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Chris: Hey Becca, where’s MC?

Becca:We just stepped out of the shower. She’ll be down in a minute.

Chris:Alright, I just need to talk to her abou—did you just say we?


Chris :Did you just say “WE just stepped out of the shower”?

Becca:I said “she.”

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Hi there! I love your blog! I was wondering if you have a favourite SE epilogue from SLBP? Would you mind to share it with us? :D

Hello, Precious! Here’s some of my favorite scenes!

Above: The Bonds of Love: Mitsuhide

My favorite epilogues are ones that are really funny, or ones that have a lot smut or fluff.

I think my absolute favorite one is this one. It’s probably the one that I’ve read the most times– I love slapstick! 

Nobunaga has a tsun moment so out of nowhere that even he is confused by it, and he spends the rest of the day trying to make up for it, and is hoisted by his own petard again and again.

I also enjoyed the one where it’s just the Date boys, trying to strong-arm Masamune into spilling the beans about his love of his MC. 

Above: Toshiie’s Sunny Days

I liked the Seductive Superstitions epilogues. The epilogue where Nobunaga has to take care of his child-sized MC, Kagehide runs wild, and Saizo takes to the skies are some of my favorites.

Mitsunari being terrified of bugs is another favorite of mine:

More Nobu– I love him!

Any time that Ieyasu is fluffy, I will spend my pearls at the speed of light, such as here and here.

I like when we see a different side to Yukimura, such as in his Our Sultry Nights of Passion, where he’s worried that you’ll think less of him as a man, so he becomes as chivalrous as possible, to hilarious effect:

I also loved these.

Any story where Masamune, Mitsunari, Ieyasu, and Mitsuhide throw down in bed, I love:

Also, I can’t remember if it was in an event story, or if it was in an epilogue, but the one where Mitsuhide is playing with cats and saying something about their cute little faces and swishy tails, I loved that! I can’t remember where it’s from!

Craze Fangirl (Zen X MC)

It was a sunny afternoon, you and Zen were out on a beautiful and magical date. Magical meaning you two went to the aquarium and saw many different kinds of fish. Zen even took you to a different room that had baby dolphins in it and you two were able to pet them.

It was a beautiful date, a date you really can’t forget. Well mostly because Zen got splashed by one of the dolphins and to say sorry the dolphin kissed Zen’s cheek which you took a picture of and saved it as your profile picture. You just loved it so much at how cute Zen was at the time that you squeal a little. Zen on the other hand blushed a little just from hearing your laughter and seeing you smile. He thought everything part of you was beautiful, and cute that he could never be mad at you.

He sighs lightly, as one of the workers walks by and hands him a towel so he can dry off. You helped him dry off smiling at him. “Are you okay, Zen?” You asked with a hint of worry, but with a smile on your face from laughing. Zen nods his head, drying off his hair as he leans in closer to you and steals a kiss. “I’m better now.”

After drying off, and taking more pictures of the dolphins and Zen, you and Zen were walking down the streets, holding hands, smiling and laughing softly. You both had an ice cream cone in your hand, after leaving the aquarium Zen decided to take you out for some ice cream.

Until you both heard a high pitched scream and someone, wait no, some people running right towards you two. You both looked ahead of you and saw the one thing that can only be known as. Fangirls. And they were coming in fast, like you two was in the running of the bull.

Zen had pulled you behind him, so you won’t get hurt by his rushing fans, but it seemed them pushed you away from Zen, all being mean and bossy, just to get to him. And try to talk to him, while some flirt with him, even though they all knew he was taken. Some even stepped on you with their high heels, not even carrying about you at all.

You groaned, dropping your ice cream as it fell onto your f/c shirt, right in the middle so now your shirt is ruined. But, you wasn’t going to let this whole date be ruined. You stand up off the ground and dust yourself off to the best that you can. Zen looks over to you and tries to reach out to you. “I’m sorry, but I’m on a date right now. Can you please excuse me.” He said passing by some of the fans, but it seemed they push him back. He didn’t understand why they were doing that at all.

You on the other hand waited, a small smile on your face as you hopped your lover would be able to get himself out of the hurricane of fangirls. But what you didn’t know was that a black van was drinking by and stopped right behind you.

The sliding door to the black van opened and some guys pulled you inside. “Ah!!” You screamed as you got pulled inside. Zen looks over to you, his eyes widen. “_____!” He yelled as he pushed his way past the fans and reach out to you, only to have the door closed and the black van drive off. You struggle to get free from the guys that was tying you up. But, then you saw one person with an evil smile on their face. It was none other then Echo Girl. “Hehehe! Zen will be mine! Not yours! I hope you have a wonderful sleep!” She hit you upside the head with a gun knocking you out cold.

[TRANS 140312 Radio Star]

MC: Why didnt YoonA come? She only apologise that she cant make it

Sunny: Afraid that you all are too good at asking questions.

MC: Thats why I say Mr Mr is a problem, two Mr are a problem

Mc: why didnt Hyoyeon come?

Tiffany: This kid is too good at revealing secrets, and we cant stop her when she is seated here… so we didnt bring her out to play

Tiffany: There are no secrets between us

Yuri: there isnt?

Jessica: As we get older we become even more frank

MC:Taeyeon didnt say much the last time she came on the show

Taeyeon: Ah then let say something.

MC: Comeback date was already decided but why the delay? Previously the digital chart #1 to #6 are all SNSD songs, but this time they got replaced quicker than what are expected.

Taeyeon: If MV and songs are released together, there will be situation like what you said, but this time the release timing are too separated, so there are some regrets.

Jessica:Tiffany hate fish eyes alot, so everytime when im eating i will take a photo and send her.

Tiffany: Even her sister is like this! Krystal will also send photos of the fish eyes to me

Sunny: Jessica really hate the smell of cucumbers, during her last musical we even send her a bouquet made of cucumbers.

Tiffany’s complaint: Yuri will put cockroach model inside the fridge, and i got shocked and she will laughing inside the house.

Sunny: She also place mouse model at the corner of the washroom.

Yuri: These are sent by fans, i can’t make their efforts go to waste.

Sunny: We can be grouped into ‘Western meals group’, ‘Korean meal group’, ‘Drinking group’, ‘Non drinking group’. Taeyeon belongs to non drinking group. She said alcohol is trash.

MC: Which member is the closest with Yuri?

Yuri: I can’t just decide on one. When im drinking i like to drink with Sunny, when doing gag i like to do with Sooyoung and YoonA and Taeyeon. When having heart to heart talks, i like to do with Tiffany. Dancing with Hyoyeon and occasionally when we are scolding the company with Jessica 

MC:Do SNSD members fart?

Taeyeon: Ah? ……….

MC: So SNSD members don’t fart

MC: Do SNSD members bite each others.

SNSD: Yea, also like to grab each other arms,

(Taeyeon: Butt…)

MC: Do you mean bite?

Taeyeon: How do you bite butts hahhaahahahah

Sunny: I received call from writer (?) and the writer asked me who i am closest with. I said i am close to all and Tiffany was like complaining beside me

Tiffany: From 2011 we were roommates in Japan til now, i took care of her 3 meals, if anyone asked me i will definitely say Taeyeon and Sunny. In the end she didnt say me T.T

MC: Sunny went to watch 19 rated movie, but she didnt bring her ID, so she said ‘I am SNSD Sunny i will like to purchase tickets’

Tiffany: There are alot type of 19 rated movies…

Sunny: I went to watch Frozen Flowers…

Tiffany: …Ahhh because i like Jo In Sung so we went to watch, i didnt think much on the movie type.

MC:Are there conflicts? Like how people splashed water kind in the dramas?

Sunny: We just say things like ‘Really OO (They used OO to replace the words they meant). This is too funny’

MC: What are the words?

Tiffany: Company don’t let us scold bad words

MC:Taeyeon has some words for the members…. “Don’t always scream to eat meals!”

Taeyeon: Our members are alot and we are very good at eating…

MC:Who is the heaviest? Sooyoung? Since she is the tallest

Tiffany: We are all about the same, but Sooyoung is skinny, so i think its me, 48kg….

MC: Lets not continue on the topic….

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