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Looking for some YA books with queer main characters to read during pride month? Here’s a list of titles I’ve read and/or heard great things about. Most of these were published within the past year or so. Feel free to add on!

You Know Me Well by David Levithian and Nina LaCour

Two classmates, one gay and the other lesbian, meet during pride month in San Francisco and help each other through relationship problems.

 Tell me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan

Finally! A cute F/F novel where no lesbians die in the end! The main character is an Iranian American with traditional parents.

 Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig

Mystery/thriller about a closeted gay boy who’s girlfriend goes missing, and he becomes the focus of her disappearance. I can usually figure out what happened in mystery novels early on but this one had me guessing until the very last page.

The Abyss Surrounds Us and The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie

Lesbian pirates and sea monsters. Need I say more?

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

This one’s like reading a modern day fairy tell starring a trans boy named Sam, who’s family immigrated from Pakistan, and a Latina girl named Miel who grows flowers out of her wrists. And there’s a glass coffin. It’s super creepy.

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Y’all, this is set at SupaCon (like Comic Con!). There are two narrators. Charlie, an Asian movie star who is bisexual, and Taylor, a blogger who has ASP.

Radical by E.M. Kokie

This one’s a little darker. It’s about a butch lesbian doomsday prepper who accidently gets involved in a dangerous plot that could get her and her family into some serious trouble. I liked this book because Bex’s views about guns are completely different than mine. But that’s why we read, right? To learn about people who are different from you.

 Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

This book was pitched to me as a fantasy book about a princess betrothed to a prince but she falls in love with his sister. It’s pretty good.

PS: Dear Mrs. Coulthurst, thank you for Chapter 34

 10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac

A f/f story set in Vancouver about a girl with anxiety who goes to live with her dad and falls in love with a musician.

 How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake

Like Sarah Dessen? You’ll love How to Make a Wish! It’s about a girl, who’s bisexual, who falls in love with a biracial dancer. It’s part love story, part mother-daughter story and super amazing and emotional!

 History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

Keep your tissues close. You’ll need them. Griffin’s ex-boyfriend, Theo, drowns and he’s left devastated. He grows close to Theo’s boyfriend, Jackson, who is one of the few people who knows what he’s going through.

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

Speaking of tissues, you’ll also need them for Nina LaCour’s latest YA/NA crossover. Marin is staying at school alone for Christmas holidays and her best friend Mabel comes to visit. It’s a tear jerker but also amazing and beautifully written.

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

I’m gonna cheat with this one because the main character isn’t queer. BUT she has two moms, they’re a biracial couple, her twin sister is a lesbian, and the sister’s girlfriend is pansexual. And her moms’ wedding is a big part of the plot. Great book to read during pride month!

Dreadnought by April Daniels

Superhero novel with a main character who’s transgender and a lesbian. I’ve read this and heard mixed reviews but for the most part, it’s a good book if you like superheroes.

The Better to Kiss You With by Michelle Osgood

This is a f/f story that I’m not entirely sure how to categorize. It’s part paranormal romance, part mystery/thriller, but could also be NA. The love interest is a butch lesbian who’s a werewolf!

Girl Mans Up by M-E Girard

Main character is a butch lesbian who comes from a traditional Portuguese family.

The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine

If you’re a Clexa shipper, you’ll love The Cursed Queen. A fantasy novel with a bisexual main character who falls in love with her chieftain’s daughter. You can’t help but fall in love with Ansa and Thrya. And the best part? No dead queer girls!

Pride Month Book Recs
  • Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon - black sapphic MCs, NA, #ownvoices
  • When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore - poc MCs, trans protagonist, magical realism, YA, #ownvoices
  • Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire- asexual MC, trans MC, paranormal, YA
  • Heartstopper by Alice Oseman - webcomic about two boys falling in love
  • Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde -dual pov, 1-bi poc Asian-Australian girl, 2- chubby girl with anxiety, convention shenanigans, YA
  • Coffee Boy by Austin Chant - trans MC, office romance, NA, #ownvoices
  • The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers - diverse cast of various alien races, poc, adventures in space!, Adult
  • Bad Boy by Elliot Wake - trans man MC, thriller, Adult, #ownvoices
  • Hold Me by Courtney Milan - poc MCs, trans MC, bi MC, NA

Happy Pride Month!!!

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i remember when saeyoung said "should I ask mary vanderwood to cut my hair?" and I made mc reply "should I cut your hair? lol I want to" so whenever you're not busy, can you write a fluffy short hc about this? thank youu!

A massive shout out to @thedisadvantagesofbeinganellie (check out her new artblog @ellieartcave) for creating this amazing piece for me. She drew it a while ago but damn, if this didn’t fit this little request perfectly! Thank you beautiful, you gorgeous talented lovely human you!!! 

Now on to the drabble… (has some swearing in it, nothing too serious)

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It sounds super angsty, but if you haven't already written it, maybe an unrequited, one-sided love thing between the RFA guys and MC?

I’ve been really busy lately, sorry :C 

Warning: Angst/Heartbreak



He was so welcoming, warmly including you in everything

He would text you all the time, venting his frustrations about LOLOL—he trusted you out of all the RFA, after all

Soon, it turned into calls, where he happily chatted away to you as he gamed

“Pffft hahaha, you’re so funny, MC!! You always make my gaming nights better…” his enthusiastic response made your heart race. “I love talking to you, MC.”

You took pride in that.

He became more and more special to you, and it warmed your heart every time you talked to him. You wanted to learn more about him.

He always took interest in what you said, and listened attentively even to your pointless, frustrated rants. He sincerely responded to your concerns, and often brought up inside jokes in the chat room, forming a barrier between the two of you and everyone else.

A special little world that nobody else could enter.

“I can’t wait to meet you,” he shyly told you. It was finally the day before the RFA party. Your heart beat quickly, warm fuzziness bubbling in your chest.

“Yoosung… I have something to tell you tomorrow,” you decided, blushing as you told him. He was the one who made you feel happy…the one who cracked jokes and made you laugh on your gloomiest days… the one who listened to all your troubles. He hummed softly, murmuring, “Okay. There’s something I’ve also been meaning to tell you, too. I’m worried if I’ll be rejected but… I can’t hold back anymore.”

That night, you couldn’t sleep from pure anticipating of the next day. You woke up early to make yourself look as pretty as possible for Yoosung. First impressions were important, after all.

Upon arriving at the party hall, you immediately recognized him—you were in love with him, after all. You called out to him happily, and he rushed over with a big smile on his face, but it almost immediately turned into a frown as he reached you.

“You’re Yoosung, right?! I’m MC!” you exclaimed, beaming happily.

“I see. You look… different than I thought you would,” he murmured, a distant look in his eyes as he avoided your gaze. “I thought you’d maybe have like, blonde hair and green eyes, or something.”

Your heart caught in your throat as soon as the words left his mouth. Rika. He’d expected you to look like Rika. Biting back tears, you forced a giggle, as if he’d just said something funny.

“So, what did you want to tell me?” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t really have time to talk, so can you make it quick?”

Yoosung seemed so annoyed and irritated by your mere presence, guiltlessly expressing it in his words, tone and body language. It was a complete turnaround from the sweet boy you had known for the last few weeks. Correction: the sweet boy you thought you had known.

“Nothing important,” you muttered, clenching your fists as tears spilled from your eyes. “I was in love with you. I am in love with you. And I guess I know now that you’ll never feel the same.”

He stared back expressionlessly at you. “Love? I’m sorry, but it’s impossible for me to ever like you back. You’re really far off from my type,” he laughed as if it was a joke.

You couldn’t figure out what the hell was so funny. He was laughing at the way you had felt for him for months. He was laughing at the feelings you had cherished. He was laughing at you.

And it only smashed what remained of your heart to smithereens.

He was never in love with you.


From the moment you first met him, he’d been flirty and welcoming to you. He was always protective of you in the chatrooms, and he called you often to check up on you, asking things like:

“MC, have you eaten today? I hope you’re taking care of yourself properly, I’ll get worried, you know…”

“Hey… Can you see the moon from where you are? When you look at the moon at night, I want you to think of me… watching over you like your very own guardian angel. If you ever need anything, you know that I’m here right?”

“Do I need to beat up Jumin for you?! He was being way too insensitive just now!”

Naturally, you felt gravitated to Zen. He made you feel so… secure. He was always offering to help you, talking with you late at night, comforting you when you were sad… He made you feel so damn special. He sure didn’t treat Jaehee like this, and you took quiet, guilty pride in that.

A week after you realized that you had fallen in love with him—his caring personality, his deep thoughts, his laugh, his passion for acting… his everything—he asked you out on a date.

You almost screamed into your pillow from excitement. Did he like you back?! Could Zen possibly return your feelings?

You waited for him in the cafe, your eyes anxiously searching for his figure. You had taken 3 hours to braid your own hair (with great difficulty), and chose the perfect outfit to meet with him for the date. You waited 2 hours for him, sitting all alone. But he never came.

You dialled his phone number, wondering if he was stuck in traffic or late from rehearsals. He picked up on the second tone, drunkenly answering, “Mmn… hello, who’s this?”

“Um, Zen? It’s me, MC… did something happen? I’m still waiting…”

He howled in laughter, sounding like he was really enjoying himself. “You’re still waiting?! What the fuck, woman, what makes you think you’re anything special to me? I was only betting with my friend that I could make you fall for me. I can’t believe you fell for it so easily.”

He continued to laugh, finding it absolutely hilarious that you believed his nice guy act. He had purposely stood you up. Rather, he never intended to come in the first place.

His words were like a slap to your face. It was obvious now.

Zen didn’t care about you at all.

You stayed quiet, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing that you were actually crying right now.

You had wasted so much time on him. All because you liked him, and because you thought he could even possibly like you back.

“Helloooo? Are you still there?” he hiccupped.

You couldn’t answer, holding back your sobs.

“Oh right, anyway, thanks for helping me win the bet. Haha, byeee!”

“Yeah. No problem. Anything for you, Zen,” you weakly replied, sarcasm hidden in your undertone.

But it was true. You would have done anything for him. He’d just never do the same for you.


From the start, you’d been attracted to his unique sense of humour, awkward personality, and passion for cats. Not to mention, he was pretty fucking rich.

Although you weren’t after him for the money, you had to admit, it was part of what interested you at first. Emphasis on “at first.”

After spending evenings at fancy dinners with him, long nights drinking in bars after work hours, and occasionally messaging each other every day possible… you realized how much more there was to Jumin than you’d originally thought.

Although he seemed carefree and pushed all the tasks to Jaehee, he actually drowned himself in work for hours as well. When you spent time together, he would always be jotting down notes and reading printed documents as he conversed with you—he was probably used to it from discussing business deals all the time.

Not to mention, he was very attached to his cat because he didn’t have the time nor opportunity to interact with anyone that wasn’t trying to conduct business with him. You could feel your own heart hurt for him, realizing how lonely he must be.

Not to mention the fact that there were many young men (such as Zen,) who thought of Jumin as a rich snob, and was against the idea of being friendly. You could only imagine how rejected Jumin must feel, despite acting nonchalant every time.

Your heart and mind was consumed with thoughts of Jumin, of how he felt, of how he was suffering… You yearned to know him better, and you found yourself being more eager than ever in your conversations and nights out together.

One night, you finally brought up the courage to bring up the topic of himself. Excited to share your opinion, you said, “You know, I completely understand that you must feel lonely and all, even though you never mention it! It must suck that nobody understands you… You’re always working so hard, and nobody ever acknowledges it, but I know that-“

He paused mid-sip from his wine, then slowly put the glass down. “MC.” His voice was cold, stern and almost tired. “Why are you saying this?”

You blushed. “Well… I mean… I guess I’ve fallen in love with you,” you whispered, looking shyly into your lap. “I’ve learned so much about you over all this time, and-“

He scoffs, eyes hardening into a glare. “MC… Do you really believe that you know me?” he asks, shaking his head in disbelief. “Everything that you just said… is it not simply your idea of me? You’re not in love with me, MC. You’re in love with the ideal version of me that you’ve created in your own head. Could you be any more delusional and hypocritical when you say that no one understands me? You don’t know me either, MC. Don’t fool yourself otherwise.”

You return his glare with a pleading gaze. “That’s not it, Jumin! I really do understand! I’m not assuming, but it’s just what I’ve realized after spending so much time with you-“

Again, he cut you off. He seemed to be doing that a lot today.

“I only spent time with you to ensure that you would remain subservient to the RFA. Our meetings were like business to me, MC.”

He stood up, turning to leave you alone at the table. A lone $100 bill was all that sat with you.


This kid was absolutely hilarious! He took on such a cheerful persona in the chatrooms, cracking jokes at random and spamming memes everywhere. But he really did make you laugh.

On days when you felt gloomy, tired of every little thing that was happening in your life, and overall upset, Seven managed to cheer you up, sending you cute texts. They ranged from, “Your Defender of Justice, SEVEN OH SEVEN, will protect your happiness!!” to pictures of his own cosplay, where he attempted (attempted.) to look seductive.

He quickly gained a special place in your heart. Not everyone managed to cheer you up just like that.

One day after the RFA party, Seven invited everyone to the zoo. During the trip, you kept trying to get closer to him, standing near him as you pretended to be awed by the penguins… ‘accidentally’ bumping into him… lying that you didn’t have money to buy a drink and asking to share…

(Although, FYI, that last one didn’t work. Why? Well, the trust fund kid was there, duh.)

Seven drove you and Yoosung home, considering Zen took his motorcycle, and Jaehee tagged along with Jumin to return to the office. After Yoosung left, you were nervous to be alone with the man that you’d grown feelings for.

Almost as if reading your mind, Seven broke the silence, “MC. I’m not suggesting that this is possible, but if you think that you have any sort of feelings for me, please forget it. I… will never fall in love.”

You stared at him quietly, unsure what to say. You hadn’t been TOO obvious in expressing your feelings… you’d really as subtle as subtle could get!

Instead, you opted for, “I don’t get what you’re talking about?”

He glanced at you from the side before turning his eyes back to the road. “You can ignore what I’m saying if you haven’t had any weird thoughts about us being anything more than friends. But otherwise, just be aware that I’ll never fall in love with anyone okay? This isn’t some crappy fairytale. It’s real life, and you’re not going to waltz into my life and change it.”

You nodded slowly, avoiding looking in his direction. “Uhm, yeah…” you awkwardly responded, voice barely above a whisper.

What the hell were you supposed to say? You’d been rejected before you even had the chance to confess. Haha. Ahaha.

The tears welled up in your eyes before you knew it. But you couldn’t let him see. At the very least, you wouldn’t let him know how his words had affected you. You wouldn’t let him know that you actually had fallen in love with him, that his warning came too late.

You wouldn’t allow yourself to ruin the friendship between you two. Seven was too important to you.

You dashed out of his car as soon as he pulled over on your street, not even daring to say goodbye.


young adult:

If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo (trans girl mc in a relationship, happy ending)

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cron-Mills (trans boy mc with his own radio show, happy ending)

Look Past by Eric Devine (mystery/thriller with a trans boy mc)

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna Marie McLemore (trans boy mc, happy relationship, happy ending, magical realism + trans woman minor character)

middle grade:

Lily and Dunkin by Donna Gephart (trans girl + bipolar boy dual pov, supporitve family and friends)

George by Alex Gino (trans girl mc, ultimately supportive family and friends)

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Rfa+Saeran going to Pride with MC (who is LGBTQ) either as friends or bf/gf~

hey anon, thanks for stopping by!(⌒▽⌒)happy pride month!!*`*`* I hope you like it!~

I knew if I didn’t answer this during pride month, I’d be so upset with myself lmao. especially since my tiny island had their first pride!! i wasn’t there, but the thought is amazing

ok so real quick, if you haven’t read my sexuality headcanons for the rfa then some of this will seem like they came from nowhere; so i linked them there ;) 


  • zen was really nervous to go to Pride
  • not because of his “semi-famous” status, though. oh no.
  • he was nervous because he never came out to anyone besides mc 
  • and even that took a long time for him to admit to them
  • but he was so excited too! 
  • on the day of Pride, he’s sitting at the table with a coffee cup, trying to calm his nerves
  • mc walks up to him and kisses his head. “ready, my knight?” he looks up at them and nods
  • the two of them show up to Pride, all grins 
  • zen’s fans are really surprised to see him there, especially with a little bisexual flag painted on his face 
  • his hand is holding on tight to mc’s, who has a matching bi flag on their cheek as well 
  • they have lots of fun!! zen and mc take a bunch of pictures of each other and with the fans
  • they dance a lot, at one point mc is lifted onto zen’s shoulders 
  • they also kiss a lot. like, a lot. zen’s in one of his “i feel extra love for you please let me kiss you” moods
  • at the end of the day, when they get back home, zen is literally hanging onto mc 
  • “did you have fun zenny?” they ask and he nods. “i had…the best time”
  • they both laugh. and zen feels a bit more confident in himself


  • yoosung is so hyped and he’s not even part of the community
  • yes i know what my sexuality hcs say shhhhhhhh he doesnt know yet
  • but he’s so excited to support his trans girlfriend!
  • joins mc in dressing up for the occasion, but he has rainbow pins
  • absolutely makes a sign
  • its one of those simple, “i love my trans girlfriend” signs
  • but with yoosung’s decorations, which include stars and even an emoji of himself
  • literally becomes mc’s hype man for the day
  • he really enjoys the day! 
  • mc does too because he makes it his mission to make mc have the best day ever
  • someone give yoosung the most supportive bf award


  • it’s jaehee’s first pride! 
  • mc is so excited for her 
  • there’s a little bi-colored ribbon in jaehee’s hair 
  • as well as a little lesbian flag painted on mc’s cheek
  • when they go out, you bet they have an amazing time
  • they dance like pros omg
  • jaehee also becomes more open with pda for the occasion! 
  • the whole day she’s giving mc cheek kisses and even lets them take a picture of them in an actual kiss
  • mc is ecstatic omg
  • they are the cutest girlfriends
  • jaehee has never felt this confident and free before and mc can see it in her face
  • she’s happy and free 
  • just like she should be


  • (¬‿¬)
  • jumin han won’t get out of his suit 
  • but he wears an appropriately colored tie to celebrate 
  • which is the grey-scale colors
  • because he’s demisexual
  • u thought 
  • mc, however, is in full pansexual colors 
  • he doesn’t dance fully ever, but you can see him tapping his toes
  • he also smiles a lot! mc can’t believe their eyes
  • some people are really surprised to see Jumin Han there
  • the paps are also having another Story of Their Lives
  • jumin han is demisexual and his spouse is pan. amazing
  • but anyways, he is so clingy around that day omg
  • gives them a ton of back of the head kisses
  • he even laughs! he’s having such a good time. no guards or his father or work
  • “…can we go again next year?” 
  • of course juju

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • 7 -  0 - 7 + 6 - 0 - 6 (≖ᴗ≖) 
  • my boy here is decked out in pansexual colors
  • and he has a genderfluid-colors bracelet 
  • he is ready
  • mc is also decked out in their respective colors, which in this case is the nonbinary colors
  • they have the most fun, just spending the day partying 
  • its really where saeyoung can let go and dance
  • when they meet new people, he introduces himself as luciel, though
  • if they bring saeran along, he has on his colors too and are just watching these two dorks
  • but saeyoung is just really happy to be out and with his family 
  • there’s nothing that can make him happier 


  • he’s really shy about it, since he’s not one for huge crowds
  • but he’ll make an exception for Pride
  • him and mc are matching! both the asexual colors yay!
  • they don’t put themselves too out there, but they’re there.
  • mc manages to get saeran to dance too! he’s really cute and a pretty good dancer when he lets loose
  • they find some bubbles with the container wrapped in a little ace flag and spend most of their time doing that tbh
  • in the middle of the day, saeran is smiling! he’s having such a good time, it’s so cute
  • before the day ends, saeran taps mc’s shoulder
  • they turn to look at him, finding him tapping his lips
  • mc: *softly* holy shit
  • this is a rare opportunity, folks
  • mc leans in to kiss him softly
  • saeran smiles and kisses them back softly 
  • they hold hands the rest of the day
Part 127: Our New Friend

(Jaehee and MC at the cafe)

Jaehee: *walks into the kitchen area* Phew…that was a tough day of work, right hon?

MC: *nods tiredly* Right, babe…I didn’t expect that big of a crowd…

Jaehee: Not to mention Seven and Yoosung showing up in the clear blue. I thought they would have made a big ruckus about Yoosung’s…cosplay…-_-

MC: Have faith in them, Jae. I think Yoosung really has calmed him do-

(mysterious bumps coming from the supply closet)

MC: 0_0!! D-did you hear that?!

Jaehee: *blinks* Y-yes…t-though, I’m sure t-that it’s nothing to be afraid of…

MC: *grabs a broom* Ima check it out! *walks towards the closet*

Jaehee: *hides behind MC* I’ll s-support you from back here, love…

MC: Awww…you’re so sweet when you’re scared, babe. <3

Jaehee: *blushes, trying to hide her terror* I-I’m not scared, Cream!

MC: *laughs, opening the door* Alright! Who’s in the-

Black Blob: *turns around, slowly, menacingly*

Jaehee: *petrified* B-black body…

MC: …tophat…

Black Blob: *groans*

MC: …It’s…it’s…

Jaehee: …the Babadook…

MC: *looks down at the Babadook’s hands* o_0 I…I think…it’s…cleaning?

Jaehee: What? How do you think that?

MC: *looks in the Babadook’s eyes* Are…are you cleaning up our supply closet?

Babadook: *slowly nods his head*

Jaehee: *blinks* W-what’s going on…

MC: (turns to look at Jaehee) I…I think he wants to help. (turns back to the Babadook) …Mr. Babadook…w-would you like to help us…w-with the dishes? They need cleaned…

Babadook: *remains motionless*

Jaehee: I…I, uhm…don’t think…he wants to-

Babadook: *slowly smiles, then slowly nods*

MC: Huh…well, looks like we have our newest hire, babe. ^^;;

And, on that day forth,  the Babadook remained in the bakery cafe, as Jaehee’s and MC’s new friend, and new behind the scenes worker. ^^


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I thought I’d make one to make it easier for everyone, myself included. I’ll keep it updated as things come in!!

also you can still request things! please do!! 

[ rules  - updated! please read! ] [ ** = my favorites ] 

[ if there’s no link, it’s in progress!  - updated: 6/24 ]

[ headcanons / scenarios ] [+ : v, saeran, or vanderwood. ++ : v and saeran. +++ : all ]

[ rfa+ etc. ]

[ polyship hq aka jaehee x mc x zen stuff ]

[ ‘x mc’ stuff ] 



  • soulmate au [what you write on your skin shows on your soulmate’s]



707 / saeyoung

v / jihyun

  •  jihyun breaking down 


  • none yet


  • x mc who’s a tease

[ drabbles ]

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Hello. Err... I don't know if it's okay to do this but if you're comfortable in writing this, may I request for a fic where MC feels bad with the RFA because Rika was back and everyone was focusing on her more (preferably, Zen x MC). I read something like that here (Tumblr: sae-you-sae-me) and I would like to know your take on it. Thank you. :)

Thanks for worrying about my comfort!!! That’s very sweet of you  (´• ω •`)♡  the fic starts out pretty neutral but turns into more Zen based. Hope you enjoy it!

Note: I’m not very sympathetic towards Rika and am not really sure how to correctly write her. (Need more hour glasses to unlock all of the secret endings lol) but I’m going to try my best.

Everything seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. The elusive Rika had returned, much to everyone’s surprise. Of course, everyone thought it was some kind of sick joke because Rika was dead…. right? 

W r o n g !

As soon as everyone realized it was the actual Rika, they had a lot of questions. They had a funeral for her, some of them were still grieving from the loss ( some more than others). MC wasn’t the newest piece of news anymore. The woman’s footsteps MC tried so hard to follow, came back completely out of the blue. 

Yoosung began to gloat, telling Rika that he always felt she was alive and V was a liar.

Jaehee was the most stagnant one out of everyone. She was happy that Rika was back because maybe it meant Mr.Han would be in a better mood. which means less work and more vacation days

Saeyoung was thrilled because he knew Rika would take care of MC in her apartment. also upset since this security meant he didn’t have an excuse to skip work

Jumin seemed to be more shocked than he let on. He welcomed Rika back and realized that now that Rika was back, he’d no longer have to look for her in Elizabeth the Third. He was the most skeptical about Rika’s return.

Zen… his change of heart hurt MC the most. MC had always prided themselves on the fact that they supported him in ways not even Jaehee could. In a way that was closer than just a fan to an idol. When Rika returned, it’s almost as if he didn’t need MC’s support anymore. Every time he spoke of a role, he always wondered if Rika thought he was doing a good job. She was the one who took notice of his talent before anyone, she was his first real fan. 

MC tried their best to accept the change in the RFA’s change in dynamic but the truth was, now that Rika was back, the RFA didn’t need them to arrange the party. The hacker lead MC to the RFA and it seemed almost like fate but, maybe it was a mistake.

Zen still called MC late at night and on his breaks and when he wasn’t talking about Rika, he reminded MC why they gave their heart to him in the first place. They were at a loss, they didn’t want to burden the RFA but they still wanted to support Zen and stay by his side.

One late night, MC received a call from the man they’ve been thinking about all this time.

“Princess, I know everyone’s been really interested in Rika’s return but I want you to know that you’re equally as important to the RFA. We were all told she left this world but-  *sigh* nothing makes sense right now, babe. I just wanted to let you know, you still mean the world to me. I’m sorry, I haven’t been paying attention to you lately, it’s been bothering me. I just realized how late it is but, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Well that’s all I have to say, I’m going to try harder to be the Knight the most beautiful Princess deserves! Goodnight Princess~ “

Watching YouTuber Lokim23 video he uploaded of him playing chapter 4 of TFB4 and I was reading the comments. People, of course, are saying that the writers went about Zig coming out all wrong and how it was dishonest. Then one person said this: “Zig saw that the MC is best friends with Zack AND Kaitlyn, who are both gay. The MC would NOT have been upset or mad. It’s like they just threw it in there. It could have been fleshed out more IMO.”

Let’s be real, bisexual people get a lot of flack for being bi and to be honest it’s annoying as hell. So what MC is okay with Zack and Kaitlyn who are both gay, it’s still hard to come out as bi because of the ignorant stereotypes we have to constantly hear about when it comes to our sexuality. We can’t just be bi without there being some kind of “agenda” and we’re constantly told we have to choose; that we can’t like both or more. So, no, Zig couldn’t just tell MC from the beginning. He wasn’t sure about her, he needed to get to know her better, get to know the people she called friends better and then he could tell her when he was ready. 

I’m also starting to think that a lot of people are having a hard time wrapping their mind around Zig being bi because of his “bad boy” persona and now it’s throwing off how they view him. 


The man circled in the photo is John Harders. He is a board member of Centaurs MC, a gay leather club. He shoved Cherry Bomb, a young black female titleholder, during the Philly Pride parade because she was holding a sign that says “Black Lives Matter”. What is even more deplorable is that the Centaurs refuse to act with honor, integrity, or accountability. They instead are lying, victim blaming, gas lighting, and covering up. The shover is dating a cop. The cop boyfriend also tried to cover for the asshole. The victim and several witnesses id the shover. People in the leather community need to speak out against John Harders and his act of racism. They must also take to task Centaurs MC for doing everything but the right thing. We must not stand for this bigotry because it is what divides the community, not the calling out of the actions as leathermen blinded by their own white privilege have been quick to ignorantly utter. I propose that the Centaurs should be banned from all leather events and we should boycott Mid-Atlantic Leather as they are the main club that puts it together. We must stand up and show them we do not condone their actions

Asexual!MC + MM Characters
  • Jumin: "what do you want to do tonight?"
  • MC: "not you."
  • Jaehee: "MC, I have a thread loose on this shirt, can you give me some scissors?"
  • MC: "sorry, I can't scissor you"
  • Zen: "grilled duck sounds pretty good for dinner, thoughts?"
  • MC: "I prefer not to eat anything that is one vowel off from the male genitalia"
  • Yoosung: "What color theme SHOULD I set my LOLOL avatar as?"
  • MC: "black, gray, white, and purple are pretty nice colors"
  • 707: "cover your eyes, MC, there's a sex scene in this movie and ~god is watching~"
  • MC: "you don't have to tell me twice"