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Here’s a phone wallpaper of The Defender of Justice 707! I drew this in hurry because I’ll have a math test and supposed to be studying but lol, I just want to procrastinate on studying I want to thank you for the 100 followers! I’ll do the other RFA members as well after exams, but for now I don’t think i can sneak sometime to draw again because if my parents know that I’m drawing instead of studying they’ll kill me /asian kids screaming/

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Jumin: Now be quiet and eat your breakfast.

ZEN: lol

707: Listen to your father, Yoosung.

Yoosung: OMG NO


Nicolette: Papa Han

Jumin: No.


Jumin: quit laughing fedora boy

ZEN: Whatever Papa Han

Yoosung: -_- he ’s not my dad

707: lololololol

Jaehee: The idea of Jumin adopting Yoosung is disturbing.


Jumin: Are you implying I would not be a good father?

707: Jumin would love his new son, freshly hatched from his egg

Nicolette: sweet duckling, new to this world


Jumin: I would be an excellent father.

ZEN: Who are you even trying to convince?

Jaehee: *sigh*

Jaehee: I was not implying you wouldn ’t be a good father.

Jumin: Zen, I would be an excellent father.

ZEN: Right. For robots.

Jumin: At least any child of mine would know they were valued for more than their looks.

ZEN: Are you implying that *I* would be a bad father?


707: You can adopt Yoosung together

Nicolette: Twice the fathers!

Jumin: …

Yoosung: I think he just choked on his coffee.

Jumin: Stop narrating.


Yoosung: THANK YOU.

Nicky looked at him, winking and grinning like a fiend, and then she started typing furiously. He picked up the joke immediately, and together they ran with it.

Nicolette: T_T poor sweet orphan

707: left in the cold

Nicolette: nothing but the shells of his egg to hold on to

707: two dads, torn apart by their differences

Nicolette: won ’t anyone think of the children?!


Yoosung: I ’M NOT A DUCK.

Jumin: We can ’t be torn apart, we were never together.

Jaehee: -_-;;;;;

I was listening to some anime openings and Lucky Star’s op appeared so I remembered that part with Konata’s Dad lololol

I’m too lazy to find that passage in all the episodes so I don’t remember the exact word but the “Strongeeeerrr-!!!” part had me dead :’) So I totally thought this is something Saeyoung would do haha

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Hi love your Tumblr ur so awesome \(0-0)/ so can u do the reaction of rfa plus v and saeran seeing mc is a famous Koop star or famous singer or rap star thx for just looking at it bye💗❤️🦄

Thank you, I’m so glad you like it! ~~ mod stranger

Zen: he quickly becomes your biggest fan. he makes you sing or rap all the time and even asks you to participate in a play production with him

Yoosung: he’s awed to be standing in your presence

Jaehee: she immediately binge-watches all of your performances and listens to all your songs and buys all the limited-edition merch from your group

Jumin: when he sees a video of your performance he’s so SHOOK at how talented you are and how you manage to sing/rap and dance and look amazing at the same time

Seven: when he was researching about you he stumbled on your performances and fanboyed the hell out while watching all of them 

V: he doesn’t have words to express himself when he sees your performances and immediately vows to go to all your concerts

Saeran: he needs a few minutes to process this because he can’t believe how amazing you are and that he had such an awesome person as his boyfriend/girlfriend

She took in a deep breath, and he crushed her to him before she could do what he knew was coming next, inhaling her shaking sigh with another kiss as their hearts thundered together. He slid one hand around the back of her neck, and the other made its way down to her hip, holding her closer, exploring her, drinking her like a man vanquished to the desert for too long. She threw her arms around his back, sighing again as her fingers clenched in his shirt. He was lost. They would go nowhere today; they would not leave this bed. They would sink into the abyss together and never come up for air again.

Her phone rang and vibrated, rattling the table on her side of the bed. He released her lips, burying his face in the side of her neck as she groaned in genuine disappointment.

“Can I ignore it?” her words were breathless, and he couldn’t help but grin in satisfaction, lightly kissing the span of skin where her shoulder met her throat.

“No. You should answer it.”

She huffed irritably, reaching around him to grab the offending device. “Dammit Zen.” She cursed before she answered, and he chuckled as her finger slammed on the green button to pick up the call. “Yes, oh shiny one?”

Zen’s voice drifted through the phone, loud enough for Saeyoung to hear him clearly. “Good morning. Saeyoung disappeared from the chatroom, so I thought you might be awake. I’m not interrupting anything, am I?

“I hate you. I hope you know that.” Her words carried no malice, although she did sound irritated.

“Oh-ho! Good morning to you, too, my love. You sound like you didn’t get very good sleep. That’s bad for your health, you know.” Zen’s chuckle was very self-satisfied, and Saeyoung couldn’t help but kiss her neck further in retaliation. A noise escaped her lips that she tried to suppress in the middle, and it ended up sounding like something between a moan and a choking ferret.

She cleared her throat. “I was sleeping just fine until a few minutes ago, thank you very much.”

“What was that sound? What is Saeyoung doing?” Zen’s alarm was like sweet music to his ears, and he trailed his kisses lower, pulling aside the collar of her shirt to reveal more of her skin.

“Nothing!” she squeaked around the word as her skin flushed, the heat radiating along his lips. “He’s not here. He’s making breakfast. He’s on the moon.”

“PUT HIM ON THE PHONE.” She held the receiver away from her ear at their friend’s shout, wincing.

Saeyoung laughed, taking the phone from her nerveless fingers. He propped himself up on his elbow, looking down at her as he spoke to Zen. “Good morning. Again.”

“Don’t give me that cheeky attitude, you…you wolf!” he was as indignant as Saeyoung had ever seen him.

He laughed again, placing a tender kiss on Nicky’s cheek. “You know, we were about to have breakfast. Care to join us?” She giggled below him, then clamped her hand over her mouth to dampen the sound.

“Gross. I mean, you had better be talking about actual breakfast, buddy.”

Nicky narrowed her eyes and moved her hand, speaking loud enough that Zen would be able to hear her on the other end. “That’s it, the fedora is happening!”

Zen let out a shout of frustration. “Fine, fine, I’ll shut up. But you two need to stop…stop canoodling and get into the chatroom. There’s RFA stuff to attend to.”

“Yes, sir. We’ll be right there.” Saeyoung hung up on her behalf, placing the phone back in her hand.