • Before you could dwell more on that letter Zen came home, looking very upset.
  • Over dinner your anxiety was slowly taking over all your thoughts, to distract yourself you asked Zen how his day was.
  • “ I had a meeting with the director today, he told me I should take some time off because he felt as if my acting has been off for a while now.”
  • You couldn’t breathe. The glass you were holding slipped out of your hand shattering on the floor.
  • You…you really were affecting Zen. He got reprimanded by his boss because of you. This was all your fault.
  • Resisting Zen when he tried to check you over, you asked him “Zen, am I holding you back?”
  • When he didn’t say anything your worst fears were confirmed.
  • “I am, aren’t I? I’m the reason you are struggling, it’s all my fault.”
  • “Wh-what MC, no! What are you saying? Stop saying ridiculous things and let me look at your hand.”
  • When you resisted him again Zen’s frustrations washed over him and he started to yell
  • You have never had Zen ever raise his voice at you, it scared you. This is all your fault, trying to make him understand you raised your voice too, soon enough both of you were yelling at each other but you couldn’t seem to stop.
  • “I-I think we should break up. You are being stubborn and blinded by your love for me, the truth is I’m holding you back. I’m sorry, but this is for the best. Zen please don’t make this harder than it has to be.” With tears flowing down your face you turned around walking towards the door
  • You felt Zen grab your arm, “MC please, please don’t do this. Please don’t walk out on me. I’m sorry I yelled before, but please don’t leave me.” His voice cracking.
  • Your heart shattered as you pushed his hand off your arm. Without looking back you walk out the door and before the door completely shuts you whisper “I’m sorry Zen.”


  • It had been a really bad week for the both of you.
  • Yoosung had just failed another exam it was the third one this week.
  • You had messed up a presentation and gotten yelled at by your partner in front of the entire class which lead to you crying in the bathroom afterward
  • You came home to your shared apartment in a wreck, crumpled up paper balls, empty bags of chips, and soda cans everywhere.
  • You did a double take, is this sevens apartment?
  • Curious you picked up one of the crumpled up papers and smoothed it out.
  • Your eyes were drawn to the giant “F” marring what seemed to be an old exam paper.
  • You started to pick up the other papers that was like a trail of failure leading you to Yoosung who was venting his frustrations on LOLOL.
  • Your self-control was about to snap.
  • Trying to keep your anger in check you said, “Yoosung, what is this, did you fail all your exams?”
  • Without even looking up from his game he answered nonchalantly, “Hmm? Oh yeah, I probably should have listened to the lectures haha.”
  • You started to raise your voice. “Yoosung, this is not a joke. How many exams have you failed? This is ridiculous. At this rate, you are going to have to take summer classes, or maybe even have to redo the entire year. WILL YOU STOP PLAYING FOR ONE SECOND?”
  • In a fit of rage when Yoosung still didn’t look up from his damn game, you went over and unplugged the computer.
  • “MC, WHAT THE FUCK? I was in the middle of a big boss battle, the guild was relying on me. Why would you do that?” Yoosung yelled back.
  • This only angered you further and you started to yell louder.
  • “This is not acceptable, how are you going to get anywhere if you don’t start caring about your grades and get serious. Stop acting like a child and grow up.” As soon as you said the words you saw hurt flash across Yoosung’s face.
  • You immediately regretted your words, you didn’t mean to be so harsh.
  • “Oh Yoosung…I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry. Today has been really ba-” Before you could even finish your sentence Yoosung was bolting out of the room, moments later you heard the door slam shut.
  • You slumped onto the floor head in your hands as tears started to fall from your face.
  • You remembered that is was your birthday.
  • Today was officially the worst day ever.


  • You walked in for your shift at the coffee shop only to see Jaehee giggling with a customer. 
  • Usually, it wouldn’t bother you but she was very clearly flirting.
  • She continued to flirt with them even after you had greeted her.
  • She even gave them their coffee for free.
  • When he was done he reached over the counter and lifted her hand to his mouth, kissing it gently.
  • W h a t t h e f u c k.
  • Jaehee’s cheeks were dusted with pink and usually, you would think it was adorable but you were furious right now.
  • That was your fiance that he just had his lips on and she didn’t even pull away.
  • You didn’t say anything until you got home that evening.
  • “Who was that guy you were flirting with Jaehee?”
  • “I’m not exactly sure who you’re referring to MC.”
  • “Look Jaehee, I can tolerate your obsession with Zen but what you did today was not okay.”
  • “I really have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • You were getting irritated at this point, why did she continue to deny it.
  • “You fucking gave him free coffee, and you kept giggling at his jokes. You didn’t even say hello to me until I came up and interrupted. It was like I wasn’t even there.”
  • “Oh. That was just a guy I graduated with. MC you really shouldn’t get so jealous.”
  • You began to raise your voice,”Maybe I wouldn’t have to if you actually gave a shit and acted like you liked me in public.”
  • “We have on matching engagement rings, and I usually kiss you when you come to work. I’m not sure where this is coming from MC.”
  • “I think I need some time to think and clear my head. I’m going on a walk. Don’t wait up.”


  • Luciel had been working non-stop for 5 days straight
  • Because he was so stressed he had regressed to his bad habits of not eating or sleeping properly.
  • You were getting super worried but he wouldn’t listen to you at all.
  • After all your begging he finally agreed to take a small nap but made you promise to wake him up after 2 hours
  • After he finally passed out from exhaustion you called Vanderwood yelling at him to stop working Luciel to death.
  • During the call, Vanderwood didn’t say anything at and you were proud of yourself thinking you were helping.
  • Luciel woke up and got back to work but before he could get too far into work he got a call.
  • The call went on for a long time and at one point he looked up at you in shock and after his face only got angrier.
  • “MC, do you know who I was just talking to on the phone?” he said in a deathly quiet voice.
  • “That was Vanderwood, and he said the funniest thing to me. He said that I shouldn’t be in this line of work if I can’t handle the pressure.” His started raising his voice  
  • “I was pretty shocked when he said that and when I asked what he was talking about he told me that instead of having my girlfriend yell at him about my workload I shouldn’t take on more than I think I can handle. Now, why would he say that?”
  • “Luciel I was just worr-” You started to say but stopped when you saw his hand gesturing you to stop speaking.
  • “NO MC YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THOUGHT. I THOUGHT WE HAD MADE THIS CLEAR. I KNOW WHAT I CAN HANDLE.” You’ve never seen him this angry before and you were scared.
  • Tears were forming in your eyes “ Luciel stop you’re hurting me.” When he still wouldn’t let go you shoved him off of you.
  • “I just thought I was helping you. Because of work you haven’t been eating or sleeping properly. I was only thinking about you.” You started to raise your voice as well.
  • “I don’t need you here MC, I don’t want your help. Stop interfering with my work and leave me alone.” When seven finally looked up at you his face fell upon seeing the pain on your face
  • It felt as if your heart stopped beating. Your mind kept replaying the words “I don’t need you here.”  
  • “Y-you don’t mean that do you Luciel? I know you are upset but this isn’t funny.” When he didn’t respond your heart shattered. You started to cry harder.
  • “Well, if that’s how you really feel then I guess this is it then.” You turned towards the door you weren’t welcome here anymore.
  • Right before you turned the doorknob you stopped and you prayed that your voice wouldn’t waver again.
  • “Goodbye Seven” and you walked out of the door your heart breaking as the door shut behind you.

-Mod DK


  • Jumin had been away for a week on a business trip .
  • You were bored and lonely.
  • The two of you facetimed and texted of course so it wasn’t completely awful.
  • He wasn’t due home for at least two more days.
  • You decided to get a little drunk.
  • Jumin had refused your offer to sext him the other night saying he didn’t want any photos.
  • He had used the excuse that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate in his meetings if he saw them.
  • You were more than a little bitter.
  • You were half a bottle of wine deep when the door slammed shut.
  • You froze. No one should be in the penthouse.
  • “MC, come here.”
  • That was Jumin’s voice, what was he doing home so soon.
  • You made your way into the living room and saw him standing there. His coat was already off and his tie was loosened. He was in the process of folding up his sleeves.
  • “MC, explain yourself.” He gestured to the nearly empty bottle of wine.
  • Maybe you had drunk a little bit more than you originally thought.
  • You shrugged, “Don’t wanna.”
  • “MC” He said warningly.
  • “Geez, who pissed in your cereal this morning?” you slurred.
  • “The merger didn’t go so well, the CEO of the other company turned out to be a hack.”
  • You giggle, the word hack just sounded so funny.
  • “It’s not funny MC, Go to bed, I don’t want to deal with this tonight.”
  • That stung.
  • “You can’t control me Jumin.”
  • He ran his hand through his hair, getting more frustrated by the second.
  • He approached you, you weren’t quick enough to get out of his way.
  • He grabbed your chin and made you look him in the eyes. His voice was nearly a growl, ”I assure you that I can and will control you if I so please. Now go. to. bed. I won’t tell you again.”
  • You felt a twinge of fear at his tone. It must have shown on your face because Jumin quickly stepped away from you.
  • The two of you had agreed that Jumin could only behave like this in certain situations with clear boundaries and never when either of you were the least bit intoxicated.
  • “I- MC, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let my frustration get the best of me.”
  • You were nearly sober at this point, “Jumin, I-I think maybe you should sleep on the couch tonight.”


  • The two of you usually shared household chores.
  • Today, however, V was really busy with a job. He was currently in his office sorting through tons of pictures and would most likely be in there for the rest of the day.
  • You decided to take up his half of the chores.
  • This required you to water his small collection of cacti. He only watered them once a week and today was the day.
  • You were watering and talking to each one.
  • when you turned to water his favorite one, you tripped. You weren’t usually very clumsy.
  • You tried to catch yourself with your arm but you ended up landing arm first directly on the cactus.
  • You picked yourself up and dusted yourself off before inspecting the damage.
  • The cactus was squashed. V was going to be so upset.
  • Your arm began to sting as you heard the door to his office open. You saw splinters in your arm but hid it behind your back. Out of sight, out of mind. I’ll deal with this in a minute.  
  • He huffed and you heard him mumble, “none of the shots are right.”
  • He sounded irritated to say the least. As he rounded the corner the mess came into view
  • His eyes locked on the squashed cactus.
  • “V, I can explain.”
  • “Why are you so careless MC?” His voice came out harshly.
  • “You knew that was my favorite cactus, Rika gave it to me. Why did you feel the need to destroy it.”
  • Rika, the name stabbed at your heart just as it always did.
  • oh,  so that’s why the cactus was so special to him.
  • Your eyes stung with unshed tears as he continued to question why you squashed the cactus.
  • Your arm burned as you reached up to rub at your eyes.
  • His eyes moved to your arm, noticing the spines.
  • “You’re bleeding, MC, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be like that, this job is just so damn difficult. None of the shots are coming out right. Come on, let me help you.”
  • “Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself.”
  • V reached out for you from his kneeling position on the floor but you walked past him and locked yourself in the bathroom not listening as he begged you to come out.


  • He had begun to fall into some bad habits.
  • You had encouraged him to make friends outside of the RFA.
  • You didn’t mean for him to find friends that would cause him to engage in risky behavior. They were a terrible influence.
  • One day he came home and he was completely out of it, that was the last straw.
  • You asked him what he took but he just shrugged and ignored you. You felt completely helpless.
  • Seven was out of town on business so you had no one to help you with this issue.
  • Once Saeran began to sober up you gently sat down beside him on the couch.
  • “Saeran, we need to talk.”
  • “If you’re going to dump me, just do it MC.”
  • You were shocked. “Is that what you want Saeran?”
  • “It wouldn’t surprise me to be honest. All you’ve done for the past month is bitch at me.”
  • You held back the tears that threatened to spill out and got up from the couch. You needed to take a walk.
  • When you got back from your walk Saeran was no longer in the living room.
  • You sat down on the couch and closed your eyes, rubbing your temples and thinking about you next move. You had to fix this somehow, even if it wasn’t you fault.
  • You would never give up on him.
  • You heard a distant thud sound all of a sudden. The noise repeated a few times so you got up to find the source.
  • You heard the noise getting louder as you came to the door of the room you shared with Saeran.
  • You opened the door right as he threw the last knife. You didn’t even know he owned throwing knives.
  • The knife wizzed past you and he locked eyes with you.
  • He looked completely sober now as he rushed towards you.
  • “MC, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I never meant to - “
  • His words faded to background noise as you felt something warm run down your cheek. Were you crying?
  • You tried to wipe it away only to have your fingers come away covered in red.
  • ah , so the knife grazed me.
  • You looked in the mirror in the room and saw a gash that looked to be about an inch long.
  • Everything came back into focus. Saeran was freaking out.
  • “MC, let me fix this, please. I can fix this.”
  • He was pleading with you but all you could focus on were your shaking, red, fingers.
  • Saeran went to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit and while he was down the hall you turned towards the door.
  • And you ran.
  • You ran from the house as fast as you could, not paying attention to Saeran screaming your name behind you.

-Mod MC

when MC has a bad day

i had this draft 2 weeks ago.. oops 

anyways, at that time I was feeling like crap so I decided to write this! hehe

should i begin writing for saeran and v as well? idk i dont know much about them..


  • gives you kisses and hugs but also tries to give you space
  • when you came to his apartment you had his spare key haha you rushed into his arms 
  • he was surprised at first, then reassuringly laid his hand on your hair
  • he’ll ask you what’s wrong but when you say
  •  “Nothing, I just felt like stopping by”
  •  obv he doesn’t fall for that shit
  • “No you’re not. No princess should have to go through this.”
  • cue you lowkey blushing and laughing
  • love love love
  • he gives you a huge adorable warm throw blanket that smells like flowers “it just came out the dryer!!” and begins to make dinner for both you and him
  • he lets you sleep on his bed but joins you and snuggles next to you all night, whispering into your ear how important you are to him
  • gap moe ;)


  • he was at school when you called him
  • literally excused himself 
  • no like
  • and sprinted back home to find you, head against your knees and trying not to cry
  • “MC! I’m here!” he waved his hands merrily
  • you ignored him and continued sulking damn
  • he pouted for a second before he ran up to you
  • he grabbed your arm so suddenly you almost got whiplash on your neck lmao
  • “Y-Yoosung?! What are y-”
  • he said nothing as he dragged you across town
  • to your favorite bakery
  • and bought 2 dozen donuts. right off the bat. 
  • when he turned his head to look at you after he payed,
  • he smiled widely and sheepishly said, “For you. I hope you feel better.”
  • what a precious boy i love him


  • can tell from a mile away when you’re not yourself
  • he invited you to dinner to see for himself after you texted him
  • bloodshot eyes, slumped body, dark circles..
  • “Hi, Jumin!” your tired eyes sparkled, the sadness sparking away immediately when your eyes met each other
  • he didn’t reply 
  • “..”
  • “Jumin? A-are you okay?” you asked him after a few minutes, because he wasn’t replying to your “cheerful” rambling
  • he grabbed you by your shirt, clamping his fist, then calmly said
  • “I think I should be asking you that.”
  • he stared at you, analyzed you for a few more seconds until you couldn’t resist and pushed him away
  • “I said I’m fine.. why should you worry about me?” you were trying to control your quick breathing
  • then he stood up and-
  • fucking
  • carried you princess-style into his bedroom
  • Sleep. Do not think about anything else. Just close your eyes. I will be here tomorrow morning.” and disappeared without a trace back into the living room
  • you didn’t know what else to do so you did what he said
  • you slept
  • that was a good damn sleep, too
  • the bed was soft and smelled of Jumin.. and you knew someone was watching over you
  • When you walked out of his bedroom you saw a pajama-ed Jumin Han, a cup of earl grey tea, a batch of strawberry pancakes, and a side of Elizabeth the 3rd
  • you were tearing up damnit
  • “I-” 
  • he cut you off as he walked up to you and kissed your cheek delicately and-
  • “Be quiet, love. It is alright. As long as I am here, nothing bad will happen.”


  • honestly he literally has you on CCTV so it doesn’t matter if you don’t actually call him or something he can see v clearly
  • he’d go to your house whenever he could though 
  • always bringing some sort of gift he’d made himself
  • his smile was so much brighter than your future
  • that’s why when you really were feeling like a piece of shit today and he came over, you didn’t answer the door
  • he was waiting for two minutes with no reply
  • “The Defender of Justice has arRIVED- huh? What’s this??” 
  • he’d sound so cute when he was puzzled
  • just like a lost but excited child
  • you hid your smile with a tissue as you wiped your eyes and cupped your mouth to keep the laughs from coming out your mouth
  • trying to figure out something.. ^^
  • no dont get me wrong he will fucking pull that mysterious Seven voice
  • “Ha.. MC you may have locked your door.. but I also have something..”
  • - as he opened the fucking door lmao
  • “Yes!! I knew it! That was the spare key!!”
  • and then he saw you rushing to hide in the corner
  • you darted your eyes away from him, embarassed your boyfriend had to see you like this in a pathetic state
  • “Hey~” He slid down next to you where you sat
  • “Bad day?” 
  • “N-no..”
  • “Haha.” he wrapped his arms around you and petted your head like a mother. mother seven
  • you couldn’t help but laugh into his arms - he was just so fun to be around with
  • you helped him make chicken casserole for dinner and he let you eat 75% of it haha
  • he says he’s experienced shitty days like these but he doesn’t want you to feel like him again

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RFA reacting to MC telling them that they are a princess who ran away from their kingdom?


  • MC is a real life princess?
  • That means that he can be like a prince to her
  • What MC really wants is to be treated like a normal human being
  • Yoosung agrees, but she did set herself up to being called princess or my lady 
  • He wants to know what being a princess is like, and she explains that it’s not like in the fairy tales.
  • He’s a little disappointed about that
  • If she wants to go back one day, he promises that he’ll go with her.
  • He fell in love without knowing that MC was a princess, and nothing will change his mind about that.


  • MC, stop kidding around…wait, you aren’t joking are you?
  • So shocked! Sure he had been calling her princess, but he didn’t actually think that she was a runaway princess
  • He asks why she ran away, out of pure curiosity
  • Turns out that his situation was a lot like hers.
  • Zen the Knight will protect his princess at all costs, even if he has to deck a few people
  • He teases her about it sometimes, but when she asks him to stop, he stops
  • He’s not going to stop calling her princess…he’s too attached to the nickname


  • Wait, so you’re the runaway princess?
  • Jaehee faints, and MC has to catch her
  • How the heck did she end up with a princess?
  • She asks a lot of questions, but she’s just curious
  • If MC is being especially bossy, Jaehee will just say “Yes, my lady” and MC gets it.
  • She will make MC coffee and say it’s the princess special (she’s trying to flirt here MC)


  • Ok, so that means that she is definitely being sincere. 
  • He ends up working with MC’s family and they’re so enamored with him they let MC stay
  • It actually becomes a huge success for his business
  • They’re actually really fond of Jumin, and they don’t pressure her to return
  • It’s actually a good thing, and MC ends up making up with her parents


  • Come on guys, he already knew that
  • But damn, a princess, that was cool
  • When she says she doesn’t want to talk about her past, he’s totally cool with it
  • In fact, he’ll mess with the kingdom and tell them that she was seen somewhere in Russia
  • Have fun looking for her in the entire country of Russia XD
  • But he’s cool with whatever. I mean, he’s a secret agent.
  • [707 currently hacking into the mint eye]
  • Yoosung: careful seven
  • Yoosung: careful seven
  • Yoosung: careful seven
  • Yoosung: CAREFUL SEVEN
  • 707: yoosung i'm already hacked in

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