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BTS Reacts: You Ignoring Them Because of Something They Said

Kim Namjoon

They would be in an interview and the MC would start asking about his relationship. Y/n was watching because she was a supportive girlfriend of course. “So you live with your girlfriend? What’s that like?” They would ask and Namjoon would chuckle. “I guess it’s good, she can be a bit bratty sometimes but it’s alright.” For some reason that really made her mad, he just said that on air and everyone just watched it. Y/n didn’t text, call, or contact him all day but he would try to contact her. Not really sure why she was upset with him, she would get tired and finally answer his call with an annoyed and angry tone. “Why are you ignoring me? Did I do something to upset you? You’re always like this y/n, either in a shitty mood or a horny mood. There is no winning with you. You’re such a brat. Hello? Y/n? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that, just please say something to me. Y/n I’m worried and I don’t know what’s happened? Y/n? That’s it I’m coming home.”

Kim Seokjin

Y/n would be sitting at home on the couch with her earphones in while she listened to her music loudly. She would be eating some sort of junk food when she heard Jin she thought he was talking to her and turned down her music only to over hear him talking to one of the members on the phone in the kitchen. “Y/n? She’s doing good. She just doesn’t do much except listen to her music and eat junk food. I’m not saying that she’s fat but she will put on weight if she doesn’t eat healthy. Okay, fine yes she has put on some weight but I can’t tell her that!”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi was one to talk, he would spend all day working in his studio and it annoyed y/n so much. One day she was on her way in to ask if he was coming to bed and overheard him talking to Jimin about something. “So, how are things between you and y/n? You guys in the sheets?” He would tease but that was Jimin towards Yoongi. “I mean–she’s just really boring lately. All she does is read and when I’m in the mood she gets all pissy and I ask if she’s on her period and she gets even more pissy and storms out. I’m just asking, I don’t speak ‘boring’.”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok was a sunshine. He never would shit talk his partner unless something was really bothering him. He would be in the studio with Tae and just dancing, y/n would come by to visit him and over hear them talking. “Y/n, she’s just a little too clingy for my liking. She follows me around, and sometimes I need me time. I love her to death but I just wish she wasn’t always following me like a lost puppy.” Of course being the klutz y/n was she would drop whatever she was holding catching the attention of the two and quickly run out with her stuff, Hoseok chasing after her to apologise. “Baby! Baby I’m so sorry just let me explain. Open the door please, I need to see you. Please, I know what I said and I swear I didn’t mean it. Please, y/n I love you so much.”

Kim Taehyung

He would be more confronting in a way, simply telling y/n she needs to stop being so bitchy and boring lately. That would piss y/n off more. “Why are you acting like a child? I do so much for us a both and all you do is stomp your feet and act like you’re two? Grow the fuck up y/n.” After his harsh words his face would soften and y/n would be on the verge of tears. “I’m going for a walk.” Was the only thing she would say. “Wait y/n wait, I didn’t meant to say that. Please don’t run off. When are you coming back? Take your coat it’s cold outside. I think I should go with you. No I don’t want to lose you. Anything could happen to you.”

Park Jimin

Y/n had been over hearing Jimin’s conversations lately. Usually when he was talking with the other members or something but she had to if it was about her and most of the time it was. “Y/n just isn’t much fun anymore. She just does nothing, the only time we do something fun is when we have sex but other than that there’s nothing.” Y/n always took note of what he was saying, trying to improve herself in some way. “Hey babe wanna go to the park today?” She would ask with a picnic basket in her arms as she wore a flower dress. Jimin would be confused and pull her down to the couch to straddle his lap. “You heard didn’t you? I’m sorry baby, I just want to see you happy and enjoying life. I don’t like seeing you inside all day just reading. We need to live more. You still up for that picnic?”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be on live TV when he was asked by the MC about IU. Y/n knew he had a thing for her and she was still sure he still does. “So do you still have a crush on IU even though you are with y/n?” They would ask and Jungkook would sigh but chuckle. “Yeah, I mean she’s gorgeous and I’ve always had a thing for her. She’s just an amazing idol and I praise her.” After that y/n didn’t talk to Jungkook, they had gone a few days without contact when one of the members asked Jungkook while he was playing overwatch, “Hey, I thought you’d be at y/n’s place today. Isn’t it a bit strange she hasn’t texted you in the past four days?” Namjoon would point out but Jungkook already knew she hadn’t been texting him since he was checking his phone constantly to see if he had gotten any from her. He would call her but it would go to voice mail. “Hey baby, I don’t know what’s up but please call me back. I’m worried about you, I don’t want you to do anything stupid. Call me back when you get this…I love you.”


I was an MC on a music program for over 2 years. The best part was that I got to watch up close when others performed. So after I did my MC parts, while waiting at the side, I danced along with them and had lots of fun. I didn’t even realise how quickly time went by.

- IU (MBC Yesterday)

Lay; Congratulations [Scenario; Request]

“And now, we’ll now reveal this week’s number one!” IU, one of the MC’s of the day had announced as the other two competitors of this week’s number one spot stared ahead at the screen, seeing all their numbers rise along with yours on the screen as well. You were one of the artists whose songs’ were in the number one spot of the week on M!Countdown, a music program in South Korea.

You nervously held onto the microphone, unsure of how to feel about this because it’s been a long time since you’ve made a comeback. Nights of just thinking of how nervous you would be on today’s stage increased the pace of your heartbeat. Your fingers fiddled with the microphone you had in your hands and your eyes couldn’t help but catch the banner right before your eyes from one of your fans (one out of the many, really). It had your name on it along with an encouraging message of; ‘I LOVE YOU! YOU’RE THE BEST!’

Unintentionally, a smile spread on your face as you locked gazes with her for a second, using one of your hands to wave at the girl who hid half of her face with the banner. Just like that, she broke out into a huge grin and started to wave back excitedly – it somehow made your heart calm down. Your fans were one of the reasons why you were here today and you were so grateful for that. However, your fans weren’t the only people whom could calm you down. There was also someone else…

“Love, you’ll do more than just amazing. I can feel it.” He had this determination in his voice and it was just talking to him over the phone. You could imagine his serious gaze in front of you as if he was really here even though he wasn’t. He was away, to be exact, for a concert in Tokyo. You were here, having your comeback in Korea and soon you’d start promoting. When that time comes, God knows if you’ll ever have much time with him but you knew and he knew, the both of you could overcome anything together.

As long as the two of you loved each other – that was what mattered the most.

You sighed and rolled on the bed, wishing that he was beside you so you could curl up beside him but having him over the phone where you could hear his voice was good enough. “I’m still nervous, though… Will you be watching the broadcast?”

He hummed a bit, thoughtfully thinking, “Hm… I don’t know… Maybe?”

You groaned and kicked your own legs, “Lay!”

He chuckled and shook his head as if you could see it, “I’m kidding! It’s been two years since your comeback – do you think I’ll slip this one?”

A huge grin spread out on your lips as you thought about it – he has been here with you every step of the way despite him being in a popular-rising group, EXO. Regardless of how busy he was and how packed his schedule was, he never fails in putting you on his top priority. You always had a special spot in his heart and that will never change. It was as if your name was engraved on his heart.

“Get some rest, love. You’ll need the energy for tomorrow. I’ll see… you in Korea, soon!” You noticed how he suddenly sped up his speed in talking, as if he had a plane to catch. You narrowed your eyes ahead of you and you could tell he knew what was going on based on how you called his name out in a warning tone, “Lay…”

“I love you, my love! Bye! Duty calls!”

“W-Wait! What duty?”

Beep. Beep. Beep.


“Congratulations! You are this week’s number one!” Kwanghee, another MC with IU had congratulated you as they handed you the trophy together. Your eyes widened and you felt yourself being reeled back into reality – how long have you exactly spaced out like that? You sheepishly held onto the trophy with one hand, while the other gripped onto the microphone. You felt your heart beating so fast, it felt like it was impossible to keep calm at a moment like this. You would never expect yourself to win first place – all the support, all the love, really?

“Make your speech!” IU cheerfully gave you a light nudge on the shoulder, making you step forward where the fans started to cheer. It felt so surreal, it felt like a dream. Despite being an artist for a long while, every time when you win an award it felt like you have just started – it brought you back to your debut days.

And your speech never changed. You were still thankful for the very same people who stood by you through it all.

“T-Thank you to all my fans, the president of my company, my parents and everyone who had stood by me through it all. I… I would’ve never expected this, really. Thank y-you guys so, so much.” You realized that even when you had stopped talking, you were still trembling from the shock that took over your body. However, thank God the rest of the MC’s went back to continue with their ending of the program before your song would come up as a replay.

The moment when their synchronized goodbyes came to an end, the intro of your song started to play and you were taken back by this. Fans started to cheer louder, as if their roars increased by tenfold and you were surprised, too.

They seemed happier than you were and you couldn’t believe it that you won, as well. However, fans started to point over your shoulder, making you furrow your eyebrows in confusion. You wanted to go around to bow, to give respect to the other artists here with you but you couldn’t help but follow what the fans were trying to inform you of. Like a lost and clueless puppy, you turned around slowly only to meet with a pair of eyes that seemed so familiar yet so foreign at the same time. All the other artists had dispersed to somewhere else, back to the backstage only to leave one person standing here with you.

Your eyes widened and somehow, the microphone managed to catch your voice calling his name out before his arms wrapped around you tight. Fans screamed louder and with more excitement when Lay’s arms were tighter around you, lifting you off the ground to spin you around. You couldn’t help but squeal quietly into his ears, your arms thrown around his neck as he held you close – you’ve been missing him so much and to have him here at this moment where you have won your first trophy after two years of not being active felt incredible.

You have no idea how he came here and when he came here but that would be questioned later.

He was here to celebrate this special moment and needless to say, he stood by you throughout your last performance for the day. When it all came to an end, one simple word that he said was enough to send the butterflies roaming into your stomach.



[ENG TRANS] IU winning the massage chair at 2016 SBS Drama Awards

(IU has won the sympathy award voted by 100 idols because she has suffered so much during her acting in Scarelt Heart Ryeo)

MC: For IU, we have that sparkling chair over there. It’s for the actress that has suffered the most but she has to sit down on it personally so that she can have it. However IU is wearing a dress right now so she can’t really sit down on it personally.

IU: I can sit down on it!

MC: She says that she can do it!

MC2: She is determined .. 

MC: She wants to sit down no matter what.

MC2: I thought that she wouldn’t be able to do it but she said that she will do so.

MC: Honestly there is a skript prepared in case she wouldn’t be able to do it. (?)

(turning the massage chair on)

MC: I want to congratulate you once again for winning.

From now on, will you take on any role and any drama no matter what?

IU: Yeah, I will work hard! Thank you.

MC: Why don’t you say a few words to your family and fans?

IU: Sitting in this comfortable place … (laughing)

Ahh, since I’ve got the award sitting in this comfortable place, I’m really happy. I will work hard in 2017 aswell. Thank you!

(note that this is a rough translation! may contain mistakes!)

Trans by meaningofiu