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🌹Mystic Messenger PhoneWallpapers,Hope you all like it,im Already using Jumin’s one🌹

⭐Feel free to download and use but Please dont repost without credits I made them with all my love!⭐

💖Also you can see my Mystic Messenger’s cosplay on instagram (@ThatWeirdCat)💖 

♥ many people who play mystic messengers always say seven is their favourite guy and I can definitely see why. I was surprised at how his story developed as you progressed and felt like he is the true route for the game ♥

insane-is-kawaii  asked:

As cute as that drawing of you and Zen is, I actually gasped that it didn't end with you doing that eyebrow thing.

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Surpirse party to 707 [1 / ?]


.GAAAH sorry for my bad english lol, i hope you like it and HB to God Seven ! ^^ <3

♥ still my favourite guy in the game~ his character really evolves as you play his route and the good ending is everything I could have hoped for! jumin definitely knows how to treat a girl like a princess ♥

♥ something I noticed while playing mystic messengers is how zen was always there. he really cares a lot for the MC and offers to be there for her if things aren’t ok. definitely give his route a chance if you haven’t even though he’s extremely narcissistic (^__^“) ♥