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RFA in Autumn

It’s getting colder – I hope everyone stays warm ♥ I’ve always wanted to draw autumn themed art it’s so fun *THROWS LEAVES EVERYWHERE*

I also posted wips && previews in my instagram earlier♥


Mystic Messenger x Cheese in the Trap Crossover

I (horribly) attempted to try and draw MM characters in one of my favorite art styles, which is Soonkki’s, who created the webtoon: Cheese in the Trap. I’m very influenced by their style, especially with how I draw eyes and expressions. So yeah, when I was playing through Zen and Jumin’s route, I can’t help but see some parallels between some MM characters and CiTT, so I’ve been wanting to try and draw them in Soonkki’s style for a while… but I kind of… butchered it lmao.

Happy Valentine’s Day! lololol ❤

Please do NOT repost w/o credit OR permission, thanks!


So on the Mystic Messenger Amino app there was a contest called #MCRebooted where you had to re-draw the MC the way you imagined her to be :D I was SO excited to participate in it!!!!

(1.) For the the first one I kinda drew MC as a persona of me, and thought it would be funny to draw Unknown breaking into the apartment. It was the perfect excuse to draw him <3

(2.) For the second entry I drew a darker-skinned MC and I was so happy to do her hair and color scheme! <3 I thought it would be funny to draw something based off of the characters always asking MC if she’s eaten anything. Usually I say no. :’D


Mystic Messenger x Rune Factory AU Rune Messenger? Mystic Factory?

For those who don’t know, Rune Factory is a farming/dungeon-crawling/dating simulation; literally a fantasy Harvest Moon

In the tradition of RF protagonists, MC winds up in a town disoriented and with amnesia. With no recollection of what brought her to town or her life beforehand, she is allowed to live on the farm that once belonged to Rika, who disappeared two years ago. Despite her amnesia, she is a hard worker and is looking forward to creating new memories with the townspeople.

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