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I’m on day 7 of Yoosung’s route and by far my most uttered phrase is:


…….I am Erika.  ;)  BWAHAHAHAHA!! 

This whole route is me constantly switching from “MUST PROTECT THE SMOL BEAN” to “MUST BEAT UP THIS DOOFUS” 


Anyway, this was my second animation ever! I tried to make it look neater and not messy like my first attempt.

Saeran solved the problem
  • *power goes out*
  • MC: S-saeyoung, can you see anything?
  • Saeyoung: Only the dismal abyss of black nothingness.

707 as PAPA   

707: Wheeeee♪ 
Seven seem has fun lol

Hope you enjoy ;;w;;)/
I’m really fun drawing this lolololololol
sry If someone already draw this ;;w;;

I didnt design their kids yet..
Base on this 

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Lol, sorry if I'm bothering you, but i just kind of wanted to share this? Idk haha. Anyways, I was one of the children who's mother died giving birth to them. I have an older brother who was very close with my mother, and my father and her were deeply in love. It's a long story, and I'd rather not get into depth, but her body was not strong enough. Anyways, I wanted to say that your reactions were very real. Umm... Do you think you can do a years after thing, where they visit the grave together?

(Anon! I wish blessings to your family and you, and you’re also very strong & brave! Thank you for sharing this story; I know it must have been hard. There’s not much I can do, so I hope at least these head canons could act as my contribution to your happiness.)


  • he’s holding his child by the hand as they walk to the grave. he always brings his child
  • they each have a small bouquet of flowers
  • he didn’t want to dress the child in all black, because he thought that was too depressing
  • he’s sniffling a little when he sees MC’s grave
  • the child is also crying a little bit
  • but he’s been very careful with this topic
  • he didn’t hide it but he didn’t make it harsh on the child
  • he was very, very gentle
  • he makes sure to put the flowers in a vase with some water
  • he always brings white carnations


  • sometimes, after mass, she goes to visit MC’s grave
  • sometimes she brings her child, sometimes she doesn’t
  • she only brings them when she knows she won’t cry
  • because she wants them to associate MC with smiles and smiles only
  • when she goes alone, though, she does cry
  • she wishes MC was there to see how wonderful their child is
  • she always brings a little bouquet of red tulips, and takes out the ones that have withered to replace them with the new ones
  • when she brings her child, she makes sure to smile a lot and talk about the beautiful things about MC
  • since she prays every night, she always makes sure to pray for MC- asking them to see how well their child is, and hoping they’re happy


  • he goes to visit the grave very often
  • he usually brings his child
  • he thinks it’s an important part to let the child express emotions, so the first few times, they both end up in tears- still, he holds up
  • as time goes on, they end up chatting at MC’s grave about how they were and how they spent their time
  • instead of bringing bouquets, he brings a pot to plant the flowers for MC
  • he plants some light-colored chrysanthemums 
  • he always brings a watering can so he and his child can keep the flowers growing and healthy


  • MC’s grave would be in a garden.
  • A garden just for them
  • it’d be a rose garden, with rose bushes in a maze-like way around the grave. they’re carefully trimmed and there’s not a single thorn in sight
  • still, Jumin visits so often that he knows the path by hand, no matter the slight difficulty of navigating through the rose bushes
  • his child, even from a young age, knows the path too
  • he kneels in the ground, admiring the headstone, while keeping an arm around his child
  • he smiles and talks about all what he loved about MC
  • even though they never met, the child has a very clear image of MC because of this


  • he wouldn’t speak much 
  • not in a bad way, just in a respectful way
  • he and his child would pray at MC’s grave for a long time
  • it’s cleary how much he loved them just by watching him
  • instead of bringing flowers to the grave every day, he planted a red camellia bush behind MC’s headstone
  • sometimes, he’ll talk about MC, and his child sits down to listen
  • and he always mentions how much MC loved the child, even if they weren’t here to take care of them
  • and of course he also mentions how much he loves his child, as he wants them to feel loved by everyone- even if they aren’t here to watch them grow