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hello!! could you maybe do one where the rfa reacts to mc knowing/speaking another language? something like vietnamese or chinese would be cool. I understand if you can't or have too many requests but thanks if you do!

So I did an ask where the MC knew a different language (Just to curse tho LMAO) so I’m going to use the same languages I used in that ask!! I also speak French…a little bit. Not much at all. Un peu… 

Here’s the ask with the cursing and different languages:

~Admin MP


  • One night, MC offers to cook, and Yoosung agrees because it’s more free time
  • (Also it’s really cute to look in the kitchen and see MC frowning at their cookbook)
  • After playing games for a bit, he decides to go see how MC’s doing
  • When he gets into the kitchen, he hears MC mumbling quietly to themselves, but it doesn’t sound like Korean
  • “Are you casting a magical spell?” he asks teasingly, wrapping his arms around MC’s waist from behind and resting his chin on their shoulder
  • “No, I’m just trying to make this French dish…”
  • “French? Ooh la la~”
  • “Yeah, mais il est très difficile…” they seem to be talking to themselves again, their finger tracing words on the paper
  • That’s when Yoosung realizes the entire book is in French.
  • “Wait, you know French??”
  • MC just blinks at him.
  • “Yes?”
  • MC proceeds to read the entire French page to him
  • He can’t understand any of it, but he thinks it sounds super cool and is impressed by how talented MC is.
  • After that, he constantly asks them what things are in French
  • His favorite French word is ‘pamplemousse’, which means grapefruit
  • (Mais il est très difficile = but it is very difficult)


  • Seven knows like 17 languages
  • So when he hears MC listening to a Romanian podcast, he’s like “!!! You know Romanian??”
  • “Yeah, my mom is Romanian and taught me how to speak it.”
  • The two of them talk in Romanian constantly
  • (But mostly to shittalk people or make people think they’re shittalking them)
  • Jumin always gets the biggest scowl whenever they do it around him
  • Have ridiculous pet names for each other in Romanian
  • “Saeyoung, my draga mea~ ”
  • “My dear iubi~”
  • Everyone else doesn’t know what the fuck they’re saying
  • They also argue in Romanian sometimes because then nobody else knows that they’re arguing about who ate the last piece of cheesecake in the fridge
  • Makes MC talk dirty to him in Romanian 
  • They also pretend to call each other cute names but are actually just saying random ass shit or insulting each other teasingly
  • (Draga mea = darling
  • Iubi = baby, sweetheart, darling, lover)


  • For some reason, Jaehee has always loved the Russian language
  • She thinks it sounds really cool?
  • So one day, she hears MC casually talking on the phone to someone in Russian
  • Frozen, Jaehee stands there and just listens to MC talk, gradually growing more and more shaky
  • Why does MC have to sound so hot when they roll their ‘r’s like that? And the lilting sound of the syllables coming together to form words…
  • In order to try and calm down, Jaehee sits on the couch, putting her fists on her knees and staring at them to Chill the Fuck Out
  • When MC comes back into the room, they shake their head, huffing.
  • “I swear, my babushka does not know how to stop talking.”
  • MC sat next to Jaehee, noticing how red her face was
  • “Are you okay, Jaehee?”
  • Once MC finds out how much the Russian words affect Jaehee, they whisper them against Jaehee’s neck and into her ear as often as they can
  • RIP Jaehee


  • Zen is in an upcoming musical set in Italy
  • So he learns a few Italian phrases.
  • Though he has no idea why MC is smirking like that
  • Thinking that he’s going to fluster MC, he whispers random phrases into their ear
  • “Te amo~”
  • “Sei bella!”
  • MC is shaking 
  • From desire?
  • No, MC is shaking from laughter
  • With a grin still on their face, MC turns and starts spitting out rapid fire Italian phrases, shocking Zen
  • “ Voglio stare con te per sempre.”
  • “Mi rendi felice.”
  • “Sei l’amore della mia vita.”
  • it has a different effect on him
  • His entire body goes hot and he tries to swallow
  • When MC’s eyes glimmer like that and they’re smirking it’s hard to concentrate
  • They get distracted
  • But later, MC helps Zen out with the musical and the pronunciation of words.
  • (Te amo = I love you
  • Sei bella = you’re beautiful
  • Voglio stare con te per sempre = I want to be with you forever
  • Mi rendi felice = You make me happy
  • Sei l’amore della mia vita = You are the love of my life)


  • Jumin decides to take MC to Spain for a vacation
  • MC is smug because they don’t know that Jumin is also fluent in Spanish
  • And vice versa
  • (Basically they’re both like ‘omg MC/Jumin is going to think I’M SO COOL)
  • They arrive
  • Since they’re both hungry (and want to show off their skills) they go get something to eat
  • The person at the restaurant asks them what they want
  • Both MC and Jumin speak up in Spanish
  • Then they look at each other, shocked
  • “Que mierda?!” MC exclaims
  • “porque estas gritando?” Jumin asks, looking disgruntled
  • They get their food and they’re both pouting for a few minutes
  • But then they start talking about how they know Spanish and are excitedly talking about the different tenses and types of lingo in different countries
  • Are both secretly language nerds.
  • (Que mierda: basicially it means ‘what the fuck’
  • Porque estas gritando? = why are you yelling?)