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Meimei Stellaworth Short Story Translation

[Little Red Riding Hood]

ヽ(´▽`;)/  All the MJS short stories seem to be based off folklore and dreams! Hahaha. Anyway, I got about three short stories to translate here. Special thanks to Deea for providing the raw! (☞゚∀゚)☞ Enjoy~~

I’m Meimei. I live in the forest and I’m the strongest wolf.

This forest is my territory. Which means, all the people who’ve invaded the forest have fallen victim to my fangs.

Getting kill after kill, before long, it looks like I’ve become famous for being a man-eating wolf. Various hunters have come from outside the forest to attack my notorious self. Of course, I attacked them right back.

There’s not a single being who can rival me. I continue to dominate this forest as the strongest wolf.

* * *

――”Rustle, rustle.” After so long, I heard the footsteps of a human trotting through the grass. When I confirm the direction the sound’s coming from, I promptly break into a run.

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MSB GIF - Boys take care of a drunk MC

Anonymous Request:  Msb gifs headcanon of them taking care of a drunk SO

Aww, I’ll make this one a cute one for the guys, and funny for how their MC’s would be drunk XD <3

Goto’s MC: 

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Sora’s MC:

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Mizuki’s MC: 

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Kaiji’s MC: 

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Subaru’s MC: 

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Daichi’s MC: 

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Ishigami’s MC: 

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Toru’s MC: 

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Day 3 of @makiru-chan‘s 10 Days of Voltage! 

…I WASN’T ABLE TO MAKE IT IN TIME. щ(ಥДಥщ) But, when I’m not being blinded by my Tatsuro bias, one of my favorite childhood friend characters is Kaiji Akizuki from My Sweet Bodyguard. Although, I’ve only played the Gree version, his personality did make quite a impression on me. I really enjoyed his relationship with MC, honestly the only way I can describe it is that he is The Boy Next Door. Unlike Tatsy, he remained pretty supportive whenever MC entered a relationship.


Voltage Inc Guys reactions: Sit on my lap! Not Santa's!

It’s 9:15AM, woke up half an hour ago to get coffee and to continue writing for the next smut fic for the smut fic giveaway…half way writing the intro, I took a break and had an idea so…

I have to add that I honestly have no idea how this came up and at first it was supposed to be ‘How the guys react to MC sitting or thought of sitting on Santa’s lap’ but then I realized 'Wait…why WOULD she even sit on Santa’s lap in the first place? She ain’t a kid anymore but…Hmm…’ Then I talked to Julie about it and had some doubts to how nonsensical is this XD but she liked the idea and found it funny so I thought yeah why not XD I guess the more random, the funnier. LOL! SO YES! Another early Christmas gift from me! I hope this will make you laugh and brighten your day through the hectic preps with holiday season! 



Riki: Why are you sitting on that fat ass’ lap? Come on, you’re going to sit on Santa Riki’s lap tonight -Well duh we all know where that leads from 'sitting on Santa Riki’s lap’ to something else…- 

Hiro: Whoaaaaaa?! Hey hey no! No one’s lap should have the honor of being sat by MC’s cute little butt except on MY lap! Mine! *snatches MC away* 

Kenshi: Ahahaahaha! XD MC you’re such a little kid! Now come on, no sitting on Santa’s lap except mine. *it so happened the Santa is a pervert and suddenly goes and punch that Santa square in the face* Whoops :D That was a light punch! Let’s go, MC! 

Takuto: …I don’t even let her sit on Beardy’s lap even if he’s dressed as Santa and YOU want to have her fat ass sit on YOUR lap? *glares at Santa deathly before snatching MC away* Her ass is mine now back off 


Ryoichi: Tsk tsk, naughty MC…you wanna try so hard getting on Santa’s nice list that you’re willing to cheat with me by sitting on Santa’s lap and not mine…? *snatches MC away and smiles at Santa dangerously* Go back to the North Pole, in which I believe you have 'Mrs Clause’. 

Yuzuki: You? Really? My girl’s ass on your lap? *glares deathly* Compared to me, The Yuzuki Kitaoji, Santa doesn’t mean a thing to her now back off 

Noel: *silently stalked the perverted Santa at the back before running him over with his car, but safe for the injured Santa who only suffered with a broken bone* …..*next day actually dresses up as the Santa* 

Mirai: *Gasp!* MC! Why are you sitting on Santa’s lap but not mine?! ….Oh nevermind~ *Pulls MC away and winks at her* I’m going to make you be in Santa Mirai’s naughty list~ 


Goto: *points gun at Santa* ….Hands. Off. Her. 

Subaru: …Tsk, MC. Isn’t my lap more comfortable than Santa’s? Tch *pulls MC away and then does some ninja moves on Santa for touching her…inappropriately* You’re gonna have to beat me or against my league to touch her like THAT. Now come on, MC. I’m gonna be your Santa 

Kaiji: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Santa’s gonna really suffer because you’ve gained a few pounds, MC! Only I can even hold your weight like that! *When in actual fact later, he’s too jealous of the advantage Santa got and does some Judo move on him before carrying MC away* Told you! Only I can handle your weight! 

Mizuki: ^__^ Awww MC-chan you’re so cute! *has that creepy scary smile* Now come on, MC come with me and you can sit on my lap any day! I’ll make sure even the reindeers won’t disturb us! 

Daichi: How dare you behave in such an inappropriate manner with the Prime Minister’s daughter?! *was going to take handgun out but refrain to avoid public chaos and grabs MC away* I-I’m so sorry MC-san…Let’s go…M-Maybe you can sit on my lap and I’ll dress up as Santa for you if you want… 



Joshua: ….Why would…what kind of tradition is that? But…but fine, you can sit on my lap *wears a Santa hat and pats his own lap* Just be a good elf for me and sit here. Also, no cat ears. 

Keith: *grimaces* W-Why would…Why would I even let you sit on my lap?! I’m not Santa! ….What kind of stupid absurdity is that?! You’re a grown woman! You don’t sit on Santa’s lap and you’re my lover so you sit on MY lap! (Seriously why am I laughing here? XDDD)

Wilfred: Hmm? Come, MC…Don’t be shy…*purposely dresses in a Santa suit with chest exposed half buttoned top* You can sit on my lap…Or is it not enough to just sit on my lap…? *sexy times* 

Roberto: Ooooooh! I can play Santa and you can be my naughty elf! …Oh wait, or you can be on my naughty list! Now come sit on Santa Roberto’s lap and tell me your wish, darling! *grins in utter excitement* 

Glenn: S-Sit…Sit on…Santa’s lap?! H-Hey! Don’t be disgraceful! You can’t sit on his lap! *pulls MC close and forces her to sit on his lap* …Did you lose weight? 


Yamato: Pfft Pouty. Santa would be dying right now if you even sit on his lap, let alone bounce. *pats his own thighs but then pulls MC close to have her sit on his lap* …Well, I was right. Santa can’t handle your weight *grins* You’ve gotten chubbier, Pouty! 

Saeki: Honeeeeey~ *dresses up as Santa but chest exposed, half buttoned top; winks* Wouldn’t you want to sit on my lap for this Christmas and every Christmas from now on? Come on! Tell Santa Saeki what are your wishes and I’ll decide if you’re in the naughty or nice list! Albeit…of course, naughty list most likely ;) 

Takao: *is wearing a Santa hat* E-Eh? U-Uhm…W-Well I didn’t think I’d look good dressing up as Santa for you but…But if you’re tired, you can sit and rest on my lap…(I see what you did there, Takao~) 

Ren: *is wearing the Santa outfit* ….No, I’m not conducting any experiment but you like these stuff, right? *sits down and just blankly stares at MC before patting his own lap* 


Kakeru: *dressed up as Santa* So I heard on Christmas, kids like to sit on Santa’s lap and make wishes, right? But…you’re not a kid and I won’t let any other brat sit on my lap so…*looks away, trying so hard to seem manly but blushing* You can…sit on my lap. Make a wish. …Hey! Why are you laughing?! Do it! I require absolute obedience! 

Satoru: Ohh that’s a funky tradition! So if you’re a brat, you can sit on Santa’s lap and make wishes? Hmm…Not bad. I’ll dress up as Santa then and you can sit on my lap *smirks* Of course we won’t just stop there though…

Haruhito: MC-chaaaaan~ *comes bursting into room with a bag full of toys - don’t even ask where they come from* Look at this! Isn’t this soooo cute?! *lifts up and shakes a unicorn plush toy* I love playing Santa and give presents! *pulls MC close and then sits her on his lap* What toy would you want, MC? *smiles so broadly* 

Shiki: No, don’t be ridiculous. I won’t dress up as anything, not even Santa. You can sit on my…I…I mean…Ugh just…come here…*pulls MC close and drags her into room, to bed* Just nap with me. *slowly frowns and blushes* I’ll dress up as Santa but only if you promise not to sit on anyone elses’ lap but mine… 


Ichigo: *throws a cake directly at a Santa who made MC sit on his lap and touch her* Merry Christmas to you too! Geez, MC, are you stupid?! We’re not kids anymore so that’s obviously not real Santa! I’m your Santa! Sit on my lap! ….*blushes furiously* N-No I didn’t say anything! Forget it! 

Haruki: Ahahaha MC-chan you’re so adorable. Of course I wouldn’t mind dressing up as Santa for you…*hugs MC close and sits her on his lap* 

Ryuzo: *is dressed up as Santa, selling vegetables before closing sales* Ahaha yeah when we were kids, you thought that sitting on Santa’s lap and make wishes would come true! *pulls MC close, hugs her and sits MC on his lap* I’m tired playing Santa even for the Christmas sales…Hey…you feel really comfortable *blushes* I-I don’t mean it in a perverted way! 

Rihito: Hey! Back off, you imposter Santa! I don’t care if you’re real or not but NO ONE makes my girl sit on their lap but MINE! *death glare and then drags MC away* MC-chan *sighs* Do you really want to be in Santa Rihito’s naughty list this time…? 

Takeshi: *is dressed up as Santa, blank face* …What? I thought it’ll make you happy. *sits down, pats his own lap to invite MC to sit down on it* I read in this comic in Shonen Hop that on Christmas, the girl sits on the boyfriend who dresses up as Santa so I thought I’d do the same. *cocks head to the side in puzzlement* …Unless you want me to dress up as a ninja this time? 

LOL I DUNNO WHAT ELSE TO ADD! OKAY! Break time over again! XD Gotta get back to writing! 

Merry early Christmas gift from me again! This is for everyone XD I just don’t know how the hell this came up so it got way too random…Ha! XD 

Love much!

so… the 2nd part of the question which is: how they would react if someone flirt with MC in front of them?

Sora: Sora would be clingy to her and frowned all the time. He would put his hand on her waist possessively, pulling her as close as possible to him and away from the other person. When they’re alone, he would ask for her assurance while pouting, “I’m the only one for you, right, MC?”

Kaiji: Kaiji would just step in and ask them to leave. If they refuse, he would push them and walk away with MC, ignoring the poor man. If the man stubbornly followed them, Kaiji would challenge them into a fist fight. But MC persuaded him not to by pulling his arm. 

Daichi: Daichi talked to the person politely. “I’m sorry but she’s my girlfriend. Can I ask you to leave her alone?” 

Mizuki: I don’t think there’s anyone stupid enough to hit on a famous person’s girlfriend. Mizuki only needs to smile and show people that they can never win against him. If it’s with the bodyguards though, they don’t care about Mizuki being famous so they would flirt with her in front of Mizuki. In that case, if they were currently eating, Mizuki would brush the corner of MC’s mouth with his thumb. “You have cream on your mouth.” He then licked it from his finger. The guys know it’s time for them to back away before Mizuki becomes angry. 

Subaru: If it’s a random person on the street, Subaru would tell them to bug off. If it’s the bodyguards who flirt with her, he would probably kiss her in front of everyone before dragging her away with him. He likes to show who she belongs to. When she scold him for doing that in public, he would just kiss her again and whisper on her ear, “I know you like it when I kissed you.” Then bit her earlobe. 

Toru: Toru might laugh it off and walk away with her. When she asked him later on, he said, he knows that she’s charming and men can’t help it but fall for her. She blushed. Then Toru grinned, “Kidding.” It’s actually his true feeling though.

Hideki: MC would probably be tempted to actually provoke him and see if he can get jealous. Hideki would take off his glasses and while doing that, Hideki secretly glared at the person. He cleaned his glasses nonchalantly while the other person excused himself. Case solved. 

Seiji: Seiji would openly glare at them. His arms folded as he looked at the other person coldly, “MC is my girlfriend.”

In retrospect, I believe the people who drop Re:Zero for the reasons of hating Subaru is a good thing.

We have so many shows where there are copy/paste generic MCs that make all the rights decisions, have little to no flaws, and either pick the best girl for the sake of being the best girl or become indecisive and play with the feelings of the romance interests around the MC.

They hate Subaru for making mistakes. They hate his flaws. They hate him for being honest with Rem. Why? Because their frusterations lie within themselves. I applaud the creator for showcasing Subaru as his own character with his own feelings. The creator doesn’t try to create a character that will please the type of audience with a boring self-insert-yourself into the MC. Seriously, that type of audience is the reason why we get so many bad anime stories and characters.

I hope this type of audience drops this show so that we can rid of their input in the anime industry. I’ll do what I can to ensure that I support it financially by buying the Blu-Rays so that other studios can wake up from for making trash anime for trash audiences. I hope everyone else does too.

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They Just remind Me Of Eachother For Example..

Ayato and Eisuke : Both Arrogant

Laito and Baba : Both Just Waiting For The MC To Be Alone.

Subaru and Scorpio: Temper Issues

Kanato and Dui : Both Kind But Have Random Outbursts And Then act Like Nothing Happened.

Shu and Huedhaut : Quiet But Snarky When they Want To Be.

MSB - 力レと歩むバージンロード - Subaru Ichiyanagi- Stage 4 (end)

Walking Down the Aisle Event [Mobage]

A few days later, you are on your way back from dinner when Subaru decide to stop by the beach of his memories.

MC: Subaru, it’s about your father…
Subaru: Don’t worry about it, I am not…
MC: But…Your father is handling a case.
Subaru: You… know something about it?
MC: I heard a little about it from Goto-san at the residence although I didn’t get any details. And they are working very hard to get it solved so commissioner Ichiyanagi can come to the wedding.
Subaru: … I don’t like how they make it sound like I will owe them something.

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She Is [Subaru x MC x Seiji] [part 8.2]

a/n: As promised, the next one. Under the cut has some mature NSFW content


Chris went to check on Subaru and found him leaning his head on the wall near the end of a secluded hall.

“Subaru, are you—,” she stopped on her track when she saw there were tears falling down to the floor.

Subaru quickly realized there was someone spotted him in that sorry state. He wiped his tears quickly.

“What are you doing here?” his voice was hoarse.

“Um… I was worried you did not come back. Are you okay?” she approached him and patted his back.

“I’m okay. Just go back to that guy,” he tried to push her away but staggered back.

“Subaru… are you drunk?”

He shook his head but his breath heavily smelled like alcohol.

“We need to get you home. C’mon,” she tried to support his weight on her shoulder.

He moved in front of Chris and hugged her.

“Stay with me, Chris,” he whispered.

Her eyes widened in surprise. She froze in the spot as his warmth enveloped her.

“Subaru…,” she had her doubts but it seemed what she worried about was correct. Her voice trembled as she carefully asked him, “Why did you kiss me that day when we were rescued?”

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キケンなLove Trap - お前は誰にも譲らない
Dangerous Love Trap – I will not give you up
Subaru Ichiyanagi Route

“…I am so glad you are safe.”

In this event, your meet a stranger (he even has a sprite!) that have some malicious intents towards you. Your bodyguard goes into protection mode as does his job as a bodyguard and a man.

(summary under cut)

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MSB - 力レと歩むバージンロード - Seiji Goto - Stage 4 (end)

Walking Down the Aisle Event [Mobage]

It was a summer day, with clear blue skies. You were in the waiting room, looking at your profile in front of the mirror.

Staff: You look beautiful. I am sure the groom will be delighted.
MC: ….Thank you. I want to show it to him soon. (I wonder how is he going to react?)

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My Sweet Bodyguard [Mobage]
Valentine of Memories - Subaru Ichiyanagi

In this event you are already engaged to him and on Valentine’s day, you remember back the first time you confessed your love for him on valentine’s days about 2 years ago…. 

(short summary under the cut)

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