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mc command center married sunny BEHIND MY BACK OK …….his name is KYLE SWITZER…………..LIKE IM SORRY????? BUT NOT OFFENSE IF UR NAMED KYLE SWITZER BUT THATS THE BROIEST NAME IVE EVER HEARD SO I MADE HIM OVR AS LIKE A HUGE BRO……but hes cute i think…..good 4 u sunny SWITZER i s2g…….

Family Ties: 12 K-Pop Idols Who Followed In Their Relatives' Footsteps

Family Ties: 12 K-Pop Idols Who Followed In Their Relatives’ Footsteps

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Coming from different backgrounds, idols have built themselves from scratch in hopes of standing out among their competition in the field. Now, while some may have gone against their parents’ will to chase their dreams and make a name for themselves in the K-pop scene, for others, talent initially ran in the family. From parents to siblings and via other family links, here are 12 K-pop idols who…

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Hello! Can you write about Zen and female MC spending a romantic, sunny day at the beach together? :D

I’ve never actually written one of Zen and MC before. So I got pretty excited, I hope you like it. Today was almost 100 degree where I live! So I pretty much wrote how I left about the heat. But anyway enjoy!  ♡(。- ω -)

It was a hot summer day, probably 100 degree if not more. MC laid on the ground which was fortunately made of tile so the coldness engulfed her entire body. Yet the heat was stronger and she couldn’t help but groan in frustration. The AC was broken and all she could use to cool herself down was a fan (and the cold tile floor)

“Someone take me out of my misery” MC complained as she tossed and turned on the ground. There was a sudden loud knock at the front door which startled MC “That’s strange, I’m not expecting anyone today” She thought to herself. Slowly getting up, she made her way toward the door in a slow and lazy manner. The heat was taking a toll on her. Once she reached the door and opened it she came face to face with none other than Zen, her boyfriend.

“Zen? What are you doing here? I thought you had rehearsals?” MC asked surprised,

“Rehearsals were cancel due to the heat. Sorry that I didn’t call. Did I interrupt you?” Zen asked concerned, MC quickly shook her head no before wrapping her arms around Zen who only chuckled at her cuteness.

“Of course not. I was hoping you would come over so I could-” MC didn’t finish her sentence, her lips were against Zen’s neck and he quickly tensed up at MC’s sudden action. She slowly started to kiss his neck and he groan at her touch. It wouldn’t take long before she could leave her mark. So before things could go any further Zen pushed MC away in a soft manner. 

“Babe I think the heat is getting to you” Zen chuckled brushing some of MC’s bang away from her eyes

“I know….its just so hot and I’m so bored” MC complained.burying her face into Zen’s chest.

“You’re bored?…hmmmmmm. How about we go out” Zen suggested 

“Like a date?” MC muffled against Zen’s chest.

“Yes love, like a date” Zen said as he ran his fingers through MC’s hair. She slowly brought her face up to look at Zen. She wasn’t sure about the idea of going out. Of course she would go out with Zen anytime, but the weather at the moment made her just want to laid down and die. “Where do you want to go?” MC asked. Zen pressed his lips into a straight line and thought for a bit before a huge smiled played on his lips.

“How about the beach? We’ve been dating for several months now and we haven’t been to the beach together.” He said wrapping his arms tighter around MC’s waist.

“To the beach? I guess that would be nice” MC said as she bit her bottom lip To be fairly honestly MC wasn’t sure going to the beach was a good idea. She still felt a bit insecure about her body when it came to wear swimsuits. She wasn’t skinny, she always thought of herself as chubby. But Zen thought otherwise, reminding her how beautiful she was everyday. She remembers the first time she ever slept with Zen, she was scared as to how he would react to seeing her naked for the first time. Zen on the other hand was mesmerized at how gorgeous she was, he didn’t understand how she thought otherwise. That night he showed her how much he loved and cherished her. Caressing and kissing  her entire body as he reminded how beautiful she was in his eyes.

“Than its settled, we’re going to the beach!” Zen exclaimed happily. MC couldn’t help but giggle at his excitement, of course she couldn’t say no to him. 

Within minutes they had everything ready, food,towels,sunscreen,umbrella you name it. The bags were small so it would be easy to carry on Zen’s motorcycle. But before the could leave they both applied sunscreen since they had no protect during the ride. (Zen had to apply due to having such pale skin). It was about an hour drive to the beach, once they arrived they were surprised to see that there wasn’t much people as they expected. There was probably 2 families and a group of teenagers.

“I guess we picked a good day, its not crowded, thank goodness” Zen said as he stretched his arms. MC gave him a weak smile as she wrapped her arms around her bare stomach. But surely enough she felt from behind her a pair of strong arms unwrap her arms and then placed their hands on both sides of MC’s waist. 

“No need to be shy babe. You’re beautiful” Zen said softly against her hair. He softly took a hold of her chin and lifted her face up toward him. His lips gently brushed against hers before softly giving her a passionate kiss. She slowly started kiss him back and was trying to hold back the urge to pull on his ponytail.

“Come on, how about we find a spot so we can continue our makeout session?” Zen asked with a grin.

“Sure but first we need to build a sandcastle” MC suddenly said before taking off toward the beach, leaving Zen in utter confusion.

“Wait did she just say sandcastle? Zen asked to himself. He only chuckled at the sight of MC already beginning to dig at the sand, it was adorable. He made his way toward MC with the bag of items they had brought along. Zen than placed the bags aside and started to fix the area where they staying at. First thing was to place the beach umbrella than the towel after that he dug through the bag a notice a small bucket and a toy shovel. He slowly took these 2 items out and looked at them in confused as to why these toys were in the bag in the first place.

“Ummm MC, did you put these in the bag?” Zen asked, MC turned around stopping her process on the sandcastle and smiled. “Yep, I brought those just in case..thank you”  MC chirped before grabbing the two items and continuing her work. Zen only chuckled as he watch her make the so call sandcastle. But surely enough MC grew tried and gave up on the idea and decided to just dig a giant hole.

“Sweetie do you really think this is a good idea?” Zen asked as took a sip from the water bottle.

“Of course!” MC exclaimed as she continued. What she didn’t realize was that the hole was deep enough to keep her trapped. “Okay, than how are you going to get out once you’re finished” Zen finally asked. Thats when she stopped and notice she had dug to deep

“Oh no, I didn’t think this through”

“No you didn’t”

“Ummmm, can you help me out please?” MC asked, Zen smiled before getting up and holding his hand out for MC. He was cautious that he could fall in so instead he started to dig at the edge of the hole making a opening so she could get out.

“Of  course my princess. Just hang in there” Zen said as he started digging. It didn’t take long to get her out and once she got out she immediately started to rebury the hole. 

“Is there a reward for your rescuer?” Zen asked as he wrapped his arms around MC. She smile at his question and kissed his cheek before she sat in between Zen’s legs and laid against his chest “You’ll receive the rest of the reward once we get back home”

“Can’t wait for that” Zen chuckled before bringing MC closer to him and sitting in silence. The only sound being the waves crashing against the rocks and the heartbeat of both Zen and MC. “Maybe going to the beach wasn’t such a bad idea after all” MC thought to herself before closing her eyes and relaxing at the sound of Zen’s heartbeat.

Craze Fangirl (Zen X MC)

It was a sunny afternoon, you and Zen were out on a beautiful and magical date. Magical meaning you two went to the aquarium and saw many different kinds of fish. Zen even took you to a different room that had baby dolphins in it and you two were able to pet them.

It was a beautiful date, a date you really can’t forget. Well mostly because Zen got splashed by one of the dolphins and to say sorry the dolphin kissed Zen’s cheek which you took a picture of and saved it as your profile picture. You just loved it so much at how cute Zen was at the time that you squeal a little. Zen on the other hand blushed a little just from hearing your laughter and seeing you smile. He thought everything part of you was beautiful, and cute that he could never be mad at you.

He sighs lightly, as one of the workers walks by and hands him a towel so he can dry off. You helped him dry off smiling at him. “Are you okay, Zen?” You asked with a hint of worry, but with a smile on your face from laughing. Zen nods his head, drying off his hair as he leans in closer to you and steals a kiss. “I’m better now.”

After drying off, and taking more pictures of the dolphins and Zen, you and Zen were walking down the streets, holding hands, smiling and laughing softly. You both had an ice cream cone in your hand, after leaving the aquarium Zen decided to take you out for some ice cream.

Until you both heard a high pitched scream and someone, wait no, some people running right towards you two. You both looked ahead of you and saw the one thing that can only be known as. Fangirls. And they were coming in fast, like you two was in the running of the bull.

Zen had pulled you behind him, so you won’t get hurt by his rushing fans, but it seemed them pushed you away from Zen, all being mean and bossy, just to get to him. And try to talk to him, while some flirt with him, even though they all knew he was taken. Some even stepped on you with their high heels, not even carrying about you at all.

You groaned, dropping your ice cream as it fell onto your f/c shirt, right in the middle so now your shirt is ruined. But, you wasn’t going to let this whole date be ruined. You stand up off the ground and dust yourself off to the best that you can. Zen looks over to you and tries to reach out to you. “I’m sorry, but I’m on a date right now. Can you please excuse me.” He said passing by some of the fans, but it seemed they push him back. He didn’t understand why they were doing that at all.

You on the other hand waited, a small smile on your face as you hopped your lover would be able to get himself out of the hurricane of fangirls. But what you didn’t know was that a black van was drinking by and stopped right behind you.

The sliding door to the black van opened and some guys pulled you inside. “Ah!!” You screamed as you got pulled inside. Zen looks over to you, his eyes widen. “_____!” He yelled as he pushed his way past the fans and reach out to you, only to have the door closed and the black van drive off. You struggle to get free from the guys that was tying you up. But, then you saw one person with an evil smile on their face. It was none other then Echo Girl. “Hehehe! Zen will be mine! Not yours! I hope you have a wonderful sleep!” She hit you upside the head with a gun knocking you out cold.