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Yoyoyo~ I'm a wandering contributor, who asks for this~ if you may~! Cute lil Headcannons of the RFA crew at an aquarium. The MC dragging around their S/o, whether they like it or not. What are their favorite fish? What was their favorite part? Any shenanigans? Thank you~~~! And good luck on your new, lovely account~!

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• never really been to an aquarium before so he is very excited to go there with MC on a date 

• his favorite thing is the jellyfish tank, he is absolutely mesmerized by it

• he takes so many photos to remember the day by and also so many cute couple photos with MC


• MC is dragging him around just as much as he drags them around. It works both ways you see because he loves these things

• he is in love with the turtle reef i like turtles 

• MC surprises him with a turtle plush from the gift shop and he just can’t stop grinning.  


• she is very fascinated with the whole aquarium deal and loves watching the sharks swimming around

• they are majestic beautiful but also kinda scary creatures 

• she is glowing with excitement and it’s just honestly just so adorable 


• he stands infront of the tropical fish tank for a really long while. So many fishes? so much color? it’s really beautiful

• he was pretty pessimistic about the idea to go to an aquarium but MC dragged him anyways because u never know until you try!

• can’t stop that sweet smile reaching his lips seeing MC happy and he have to agree, it’s a nice date


• he is so in love with the underwater viewing tunnels? It’s just so great?

• it feels as if he is right there with the fishes and this boi is like a kid in a toy store

• he will 100% get him and MC matching T-shirts from the gift shop. And buys like 20 stuffed animals because why not- he loves them 

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Rfa + V + Saeran reactions to MC's pet reptiles and MC wanting to be a herpetologist :D

I’ve always wanted a pet snake! But all my friends tell me they will never speak to me again if I get one 3:

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  • He LOVES animals!
  • So when he sees MC’s pet turtle he’d get so excited
  • “MC!! Your turtle is so cute!!”
  • Demands to know the turtle’s name and ‘awwwww’s when MC reveals (with a blush) that it’s Shelley
  • He would totally get Shelley little treats and toys and stuff and research the best turtle habitat so he can be a good turtle dad
  • “I kind of want to actually work with reptiles. I want to be a herpetologist…”
  • He’d be like “We both want careers with animals!” 
  • The two of them would study together all the time because they’d be in similar classes at first
  • They quiz each other on animal facts all the time
  • MC tells Yoosung random reptile facts to see if there’s ones that he doesn’t recognize 
  • He always holds Shelley and tells her how perfect MC is while MC blushes in the background
  • For Christmas, Yoosung always gets MC reptile books and documentaries


  • When Seven comes to visit MC’s apartment, he sees the big tank in the corner and immediately darts over to it
  • “What’s in here??”
  • With bright eyes, MC explains that it’s their leopard gecko and Seven is literally like :ooo
  • “A gecko?? I want to see it!”
  • MC manages to get their Gecko out
  • “The gecko’s name is Sasuke”
  • “I can’t believe this”
  • Even though the gecko’s name is Sasuke, Seven loves it 
  • He holds it in his hands and puts it up to his face and is like “Do we look similar?”
  • Makes a face with one eye half closed and his tongue sticking out slightly
  • MC pouts and takes Sasuke back
  • “What has Sasuke ever done to you?”
  • Seven finds out MC wants to become a herpetologist and he says, “Is that where you study herpes?”
  • MC kicks him out of their apartment for twenty minutes.


  • MC warned Jaehee there might be something at their apartment that might…startle her
  • It was a boa constrictor
  • It was a god damn boa constrictor
  • At first, Jaehee is startled af and sort of stares at it
  • “Do you…do you take it out?”
  • “Of course I do! Come here, Bella!” 
  • Jaehee watches as MC takes out the snake, baby talking it the whole time
  • “Aren’t you a good little snake~ you’re such a good little snake!”
  • How can MC talk to a literal giant snake like that like it’s a child??
  • Watching MC hold the snake with such soft eyes sort of makes Jaehee feel better about it, though
  • If MC loves the snake so much then it can’t be all bad
  • But as soon as MC puts it on Jaehee she tenses and is like “t h is is  f i n e MC PLZ GET IT OFF”
  • Supports MC throughout the entirety of them going to school for herpetology and helps them study even though she knows almost nothing about reptiles


  • He was, of course, super pumped to go see MC at their apartment
  • As soon as he went inside, he felt the tension in the air and all he wanted to do was kiss them
  • When he leaned in for the kiss, though, MC suddenly perked up
  • “Oh! I forgot to feed Daisy!!” 
  • They got up off the couch, and although Zen was disappointed, he was interested in the ‘Daisy’ that MC spoke of
  • Since he wasn’t sneezing, he figured it was something else, like a hamster or maybe a small dog
  • Then MC walked to the tank in the corner, dropping something into it with a fond smile
  • “Oh, MC, what’s that?”
  • “It’s Daisy! Come watch her eat.”
  • Zen walked over to the tank to watch as a snake began to swallow the frozen mouse MC had put in whole
  • He had to sit down for ten minutes 
  • Although he had a bad introduction to the snake at first, he ends up really liking her and holding her
  • He just can’t see her get fed.
  • He also likes to listen to MC talk about their herpetology classes because their entire demeanor brightens


  • Jumin invites MC to stay at his house for a few days, and they ask if they can bring their pet because they don’t want to leave it alone for that long
  • He agrees, thinking it’s a cat or something else fluffy
  • When MC brings over a portable cage, he’s interested and peeks in 
  • It is pointy? And sand colored?
  • “This is Victoria 4th. She is a bearded dragon and I love her.”
  • Instantly, Jumin is enraptured by the tiny lizard in the cage
  • Elizabeth and Victoria get along immediately?
  • Elizabeth sniffs Victoria and jumps in the air a bit and the two run around together (MC’s not really sure if they’re playing or what)
  • Later, MC puts Victoria 4th on top of Jumin’s head and tries not to laugh as both of them stare at them, unimpressed
  • When MC reveals that they want to be a herpetologist, Jumin says, “I know. We’ve watched enough documentaries for me to figure out what you’re interested in.”
  • He would buy Victoria the enclosure of her life though that bearded dragon would be SPOILED
  • (Almost as spoiled as MC and sometimes they actually get jealous??)


  • “Don’t freak out but I’m going to put something in your hands.”
  • Literally those words had been said to V so many times with MC around that he’s used to them by now
  • So he just reaches his hands out and startles only a little bit when he feels a little rough thing 
  • It starts moving and it takes all he has in him not to throw it across the room
  • “…What is this,” he asks, eyebrows furrowing as the thing moves super slowly, little feet grasping as his finger
  • “It’s Mood Ring! My pet chameleon.” 
  • V stifles a smile at the cute name and puts his other hand out so that Mood Ring can walk across both
  • “Chameleons are the ones who can change colors, right?”
  • “Yup! Right now he’s green with a little bit of yellow.”
  • MC always tells V what color Mood Ring is whenever he asks and lets him hold the tiny lizard
  • V would always go with MC to the zoo to look at the reptiles and they proudly announce they got a job there as a reptile keeper
  • He is so proud and they throw a party with a tiny cake for Mood Ring


  • One of MC and Saeran’s favorite activities was to go to a wildlife sanctuary 
  • One day, though, MC is super excited about it, more than usual, so when they go, Saeran is expecting something awesome
  • And he is not disappointed
  • In one of the enclosures there’s an alligator
  • “They brought him in last week and I love him. His name is Alfred.”
  • The two of them stared at where the alligator was resting in the water peacefully
  • “He’s not really my pet, but I like to say he is. So that’s my pet, Alfred.”
  • Saeran asks MC if they want him to steal Alfred so that they can actually have him as a pet
  • MC laughs and says no but then they actually think about it seriously and shakes their head no again and mutters “we can’t do that…”
  • They continue to visit the wildlife sanctuary and they saw hi to Alfred every single day, calling him their pet
  • They tell Saeran they want to be a herpetologist and Saeran nods before going to look it up jfc
  • But after that, he always supports them and listens to them talk about their job