mc of the nation

RFA reacts to MC’s phone breaking and she can’t get on the chat.




  • Yoosung doesn’t worry about it too much at first. 
  • He just gets absorbed into LOLOL again so that’s all he’s thinking about. 
  • Until hOURS LATER.
  • Starts to seriously get worried. 
  • Rapid fire spams her phone with messages, pretty much close to tears.
  • Did he do something wrong?? Is MC okay??
  • Can’t go to class, he’s so worried Not that he would’ve gone anyways.
  • So relieved when she finally messages him back, although he feels a little silly for overreacting.
  • Never tells her just how bad his overreaction got.


  • He was so proud of the selfie he sent her. He looked gooood  ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧
  • Wasn’t too worried about her not replying immediately. She was probably just so blown away that she was speechless. 
  • After awhile, though, he starts to feel a little bit hurt. 
  • He didn’t think she was annoyed by his selfies…but maybe she was?
  • Starts to feel bad about all the selfies he’s swamped her with. He should’ve toned it down…
  • Can’t focus on his acting practice. Can’t remember his lines and starts to get annoyed with how much he has to look at himself. 
  • MC probably thought his picture was annoying so now it’s annoying him too. 
  • Finally, a couple days later, MC sends him a selfie of herself and her new phone, explaining everything. 
  • Sends her another one of him totallynotfreakingoutatall
  • Hewaschillthewholetimewhatareyoutalkingabout.


  • Can barely reply to messages herself thanks to how much work she has Thanks Jumin
  • So when MC sees her message and doesn’t reply, she’s not too worried about it. 
  • She’s probs busy and Jaehee 100% understands. 
  • But after a couple of days, she’s worried MC’s hurt, not busy. 
  • Starts asking around the RFA to see if anyone else has heard from her, no dice. 
  • Keeps working so she doesn’t worry, but can’t work as proficiently as usual because she can’t shake off the worrying. 
  • Remain calm Jaehee. She’s probably okay. Don’t freak out. 
  • But what if she’s not?? She wants to help her but she doesn’t want to overreact…
  • Right as she’s about to call the police or the hospital, MC messages her on her new phone and apologizes for worrying her. 
  • Won’t admit she might’ve overreacted a little, but sets aside time away from work so they can go for an extra long coffee break. 
  • So relieved her bae’s okay ♥


  • Immediate possessive-panic mode. 
  • She read it and just…left?? What even?? Did he just lose her??
  • Not even a day later, he’s convinced she’s dead. Or seriously injured. 
  • CRUSHED that he couldn’t convince her to stay by his side where it was safe. 
  • No work that day. Nope. Gotta worry about MC Sorry Jaehee…
  • 1000% ready to start a nation-wide search like he did for Elizabeth the 3rd. Ads on all the websites. Commercials on television. Calling everyone he could. He didn’t care, he just wanted his MC. 
  • Jaehee only convinces him against it when she gets MC’s address (Other than Rika’s apartment) from 707 so he can go visit her himself. 
  • Doesn’t even feel silly when MC explains what happened, just INCREDIBLY relieved. MC’s pretty embarrassed, tho. 
  • Buys her the nicest phone possible and the most protective case he can find so it doesn’t break again. 
  • Treats her to a nice dinner that night, glad to see she was okay.
  • MC turns off the read receipts, though (´・_・`)


  • Sent MC another reeeally lame joke. Maybe even a pun. He wasn’t surprised that she didn’t respond. 
  • Tries to lighten the mood with another joke. But now she’s not reading that one??
  • Was his first joke really do bad to start ignoring him? Probably but still.
  • Finally hacks into the CCTV, just to check on her. Sees the broken phone and understands everything. 
  • Sends her a new one, along with a kitty cat case (◕ ワ ◕✿)
  • But the phone wasn’t without a few…alterations 
  • He makes sure it’s got a lot of storage and even some good graphics if she wants to play some mobile games Like Mystic Messenger, but that’s not all. 
  • ALWAYS autocorrects 707 to “707, DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!!!” no matter what. Although MC starts just calling him 7 to get around this. 
  • Changes all her contacts to “It’s a mystery~ (・o・)
  • But the most important thing is that he basically gives it NOKIA level sturdiness. Just to make sure it doesn’t break again  ♥


  • my birthday!
  • Daniel Howell’s birthday!!
  • THE CHOI TWINS’ BIRTHDAY!!! (to God 707 and emo Saeran)
  • THE DAY THAT I LIVE TO SEE MY CHILDREN EARN THEIR TONYS (the tonys are tonight, and you know i’m watching it; mike faist deserves it)
  • TWO DAYS UNTIL BTS FESTA (also more hype candy)
  • THE NATIONAL EQUALITY MARCH IN THE STATES!! SHOW YOUR PRIDE (celebrate with the babadook for me)
I don’t like saying this just as much as you don’t like hearing it, but we’re back here again.

I just read this quote on twitter today by SM and I’m going off. Bear with me.

Did SM really say “[…] we decided to help them” to Super Junior? 

Are you kidding me? What exactly did you do? I’m seriously asking. What did you do to help them? You can’t even spell their album name right.  

You were the first ones to believe they would fail. That’s why you put them in that stupid ‘graduate the group’ system until you realized how popular they were getting and eliminated that strategy. Why have a strategy like that in the first place? Because you wanted to get rid of them. With each member “graduating” you could get rid of them faster, tell them you kept your promise to debut them, and after that they would no longer be your responsibility. 

However, when they starting attracting a lot of fans, you actually gave them some attention. That whole “stardom to asia” was real but I doubt you actually believed in it. That was probably a promotional strategy. But then when they actually started being the stars of asia, you started taking it seriously because you realized holy shit these guys are gaining popularity every day. The only time and reason you started giving a shit about them in between somewhere was because they started having a huge fanbase that would bring you a lot of money. ELF actually had to buy shares in your company so that you would treat Super Junior fairly, and you’re telling me that you helped them? 

Aside from what you HAD to do as a entertainment company (with a contract) how exactly did you help them? It’s not “helping” when you have a trade off through a contract. This way you’re “helping” EACH OTHER. You make them idols. They bring you money. A trade off (which you initially benefited from more than them because of your unfair treatment). 

You had one of their members wear a mask when performing (and yeah sure there were legal and contract issues) but how did you HELP him after when everything was settled? What counselling did you provide him with after he went through all that shit and became insecure and lost his confidence? Nothing. Instead, you continued to treat him unfairly and so he left. Moreover, what counselling did you provide Leeteuk when he was dealing with depression and became suicidal? You did not do shit. You told him to deal with it and get over it because it was none of your business that he was depressed and suicidal. The military suggested that he discharge early because of the illness but you said no, he had to stay (so if he died there then so be it). How did you help them?

Leeteuk is your biggest potential for a future national MC and you are always up his ass about working hard to be a good MC because you know he has that potential, but you don’t even give a shit about his mental health. He is fighting through it thanks to group activities and talking to the rest of the members. That experience damaged him so much that he has dedicated some of himself to helping other idols and people deal with depression and suicide. But no, you tell me how you help them?

You didn’t “help” them by making them debut, giving them comebacks, albums, and etc. I am very thankful that you did because I would not be here today if you had not debuted them and given them comebacks. But, those are thing you HAD to do as a company who already had a contract with them. 

They are EXPECTED. 

I bet the reason you gave SJ a label of their own is mainly to tie them down to you so they wouldn’t leave in the future, like Shinhwa did. Maybe I’m wrong and you really did give them a label because you care about them but with the way things have been in the past you can’t blame me for being skeptical. 

You want to help Super Junior? Start by treating them fairly. You want to help them? Invest at least some of the money they earned for you back into them instead of everyone else EXCEPT them. They are one of the top 2-3 groups that earn you the most money and you can’t even give them a proper album cover or reasonable time for promotions. But you can’t do that because like the high school teacher and professor everyone hates, you play favourites. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Super Junior is your most neglected group despite their huge success.

SM, you’ve done for Super Junior what you were obligated to do as a entertainment company and based on a contract. Nothing more. You’ve treated them more unfairly than fair. Do you not notice that when they often thank us, ELF, before they thank you? But, by all means, tell me how you helped them? 

I’m not ungrateful towards SM for all the good that they HAVE done for Super Junior. I sincerely thank them for it. But to say you helped them must be a joke because I’m still laughing.

Writing Masterlist

Everything is listed according to alphabetical order of the pairing. Alternatively, if you prefer to view everything, you can check out my writing tag :)


Samurai Love Ballad Party
[Genya/MC/Hanzo, NSFW] divide and conquer for anon
[Hideyoshi/MC] tell the world for anon
[Hotaru/MC, fluff] everyday discovering something brand new for @gracevakarian
[Ieyasu/MC] a moment like this for anon
[Ieyasu/MC, fluff] shut up and dance with me for @irina291992
[Kenshin/MC, fluff] [untitled] for @thedaydreamingotaku
[Kojuro/MC, angst] nothing here without you for anon
[Kojuro/MC, fluff] the more I look at you for @noomsu
[Kojuro/MC, NSFW] shyly obscene
[Masamune/Yukimura friendship] something special for anon
[Masamune/MC/Shigezane, polyamory] say yes for anon
[Nobuyuki/MC, NSFW] don’t know any other way for anon 1 and 2
[Saizo/MC, angst] with every worthless word for @little-lady-mimi
[Shigezane/MC, NSFW] fair play for @nikkihime
[Shigezane/MC, fluff] steal some covers, share some skin for @gainknowledge
[Yukimura/MC, past Shingen/MC, hurt/comfort] follow you into the light for anon
[Yukimura/MC] headlong for anon

Office Lover 2 (Okko)
[Kenichiro/MC, NSFW] skin to skin for @han-pan


[Genya] SFW+NSFW headcanons for anon
[Genya, Sakuya] modern college headcanons for anon
NEW [Hanzo] SFW+NSFW headcanons for @aqua-pikachu
[Hideyoshi] MC doesn’t tell him about her impending death for @ginger1434
[Hideyoshi, Kenshin, MC] modern music taste for @ginger1434
[Ieyasu, Mitsunari, Nobunaga, Kojuro] MC getting drunk and acting like her lord for anon
[Kenshin + Uesugi clan] modern AU
[Masayuki] SFW+NSFW headcanons for anon
[Mitsuhide] modern AU for anon
[Nobuyuki] dark yandere headcanon for anon
[Nobuyuki] SFW+NSFW headcanons for anon
NEW [Nobuyuki] MC leaves Nobuyuki for anon
NEW [Nobuyuki] NSFW aftermath of MC moaning another man’s name in bed in bed for anon
NEW [Nobuyuki] Nobuyuki and MC fall out of love with each other for @potato-ssi
[SLBP lords] modern!lords playing barbies with their daughters for @atroniascreamsube
[SLBP lords, Shigezane, Nobuyuki, Hotaru] MC leaves because of Reasons for @tallbutshort9
[SLBP lords] MC ignores them in favor of her new pet kitten for anon
[SLBP lords, Sakuya, Genya, Shigezane, Nobuyuki] the lords time travel to modern times for anon
NEW [SLBP lords, main ninjas] MC is a National Security Advisor for @rose-of-yonezawa
NEW [SLBP lords, Shigezane] MC ignores them in favor of a good book for anon
NEW [SLBP lords] MC is in love with somebody else for anon
NEW [SLBP lords, Nobuyuki] MC announces her pregnancy
NEW [SLBP lords] The lords forget to return a library book for @duerme07

Updated 10th July 2017!

anonymous asked:

Reactions. RFA members plus Saeran and V. MC Being a top brass at National Defense.

(top brass at national defence is like, an MC that is top in the National Defence right?? like, a strong MC?? I have no idea if this is right (google has not helped rip) so if I did it wrong let me know! also spoilers down in V and Unknown’s parts for the secret endings)


  • MC is so strong he’s sure MC could probably carry him with one hand
  • and it gets him weak af to think of that
  • no seriously
  • he doesn’t really hide it??
  • like heck yea MC you rock 
  • he’s sure MC could beat up his LOLOL character if it existed in real life and says that if MC was a LOLOL character he’d main that character
  • he likes to hang out with MC because he feels so safe?? like MC could break any thug in half. just, what’s there to fear


  • she is surprised at first
  • she never imagined MC being so…. strong
  • but the more she looks the more she looks the more she likes
  • likes a lot
  • she could be the damsel in distress and she’s pretty sure MC would be able to fight off any fantasy dragon with their fist
  • she honestly is all for it. she high-key loves it
  • no longer afraid to walk around at night when MC is with her


  • ooooh gosh
  • he liked to think he’d be the best fighter of the RFA
  • with like, his gang times and his whole workout thing
  • but no
  • he meets MC and he’s like
    • “Hey babe, let’s armwrestle! I’ll go easy, don’t worry-”
  • he has no idea what happened but his hand was just smashed into the table as soon as he put it in MC’s
  • reMATCH
  • he keeps rematching MC and loosing miserably
  • … it’s kinda hot
  • he always saw himself as a dominant dude but…. but….. thinking that MC could hold him down so easily ahgjahgjha


  • he was under the “doesn’t really care” category
  • until he saw MC talking with one of the guards
  • the guard was talking with MC and joking around
  • Jumin was ready to fire the man if he was bothering MC but
  • but MC laughs along and 
  • and gets into a mock fight with the guard??
  • and Jumin has never seen. something so. intense
  • by intense I mean the guard is in the ground after about five minutes
  • ,,, it’s interesting
  • maybe he didn’t need to get so many guards for MC???


  • mmmyes MC
  • just. carry him like a princess
  • carry him and fling him into the sun with your bare arms mmm
  • no he seriously feels so safe around MC
  • like, at least he knows that if the agency sent someone after MC,  they’d stand a high chance
  • doesn’t stop him from worrying tho
  • he sometimes dresses up like a maid and makes MC carry him because he finds it funny
  • makes MC open the pickle jars. there’s rarely any pickle jars in the house, but he makes MC open them even though he’s strong enough to do it himself


  • at first he was scared of MC a bit because he saw them beating up people at Mint Eye to help Seven
  • but, as time goes on, he finds MC’s strength… calming
  • MC could restrain him from doing stupid things, and they could protect him if harm comes his way
  • Seven trusts MC to take care of Saeran because he sees Saeran is curious and wants to know more about MC
  • and MC teaches him bits of self-defence here and there, mostly to just show him some stuff
  • he falls in love with those times and he really likes that about MC


  • When MC pushes him out of the way from the bullet, the air is knocked out of him
  • it’s overwhelmingly strong
  • but, when MC is asking him if he’s ok, holding him, he realizes just how strong they are? 
  • after the fiasco he tries to isolate himself to avoid the RFA so they don’t confront him, because he can hardly take care of himself
  • and MC sticks by him
  • he doesn’t want to depend on MC too much, because he feels guilty, but MC keeps helping him
  • pushing heavy stuff, lifting stuff, helping him clean up, things he seriously couldn’t do with his vision or strength-
  • he slowly becomes used to having MC’s help, even if he didn’t want to, and always apologices when MC has to help him 
  • he finds MC’s abilities and achievements amazing, like he praises MC about them so much…, bless
RFA + Minor Trio Going Out in Public in a Unicorn Onesie

A head canon where mc convinces the RFA + Minor Trio to go out in public a whole day in a pink unicorn onesie. This is something me and my friends are planning to do together and we’re all just waiting for a day we can all catch up together

Woah!! What a unique request!! This might be slightly short, probably because it’s almost three am and I’m trying to function ;v; I hope you enjoy this and that you and your friends will be able to catch up soon~


  • I mean, he was already a majestic unicorn
  • and considering he once got curious about what he’d look like with pink hair as well…?
  • this is perfect!!
  • it was decently easy to convince him to wear the onesie
  • he’ll do anything for his prince/princess :O
  • so, the day where Zen wears the onesie came
  • and he surprised you by being already in it when you woke up
  • !!!
  • he looked
  • so
  • cute !!!!
  • “Jagiya, how do I look~”
  • you started grinning and jumped out of bed to hug him
  • you also decided to go have breakfast in a small cafe to start off the day before going to the amusement park
  • everywhere Zen went, his fans were there
  • his fans tried taking pictures with him, so that slowed down your day a bit but you knew that this will help his popularity and didn’t say anything
  • you held his hand for the rest of the way to the amusement park
  • you started off by sending Zen on the carousel and taking a video of him
  • I swear, he probably winked in the middle of the video
  • … and if the video was posted online, it probably went viral.
  • and if you sent a photo of Zen in the onesie, Jumin would probably have mentioned how cats are more majestic
  • you guys had a good day together at the amusement park
  • some point during the date, you brought some pink cotton candy that matched the color of the onesie
  • pretty much, the date was all fluff owo


  • “MC! Do you still think I’m a kid?!”
  • poor babe
  • his face was probably pink tbh
  • it took a bit for him to finally wear it because he wanted to be seen like a man
  • but he was one of the easier ones to convince in the end because he’s a bit submissive towards MC
  • when you guys go out in the unicorn onesie, it was to his college
  • you surprisingly went to the same university and never knew
  • so you were by his side the whole time during school while he was wearing the unicorn onesie
  • if he got laughed at, you would have fought them >:O
  • no one hurts your babe
  • sure, Yoosung got a few stares but you reassured him that he looks cute and will always be manly in your eyes
  • especially since he wore it to make you happy, something extremely manly
  • help how many times am I going to use the word manly
  • during lunch, you texted a photo of you and Yoosung in his unicorn onesie to the RFA group chat
  • … rip, Seven completely teased Yoosung and you swore you saw Yoosung’s soul leave his body
  • other than that, nothing really happened, except Yoosung made you wear matching onesies when you get home
  • cuddling sessions, surprise, he didn’t play LOLOL!!
  • rika wouldnt have made me wear a unicorn onesie to school… T^T
  • I should stop :’)


  • you somehow managed to convince Jaehee to wear matching unicorn onesies for national unicorn day
  • which is the ninth of april, by the way ;o
  • you convinced her with the idea of unicorn lattes and unicorn shaped cookies and talking about how social medias are going to be so hyped for national unicorn day
  • she reluctantly agreed, it probably took a good day or two to convince her.
  • you baked the cookies and frosted them while Jaehee made the lattes
  • every customer that came in were greeted by the two of you wearing matching unicorn onesies and a free cookie
  • the cafe quickly became packed and was one of the trends on social media
  • the RFA showed up sometime too wearing something unicorn related
  • and Jumin brought Elizabeth the Third, so rip Zen..
  • the cafe gained a lot of popularity from the whole event which made Jaehee really happy
  • proud MC is proud

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Finally It is here…..

MC with overwhelming Mom RFA+V&Saeran

MC proposing to them RFA+V&Saeran

MC’s Dad is in Prison RFA+V&Saeran

MC Getting Shot and Just Being Chill About It RFA

MC Getting Cheated On RFA

MC Getting Cheated On Part 2

MC On her Period RFA+V&Saeran

MC Doing Reckless Things To Deal With Depression RFA

Tokophobic MC

MC Dying In A College Shooting RFA

MC Being A Comedian RFA+V&Saeran

MC Having A Terminal Illness RFA

RFA+V&Saeran Bachelor Party

MC Being Allergic To Cat Hair

Random Sad Angst Cries RFA

Random Sad Angst Part 2

Artist MC With Art Block

MC Lack Of Self Care

Cuddle HC’s

Mermaid MC

Sick MC

V seeing MC for the first time

RFA+V&Saeran Reaction To Their Son/Daughter Getting Married

Small But Tough MC RFA+V&Saeran

MC Trying To Convince Their friend/relatives To let Them Date You

MC Having A Family That Makes Cruel Joke Towards Her

MC Who’s Deathly Afraid Of The Dark

RFA+V Who Has A Terminal Illness

Chubby MC

MC With A Serious Heart Disease 

MC Busting All Of Sayoung’s Cars Because He Cheated On Her Minific

MC Having A Daughter That Passed Away

MC Dying In Childbirth But The Child Lives

Zen Giving Up On MC Because Of His Career Then Regrets It

MC Tickling The RFA

Jumins Reaction To MC Getting Murdered

RFA Having A Crush On MC Then Finding Out She’s A Lesbian

MC Getting Pissed In Jumin’s Route and Leaving

Suicidal MC RFA

RFA With MC In The Military 

[RFA,V, Saeran are all kids, how little RFA, V,Saeran get a long with little MC?



How The RFA Hugs MC

RFA Watching The SuperBowl

 RFA finding Out MC Fosters Animals

First Dance With MC


Yoosung finds out mc plays World of Warcraft](





MC being totally fit and competing in those national weight lifting competition](



The Crush: Part One  Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight 

Wanna be on Top?

Rating: T

Warnings: Bad attept at a pickup line.

Summary: Alfred is living the fast paced life of a model on the go, but is frozen in his tracks by a beauty the likes of which he’s never seen.

A/N: Written for @elvenrain because they inspired me during their livestream!
NSFW sequel is here


Modeling had always come easy to Alfred. Ever since he was a baby, he’d been on diaper boxes and rice cereal brands across America. By his grade school years he was acting in cough syrup commercials and Mc D*nalds ads on every TV in the nation. In his teenage years was when his career had really taken off. Makeup brands, music videos, and various other portions of the fashion industry were using him. He even had a special name, Goldenboy.

Everything was going oh so right in his life. Dreams of being in Paris for fashion week were practically within his grasp at the ripe age of nineteen. Alfred was feeling unstoppable, on top of the world, a god among mortals.

All of that came screeching to a halt in a matter of seconds.

Alfred’s eyes followed a beautiful stranger on the street corner outside, his view from the windowside table of the coffee shop being perfect. The rain outside did nothing to obscure his view, thanks to the canopy out front. He dared not look away for a second, as if the earth may shatter should he let the man slip from his vision.

As luck would have it, the gorgeous blond haired creature was coming this way, and the door to the shop soon opened with the sound of a bell.

Alfred snapped out of his thoughts as his name was called, his order being ready now. How cruel fate was, giving him no more time to stare at the seemingly flawless skin of the other. He had work to get to, after all, and was only allowed a small break today. There were too many photoshoots lined up one after the other for him to dally too long.

The back of his mind begged him to ask the man’s number, use a cheesy pickup line, ANYTHING. The first words to leave his mouth were not what he had intended. “Oh man, your eyebrows are huge!”

Shit. Shit, fuck, mother of–

“Excuse me??” Came the obviously offended voice of the man he had been watching.

Sweet lord have mercy, the man had an accent. One of Al’s biggest kinks, he had found, were accents. Too dumbstruck to reply, Alfred simply gave his brightest smile and an awkward wave.

“I, uh, I meant to say..” Al took a moment to attempt to collect a thought “I think your eyebrows are cute! Really make your eyes pop, yanno? You ever considered modeling?”

Touchdown! Expert recovery, if he did say so himself. When he looked into the startled eyes of his mystery man, he expected to be brushed off or maybe even slapped. How did he even know if this guy was batting for his team? Oh Alfred, you done fucked up now, didn’t you?

Surprisingly enough, the emerald eyed man started laughing. Alfred watched as this beautiful human being laughed, and by the gods was his laugh the most incredible sound he’d ever heard. The sound was contagious too, as Al soon found himself laughing as well.

Moments of giggle fits and heavy breathing later, the two men had calmed down from their high. A hand was extended to Al, his eye candy giving a small, but still noticeable, smile. “I’ll give you credit, I have never heard that one before. I’ll assume you were hitting on me?”

Al shook the hand before him eagerly. “Not my best pickup line. Mind giving me another chance? Name’s Alfred. Alfred F. Jones.”

“Arthur Kirkland.” Came the man, Arthur’s response. “I suppose I could suffer through another, for a handsome lad like yourself.”

A slip of paper was slif into Alfred’s hand, when had he written anything down? A number was clearly scrawled across it, the name in an elegant cursive script. Alfred’s grin rivaled the sun.

“Really? You asked for it~!” Alfred cleared his throat, “Are you Tyra Banks? Cause I wanna be on Top~”

He deserved the slap he got for that one.

rose-of-yonezawa  asked:

Scenario. Modern AU. MC is a National Security and Intelligence adviser. SLBP lords; retainers; side fellas and ninjas reactions and how they would work with her on a high profile risky case, taking into consideration she loves risks.

THIS IS SO COOL. Main lords + 5 ninjas (sorry, Kyoichiro).

Also, disclaimer: I’m not 100% clear on what national security/intelligence advisors actually do, but I’m under the impression that it’s a supervisory position that doesn’t involve much (if any?) legwork.


  • Nobunaga is an up-and-coming political party leader who may or may not be trying to set a record for the highest number of death threats received per individual
  • MC advises him about security issues and safety measures, supervises his security detail
  • Nobu is confused and a little annoyed that some petite woman is trying to tell him what to do, eventually realises that she does know what she’s talking about, is a lot more interested after that
  • Tries to ask her out, gets rejected flatly, tries to cop a feel, gets decked
  • Plays fast and loose with his bodyguards and occasionally does reckless stuff if he feels that the situation calls for it (e.g. stopping to talk to constituents in an unsafe environment while his guards scream internally)
  • Partially does it so that MC will come and yell at him because she’s cute when she’s angry but he genuinely tries to take (most of) her recommendations seriously

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anonymous asked:

Hello :) could you do RFA (including V and Saeran) teaching MC Korean :)

Hey Anon (^v^) This ask is so unique are you by any chance Korean? Just curious! No matter where you’re from, we love you and thank you for your support! I may have gotten too carried away in my content but still, hope you’ll like it! Love, Mod Yoo.

Fem!MC could be someone of other nationality or a Korean “dong-po” (diaspora in English) born and bred in a foreign land (where English is their main language) outside of Korea where she grew up as an orphan. Under special yet personal circumstances, she returned to Korea wanting to start anew in her home country. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where to start: clueless to her native language, doesn’t have any acquaintances. A member of a cult (from which its leader’s intent is to cripple the entire RFA) led MC to a seemingly deceased RFA leader’s secret apartment. MC was told that the accommodation will remain free-of-charge as long as the unit’s upkeep is maintained.

***Start imagining that each of the MM character is the only one fluent in both the English Language and Korean Language, in their respective canons. Each one of them will get MC to attempt at translating (note: she could always use internet, but we all know how accurate they turn out.) a sentence after they mastered the basics (some of them get surprised by MC instead). Assuming that V tasks the character-in-canon (excluding unknown) to manage the invites with MC, and the other RFA members will be helping her to pull through her 1st party.***

(p/s I’m no Korean language expert, please don’t penalise me and instead enlighten me if I made any mistakes. ^^;”)

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