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Tupac - Dear mama

When I was young me and my mama had beef
Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets
Though back at the time, I never thought I’d see her face
Ain’t a woman alive that could take my mama’s place
Suspended from school; and scared to go home, I was a fool
with the big boys, breakin all the rules
I shed tears with my baby sister
Over the years we was poorer than the other little kids
And even though we had different daddy’s, the same drama
When things went wrong we’d blame mama
I reminisce on the stress I caused, it was hell
Huggin on my mama from a jail cell
And who’d think in elementary?
Heeey! I see the penitentiary, one day
And runnin from the police, that’s right
Mama catch me, put a whoopin to my backside
And even as a crack fiend, mama
You always was a black queen, mama
I finally understand
for a woman it ain’t easy tryin to raise a man
You always was committed
A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it
There’s no way I can pay you back
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated

Now ain’t nobody tell us it was fair
No love from my daddy cause the coward wasn’t there
He passed away and I didn’t cry, cause my anger
wouldn’t let me feel for a stranger
They say I’m wrong and I’m heartless, but all along
I was lookin for a father he was gone
I hung around with the Thugs, and even though they sold drugs
They showed a young brother love
I moved out and started really hangin
I needed money of my own so I started slangin
I ain’t guilty cause, even though I sell rocks
It feels good puttin money in your mailbox
I love payin rent when the rent’s due
I hope ya got the diamond necklace that I sent to you
Cause when I was low you was there for me
And never left me alone because you cared for me
And I could see you comin home after work late
You’re in the kitchen tryin to fix us a hot plate
Ya just workin with the scraps you was given
And mama made miracles every Thanksgivin
But now the road got rough, you’re alone
You’re tryin to raise two bad kids on your own
And there’s no way I can pay you back
But my plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated

Pour out some liquor and I reminisce, cause through the drama
I can always depend on my mama
And when it seems that I’m hopeless
You say the words that can get me back in focus
When I was sick as a little kid
To keep me happy there’s no limit to the things you did
And all my childhood memories
Are full of all the sweet things you did for me
And even though I act craaazy
I gotta thank the Lord that you made me
There are no words that can express how I feel
You never kept a secret, always stayed real
And I appreciate, how you raised me
And all the extra love that you gave me
I wish I could take the pain away
If you can make it through the night there’s a brighter day
Everything will be alright if ya hold on
It’s a struggle everyday, gotta roll on
And there’s no way I can pay you back
But my plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated

Sweat lady and dear mama

#RAP 🎤

Não somos nada além do que nós dizemos que somos.

Cada mágoa, eu transformo em risada 🍃

Ela é um filme de ação com vários finais.

Foda que ela é linda 😍

Se teu ex te fodeu, foda ele também, numa foda bem louca comigo 🔞💕

Se a grama do vizinho é verde, faltam as flores 🌸

Ela é o tom da minha canção 🎶😍

Ela é o barco mais bolado que abordou no seu cais ⚓

A alma é grande e a vida é pequena.

Seu cheiro na minha roupa 😍

Se você é o mais inteligente na roda, você ta na roda errada.

Calma na alma 😌🍃

Acende o do bom, liga esse som 🍁🎶

Essa mina é doida, mas não dá mole pra ninguém não 👌

Mas teu sorriso me hipnotiza 😍

Deixa a razão de lado e finge que nada mais importa 🌴

Maldade em seus olhos quando passa 👌

Não gosta de namorar, o lance dela é ficar 🍃

Ela abraçou minhas ideias, curtiu meu jeito largado 😍

Eu percebi que aqui não é meu lugar 🌴

anonymous asked:

Reactions. RFA members plus Saeran and V. MC Being a top brass at National Defense.

(top brass at national defence is like, an MC that is top in the National Defence right?? like, a strong MC?? I have no idea if this is right (google has not helped rip) so if I did it wrong let me know! also spoilers down in V and Unknown’s parts for the secret endings)


  • MC is so strong he’s sure MC could probably carry him with one hand
  • and it gets him weak af to think of that
  • no seriously
  • he doesn’t really hide it??
  • like heck yea MC you rock 
  • he’s sure MC could beat up his LOLOL character if it existed in real life and says that if MC was a LOLOL character he’d main that character
  • he likes to hang out with MC because he feels so safe?? like MC could break any thug in half. just, what’s there to fear


  • she is surprised at first
  • she never imagined MC being so…. strong
  • but the more she looks the more she looks the more she likes
  • likes a lot
  • she could be the damsel in distress and she’s pretty sure MC would be able to fight off any fantasy dragon with their fist
  • she honestly is all for it. she high-key loves it
  • no longer afraid to walk around at night when MC is with her


  • ooooh gosh
  • he liked to think he’d be the best fighter of the RFA
  • with like, his gang times and his whole workout thing
  • but no
  • he meets MC and he’s like
    • “Hey babe, let’s armwrestle! I’ll go easy, don’t worry-”
  • he has no idea what happened but his hand was just smashed into the table as soon as he put it in MC’s
  • reMATCH
  • he keeps rematching MC and loosing miserably
  • … it’s kinda hot
  • he always saw himself as a dominant dude but…. but….. thinking that MC could hold him down so easily ahgjahgjha


  • he was under the “doesn’t really care” category
  • until he saw MC talking with one of the guards
  • the guard was talking with MC and joking around
  • Jumin was ready to fire the man if he was bothering MC but
  • but MC laughs along and 
  • and gets into a mock fight with the guard??
  • and Jumin has never seen. something so. intense
  • by intense I mean the guard is in the ground after about five minutes
  • ,,, it’s interesting
  • maybe he didn’t need to get so many guards for MC???


  • mmmyes MC
  • just. carry him like a princess
  • carry him and fling him into the sun with your bare arms mmm
  • no he seriously feels so safe around MC
  • like, at least he knows that if the agency sent someone after MC,  they’d stand a high chance
  • doesn’t stop him from worrying tho
  • he sometimes dresses up like a maid and makes MC carry him because he finds it funny
  • makes MC open the pickle jars. there’s rarely any pickle jars in the house, but he makes MC open them even though he’s strong enough to do it himself


  • at first he was scared of MC a bit because he saw them beating up people at Mint Eye to help Seven
  • but, as time goes on, he finds MC’s strength… calming
  • MC could restrain him from doing stupid things, and they could protect him if harm comes his way
  • Seven trusts MC to take care of Saeran because he sees Saeran is curious and wants to know more about MC
  • and MC teaches him bits of self-defence here and there, mostly to just show him some stuff
  • he falls in love with those times and he really likes that about MC


  • When MC pushes him out of the way from the bullet, the air is knocked out of him
  • it’s overwhelmingly strong
  • but, when MC is asking him if he’s ok, holding him, he realizes just how strong they are? 
  • after the fiasco he tries to isolate himself to avoid the RFA so they don’t confront him, because he can hardly take care of himself
  • and MC sticks by him
  • he doesn’t want to depend on MC too much, because he feels guilty, but MC keeps helping him
  • pushing heavy stuff, lifting stuff, helping him clean up, things he seriously couldn’t do with his vision or strength-
  • he slowly becomes used to having MC’s help, even if he didn’t want to, and always apologices when MC has to help him 
  • he finds MC’s abilities and achievements amazing, like he praises MC about them so much…, bless

anonymous asked:

RFA reacting to an MC with really interesting moles/beauty marks? like maybe one set of moles is in a triangle and she likes to make jokes about how the thug lyfe chose her lmao. just moles in interesting patterns

Ooh! I love this. This is cute. Aww~

Thank you for requesting~!

[ Admin Jiyeon ] [ Female MC ]
it’s female because the person who had asked specified a gender.

RFA reacts to an MC who has beauty marks


  • “Gurl omg you look so pretty and so beautiful omg dont hide those beauty marks. they’re called beauty for a reason”
  • Honesty hands down, he;d love it, even her lame ass jokes
  • “See this mole? Its my sign of thug lyfe.” MC patted her shoulders and Zen just burst out laughing
  • “You’re so cute, MC dont ever change!” he cheered
  • he would love having selfies with her when her mole is showing because yas boi he really loves it
  • if Mc would feel insecure, he’d make his own fake beauty mark
  • “See?! We’re twinning! We look so adorbs together omg!”
  • selfies
  • lots of them
  • he loves the jokes too even if its weird
  • “hahaha!! yeah..!”


  • This baby would also love it, because he thinks she’s beautiful in her own way and that’s with her mole too.
  • he would grin everyday, thankful that MC was so beautifully breathtaking with her own unique way
  • he would show it off to the RFA of course
  • it made him differentiate MC and Rika better now
  • “Thug life chose me, yoosung and not you.”
  • He loves (laughs) at your jokes! They’re literally hilarious meaning, he chose a girl who is beautiful and funny
  • but all in all, I really dont think he would find it weird and he’ll just fall for you all over again
  • “I really love you MC.”


  • baeehee would really dig it
  • you know because even if she’s met a lot of ladies with these moles, they would always hide it but when MC did not and just showed it off proudly, damn did she like the confidence
  • All she cares about is that you look beautiful and confident with your beautiful beauty mark
  • its very attractive for her and of course, somewhat like Zen, she’ll subtly show off your good looks
  • And for the jokes, she would tolerate it but would look at you with a death glare
  • “MC.. dont you dare tell one more joke I swear.”
  • and she raged, throwing a random thing at you to shut up


  • he’s literally like a cheerleader just havin ur back
  • “He insulted your mark? He’s fired.”
  • “He didnt like it? Well, I’m not going to sign our partnership then.”
  • “Jumin you didnt have to”
  • “what do u mean”
  • he would literally make you the face of the C&R along with Elizabeth 3rd
  • “No no no if her mole is not seen, then at least half seen. We need it.”
  • “You’re very beautiful MC, screw what other people say.”
  • “where did you even learn the word ‘screw’?”
  • For your jokes, he wouldn’t really get it because he’s Jumin Han
  • “The thug lyfe chose me and not you, Juju.”
  • “What.”

707/Saeyoung Choi:

  • zooms in your face and grins
  • wow i made him sound like a stalker im sorry
  • saeyoung would be the one who would also take a few selfies with you but he really wont mind if the mole is in or not because either way, you’re still beautiful in his eyes actually
  • if you’d be insecure, he’d shower you in compliments and memes about your moles honestly
  • for the jokes
  • let’s just say
  • there would be a day where Saeran runs away from home because he’s sick of all the mole jokes

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V route good ending headcanon - MC convinces sunshine boi to get his eyes fixed because she wants him to still be able to see all the beautiful things in the world. Last line is "But MC.. you're the most beautiful and precious of them all."

My initial reaction to this is “omg this is so precious” and at the same time rooting for sassy thug life mc who’s all like “WELL YAH BUT YOU CAN’T TELL IF I’M BEAUTIFUL IF YA BLIND CAN YOU?!?” (that’s how she convinces him and stuff haha)

Thank you for sending this to me nonny!!