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Hi! First off, I want to say that I like your take on the situations and your writing. Could I perhaps request something? It has to do with the end of Jumin's 10th day. When V comes and picks us up he says that we'll be safe at the apartment. Could you perhaps write how the RFA + V would feel if MC was kidnapped by Unknown after she got to the apartment? It's very angsty, but oh well. If you can't write it then that's fine. Thanks!

This is an interesting request! I don’t think I’ve really written much angst since I got to this blog… (well. Granted, it’s only been 2 weeks.) I’d like to write more angst—send in asks, guys, haha! Let me practise and get better for you all <3

By the way, I love how you refer to MC as “us”!! Anyway, I hope this meets your expectations ^~^”


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“Thanks for bringing me back, V!” you bid him goodbye, and walked off into the apartment. Your keys jingled as you unlocked the door, and you felt a wave of nostalgia wash over you. You hadn’t lived in this apartment very long, and you’d only been gone for a few days, but you already felt attached to this place.

The lights flickered on, and you smiled at the familiar sight of the living room. It was just as you had left i- huh?

The light switched off, and you freaked out a bit as it became pitch black.

Using your phone’s flashlight, you searched for the light switch, hoping it would work properly. Could the light bulb have gone out in the few days you’d been away?

To your relief, the lights turned back on, and you sighed. You would have had to change the light in the dark, otherwise.

But when you turned around, your relief was cut short.

A masked person with bleached hair stood in front of you, dressed in black, leather clothing. He had a tattoo on his arm, and teal eyes that stared right back at you.

“Wel – come home!” he greeted you mockingly in a creepy tone. “Too bad you’ll be leaving again. You must be tired, hm?”

No. No. V had said you would be safe.

“I need you to swear to me. Considering all the secrets you know, is MC safe?” Jumin demanded, a concerned undertone in his voice. It was clear that he was already close to giving in to V’s request, but he was still reluctant in letting you go.

“Swear…” V replied tiredly.

“I tend to believe numbers more than words, but if you are sincere, I’ll believe you.”

“Alright. I swear that MC will be absolutely safe on my life. Is that enough?” V had said.

V had promised you’d be safe. HE SWORE YOU’D BE SAFE. So why? Who was this man in your apartment? Why was he waiting for you? What did he want?

A blurry of thoughts passed through your mind. But none of these questions would be answered. You were knocked out, and soon met darkness. Betrayal was the last emotion you felt before everything faded to black.


  • V had lied. Again.
  • It was the second time he’d lost someone, and both times it was because V was careless.
  • You had gone missing, and even when Yoosung begged and begged Seven, you could not be found. Seven really did try to find you, but all traces of your disappearance had been skillfully erased
  • Yoosung snapped.
  • He screamed at V, pushing and shoving him to the wall.
  • Yoosung was a mess at this point, sobbing into his knees. He had his hands on his head, looking as betrayed as he felt.
  • His voice quieted down to a whimper, “You swore with your life, V. So why are you still here?” He laughed humourlessly, eyes glazed over coldly.
  • “You lied, V,” he choked on his tears, “You lied, again.”


  • He tried to stay optimistic, he really did.
  • “Seven, you can hack into anything, right? You’ve infiltrated countries, this should be a piece of cake, right?”
  • But he couldn’t hide the fact that he was only desperately holding on.
  • He’s an actor, so he should have been able to act like he was okay. He should’ve been able to act like this didn’t affect him. But it did.
  • You had always been so supportive of his acting career, despite hardly knowing him. He’d genuinely felt a connection with you. And he respected you for being able to tolerate Jumin Han, the man he despised. And now you had been kidnapped.
  • Your disappearance hit him so hard, he got drunk every night, and he was so hungover in the mornings, he couldn’t even go to rehearsals.
  • He went for long, LONG rides on his motorcycle. He couldn’t sleep.
  • He hadn’t even known you for that long, but it just hit him so hard.
  • Why did good people like you have to suffer bad experiences?
  • He just couldn’t understand.


  • God.
  • You know, she had been working under Jumin for so long, she had become unable to express herself and her own desires. Her first priority had always been her work, and she was generally emotionless and went along with her orders.
  • Until you had come along.
  • You had really talked to her. Not formal business talk, or careless small talk, but you had REALLY talked to her. You had listened to her.
  • Jaehee had always had to listen to Jumin, listen to her boss, listen to orders, listen to her colleagues making fun of her for being so busy, listen to Seven’s bullshit… It had always been her who listened to others. But not you.
  • YOU asked for her opinions, and you would agree with her at times. You really took an interest in her interests and hobbies, like her coffee and watching Zen’s plays. You… you had been her friend.
  • And she’d already lost you.
  • She still had to go to work, and she was just as efficient, but if someone really paid attention, one would find a tired Jaehee burying her face into her hands in stress every now and then. Aha. Not that anyone would pay attention now. You had been the only person who seemed to care, and you were already gone.

(I wasn’t sure how to write this, since I didn’t know if he should be aware of Mint Eye or not… I decided against it. It can be requested though..)

  • He blamed himself more than anyone else could.
  • You had trusted him and his words, and he had completely betrayed your trust.
  • He had never wanted you to be in danger. God, no. You were innocent in the entire situation. You had been dragged into this all because of him. All because he had agreed to let you join the RFA.
  • You could’ve been safe at Jumin’s apartment. So what if Jumin was a little possessive? Your safety would’ve been guaranteed. There were bodyguards to protect you there, and there would definitely be more evidence to work with.
  • V had been the last person to see you, as he had been the one to drop you off at the apartment. He should’ve walked inside with you. He should’ve checked the apartment before he left.
  • Instead, he’d pushed all responsibility to Seven, foolishly believing that Seven would be able to watch after her from the security cameras.
  • V hated himself for letting you down. For letting everyone down.


  • He had trusted V.
  • V had never, ever lied to him, and he was fully aware that V was a kind man, and had no bad intentions.
  • So when V had sworn that you would be safe at the apartment, Jumin let you go.
  • … He should’ve trusted his own instincts.
  • But he didn’t blame V.
  • All these years, V had remained by his side, through thick and thin. V had always been more considerate of others than himself, and Jumin felt that he was a good friend. His best friend, even.
  • On one hand, he knew that it wasn’t V’s fault. How could it have been predicted that you would be kidnapped? On the other hand, shouldn’t V have checked more carefully that it was safe for you to return to the apartment?
  • Jumin buried himself in work, silently taking on difficult tasks in a large quantity. He didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t want to doubt V. He didn’t want to worry about you. He just didn’t want to feel, and he didn’t want to think.
  • But every day he got home, he was reminded of you.
  • The clothes he had bought for you that you left behind… the laundry that you forgot to wash… the dishes you had used… the way you had played with Elizabeth the 3rd… the way you had laid down comfortably on the couch…
  • He kept your bedroom the way you had left it, locking it shut. When he’d seen a maid trying to open the door one morning, he ended up snapping at her, “DON’T TOUCH IT. Don’t even taint the doorknob with your filthy hands, goddammit! Get away from the door. GET OUT!”
  • Some nights, he gave into his emotions, drunkenly calling RFA members and begging them to return you to him. To stop hiding you. To stop pretending you were missing.
  • He wished it was pretend.
  • Even Zen felt tears brim in his eyes when he heard the broken tone and tears in Jumin’s voice.
  • He missed you.
  • They all missed you.


  • He couldn’t even be bothered to continue his cheery, annoying act after you disappeared.
  • He turned away all of Vanderwood’s missions, ignoring it completely.
  • Instead, Seven spent hours upon hours, days upon days locked up in his room, searching every tenth of a millisecond of the security camera’s feed. He kept trying to find clues of your kidnapping. He hacked into the city’s cameras to find the car you were in, but to no avail, there was nothing.
  • Seven lost his appetite for even Honey Buddha Chips, throwing it up when he tried to force them in his mouth. He was living on purely Dr. Pepper now, and god knows when he’ll get tired of that, too.
  • Seven was simply devastated.
  • He felt responsible for your disappearance. He should’ve been more careful.
  • He could’ve attached a GPS to your body, not just your phone. He could’ve installed more security cameras, even if it invaded your privacy. Security > privacy. He could’ve gone to your apartment to protect you, instead of cowardly hiding behind the screens.
  • Could’ve.
  • But didn’t.
  • It was too late.
  • He could never protect anyone. Not his mother, not his twin brother, not you.
  • He was useless. Absolutely useless.

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Learning How to Love Chapter Seven, Day Nine Part Two: Ultimatum

Hello everyone! As promised, here is the next chapter of Learning How to Love! It’s been a long time, and I’m terribly sorry for that. To those of you that may be uncertain as to whether or not I plan to continue this fic, know that no matter how long it may take me to complete each chapter I have no intention of giving it up.

Also side note, Cheritz is a blessing. I played the April Fool’s Day dlc as soon as it came out, and it gave me some much need laughter. To any of you uncertain about whether it’s worth playing, I assure you it most certainly is. (spoilers ahead) Everybody deserves to witness Jumin hocked up on catnip and chasing laser pointers I think I had actual years added to my life holy crap. I still can’t believe he got Zen to eat cat food I’m dead Jumin is everything protect my playful boy.

Note: As always, MC will be referred to as MC in this story in the third person instead of blanks or Y/N. In addition, this story contains minor spoilers for Jumin’s route.

As usual, thank you so much to all who have read/liked/reblogged/replied to my original posts. I am beyond grateful for all the wonderful reactions and excitement that followed my previous chapters.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like me to tag you in future chapter posts, as I am more than happy to do so!

To those of you who haven’t read the first chapters of LHTL or the Vampire Jumin fic and would like to, here are links to each:

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Our precious manchild is growing up!

Chapter Seven, Day Nine Part Two: Ultimatum

The day began on a rather unsettling note, with Seven instructing MC what to do should he not return from their ‘picnic’ within five hours of his leaving the chatroom. Perplexed and alarmed, MC demanded he be safe and take care wherever they were before she wished him the best of luck. Shortly after he exited the messenger, Jaehee appeared with equal concern about his behavior, though there was a healthy level of exasperated skepticism that accompanied it. Though MC was aware Seven was prone to histrionics, she couldn’t help but worry with so little information about what was happening on their end.

MC then asked about how Jumin was doing, hoping her gentle nudge this morning would help him get through the day’s tribulations without her. Jaehee explained that he had gotten in touch with her and said he would be at the office soon; as he had chosen to complete a quick errand before going. She went on to mention that Director Han was planning to confront Jumin about the Sarah that afternoon, and that she had placed Sarah’s credit report on the chairman’s desk in the hopes that it would make him reconsider who the true victim of the situation was. MC would have to remind Jumin to thank Jaehee for everything she did, the aforementioned gesture of pure empathy as touching as it was practical. Even if Director Han wasn’t convinced, at the very least Jumin would know Jaehee remained on his side. For that, MC was grateful.

Jaehee went on to express her unease about Jumin’s refusal to talk about MC’s return to Rika’s apartment. MC wasn’t all that surprised or worried, as she was more than happy to stay as long as he needed her. She was growing more fond of him with each day, and she had a feeling Jumin wasn’t quite ready to stand on his own just yet despite his remarkable progress. So she simply asked Jaehee to be patient too and give him the time he needed. Jaehee insisted MC try to change his mind–and MC promised to do her best–but she knew this was something that only Jumin could decide for himself. Only he could come to terms with his own fears and discover what she had already known since the beginning: that he could overcome them. Because she had already decided that she would never let him feel alone again in this life, no matter what form that would take. She would always be here if he needed to talk, if he needed somebody to listen, if he was confused, if he was tired; whatever it may be. As soon as he understood that–no matter how near or far she was–that would never change, she had a feeling he would be much more open to discussion about the subject.

Not to mention the safest place in the world for her at this point was probably Jumin’s penthouse, considering the circumstances and the security detail. She had never felt more protected in all her life, and the guards were remarkably skilled in terms of noninvasive monitorization.

Relieved, Jaehee agreed and asked MC to take care of Jumin in the meantime. To which, MC smiled at the screen and replied that she could do no less. After a short farewell, she put the phone back on the nightside table and tried to work on her draft for a while. But her mind kept wandering back to Jumin and Seven, worrying and wondering and hoping things were all right. She barely managed to type out a few coherent sentences before she forced herself to take a break, thinking a change of pace might help. Gathering her spare set of clothes, she moved to the guest bathroom to take a shower and unwind. Under the scalding, enormous showerhead–God had she ever told Jumin he had marvelous taste–she let her mind wander, humming a little tune to ease her fraying nerves. Half an hour later she stepped out feeling refreshed, confident that things would work out okay for them both and that the best thing she could do was focus. After drying off and getting dressed, she re-entered the living room to find her phone blinking silver.

She opened the messenger to find Zen pouting about using Jumin as inspiration for his current acting role. Rolling her eyes with a smile, MC encouraged the endeavor in the hopes that it might help him understand Jumin a bit better. As the famous saying went: you can only understand a man when you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. But before Zen could grumble his acquiescence, Yoosung crashed into the messenger and flooded the chat with crying emojis and panicked words, ranting about how Seven was forcing him to keep quiet about something. MC asked if she should call Jumin, certain that he would deploy any help the two might need to get out of the situation safely, but Yoosung declined. Zen demanded an explanation despite Yoosung’s hesitant refusals, and continued to rail him until he figured no amount of pressure or safety hazards would make Yoosung betray Seven’s trust. Zen then proceeded to guess at their location with frightening accuracy, describing the area in enough detail to leave Yoosung speechless. MC could hardly believe it herself, and hastened to assist Zen in pressing him for a picture of where they were. She understood Yoosung wanted to be loyal to Seven, but there were some instances in which safety trumped lethal promises.

Tired, afraid, and worried about Seven; Yoosung caved and sent the photo. Shoving past her disbelief at Zen’s arguably prophetic vision, she and Zen immediately spotted Elizabeth the Third and asked Yoosung to retrieve her. Zen advised him to report back before he disappeared, and MC felt her chest tighten with fear, biting her lip. Please be okay, please be okay. For a short while all both she and Zen could do was sit there, numb with disbelief and flooded with secondhand adrenaline as they wondered what on Earth Elizabeth the Third was doing in the middle of nowhere. Zen logged out to quell a headache while MC stared at the swimming fish across from her; as if their lazy circuits and unpredictable trajectories could hold the mysteries of Elizabeth’s kidnapping and the danger into which Seven had waltzed with Yoosung in tow.

She barely had time to process before Jaehee returned to the messenger, equally shocked about Zen’s dream and hoping for their safe return with Elizabeth. She came to tell MC that Jumin’s father moved their meeting to the conference room, rather than their original plans for tea. Jaehee was convinced it had something to do with the files she slipped into his pile of documents, but the change just made MC uneasy. Why would he bump up the meeting if he didn’t have something urgent to say? She had faith in Jumin; she knew he would remain level-headed and try to solve this as peacefully as possible. But his father? She had more than enough reason to believe he would not be remotely rational about Jumin’s relationship status.

MC didn’t have time to ask her further before a triumphant Yoosung returned to the chat, attesting to his safety and that of Seven and Elizabeth. As excited as they all were, Jaehee advised that she inform Jumin after the meeting with his father, to which MC agreed. He had enough on his mind at the present moment. If they overwhelmed him with too much too soon, he was susceptible to retreating into himself again. Yoosung cheerfully agreed to take care of Elizabeth for the time being, but he did mention that Seven’s was behaving strangely and driving erratically. Jaehee advised them all to be safe as she took off to prepare for the meeting.

Yoosung was effervescent as ever, proud to be the RFA hero of the day for saving Elizabeth. MC could only smile and repeat what Jaehee said, immensely relieved that they had escaped more or less unscathed. Seven’s abnormal behavior was suspicious and a cause for concern, but she figured that his survival had been more crucial than anything else. MC advised Yoosung to use his energy to keep Seven awake upon the first mention of sleep, her heart having stopped enough times in one day. Yoosung departed with the promise that he would be vigilant, leaving her to play some relaxing music and return to her writing, partially relieved of her earlier anxieties. But without knowledge of how Jumin had fared with his father, they weren’t out of the woods just yet.

Jumin stepped into the conference room on the defensive, approaching his father with caution. “Why did you suddenly change the meeting place?” Jumin asked a few feet away from him, unimpressed by the somber look on his father’s face.

Director Han hesitated at the sight of his son’s distrustful, guarded look. He hadn’t seen that expression since Jumin had been a teenager. “…Because I had something to show you. I heard you were very rude to Sarah and thought about having a chat over tea, but I received something from my assistant during lunch.”

Jumin blinked, though he had a feeling he knew what his father’s latest ultimatum was about. “What did you receive?” He prompted.

“Apparently, someone who works for you must have done some research on Sarah. Here, take this.” His father handed over an envelope, much like the ones seen all over the building, filled with familiar credit scores and financial reports on a woman by the name of Sarah Choi. None of it came as a surprise; he had already witnessed the woman’s voracious spending habits. He froze when he skimmed several other documents detailing her debt under the name of her phony company. Then he closed the envelope again and set it on the table, crossing his arms as his father granted a futile explanation. As if Jumin had no ability to read and comprehend simple data, or understand what this newfound information further intimated about Sarah’s intentions.

“It’s Sarah’s credit report. She must have a lot of debt. And I called a couple places to check myself, and I could tell there are multiple loans under the company’s name.” No shit, Sherlock, the wry thought came unbidden.

Jumin’s reply was flat, working to keep the ice out of his tone at the sight of foolhardy sympathy suffusing his father’s features. “Assistant Kang found this,” He clarified, “although I didn’t know about the company’s financial situation…I was aware of her personal credit situation.”

“Why didn’t you let me know if you knew?” His father demanded, shocked.

Jumin gazed at the other man with deadpan disbelief. “Because I never intended to marry her in the first place.” Because it wasn’t my choice to begin with. “And I was preoccupied.” He added as an afterthought.

“Preoccupied? You mean your missing cat. I was going to talk about your ads anyways…It’s simply too much. Think of the company’s reputation…! It’s nothing to go see the TV’s network head for.” His father looked to him with ample disapproval, as if his son had shamed him irreparably.

Jumin, however, remained calm. It wasn’t the first time a person had decided he was strange, and he certainly wouldn’t be the last. “There was a reason I had to find that cat. You would not understand, father.” At the time it had seemed vital, extreme anxiety and fear clouding his mind. He felt no traces of that earlier panic now, only a steadfast calm. MC was waiting for him. The sooner he could reconcile this discrepancy and finish his work, the sooner he could return to her company. He wanted to live up to her confidence in him.

“A reason…” Director Han scoffed, looking for all the world like a tired parent instructing a foolishly stubborn child. “You care so much about that cat but not about finding someone…I cannot understand you, son.” He shook his head. “All I want is for you to meet someone and be happy…”

He knew his father meant well as he watched his brows crease with worry, but blind sentiment could only extend so far when faced with reality. Not to mention his father’s definition of happy was absurdly narrow. “Can you still say that after seeing the credit report of the woman you wanted me to marry?”

“I’m sure Glam didn’t know about Sarah’s financial situation. And just because she has financial problems, it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person.” His father chided.

Jumin’s eyes widened as he stared at him with open incredulity. “Christ. Are you being serious?” He demanded. Was his father truly convinced that these women, or at the very least Sarah, had no ulterior motive whatsoever under the weight of so much debt? “If I were you, father, I would never let those women hide their financial situation before talking about marriage. This woman is still hiding the facts. You know that she is not to be trusted!” Jumin refuted, appalled.

“This is quite shocking, but we can solve their financial problems for them. Everyone has one or two flaws they want to hide.” His father replied calmly, as if he was imparting great wisdom. “You have to let some things go if you to live in this world.” He finished with a shrug.

Jumin pursed his lips, trying to think of some way to get through to him. “Father…do you realize what you are saying? You say all the wrong things and call it advice.” It was his turn to shake his head. “I am very sad to see that you’ve lost your good judgement…”

“I’ve not lost my judgement. Sarah was recommended by Glam…I trust that she is a good woman.” He seemed so confident about Glam that Jumin had to wonder how she managed to elicit his trust in such a short time. “Sarah may have some problems but we can still accept her. Glam is so worried about her that she barely sleeps at night.”

Over an engagement? Something about that revelation made his skin crawl, gripping his forearms a fraction tighter than before. “So ultimately, all you care about is that your girlfriend is happy?” He clarified.

“Of course, I know that you’re not fond of Glam. But you didn’t like any of the women I’ve been with…It is nothing new.” Jumin was somewhat amazed that his father never thought he had a reason to be wary of the women he brought home on a monthly basis. “Anyways, I wish you’d respect my opinion regarding this marriage.”

And I wish you’d respect mine, Jumin thought with acerbic disdain. “God…” Jumin pressed two fingers two his temples. “Father…I understand why you are acting like this.”


“As you’ve said, I have never liked the women you’ve met. Because I knew that they were never truthful to me…they always wanted something from me.” He grimaced slightly as he remembered a variety of uncomfortable encounters. “So I could never understand the relationships you so desired. It all seemed like making a deal to me.” Cold, empty, and parasitic were the first words that came to mind. “But I respected that you were different from me, so I never said anything about who you were with.” He explained, levelling a penetrating gaze at his father.

“Hmm…” His father couldn’t meet his eyes, something about Jumin’s explanation making him uncomfortable all of a sudden.

“But I’ve realized something recently…after meeting someone.” Jumin began reluctantly, knowing his father would explode on him for ‘cheating’ on Sarah.

And at a speed that would put any ravenous gossip to shame, “You mean you are seeing another woman?!” There it is.

Jumin sighed, hands falling from their suspension across his chest while one lingered at his hip. “I realized what it feels like to have your heart filled after being with her.” He continued as if he hadn’t been interrupted. “Thanks to her, I’ve understood what you are like when you’re with someone. A beautiful woman who understands me and cheers for me…wanting to give her all my love and care…” His lips curled slightly at the thought of her, fighting a smile as he remembered her encouragement a few hours prior. So cute… “And also being irrational and stubborn–being blinded by love–just like you are now.” He admitted with a frown, remembering his less than ideal behavior.

“That doesn’t sound too good.” His father looked to him with a brow raised, perplexed. “Why didn’t you tell me if you were seeing someone?”

“I planned to tell you in time.” He replied easily, as it was the truth. He didn’t like concealing things from his father unless he had little choice. “And…the things I’m about to say now, please consider them words of truth from a loving son to his father.” He tried to break it to him as gently as possible.

“What more do you have to say?” Director Han couldn’t remember the last time Jumin had ever been so open and talkative, or if he ever had since the day he was born.

Jumin’s answering voice was low. “Most of the women you’ve chosen were never ready to truly love you. They were only busy trying to fill their greed.”

“There were people like that in my past, Glam is different.” His father retorted immediately, waving him off.

Jumin’s lips twitched at the sheer irony. He might have smiled if his future didn’t depend on his father realizing that this infatuation with Glam was disillusioned at best. “You were always blinded, every single time…That is your weakness.” He insisted. “Glam Choi, Sarah…both women are no different from the women you’ve met until now.”

“Glam is not like that…! All she does is worry about you.” Not in the way you’re thinking, I’m sure. “Besides, Sarah is polite and bright. The more you see them, the more you’ll realize they are different.”

Jumin frowned, as if he had any desire to see more of them after Sarah’s last ‘visit’. “No, they are not. And you are simply being so irrational that you can’t accept the evidence that’s right in front of your eyes.” Jumin held firm.

“Hasn’t it occurred to you that you’re only rejecting Sarah because you love someone else?” Director Han retorted, equally obstinate, as if it was the only rational explanation for Jumin’s behavior.

Something about his father demoting MC to the position of convenient scapegoat made the blood in his veins turn to ice. “I don’t know. At least she doesn’t try to trick me or do things behind my back, so I haven’t thought about it.” He shot back before he cooled his ire, appealing to logic instead. “When I was upset over losing my cat, Sarah shamelessly brought a fake photo of my cat to act as if she’d found her.”

Director Han looked genuinely taken aback. “I never heard about that.”

How convenient. “Besides, she went to Assistant Kang’s home to ask her about me. You don’t know this, but apparently, Glam was with her.” If he had to be brutally honest with his father to convince him, then so be it. Sugarcoating wasn’t getting him anywhere.

“Glam…?” The word was a dubious question.

“The information I have is easy to acquire.” Jumin assured, revealing his hand. “If you continue to insist on Sarah, then I will make my move as well. I will give you all the evidence I can find showing you how greedy and ambitious those women are, until you accept the truth.” Jumin was frank. “It will be a waste of time on my part, but my relationship with you is important.”

“Stop now!” His father snapped, incensed at Jumin’s flagrant disobedience. “You are insulting me by talking like this.”

“It is the same for me. It’s very sad…that you can’t understand how I feel.” He didn’t know how to articulate the heaviness in his heart. His father’s denial was vexing, but that didn’t mean Jumin was going to enjoy systematically erasing Glam and Sarah from their lives at his expense. He didn’t want to be the one to crush his father’s hope to be genuinely loved again.

His father seemed at a loss for words. “…Sad?”

“I no longer wish to fight with you about such a pointless subject…Can you not understand how I feel?” Jumin implored, unable to help the raw feeling in his voice despite the control with which the words were delivered. He didn’t want to fight with his father, he didn’t want those women endangering MC anymore than the hacker already was, and he didn’t want a marriage with a woman that looked at him as a butcher looks at plump cattle. All he wanted was to remove two variables making everybody’s lives harder than they already were, why couldn’t his father see that?

Director Han looked his son up and down, expecting to find some inconsistency that would prove the man before him an imposter. “Jumin, it’s very unlike you to say that.”

Perhaps it was, Jumin thought as he adjusted his tie out of habit. Grasping the fabric renewed the memory of MC earlier that morning, bright and playful, pulling him down for a kiss. But then, if choosing to feel meant being able to love her, did that really make it a bad thing? “Father…if you feel my sincerity, please accept my suggestion. Please stop insisting on this marriage so I don’t have to dig more up on Sarah… and let me be in peace. As your son…I only wish for this horrible situation to end.”

“…” Taken aback though he was, his father had no ability to deny his honesty. Because for once in the entire history of their relationship, Jumin chose to tell him how he felt rather than resorting to tactical refusal and evasion.

It was uncomfortable, but liberating. “And please, take your time to be more objective about the situation. I’m begging you, father.” He continued, watching as the words that tumbled out of him effectively weakened his father’s resolve.

His father let out a long breath, crossing his arms as he deliberated. “Fine…Alright.” He conceded. “I won’t mention Sarah again, but don’t say anything about the woman you’re seeing now.”

Jumin grit his teeth at the flat-out unwillingness to acknowledge MC, but otherwise chose to compromise. Responding with anger would only destroy the progress he’d made in changing his father’s mind about the situation. “…Alright. I suppose that is the best you can do.” He agreed.

“I’m sorry.” His father replied slowly, eyeing Jumin carefully. “Regardless of what’s happened, I feel I’ve upset you.”

“I’m fine.” Jumin shrugged, hoping to ease his guilt. As long as his father understood this wasn’t what he wanted and stopped strong-arming him into marriage, he saw no reason to remain upset. “I understand how much you care for Glam.”

“Yes…Still, I see that this has been very hard for you…for you to express your emotions like that…” Director Han blinked, as if he was still dazed by the sheer impossibility of it. “I will think more on it. Let’s stop this talk for now, I should be going back.”

“Alright.” Jumin gaze shifted to the man standing dutifully at the door to the conference room. “Please take my father back, chief of security. And…please tell Assistant Kang to come in. And I’d like for all the bodyguards to give us some privacy.”

“Yes, sir! Mr. Chairman, this way sir.” He was glad to see the chief was no longer hesitant to obey his commands, likely due to the sight of his father’s uncertainty regarding the situation.

Jumin nodded his farewell to his father and turned to look out at the city littered with towering buildings, mulling over his next move.

“Mr. Han…! Did the talk go well?” Assistant Kang asked as soon as she stepped inside with uncharacteristic exuberance.

Jumin sighed in frustration, but didn’t turn around. “It’s not over for good… but those women won’t be able to manipulate my father for the time being.” His lips pursed into a white line, the next phrase a muttered afterthought. “Glam must have more influence on him than I thought….I was a bit surprised.”

“Alright…” Her voice was crestfallen at the sound of his partial victory, disappointed her research had accomplished so little. “Will you need all the information I’ve managed to find?”

“Yes. I should at least know about it so send them to me.” He replied, only paying partial attention.

“Yes, alright.” She agreed, her earlier haste and excitement returning. “And I have something to tell you!”

Jumin raised a brow, turning his head to look at her. Her sparkling eyes just made him more confused. “What is it?”

“They found Elizabeth.” She blurted, as if she had been waiting for hours to say so.

Jumin stared at her blankly, electing to process the development later despite his initial shock. It would only serve as a distraction. “…Really? I’m glad to hear that.” He managed before he turned back around.

Assistant Kang blinked at his tepid response. “Yoosung is with her right now.”

“Alright.” He replied offhand, gathering the documents his father left.

“Should we go to Yoosung’s house right now?” She was amazed that she needed to be the one to suggest it.

“No. She is in good hands. Just make sure she doesn’t run away again.” He replied, unperturbed as he looked at each one more closely and one of the older statements caught his eye. Wait a minute…did that say….Sarah Choi? Does that mean…? Jumin withheld a grin. Gotcha. He needed to run this by Seven and the chief of security. He memorized the heading of the page before his father’s secretary returned to collect what he’d left behind in his mystified stupor.

She couldn’t help the answering outrage at his complete dismissal. “What?! You don’t want to bring her home?”

“I said I want to give her back to V.” Jumin explained as he returned his gaze to the evening sky, it’s darkening hue reminding him of MC’s eyes. He needed to finish his work and fact check quickly if he was to see her before she fell asleep. Would she be excited to see him? Perhaps it was foolish to hope after everything he’d done.

“St–still, you don’t want to see her?” Assistant Kang continued, unable to believe the radical change in Jumin’s behavior.

Jumin rubbed his temples. He had just achieved some measure of peace, but there always had to be something scrambling his brain this week. He didn’t want to think about Elizabeth the Third right now. “I feel like I’ll have useless thoughts if I see her. It’s a bit complicated.” 

“But still…” She protested weakly.

“Assistant Kang.” He turned to address her with a measure of finality, changing the subject.

“Yes…” She looked to him, brows furrowing at his sudden engagement.

“I ignored your efforts when you were doing your research… but it helped. I admit I was wrong. I apologize.” Despite his flat tone, his sincerity was warm and clear. “It must have been very difficult for you to find all of that. Thank you.” He gave her a small smile filled with gratitude before walking past her to finish the piles of work surely waiting at his desk. “Then I’ll get going.”

“Difficult…? Thank you…?” She repeated, certain this was some strange alternate dimension. That, or the man in front of her was surely not Jumin. He was being…considerate? And…grateful?

Jaehee walked out of the conference room in complete stupefaction, opening the messenger robotically to let MC know about the latest developments as she walked to her own desk. Though she was still concerned about Mr. Han dodging his responsibility to take care of Elizabeth–and she had no idea how she was going to break it to Yoosung– she had to wonder if MC had noticed his uncharacteristic behavior.

MC grinned at the other woman’s bewilderment from within the penthouse, elated. Jumin was growing more comfortable expressing himself bit by bit, even without MC’s encouragement.

“Feels as if spring is in the air?” She asked, well aware of the change.

“Spring in the air…” Jaehee halted abruptly on her path as she tested them. “Yes.  I agree…the comforting wind that silently comes to you…“ She added, just as the man of the hour unceremoniously arrived. “Mr. Han;;” She acknowledged with a measure of exasperation. The man was surprising her on all fronts today.

“Jumin!” MC laughed at his sudden entrance, delighted. “I heard the meeting went well.”

“MC, here you are.” The words were fond; thankful that she was There in the messenger. “I’m about to leave soon, so will you wait?” MC smiled at the request. Of course she would, she’d been excited to hear from him all day. She always appreciated Jaehee’s updates, but she wanted to hear the grand tale from Jumin himself. She also sensed a slight melancholy behind the words, as if he was certain he would receive an irritated rebuff for leaving her home alone for so long. Silly man, she couldn’t help but think, you didn’t do anything wrong. She was just fine in his absence, spending her time working and preparing for the RFA party approaching in little more than a day. It was sad to see how certain he was that he didn’t deserve any level of acceptance or acknowledgement, even something as simple as a greeting upon his arrival at home.

Jaehee tried to address what Elizabeth the Third’s living arrangements would be again, but Jumin evaded the subject entirely, saying that they could address it later. He went on to mention something he forgot to address at the meeting earlier, telling Jaehee that he wanted to give her a vacation as thanks for everything she’d done to help him change his father’s mind. Jaehee was largely incoherent for the rest of the conversation as he asked for potential dates, offering her time to mull it over before he returned his attention to MC.

“I miss you so much I can’t stand it.” Appeared in his signature blue heart adorned with roses, charming as ever.

Her heart was melting at the sight of his unrepentant affection, as sure as he was sincere. “I miss you too.” She reassured him.

She could almost feel his desire to dash straight home and forget the tasks that he had planned to complete as soon as she reciprocated the sentiment. “Just wait a bit more.” He implored, though she had a feeling the words were more for himself than they were for her. “I have to visit a couple places…but I’ll go there as soon as I can.” He promised. “Thinking of seeing you at home makes me excited.” He added with a smiling emoji before he took his leave.

MC bid him farewell as Jaehee insisted it all must be a dream. She congratulated her frazzled friend and assured her it was indeed real, beaming at the sight of her joy. When Jaehee exited the messenger to finish her work MC’s gaze lingered on the black screen, a soft smile reflected in the low light. She was so proud of him for paying attention to Jaehee’s efforts and acknowledging what would make her happy, instead of defaulting to what he assumed everybody wanted from him. It was a sure sign that he was beginning to understand how to care about others properly, and why it was so important to develop that understanding.

MC grinned at the door. She was so going to tackle Jumin the second he stepped inside.

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Hi there! I want to ask for a NFSW request so I am a bit embarrassing... Can I have a small fanfic/HC when the RFA+ Saeran walk in and find that MC is kind of 'helping themselves ' and moaning their names? Maybe it's like the RFA went for a business trip and accidentally walk in then they got home( maybe finish their hacking work in their own room for saeyoung and Saeran ) Thank you for your time about my request and I gonna leave with embarrassment >//< Thank you :D

Hello anon! Sorry this took SO SO long!! And I only managed to do Zen, Jumin & Saeyoung’s! I hope it’s okay with youu~~


Warning: NSFW


He wiped the sweat off his face and gave the mic to the backstage staff. He walk backstage with applause following him. He bowed and thanked the staff that all pat and congratulates him too. He just finished an amazing job and now he just wanted to see MC.

He is respected enough to have a waiting room for his own and that’s where he had hidden MC. He clicked the door open and heard sounds.

“Ahhh… Zen…Ohh….”

His face blushed red before reverting into his beasty side. MC had her hands inside her pants and her other free hand was playing with her own breasts. MC didn’t even see or hear Zen coming in. This is not good.

He took off his costume tie and suddenly looped it in MC’s eyes as he stood behind her.

“Oh! What!”, she yelped.
“What are you thinking doing such naughty things without me?”, asked Zen.

Zen grabbed MC’s hand to stop her from pleasuring herself. MC replied with a disappointed groan.

“Why, MC?”, he asked again.
“Because… you looked great at the stage….”

He just remembered that the waiting room had a television where MC can watch the play going on. Immediately, Zen dived his fingers into MC’s insides and gave an even more wicked treatments that left MC into nothing but mewls, moans and gasps. With his continued ministrations, MC finally came with a loud cry.

“This is not so bad of a congratulations gift, MC.”
“Zen… You made me…. Everyone would hear it….”, MC said between her panting.
“Let them listen how my naughty girlfriend sounds like when she come.”

MC lifts her blindfold to the view of Zen grinning wickedly while unbuttoning his pants. He was still in his white sailor costume, MC smiled. Her dream is coming true.

Zen guided MC’s hand to his swollen member.

“It’s my turn, MC.”


The elevator brought MC to Jumin’s floor. Jaehee greeted her with a surprise.

“Oh, MC, why are you here?”, asked Jaehee.

Jaehee knew the only reason MC would drop by the office would be for Jumin only. But he’s not there.

“I’m here for Jumin-oppa.”
“But he stepped out earlier.”
“It’s almost the end of the year, a number of client asked him for lunch.”

MC hide her frown and smiled to Jaehee instead.

“Okay, I’ll wait inside then.”
“You sure? He won’t be back for a while though.”
“No, it’s fine.”

MC enters Jumin’s large office room. She clicked her tongue and threw herself on Jumin’s chair. Jumin had forgotten they’re having lunch together. How can he had forgotten? He just need to stay put in his office while MC is the one coming. And he still forgot?

And it’s been a while since he had last touched MC ‘properly’. MC ran her hand down and started pleasuring herself.

“Jumin… Ah… I hate you…”

Jumin entered his office with a bag in his hand, to the view of MC touching herself in his chair. She stopped immediately when she saw him.

“Oh, don’t stop, MC.”, he demanded.

With slow and seducing steps, Jumin approached MC that had turned red in the face.

“Did I hear you say you hate me?”
“Oh and look at that. You stained my chair.”

With fast movements, Jumin had MC bent over his table in a perfect height for him to thrust into her in one go.

“My wife needs to be punished. Hard.”


MC had walk past Seven, talked to him, to just the littlest response he can do.

‘Yes.’ ‘No.’ ‘Huh.’ ‘Alright’

He’s been stuck to his chair the whole day and only left for the occasional bathroom trip.

Okay, MC had had enough. She pulled a chair beside him, he only look for a second before focusing back to his computer. MC stripped her pants off first, threw her panties across the room, through Saeyoung’s field of vision.

“MC, I need to get this done.”

Longest sentence he had said.

Next, her shirt and bra came off flying. She used her puckered nipples to tease his back.

“MC……”, he growls.

She went back to her chair and lifted her leg to his table. Slowly, she began circling her clit and teasing herself.


Seven let out a sigh and grabs MC. He flinged her across his shoulder like a sack and threw her into the bed in their shared bedroom. He grumbled and took off his pants.

“You make my patience run out, MC!”

BTS’s reaction to you doing a slightly *ahem* suggestive dance:

Jin: “Ah, I’m sorry, honey, I just can’t do it!” Jin groans, crouching over to recover his breath.

“Aww, come on, Jin,” you say, “You were so close to getting it! Let’s run through the choreography just once more.”

He shakes his head. “Maybe tomorrow.” Plodding over to the corner of the room, he grabs a water bottle, and starts gulping.

You let your shoulders sink. “Alright then. But I want to get in a little more practice myself. Do you mind if I stay here for a while?”

“Not at all,” Jin smiles, “Would it be okay if I stayed to watch.”

You pause.

“Sorry,” Jin blurts, “I just thought maybe I could pick up some stuff, watching you. I’ll go, if you want me to.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” you reply, “I’m just not used to being watched when I practice. You’ll have to forgive me when I mess up.”

“My honey? Messing up?” Jin shoots you a disbelieving look.

You just laugh, and head to the laptop, clicking on the song you’ve been working on.

When the music begins, you manage to forget Jin’s there, allowing the melody to pick you up and carry you through the movements. You’re like a well-oiled machine – both sharp, and fluid. As the music draws out its final beats, you slip back to reality, and find Jin staring at you, his mouth hanging open.


“I didn’t realise my honey could be so…” Jin trails off, unable to finish his sentence. He doesn’t need to. His face says it all. You’ve lost your innocent image in his eyes. But that’s necessarily not a bad thing…

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Yoongi: “Y/N? Have you seen Y/N?” Yoongi bursts into the practice room where Hoseok and Jimin are stretching.

“She was practicing with us,” Jimin replies, “But she left a while ago. I think she wanted to work alone for a bit.”

“What’s the rush anyway, hyung?” Hoseok asks.

“Nothing,” Yoongi huffs, “I just want to see my girlfriend. Is that a crime?”

“Aww, you were jealous because she was spending time with us, weren’t you?” Hoseok crows.

“Shut up,” Yoongi retorts, a tell-tale blush crawling up his neck.

Hoseok and Jimin smirk.

“Whatever. I’m going to find her.” He slams the door behind him, and begins to work his way down the corridors, peeking through the doors of different practice rooms. Is he too late? Have you left already?

Then he notices the light shining under the last door.

He opens it cautiously, and is greeted by a wave of music, and you sprawled out on the floor, in the middle of a rather questionable move. You scramble up when you hear the door open.

“Yoongi!” You face turns a violent shade of red.

“Please, don’t stop because of me.”

“I can’t believe you saw that,” you hide your face in your hands.

“Don’t pull that now,” Yoongi chuckles, striding over and pulling your hands into his, “You’re only allowed to be sexy or cute. Both is unfair!”

“Can we just forget that happened?” you plead.

“Never.” Yoongi plants a kiss on your burning cheek, and you bury your head in his shoulder.

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Hosoek: “Hey! Your expressions are too raunchy!” you shout.

Hoseok pauses his dancing to look at you in confusion. “Huh?”

“You’re over doing it,” you tell him, from your spot on the floor, “You have young fans you know.”

“It’s a suggestive dance, though,” Hoseok whines, “How else am I supposed to do it?”

“I’ll show you,” you say, pushing yourself off from the floor.

As the music starts up again, you begin to copy the riské choreography perfectly: too perfectly. Hoseok watches in awe as you swirl about him, your body riding the chords like a smooth rollercoaster. His brain and his lungs have stopped functioning.

“See? There’s other ways of dancing, without making it overtly sexual,” you say, halting your movements, and giving Hoseok an I-told-you-so look.

“That was way worse than anything I’ve ever done!” Hoseok cries.


“You totally exaggerated the worst moves, and your expressions? What was with all that tongue action?”

The blood rushes to your face. “Tongue action?”

Hoseok demonstrates for you, swishing his tongue across his lips. “Just like this!”

“Don’t!” you laugh, pushing him away, “I didn’t do that. Don’t lie!”

“You did too,” Hoseok pushes you back, “You’re a massive pervert!”

“I guess we’re just as bad as each other then,” you giggle, admitting defeat.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Hoseok pulls you into him, and showers your neck and collar bone in kisses.

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Namjoon: “Come on, just do it! It’ll be hilarious,” the MC encourages.

Namjoon watches your face anxiously. When the MC had suggested that you show off a ‘sexy dance’ for the variety show, he was unsure how you’d feel about it.

“You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to,” he reassures under his breath.

You give his hand a quick squeeze, then get up from your chair. “Cue the music!”

As a popular tune starts to play, Namjoon can only watch dumbly as you begin to dance along. You start off silly, swinging your hips to the drums, and making faces at the camera. But as the beat picks up, something changes in your face. Now you’re dropping down, you’re back up, you’re over here, you’re over there. Your body movements are smoother than buttercream.

“I can’t watch this! It’s too much!” the MC cries, and the music is cut off. But the live audience are calling out in disappointment when you return to your seat.

“Rapmon, did you know your girlfriend could dance that well?” the MC demands, widening his eyes for dramatic effect.

“I had no idea,” Namjoon admits, scrunching up his face, and hiding behind his hands.

He’s going to have a talk with you when you get off stage. And then he’s going to plaster you with kisses.

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Jimin: “Jimin, could you take a look at this choreography I’ve been working on?” you ask.

“Sure, baby!” he smiles. You’re normally too shy to show off your skills, so when a chance like this comes along, he’s ready to jump on it, eager to see the dancing he loves so much.

But, as soon as the first beats start up, Jimin knows that this dance will be different from the others you’ve shown him. Your body begins to blend with the notes, turning to melted chocolate, and each roll, each twist, each flick has Jimin’s heart banging, and his cheeks flaring up.  On the final few chords you fall to the ground, and your body begins to feel out the floor, flowing, stretching, and sinking.

When the music fades, your heavy breathing is all that fills the room, a new kind of melody in Jimin’s ears. “What – what did you think?” you ask, pulling yourself up, and coming to sit next to him. He tries to ignore how your damp clothes cling to you.

“It was good, baby.” It’s so difficult to construct advice when his brain feels as useful as a wet dishcloth. “Um… maybe just pay more attention to your footwork in the second chorus…”

“Okay,” you nod, your eyes serious, “Want me to try it again?” You’re about to get up.

“No, that’s enough for one night!” Jimin tackles you to the floor before you can do any more damage.

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Taehyung: You are the kind of person that asks to pet strangers’ dogs. You compliment waitresses on their hairstyles, and play on children’s swings, and make daisy chains when the weather is nice. In short, you are the most innocent person Taehyung knows.

So why? Why is it when you dance something changes in you?

The first time Taehyung took you dancing he was shocked. He had been unable to form a coherent sentence the whole evening, and you had remained completely oblivious.

Now, when you suggest going out, Taehyung’s more cautious.

“Why don’t you want to go dancing with me, Taehyungieee?” you moan, burrowing into his shirt as the two of you lie on the couch.

“Because,” Taehyung mutters, “I’m tired.”

“That’s a lie!” you pout, “Just a couple of minutes ago you were jumping about and singing. Are you sure there’s not something else going on here?”

Taehyung sighs, and sitting up, allows you slide into his lap. “Well, I- I, uh, I don’t really like going dancing with you.”

“Why’s that?” You scramble off him.

Taehyung has to start his sentence off a couple of times before he can get his thoughts in any kind of order. “It’s just, when you dance… you can be sort of, kind of, a little bit… sexy,” he admits, “It makes me feel things I’m not used to, and I get all confused and discombobulated.”

You begin to laugh, softly at first, then with your whole body. “Is that all? Sorry, Taehyung, I didn’t even realise I did that.”

Taehyung giggles as well. Not a normal giggle, airy and feminine, but a deep, rumbling sound. “Sorry I didn’t tell you before.”

“That’s fine!” You jump up from the couch and begin dancing to no music, giving him your best come-hither look.

“Stop,” he growls, and with a grin, he stands up and smothers you in a bear hug.

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Jungkook: Everything had been going so well. Then this happened.

It all began with a simple ‘dance off’, but things had quickly spiralled downhill, and now Jungkook is watching as his friends crowd around you, offering compliments, and admiring looks. Some even have the nerve to add cheesy flirtations to the brew of unwanted attention.

Why did ‘Something’ by Girl’s Day have to come on? Why did you have to dance the choreography so well?

He can still picture you sinking to the ground, matching the ripplings of your body to the beat. That vision won’t be leaving him any time soon. He had been shaken up by your bravery, and okay, he admitted it: pleasantly impressed.

But your amazing dance skills didn’t give the other members of Bangtan the right to steal you away from him. He watches from a distance as Hoseok bounds around you, and as Namjoon claps a hand on your back. He bites down hard on his bottom lip, trying to stifle his irritation.

Then Taehyung picks up your hands and begins to hop about. “Wah, Y/N’s so good at dancing!” he sings.

Jungkook can’t take it for another millisecond. He pushes his hyungs out of the way, and grabbing your wrist in his blazing hand, he begins to pull you away.

“Jungkook?” you question, “Is something wrong?”

“You’re only allowed to show those kinds of moves in front of me,” Jungkook mutters, his cheeks colouring as he leads you away.

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A/N: Why have I never done these before??? This was so much fun to write! I might have got a bit carried away - that’s why these are so long, heheh…

(I don’t own these gifs)

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How about headcanons for MC and the guys' weddings? What will be her wedding dress and what type of wedding will they have? Probably honeymoon spots too if you have time ^^

OKAY FIRST(and yeah it’s taken me a while to write this tonight)! This is the Headcanon request that’s been hanging out in my inbox the longest.  I had to do some research on it as I kind of stopped keeping up with the latest trends in wedding dresses the past five years.  

Originally posted by sailorcandy

There is a weird personal history with me and wedding planning but moving on!

Please note that in all my headcanons regarding MCs wedding Simon will not settle for less than maid-of-honour.  

I apologize as these don’t seem to end up being too long. 

(All these wedding dress photos were found here: allure bridals)

Sherlock Holmes

Dress: This dress was chosen for it’s elegance, the (if I recall) A-line shape of the skirt, and the gorgeous heart shape with the modesty lace at the top. 

Wedding:  Nothing big, but John as the best man would be freaking out trying to find Sherlock, thinking he had forgotten and wondered off.  They would be surprised to find that Sherlock had gone ahead to the site for the ceremony long time before hand because he was nervous he’d get distracted.  

Honeymoon: Their honeymoon would most likely be spent at 221B with John being the one to leave for a while, wishing MC the best of luck during that time.  Mikah would go stay at a friend’s house.

John Watson

Dress: It’s a simple dress with a nice touch of romanticism.  The soft petal like layering in the skirt with the gorgeous lace work on the bodice.

Wedding:They would aim for a traditional wedding, well as traditional as it could be.  Every time they turn around someone else is trying to help out to make it even more special, eventually there would be chaos but MC’s smiling face and laughter would help John just accept that their friends are doing their best because of the love they have for the happy couple.

Honeymoon: A nice hotel suite where John could order room service and be waited on.  They’d probably have to pull some favors with Mycroft to get him to get the place for them so they didn’t have to worry about Sherlock finding them and crashing it.  

James Moriarty

Dress: James selected a wide variety for her to choose from, but instead she left with Sebastian and picked out this one together thinking that it would surprised him with the lack of beading and sparkle, but the way the skirt flows out makes her feel and look like a princess.

Wedding: Everything goes according to plan, well, James’s plan.  There were a few surprises hidden here and there for his bride and their guests.  Security was everywhere, not that MC knew it.  

Honeymoon:A new place every morning, MC should be a little concerned how easily they transport her at night when she’s asleep, but every morning is a new adventure with James Moriarty as he shows off to her all the places he’s been, as well as showing her off to his underlings so they know not to mess with his Queen.

Mycroft Holmes

Dress: Elegant, a little skin showing, a little mature with a little whimsical element to it.  

Wedding:If they are to do it right Mycroft would aim for something big and bold to make sure everyone knew they were married.  Make a production out of it.  However since canonically their line is that everything thinks they’re already married it would be a small wedding held in a small church, with strangers as their witnesses as they exchange vows.

Honeymoon: Mycroft would most likely feel a secondary honeymoon wouldn’t be necessary. However he would be able to get some vacation days to spend it with MC back home just in case there’s an emergency and he’s needed. 

Sebastian Moran

Dress: The tighter skirt doesn’t get in the way as much when Sebastian gets close to her, the lace was the only way that James would give his approval on it.

Wedding:It’s a small affair held at the Moriarty Estate.  There was some concern about security but James couldn’t see any place else more perfect for it to be held.  The entire time Sebastian fidgets with everything, doing his best to avoid MC all day and the day before because he heard it was bad luck to see the bride before their wedding.  Jack was forced to put little bowties and ribbons on the cats and spends a good bit of time during reception loudly complaining that James gets to be the best man despite everything Jack did?!

Honeymoon: Sebastian wants to spend it there near James, which gets him scolded by James for lacking a romantic heart.  Ends up with them going to a house in the country that James purchased for them to use for a few weeks.

Jeremy Cassel

Dress: This dress was attained by legal means.

Wedding: It’s a pleasant ceremony, met all standards, and even some of the guests thought it was a little peculiar how despite who Jeremy is and how pretty the decorations were that everything was going just and bland as bland could be.  Unknown to them however the bride found a note when she went to change into her gown that morning.  A note from Lupin promising to steal her breath away later that night.  So when the lights went out and the bride and groom disappeared there was mild panic before a little text was sent out that Jeremy couldn’t wait any longer and was taking his bride on their honeymoon.

Honeymoon:Jeremy is set on showing MC as many wonders as he can.  He has a traveling agenda planned out, though they travel by more conventional means with MC demanding that he stops stealing and act more honestly.

Hercule Poirot

Dress: Hercule loves the way the lace moves on MC, it’s hard for him not to touch it.  Hearing the swish of the tool, and soft rustling of the dress makes it hard for him not to watch her.

Wedding: Modern is the goal.  Very nice and sweet, everything just so.  Even though it’s all modern everything looks and feels so classy.  MC is almost constantly blushing especially whenever she and Hercule make eye contact. Hercule is constantly teasing everyone else around him, seeing calm and collected, even going as far as to pick on and banter with Jeremy during his best man speech.

Honeymoon: They go out of their way to make it look like they left, however so they can turn around and spend the time there at Hercule’s home instead of going over seas like they told everyone.  Just so they could really explore their new relationship in the comfort of a familiar setting.

George Lestrade

Dress: Modest, elegant, almost delicate looking with a long train.  Just to make Lestrade blush, though that isn’t hard to do.

Wedding:MC is asked several times throughout the day if she had changed her mind, would she change her mind, if she was having second thoughts, if she needed to run away with someone else, and most of the time from her doubting and worried husband to be.  He would be fidgeting at the altar, sending her texts letting her know that if she was going to runaway that he just wanted a heads up first.  Only so he could drop his phone as his heart skipped a beat when she starts up the aisle.  For the most part he doesn’t hear what is said, and doesn’t so much say “I do” as “uh huh” with a vigorous head nod.  The teasing is light hearted until Sherlock decides he needs to give a speech and talk about Lestrade’s short comings despite not being the best man; which is taken all in good jest though Holmes has no idea why.

Honeymoon: Though most of their budget was blown on the wedding their friends were able to chip in and help them go away to a bed and breakfast for a few days.  

(I did skip Jack, mostly because what I have in mind for him and what he would have is not something I would call a wedding)

Champagne Ripples ♡ Pt. 1 (Jumin x MC)

♡ Genre: Angsty?? Or maybe not oᴗo

♡ Plot: Jumin Han has always been cold towards you, but an incident at RFA’s annual Christmas party sends Jumin into a panic and his concern for you is revealed. 

[Part 1] | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

You finally arrived at the RFA’s annual Christmas charity party and you were nervous. It was your first year attending this event and the second you stepped onto the party grounds, you knew you had messed up.

You had on a floor-length champagne gown that molded your body beautifully and brought out the best of your features. The sweetheart neckline revealed your smooth skin and accented your collarbones nicely. The bodice of your gown was hugged with lace and the skirt hung beautifully with flecks of gold that glistened in the light. Your long brown locks were curled and twisted up into an elegant updo and finished with a pearl hair piece.

Oh my god. I’m so overdressed.

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anonymous asked:

"I'm sorry, but _____ didn't make the accident" + Yoosung (707 breaking the news to MC, from Yoosung ending)

  • Yoosung hasn’t slept in forever. He doesn’t want to and he knows that if he tried, he wouldn’t be able to anyways.
  • Whenever he closes his eyes, the image of them lying there, skin pale, body limp and lifeless, pops up.
  • He hasn’t been saying a word for just as long. He’s just been sitting at this chair in the hospital hallway, staring into the void.
  • At least one of the other RFA members is sitting next to him at all time, but nobody managed to make him speak up so far. They’re lucky if they draw a nod or him shaking his head from him when they offer to bring some coffee or water.
  • At first he had been so angry, aggravated, shouting at the doctors to help them and to let him inside, claiming he needed to be with them, needed to see them.
  • But once Seven managed to pull him back and convince him that he needs to let the doctors to their job, he sat down, burying his face in his hands and sobbing quietly to himself.
  • “Why can’t I protect the ones I love? Why does everyone I hold dear get hurt?”
  • It’s the last thing he managed to say before falling silent for hours, days even.
  • After two restless nights, Seven finally gets him to nap at least.
  • It’s the worst timing ever, but right then doctors run in and out of MC’s room and nobody is willing to say what’s going on.
  • It’s easy to tell though that it’s not good news. Nurses and everyone are on high alerts and run around.
  • Seven contemplates back and forth. He knows Yoosung would want to know what’s happening, but  waking him after he’s finally calmed down seems so cruel right now. He deserves some rest more than anything.
  • It all happens so fast anyway. Suddenly there’s much less chaos and Seven’s tension passes, thinking they solved whatever problem occurred just now.
  • But when he sees the expression of one of the doctor’s approaching him and the sleeping Yoosung, he feels his heart sink into his stomach.
  • Seven immediately stands up, wanting to stand a few feet away from Yoosung to not wake him.
  • “They’re fine, right? They have to be.”
  • But the look in the doctor’s eye is enough of an answer. There’s not much to say about the grief that takes over, it’s mostly feeling numb. It almost feels like the cruel reality doesn’t really want to sink in fully.
  • But he knows he can’t afford to break down now. There’s so many things to take care of. He needs to tell Yoosung and be there for him. He needs to tell the others, especially Jumin, who offered to take care of any circumstances and payment of the treatments and what not.
  • It’s the first thing he does, in fact. He dials Jumin’s number, saying he needs to come over and take care of last necessities. Seven can’t bring out the sentence, can’t put it to words, but Jumin seems to figure and understand. His voice, though slower and dryer than usual, is calm.
  • “Who are you talking to?”
  • Yoosung’s still sleepy voice makes Seven freeze. It surprises him he even speaks up at all, but he must sense that something’s up. Seven can’t even bare to turn around and face him.
  • “Seven? What’s wrong?”
  • Everything. Everything is wrong. “Nothing.” He says though, voice quivering.
  • “Was that Jumin just now?”
  • “Yeah, he… he’ll come over and– he’ll provide a car for you–”
  • “A car?” Seven hears Yoosung shift and when he turns to face him, he sees his face brighten a little, that spark of hope glistening in his eyes. The weak curve of a tired smile adorns his face. “MC, are they… are they awake? Can we bring them back home?”
  • It stings and his lungs feel like they’re going to burst and his voice seems to be giving out any moment now. “The car is meant for you.” He can barely murmur his words. “You should go home, get some rest.”
  • “For me? Seven, I’m not going anywhere until MC wakes up.”
  • “They’re not going to wake up,” he mutters under his breath, forcing himself to not avert his gaze and look directly at Yoosung, whose eyes widen. “I’m sorry… they didn’t make it. The– the doctors… they said… there’s nothing they can do.”
  • The young man just stares at his friend in shock and slowly shakes his head. The second a nurse turns the corner and appears in his field of vision, he jumps at her, demanding for her to tell him what happened, demanding for her to save MC and demanding to see them.
  • The nurse fails at trying to calm him and again it’s Seven who has to tear him away. Only this time, Yoosung is so hurt that he straight up swats away the redhead’s hand from his shoulder.
  • He gives up though, the nurse slips into the room and he feels like dropping to his knees and throwing up.
  • And there it is again, only now it’s ten times worse. Yoosung’s entire expression falls slump, as does his shoulders as he falls into his chair again, growing mute, his face buried in his face as he curls into a ball and tears fall down his cheeks.
  • “Yoosung, you should go home and rest. Jumin will take care of–”
  • “I’m not going to leave!” The blonde shouts and everything rises inside of him at once. The anger, the refusal, the anxiety, the sadness.
  • Not many minutes later Jumin arrives, alongside Zen and Jaehee, who both look like they’re about to burst into tears.
  • While Jumin speaks with the doctors, Jaehee and Zen get to Seven and Yoosung and a heavy silence fills the atmosphere, interrupted by Jaehee’s occasional sniffling.
  • “I’m so sorry,” she sobs.
  • “Yoosung, Driver Kim is waiting outside,” Zen speaks and even his voice is filled with nothing but grief and pity.
  • “I don’t want a damn ride,” Yoosung sighs, still not looking up at any of the fellow RFA members. He knows it’s not fair, but at that very moment, he can’t feel anything but anger towards them. It’s too much and they’re not helping. “I’m not going to leave.”
  • “You need to calm down and get some rest,” Seven insists, but he’s repeating himself and Yoosung knows he can play the same game.
  • “I’m. Not. Going. To. Leave.” His head finally goes up to direct his gaze at Seven, but the angry glare he throws him almost has all of them wish he wouldn’t have looked up.
  • A little while after Jumin joins the group and begins to explain what is going to happen, how they’ll take care of things from now on, but Yoosung can’t even bare to pay attention and listen to the group discussing how to deal with MC’s death.
  • For him, there is no way to deal with MC’s death. There’s no way to handle the loss.
  • “I told Driver Kim to bring you home, Yoosung.”
  • “I’ll walk.” His voice burns in the back of his throat and his bones feel sore as he stands up.
  • “Are you sure?” Jaehee asks hesitantly. “I don’t think you should be alone right now.”
  • “Oh yeah? You could put me in a room filled with people, with MC not there I’ll always be lonely.” he hisses and he still knows it’s not fair to direct his anger towards the others. But he does.
  • “If any of you cared half as much about MC as you do now, then maybe this would’ve never happened.”
  • Zen wants to add something to the conversation and have him calm the fuck down, but Seven holds him back. It’s probably best to leave him be for now.
  • In the little mess of it all, Yoosung manages to part from the group and leave the building. He is going to walk home. And every step is going to feel heavy. And no time can heal that wound or ease the weight of this tragedy.

setthestarsxnfire  asked:

Ok so, what about the RFA + V and Saeran finding out that MC is a teenager? Like literally is a step away from graduating from middle school. What would they do?

Okay, so I’m English and we have a whole other schooling system in our country, so I’m not sure what age range that is and google is not my friend at the moment, since US middle school ages are different to in Korea.

Regardless of geography, I’m pretty sure MC in this situation is going to be a minor, which means they’re going to get sent home. 

I’m aware that Mysme itself is on the app store as 13+, but for the in game logic to actually work and not be skeevy, MC has to be 18 at a minimum. A very young MC in the same situation potentially breaks child labour laws, having them trapped in an isolated environment without parental consent would definitely constitute kidnapping and I’m uncomfortable of the idea of putting them into the chat room situation with numerous older men and one woman, all of whom send selfies and texts and invite them into private phone conversations.

It’s a big nope and most likely the RFA would be uncomfortable by it too.

Saeran has no perspective of age and invited them because at that point of the game, he did not understand why there might be a problem. I mean. Worse happened to him when he was much smaller.

Seven picks up on MC’s age and passes on the info in that first prologue conversation. MC cannot lie about their age. He knows they are a child.

Jumin bypasses V and gets them out of the apartment. He knows about the legal implications of having them there.

Jaehee organises their retrieval and keeps in contact to make sure they are okay.

Zen and Yoosung are immediately furious at whoever led MC to the apartment and demands they catch them for essentially hurting a kid.

V feels EVEN WORSE about the situation. If it’s possible.

sadist-sui  asked:

Hello there ,, If the AskBox is still open .. I would like to request RFA + V + Saeran reaction to MC meeting her first love from high school .. [you might include that she's still not dating RFA members] sorry for bad English ;; thanks in advance

((The askbox was most certainly open at the time you requested this! Also, your English is fine! I made a minific for each character…After Yoosung I put a cut to avoid it being too long, Also, there is a mention of some violence!))


               MC and Yoosung were at the arcade together, playing a bunch of different games together, laughing and counting up how many tickets that they had won together. They were trying to go for the LOLOL giant plush that was 2000 tickets. They currently had 1750, mostly from many days of grinding at the arcade. Suddenly someone yells out MC’s name, and MC turns around to see her high school crush Dabin. He ran up to MC, and gave her an awkward hug, that MC half-heartedly returned. Yoosung felt a pang in his chest, although he knew that he and MC were just friends. Dabin began chatting with MC, and MC looked slightly uncomfortable with how casual he was being with her.
               “Haha, remember when we dated in high school? Wish I could go back to those days” Dabin laughed
               “Yeah…” MC replied awkwardly
               Dabin the put his arm around MC’s waist, despite her attempts to wiggle away. Yoosung’s face began to heat up with anger. Couldn’t the idiot see that MC was uncomfortable? He just wanted to deck this Dabin kid, and take MC away from him.
               “Hey MC, do you want to try dating again? I’d love to have you back in my arms”
               “Dabin, please let me go”
               “So what do you think babe? Wanna ditch this place?”
               Suddenly, Yoosung grabbed MC’s arm, and pulled her out of Dabin’s clutches. He wrapped his arms around MC’s waist protectively, and gave Dabin a death glare. He didn’t like how he was treating MC, and for some reason, when he had touched her, Yoosung suddenly felt his chest tighten.
               “Didn’t you hear MC? She said she didn’t want you to touch her.”
               Dabin snorted, looking at Yoosung with disgust. He then turned to MC and demanded to know who the blonde kid was, and who he was to her.
               “I’m her boyfriend. Keep your hands off of her.”
               Dabin began to laugh. That child was her boyfriend? Not for long he wouldn’t be.
               “Come on MC, you deserve a man like me, not that child. I mean, he’s what, 15? Leave that child and come back to my arms where you belong.”
               “Dabin, leave Yoosung alone. He’s more of an adult than you’ll ever be. We tried, but it didn’t work out between us. I’ve moved on, and it’s time for you to move on as well. Come on Yoosung, let’s get out of here.”
               MC then grabbed Yoosung’s hand and dragged him out of the arcade.
               “Yoosung, thank you for back there. I really appreciate it.” MC said, kissing Yoosung on the cheek, who then turned a bright red

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anonymous asked:

(Kinda a trigger thing) Rfa + V and Saeran getting really mad at MC and draws a hand (almost hits them but doesn't) but then feels really really bad about it.

*Trigger warning for abuse mention*

- They had been arguing over how Yoosung has been playing too many games and not paying enough attention to MC
- They went to unplug his computer and a rage boiled inside him, he grabbed their wrist tightly and raised his hand up high
- He noticed the way their eyes filled with fear, and he froze like that
- MC slowly backed up pulling themself away from Yoosung entirely before locking themself up in the bathoom
- Yoosung felt nothing but guilt after that, he sat outside the bathroom apologizing profusely trying to get MC to come back out
- He ended up staying up all night waiting for them 
- He spent the next few weeks trying to make it up to MC and swearing he would never do it again

- “Zen, you really need to stop smoking” MC had been nagging him for what felt like hours about his bad habits, it was driving him crazy
- He hadn’t even been smoking that much, only about two packs a week, it was show week and he was stressed, it wasn’t a big deal
- MC had reached for the pack wanting to take it away from Zen
- “Don’t you dare touch it!” Zen shouted raising his hand going to slap them
- He saw the tears fill MC’s eyes and before he could even begin to apologize they ran out of the house
- Zen texted them repeatedly trying to apologize, but no matter what he did they didn’t respond
- He tried asking 707 to track where they are but the hacker refused, saying he knew what Zen did and he wouldn’t let him hurt them
- After that he gave them their space and didn’t try contacting them until they were ready
- He didn’t touch a smoke since the incident

- Rarely did she ever get mad like this, but MC was being stupid! She couldn’t believe they had incorrectly filed something for the cafe
- They had been fighting about it since Jaehee noticed, or more, Jaehee had been fighting and MC had been standing in silence trembling, not that Jaehee noticed
- MC backed up a bit, they had never seen Jaehee this mad, but backing up only seemed to make it worse
- “Don’t walk away MC!” She had yelled going to slap her, MC had dropped to the ground shaking and crying before she seemed to even realize that she had yelled
- Jaehee pulled them into her arms whispering about how it was going to be okay and how sorry she was
- She took them out to dinner and bought them their favorite flowers to try helping them forgive her

- Jumin didn’t understand why on earth MC was being so stubborn about going to this party, it was just a small gathering, less then two hundred people would be in attendance
- The two had been arguing back and forth, Jumin demanding MC go and MC explaining how they can’t go because there would be too many people there
- He was getting frustrated, MC was going even if they didn’t want to! He was sure of that
- Finally when he reached his last straw he punched the wall directly beside MC’s head leaving them shaking in place when he stormed out
- He wasn’t surprised to come home and see that MC wasn’t there, he hadn’t meant to startle them, it wasn’t his fault that they were being stubborn
- All the RFA members told him he needed to apologize right away, the only one inactive in the group chat being Jaehee, which is where he assumed MC had run off to
- He left them alone for awhile trying to woo them back, though when MC said if he ever did that again they would leave him, he made sure not to lose his temper like that again

- He just wanted to be alone, why did MC keep bothering him? Wanting him to change into clean clothes, or eat a proper meal, or a bunch of other stupid stuff, it just made him mad
- MC kept interrupting him while he was in the middle of work and he was having enough of it
- “For once in your life just be useful and leave me alone!” His hand was inches away from your face when he realized he nearly slapped you, when he realized he was just like his mother
- He shut down after that, he couldn’t look at them, or talk to them, he was full of so much guilt for reacting like that to MC, letting that part of him react in such a strong way
- After awhile 707 begged MC for forgiveness, swearing he would do his best to never react that way again

- MC hadn’t meant to ruin his latest project, they were just clumsy, and oh god V was going to hate them for the rest of their lives
- They had been in the process of trying to fix it when V came home, he immediately thought they did it on purpose
- The two argued back and forth and MC was trying to defend themself, V was just overreacting, work was too much for him lately  
- He raised his hand before he even realized what exactly he was doing, “I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me” MC whimpered never expecting V to try physically harming them. 
- They were surprised when V started crying, MC held him close despite him trying to push away, he didn’t deserve them, or anyone to hold him or love him ever again
- MC promised they weren’t going anywhere, and made his project almost good as new.

- Boy did he have a temper, the smallest thing turned into an argument, and usually he would get to a certain point and storm out before the argument could reach a proper ending
- MC wanted to have forgiveness in their fights, they didn’t want to just forget or move on, they wanted closure
- So this time when he tried leaving they stopped him “don’t avoid me, why can’t we just deal with this now?” they asked frowning
- They hadn’t expected for Saeran to nearly slap them for that, they froze in fear looking down ashamed
- He stormed out of the room, he felt sick in his stomach for reacting in a way that he learned from his childhood, he thought he had managed to keep all that behind him, he thought he had it out of control
- Saeran was tempted to try just disappearing into the night, MC would never have to see him again
- But the guilt of doing that would be even worse

anonymous asked:

Okay but what if Minecraft connected to your computer's camera so that when you LITERALLY looked an enderman in the eye it freaked out

-Quickly duct tapes my computer’s camera- 
On a less freaked out note, that is really fucking wicked and I demand MC give us this ability 

anonymous asked:

I really love bunbun it's one of my favourite hybrid stories!!!💕💞💗💖💘 I was just hopping that in the end we would of got to read about jungkooks and y/ns kittens!? If it's not too much could you please do a small Drabble about her getting pregnant and having her babies??

Thank you for reading and enjoying my work, I can’t beleive its one of your favourite hybrid stories ^^ I’m sorry that you’re disappointed with the ending but truthly I don’t know if I, as the author, want JK and MC to have kittens. When I was writing Pt2 I was considering it but then I got some private messages from readers out right demanding MC got pregnant. It was rather rude. And then because of that it started to make me angry that somehow people are tying MC’s happiness in with pregnancy instead of her being in a loving supportive relationship, which is what the fic was meant to be about. Love and support. I know in the fic I said that MC wanted kittens at the end but that in no way reflects my intentions as a writer.
On a sidenote I am considering writing a small drabble series for BunBun but its dependant on if people don’t pester me about it (not saying you are doing that, I’m saying this for any people who look at this and also want a drabble)

anonymous asked:

RFA+V+Unknown reacting to coming home to find MC dancing and singing while cleaning to music they wouldnt expect MC to listen to? (The weirder the better) :3

I recommend that you listen to the songs while reading these

Also a warning of slight NFSW and swearing

Hope you enjoy -Admin Kay

~Seven- Mah Na Mah- Muppets~

-This boy was finally getting his four hours of shut eye, since he finished his latest assignment and Vanderwood had passed out on the couch, taser in hand.

-He knew that MC was off in the house doing something as well because he didn’t hear them leave or feel a kiss on his cheek, which was one of the main things that hold him that they were going out

-He stretched his arms above his head and cracked his neck, which gave a satisfying ‘POP’

-He was going scoop MC up in his arms and carry them to bed because it was so much better sleeping with their scent so close

-Time to find them and avoid waking Vanderwood

-MC was often found in the laundry room or their room when not on the RFA chat

-He went straight to the laundry room and there was MC folding up the dry clothes while dancing?

-Dancing to what though?

-He snuck up behind them and pulled out their earphones and shoved one in his ear


-Shock was plain across his face

-What the fuck? What was this song? Who listens to this?

-Is this a meme he hadn’t heard about?

-MC got right up in his face and whispered,“Mah na mah”

-He lost it

-He was rolling on the floor laughing and clutching his stomach

-God MC was perfect for him

~Yoosung-Don’t Mess with Ouija Boards~

-MC was vacuuming again, he could hear it from down the corridor

-They sure cared about cleanliness, well more than he did at least

-Dust and dirt really didn’t bother him, after all he was a college student and mess was part of the expectation

-But he truly loved how much MC cared for him


- O-O

-That was MC!

-He sprinted as fast as he could, his heart was racing.

-No one better be hurting his MC or their ass would be grass!

-Skidding at the front of the door he threw it open and he found…

-…MC perfectly fine?

-And singing while head banging?

-What the actual hell?


-….no answer

-He tapped their shoulder with a shaky hand

-“MC are you okay?”

-They just pulled out their earphones and stuck them in his ears

-Ohhhh! It was a song!

-It made sense now

-Still, he pulled them close and kissed the top of their head

-MC sure did have strange music taste but he loved them anyway

~Jahee-Bohemian Rapsodey~

-Since her and MC had moved in together and made their relationship a romantic one the kitchen had become very cluttered

-They had such a different variety of stuff and because they did live alone for so many years there was bound to be doubles of many appliances

-But neither really had the time to sort through it all since opening the café

-MC had offered to go through it all the weekend before last, as it was her day off, but she was called in to help Jahee because one of the Baristas called in sick last minute

-So Jahee had made sure that today she had enough staff on so that MC could get a start on sorting and noting everything down

-After a long and gruelling day Jahee had come home and saw MC sitting on the floor surrounded by appliances, with a notebook o their lap

-“I’m home, MC!”…….“MC?”

-Nope no response, maybe MC was mad because they had to sort this out by themselves today?

-“I see a little silhouette of a man, Scaramouche, Scaramouche”

-Jahee jumped four feet in the air

-MC nearly gave her a heart attack

-It now made sense why MC hadn’t answered her, they had earphones in

-She tapped them on the shoulder with a small smile and when they pulled out their earphones she asked them about their day

-Gosh she truly did love MC and their quirks

~Jumin-Pokemon Theme~

-MC had demanded that the maid go home early today as it was clear that the poor dear was sick and overworked

-And MC had no problem cleaning and mopping the floors as they had grown up without a maid all of their life

-Cleaning could always be made fun anyway, all that one really needed was a little music

-MC plugged their phone into the fancy speaker that Jumin had brought and put on their upbeat playlist

-This was the shit, they hadn’t done this in ages

-Hips swinging, the mop a makeshift microphone

-That is what Jumin Han had come home too

-His amazing MC acting different and a weird song was playing?

-Something about a pokey man? Who writes a song about a man that pokes?

-And why was MC so into it and being so dramatic while dancing?

-Jumin was confused, he needed help (not that he would ever admit to it)

-His maid left early and MC was stuck with the cleaning

-Was that what made them act so weird? Stress?

-He was just too tired for this

-He logged onto the RFA chat to message anyone who was on and ask what they thought

-Jumin: What is a pokey man?
707: Is JuJu trying to make a joke? Is the world ending?
Jumin: I’m not trying to make a joke, but merely asking what a pokey man is because MC is listening to a song about one and acting very strange
Yoosung: Could u mean Pokemon? That has a song!
707: Oh man that brings back memories Pokemon was awesome!
Jumin: You still have not answered my question, what is a Pokemon?
Yoosung: It was a cartoon!!!
707: *shocked emoji*
707: It was the BEST CARTOON EVER YOU MEAN!!!!
Jumin: Thank you for your assistance I must go now
*Jumin Han has logged out*

~Zen- Sexy, Naughty,Bitchy Me~

-Zen was always a bit busy, had been since his acting career had taken off

-But for the first time in over two weeks he had an early enough of a day to be home to make dinner at a decent time

-He messaged MC that he would be home for dinner and that it was his turn to cook

-What he didn’t know was that MC had put their phone in a different room to charge and that they were listening to their guilty pleasure playlist so they had no idea that he would be home early

-MC was making a simple chicken stir fry when the front door opened

-They did not hear Zen at all, they were too busy yelling the lyrics at the top of their lungs

-Zen was used to coming home and finding MC listening to music but normally it was something more calm and soft

-But this…this was suggestive as hell

-This song was giving him ideas for a later date, that was for sure

-He shook his head to rid those thoughts, totally not the time

-There was MC in the kitchen swaying their hips in time with the music

-“I love all my nights to end a bit nasty~”

-Yup this song was going to kill him

-And he was cool with that

-“Babe, I texted you to tell you I would cook tonight”

-“Jesus fuck! Zen! You scared me, don’t do that!”

-“Sorry babe you’re just too cute”

-MC just laughed and apologized about the song and explained it was a guilty pleasure song

-Zen said he was cool with it and told them that after dinner he could totally help their night end up a bit nasty

~Saeran-Lady Marmalade~

-MC was the sweetest thing, they had made him and his ungrateful brother dinner

-They knew that his brother and him had been living off nothing but Honey Buddah chips and mint ice cream for weeks now

-MC put their foot down and came over to make them a home cooked meal

-It was nothing fancy but it was real food and that made it great

-Saeran offered to do the dishes after dinner as a non-verbal thank you but MC had dismissed the offer and told him to go sit and relax

-But how could he relax if MC was here and cleaning after him?

-He picked up an empty can of PHD Pepper and took it to the kitchen as an excuse to kick MC out so that he could take over the dishes

-But what he saw, oh boy

-MC had their back to him and was dancing very *cough* sexually

-Grinding, thrusting, shimmying and flipping their hair while humming to a song

-Fuck his pants got tight all of a sudden

-He coughed to let MC know that he was there, which honestly was a bad idea with the tent in is pants

-MC saw him and did something he dare not even dream

-They pulled him over to them and danced with him?

-Well more like on him

-Grinding on his front while looking over their shoulder

-His face was bright red

-MC threw out their arms then pulled out the earphones they were wearing

-“Oh sorry about that Saeran, that song always releases my inner stripper”

-Saeran just blushed and ran

-Poor boy was confused and horny

-He couldn’t look MC in the face for weeks afterwards


子様のプロポーズSeason 2 - Be my Princess 2
LOVE JOKER - アンフェアな恋のはじまり
An Unfair beginning of Love Event

This event marks the beginning of love between MC and the princes from Lex Orb, although they all have a common theme they are each handled differently. As with my experience following Mikhail’s route, it is clear that the Lex Orb members routes are going to unfold in several events. This is the beginning of love. 

I have compiled a summary to each prince below the cut. (note: I did not finish Lucio’s route, if anyone is inclined to add to it, please do, thank you!) Enjoy! 

(summary spoiler under the cut)

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Quote Prompts (1/?)

little prompts based on some quotes 

also, nsfw for some

“you’re very warm… It’s nice.”


  • his teeth were chattering as he walked through the door and snow encrusted his knit hat
  • his nose and cheeks were a bright red, and even though they were covered by his thick scarf, mc could still tell he was suffering
  • poor boy missed the last bus home and had to walk through the cold
  • good thing mc had hot chocolate waiting for her sweet honey when he came home!
  • she met him at the door and helped him shed the many layers he was bundled up in
  • he was still shivering by the time he finally hung everything up, and his nose was still slightly red
  • mc couldn’t help herself
  • she had to kiss it
  • yoosung seemed even more red when she started to pulled away, but he immediately drew his arms around her waist and reeled her back in, seeking her mouth as he kissed her properly
  • “you’re very warm, mc… it’s nice”
  • he was blushing!
  • mc smiled and cupped his chilled face in her palms, darting in for another kiss
  • “well, I already made some hot chocolate, but I can think of a quicker way to warm you up…”
  • she was definitely smirking as she felt yoosung’s cheeks grow warm under her palms
  • he immediately attacked her lips with his own, nodding deftly as he walked her backwards until they met the wall
  • two mugs of hot chocolate were wasted that night


  • mc had convinced saeran that it would be fun to take a walk in the park while it was snowing
  • he didn’t know why he had agreed
    • he hated the cold
    • but he loved the park
    • and mc had actually begged him to go
  • of course he couldn’t refuse when she had promised him hot chocolate when they returned
  • and now they were walking hand in hand through the park, snow blanketing everything
  • saeran liked how the trees looked the most
  • mc loved watching the little birds gather around when she threw handfuls of seed on the ground
  • she noticed that her boyfriend was acting grumpier than usual when she had started the beginnings of a snowball to lob at him
    • he frowned at her until she dropped it
  • “hey, what’s with you?”
  • “I don’t want to be here. Can we just go home MC? It’s too cold”
  • she began to tease him
  • “Awh, is my poor baby is too chilly? Can he not handle a wittle snow?”
  • quick as anything, saeran stepped up to mc and slid his hands beneath her coat
  • she shrieked and tried to squirm away, but his grip was too firm
  • “you’re warm baby, it’s so nice…”
  • buried his face in her neck, making sure she felt how cold his nose was
  • he didn’t even hesitate to nip at her hot skin 
  • her shrieks turned to gasps and then to faint moans as he continued to bite and suck at her neck, his hands tugging her further into him by her bared skin
  • “does the cold make you more sensitive, mc?”
  • his voice was low and seductive
  • she could only gape at him as he pulled away, whipping her head around to make sure they were alone
  • “I’d fuck you right here in the snow if this wasn’t a park”
  • mc was done for when he murmured that against her ear
    • she was weak
  • she began to slide her own hands beneath his jacket, moving her hands so they grazed the skin just below the elastic of his underwear
  • he gasped and bit down on her ear lobe before ripping himself away
  • took mc’s hand and basically ran back home
  • that night they incorporated ice in their foreplay for the first time

“who was that? oh… your cousin…”


  • zen and mc often find themselves at the mall
    • it’s their go-to date location
    • they like to go into clothing stores and pick out outfits for each other
  • today was no different
  • zen was just coming out of the dressing room sporting the paisley shirt and hounds-tooth pants mc had selected for him
    • even though they were such clashing patterns, he still managed to look stunning in them
    • mc always tried her hardest to make him look bad
    • she was always unsuccessful
  • and zen couldn’t wait to see mc in the leather mini skirt tube-top combo he had picked for her
  • instead of seeing his goddess in leather-heaven like he imagined, he found her hugging a young man that had just entered the store
  • cue in the nuclear bomb
  • zen stormed over, immediately tugging mc to his side
  • he glared at the man and proceeded to engulf mc’s lips with his own
    • he never broke eye contact with the stranger
  • “Princess, who’s your friend here?”
  • mc knew what was going on
  • with a smug grin she replied
  • “zen, I’d like you to meet my cousin”
  • he immediately felt foolish
  • but still
  • he didn’t like seeing his girlfriend hug a man when she was dressed in such scandalous clothing
  • after chatting for a bit, mc’s cousin finally went along his way
  • mc was cheeky as she turned to zen
  • “I love seeing you get jealous”
  • that’s it
  • she’s done it
  • the possessiveness combined with her outfit sent him over the edge
  • the beat was unleashed
  • zen dragged her back to the changing room and pulled her in the stall
  • door is locked
  • he took only a second or two to appreciate her body in that outfit he picked 
  • and then it was on the ground
  • mc was pushed against the wall, legs around his waist as he attacked her neck
  • he was grinding hard into her
  • she was trying her hardest not to moan
  • mc dared to tug at his ponytail 
  • all of the clothes ended up on the floor after that
  • “thank god you took that shirt off babe, I thought I was going to get sick from that paisley print”

 “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!”


  • mc couldn’t help it when her skirt rode up just a tad bit too high while she was cleaning 
  • and she certainly couldn’t help the fact that she had lost saeyoung’s bet and had to help clean the house in a maid outfit
  • so when saeyoung pushed her against the counter, hands gripping her ass and hot breath fanning across her chest, she didn’t have much to argue with
    • she may have also loved the distraction from the chores he provided
  • and now, after wasting far too much time, mc realized that guests would start showing up in less than an hour
    • they still hadn’t even cleaned the living room yet
    • or started preparing dinner
  • with a lewd pop she slid his cock out of her mouth and bent forward against the counter, ass out and hips wiggling as she yelled like a drill sergeant
    • she would be damned if they wouldn’t actually fuck
  • he had no complaints and they finished up in the kitchen in record time
  • mc was quick to clean herself up after the living room was taken care of
  • saeyoung had disappeared after their antics in the kitchen, so when she called him in to help cooking, she was shocked to see him still naked
  • he was unashamed as he started pulling the pork out of the fridge like nothing was wrong
  • there was a knock on the door
  • “Babe! Put some damn clothes on already!” 
  • while saeyoung was shooed to the bedroom, mc greeted yoosung and zen as she opened the door for them
  • while congregating in the kitchen, yoosung pointed to something that was hanging off of a cabinet knob
    • it was mc’s underwear
    • the tiny black pair with the lace
  • everyone had red faces as mc demanded they wait in the living room

“You don’t need to tell me— I’ve memorized your order by now”


  • it was date night!
  • mc and jaehee had just walked out of the theater
  • it wasn’t one of zen’s shows, but it was still enjoyable all the same
  • or at least mc thought so
  • “It’s still pretty early mc. Would you like to come back to my place and watch a movie?”
  • of course mc agreed
  • and of course you both decided on one of zen’s performances that jaehee had on dvd
  • …or maybe three different performances
  • either way it was 2:30a.m and there were blankets and dvd cases scattered on jaehee’s living room floor
  • she sighed as she began to pick up the cases
  • “Jaehee, I can do this. Why don’t you make us some coffee?”
  • “Ah, I appreciate it, but I have a certain order-”
  • mc smiled as she cut her off
  • “It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me! I’ve memorized how you order them. Most favorite to least, right?”
  • jaehee had the biggest grin as she gently tackled mc, placing the softest kisses around her face
  • “You really are the best anyone could ask for”


  • it’s coffee shop time
  • v took you to one of his favorite art galleries
  • even though he couldn’t see the painting’s to their fullest extent any more, mc would read the title and v would provide all of this information about the artist, the subject, the style, etc. that even the gallery itself couldn’t provide
  • mc loved hearing the passion in his voice as he spoke about each piece
  • afterwards, she suggested going into the cafe around the corner
    • it was a place her and v frequented often
  • it was only slightly crowded
  • the wait wasn’t as long as it usually was
  • but it still gave the pair ample time to discuss their favorite paintings they saw
  • when it was time to order, mc was about to tell the barista himself when she was overtaken by v, who continued without pause
  • “-and a french vanilla latte with extra whip cream, please”
  • mc blushed when he ordered for her
  • after they sat down, she confronted her boyfriend
  • “you didn’t have to do that, I could’ve ordered myself”
  • she was embarrassed for sure
    • but she secretly loved it
  • “you order the same thing every time, mc. You expect me to not remember it?”
  • she was blushing again
  • she leaned across the table and delivered a light kiss
  • it was v’s turn to blush now 

anonymous asked:

How would the princes react when they saw MC with her handsome ex-boyfriend.

Hm. I think this is something I’ve answered before - or at least something similar to it as it is a jealousy headcanon. I’m too lazy to look right now so I’ll answer it just the same. Who knows? I may be wrong. xD

Wilfred: He’s the silent type through and through. He wouldn’t confront her or anything about it. He might sulk a bit until she explains why she was with her ex, but I don’t think he would actually do anything, except maybe glare. If the ex tried to make a move on her, that’s when he would react.

Keith: Keith would move in like a tornicane. (Tornado + Hurricane) He’d be all huffy and oozing his alpha-male aura. Think of an angry cat with its hair bristling and standing on its tip toes. He’d probably demand why she’s with her ex and what on earth the ex would want to do with her. After being chided, he might bite his tongue, but then he’d stand behind her and hug her close - just in case the ex had any ideas.

Roberto: Roberto might be sad at first since he might misunderstand. Still, he wants to give MC the benefit of the doubt so he goes over and puts on a smile like nothing’s wrong. Once he knows what the deal is, he’ll be relived and reassuring. But that won’t stop him from being touchy feely and super affectionate in front of the ex, ‘cause you know how affectionate he is.

Glenn: Glenn would be super pouty about the whole thing. He’d want to go over to her, but he wouldn’t want to be seen as immature so he’d stand off at distance. All the same, his annoyed aura would be felt by all and force the MC to acknowledge him. He’d definitely feel better after she explains everything, then hold her hand and not let go.

Joshua: Joshua would also be another one to have an alpha-male, cat-like reaction to seeing the MC with her ex. He’d demand to know why she was talking to him when she has no reason to. He’d be all like, “He’s your ex, there’s nothing to discuss with him. Why are you talking to him?” Just being a dork in general and all that. He’d hold on tight to her for the rest of the day. xD

Edward: Edward would hide his jealousy with a smile and be very cordial. He’d definitely have faith in the MC and wouldn’t be too worried. He wouldn’t show his feelings openly because, again, it wouldn’t fit his image and he thinks they’re unsightly. He’d ask her about her ex in a roundabout way and once she lets him know the details, he’s not as concerned. He reassures himself that he did the right thing in not getting overly emotional about it and is happy once again.


Thanks for asking! I hope you liked my answers!