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Villians in AHKJ

A few days ago i had an interesting thought about some villians of AHKJ and how well they actually represent the seven deadly sins.

I’m not religious at all, don’t get me wrong. It’s just one of those random thoughts i had.

And today i made something of that thought. Here i present you my seven sins chart of the AHKJ villian.

I know it’s qualitatively nothing overhelming, i quickly cobbled it together in half an hour :P

You gotta say, they fit in there quite nicely, aren’t they?

I could aswell have picked Karen for Greed, Magic Steve for Envy and Koto for Wrath, because they also fit quite nicely in that chart, but i chose to use the still alive villians. ^^

I wonder if DWA did this on purpose or if this is just a random thing that fits?

The Royal Villainous Affair

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The Royal Villainous Affair 

Pairing: Maxwell x MC ; Liam x MC 

Summary: It was supposed to be perfect. All of it. Seoyeon thought her marriage with King Liam would be perfect, that they would be in love, happy, be good leaders for the people. However it all turns around when the one guy she thought was her friends, becomes her greatest weakness and her greatest enemy. Please welcome, Lord Maxwell Beaumont. 

It was a month after their honeymoon. Liam and Seoyeon were both thrown into the madness that is politics.

Seoyeon barely had time to meet up with Liam, so those special dinners the two had together, she cherished.

“Judge Alexander wants me to give a speech on the growing economy. Apparently jobs have been flying in since you became King. And immigration has risen by 2%. So our population is growing.” Seoyeon smiles as looks over at the King.

He takes her hand and squeezes, “Well I’m glad that you are adjusting well. It would be a shame if you didn’t like your job.”

“Oh god Liam, I love it. Helping people is what makes me happy, and if it takes high heels and a title, I’ll do it proudly.” She squeezes his hand back.

Liam takes her hand up to his lips and kisses it, “If you’re happy and my people are happy, then I’m happy.”

The two looked happy and content with each other, and nothing could break them apart. 

“Your Majesty, Lord Maxwell has come to see you.” Her maid called out to her. 

Seoyeon tensed up. 

“Let him in.” 

She fiddled with her fingers as she heard the footsteps getting closer. 

“Your majesty.” She looked up to see the tall man grinning down at her. He bowed, “It’s been a while.” 

Seoyeon motioned to the maid, “Leave us be.” The maid nodded and left. 

“My, my, my Queen, you look absolutely ravishing.” The sudden deep and rough voice whispered. 

Seoyeon looked away, “What do you want Lord Maxwell?” 

“Oh, we’re going by title’s now? I thought we were friends?” He seemed to laugh at this. 

She snapped her head back, “Were. That is the key word. We were until I found out you were working with Madeline and even screwing along with her.” 

Maxwell shrugged, “The girl was desperate and I was lonely.” 

“You mean horny you son of a bitch. You almost cost me my one true love and Cordonia. And you were damn good at hiding it.” 

“True love? “ He pretended to think, “Oh you mean that sorry excuse for a man, Liam?” 

Seoyeon got up and slapping him with the pillow she was holding. 

“Shut up! He’ll be twice the man you will ever be!” Maxwell then grabbed her, wrist, smirking. 

“We both know you only felt affection for Liam. He was the one man who made you feel safe and secure. But we both know that isn’t what you really desire, is it?” His eyes were directly aligned with hers, not moving at all. 

“Safe and secure is what I want Maxwell. “ 

But he knew it wasn’t true. 

He knew it, and he was using it against her. 

The temperature in the room was rising, and her  lungs were drowning in the lies she was surrounded with. Suffocating her. 

Her skin crawled with the memory of his touch, dancing slowly like fire burning on winter’s night. 

That one night. 

Her one mistake. 

“You and I both know that passion you had for Liam died when her got engaged to Madeline. It died that night Seoyeon.” His fingers grasped her chin, slowly tilting her head upwards. she felt her toes curl and her legs stiffen. 

Her heart was burning, beating, doing all these things she once felt for Liam. 

These things were forbidden. The moment she said yes she committed herself to Liam and to Cordonia. 

These feelings weren’t supposed to be there. 

But they were. 

And they would not leave her alone. 

“Leave me alone Maxwell. I already spared you from the fate you were supposed to share with Madeline. Be grateful no one knows about you.” 

He laughs, “If that is leverage then you really are a fool.” She felt his other hand tracing circles along her thigh. 

“Maxwell…I said stop.” But she wasn’t doing anything. 

“I know you enjoyed that night Seoyeon. More than you want to admit.” He leaned down and whispered softly in her ear. 

His hand kept on going further up and his lips started tracing her chin. 

“You know you want me.” His lips were just above hers, and his hand was in a compromising position. 

“I….” Seoyeon gulped. she didn’t want to admit the one guy who tried to sabotage her chances with Liam, was getting her aroused. 

He kissed her. 

It was like drinking your first sip of alcohol. Feeling that burn going down your throat along with the sensation of tasteful fruit stained upon your lips. 

She felt him push her against the wall, his lips feeling every corner of her mouth. 

She didn’t feel like fighting against the urge. 

The one that’s been sitting her stomach for months. 

He scooped her legs up, letting them wrap around his waist. 

Seoyeon’s mind was blank, only occupied by the fire that was Maxwell.  

He placed her on the couch, slowly kissed her neck. 

Seoyeon let herself go. 

Because she knew it was not Maxwell who was her greatest enemy. 

The greatest villian. 

It was her. 

She was the villian in the story. 

LOL! Tricked yall. I made MC the villian because why not? 

 Also right before I was going to submit this my mother yelled at me so…that’s why it’s a late.  Anyways I hope you enjoyed this @holly-park and  @moonandstarscollide