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Castle on the Hill

English Literature PhD student Emma Swan just needs money to pay for her last semester of grad school tuition. Killian Jones has always dreamed of opening a bookshop but has never been able to afford it. So when the small principality of Misthaven is looking for their lost princess, the pair decide that this might just be the perfect money making scheme.

A Multi-chapter Modern Day + Lost Princess (think Rapunzel/Anastasia-esque) + Book Lovers in a Coffee Shop AU

Rating: T

Word Count: 15263/ ?

Prologue (Part 1 + 2) // Ch 1

Read on: Ao3

Thank you all so much for the amazing outpouring of support for the last chapter. As someone relatively new to this fandom, I was completely floored to have 100+ notes on the first part of this story :)

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Breaking: Supposed Misthaven Princess Revealed as Fake

After months of convincing Queen Mary Margaret Nolan that she was indeed the lost princess, it has been revealed that the supposed Princess Emma is actually an imposter. It was noted this week that she lacked a scar on her shoulder that the princess should bare. The identity of this young woman, revealed through DNA testing, is said to be actually one Zelena Marshall.

This is the third imposter to try for the Misthaven throne. In 2011, Queen Mary Margaret came out of hiding to reveal that she was indeed alive and well. In 2013, she then began the iconic hunt to find her long, lost daughter who allegedly was smuggled out of the castle and taken to America during the 1995 Revolution. While reports prove that guard Liam Jones was killed in New York, his remains being found in the Hudson River, there have been no whereabouts for the then three-year-old princess who he was protecting. This has, of course, given rise to the conspiracy that the princess is still alive and well.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a scenario with zen where MC is very friendly but when ppl flirt with her she sort of, Like mc.exe stoped working (haha but srsly, she gets shy and sometimes act sort of... pushing the other person away) and zen gets all "?? Are you uncomfortable ? I can stop if you don't like me.... "Which ends up on mc confessing that she doesn't really believe someone could fall for her, ESPECIALLY someone like him? Thank you!

This is such a sweet request! Writing about Zen is always fun so I hope that you like it! :)

Zen never thought that he could fall so in love with a person before. After only eleven days of talking to you through a messenger app, Zen realized that he finally found his true love. You were so incredibly supportive of him when he hurt his leg and the entire Echo Girl mess that it would have surprised him if he didn’t fall in love with you.

The day of the party was one of the greatest days of Zen’s life. He finally got to meet you and as soon as he saw you, you took his breath away. You were absolutely perfect in Zen’s eyes and he vowed to protect and love you for as long as he lived.

There was only one thing about you that seemed off to Zen was how uneasy you could get around some people, usually people flirting with you. At the party, he noticed how outgoing you were to all of the guests but within a minute, you could become a stuttering mess.

Even when Zen confessed his love for you at the party, you became a blushing wreck and became very weary of him. Zen decided to let it go for now, not wanting to pester too much into your personal life. So when the party came and went, Zen wanted to spend more time with you.

You had agreed to watch him at one of his practices for an upcoming musical that he was staring in. You realized that you have listened to Jaehee sooner about watching Zen’s performances because he was simply incredible.

While of course Zen was flawless when performing, you couldn’t help but notice his co-star, a beautiful practically perfect women, who seemed to share a great chemistry with Zen. You had always been a little insecure about yourself, but meeting Zen changed the way you looked at yourself, or so you thought.

After the practice, you and Zen had decided to go to a cafe for some drinks. Of course when the two of you had got there, a couple of Zen’s fans noticed him and started talking to him, asking for his autograph and pictures.

You rolled your eyes as Zen sweet talked with them, being as narcissistic as ever. Zen had told you his order so you had decided to order for the both of you.

The barista worker was a young male and as you approached, he gave you a toothy grin asking “And what can I get for you lovely lady?”

You hesitated but told him yours and Zen’s order. Once he handed you the drinks, he winked saying “I added some extra sugar in yours because you’re just so sweet lovely lady.”

You laughed awkwardly, starting to feel uncomfortable but gave him a “Thank you.” But before you could leave, he grabbed your wrist saying “By the way, can I get your number lovely lady?”

Before you could say anything, you felt a pair of hands clamp on your shoulders. You looked back to see Zen, glaring at the young male and said “How about you leave my girlfriend alone or else I’ll knock those pretty little teeth out ‘lovely boy.’”

The worker backed away quickly and turned to help another customer. You breathed a sign of relief and gave Zen a quiet “Thanks” as he grabbed his drink and wrapped his arm protectively around your waist.

The two of you decided to take a walk in the park while you had your drinks. Zen held your hand the entire time, making sure no other person dared to mess with you.

You took a sip of your drink and Zen smiled at you giving you a kiss. He licked his lips saying “Babe you always taste so good!”

Zen stopped smiling when he noticed you visible shiver and look away from him, face flushing in the process. “Hey MC, are you okay? Did I say something to make you upset? Please let me know if I did.” Zen said worriedly.

You took a shaky breath before saying “It’s just that… I kind of get really shy when people flirt with me. I mean, I love meeting new people and talking and all that but I just get kind of… Awkward when people say those kinds of things to me.”

Zen felt relief flood through him, he genuinely believed that you didn’t like him anymore. He gave you a gentle smile saying “Thank you for telling me MC. If you want, I can definitely stop acting that way, although it may be kind of tough because I am so perfect.”

But all of his anxiety came rushing back when he saw you still biting your lip nervously. Zen hurriedly said “I mean unless you don’t like me anymore and want to stop going out…”

Your head shot up and you shook your head saying “N-no that’s not what I meant at all! I like you, no I love you Zen. It’s just that I always wonder why you love me back. When I was watching you practice today, your co-star seemed like she would be the perfect person for you, not some timid plain girl like me.”

Zen’s heart broke at your words. He held your hand tightly with one of his own hands and brushed your hair gently with his other saying “Babe, you’re absolutely perfect in my eyes. I love you because you’re such a kind and caring person, not to mention you’re super pretty, almost as attractive as me!”

You laughed at his narcissism and Zen smiled back and said “Please don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough MC, you’re the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I love you okay? Don’t ever forget that.”

“I love you too Zen. And you don’t have to stop flirting, it’s who you are and I don’t want you to change. I just need some time to get use to it is all.” You said happily to Zen.

Zen sighed dramatically saying “How did I ever end up finding the most perfect girlfriend ever? You don’t change either MC, I love you just the way you are. Now let’s go home and watch some of my performances on DVD!”

You and Zen ended up spending the night cuddling together, watching his performances, and going back and forth saying what you loved about each other. Needless to say, it ended up being the perfect night.

Link trying to play the mail song

he was so excited to play the guitar

and when it sounded “bad” at first and everyone laughed Rhett was like “well, it’s out of tune”

then as Link played the guitar and everyone kept laughing he was only focused on Rhett

because while Jen said it sounded horrible and others laughed Rhett was still encouraging him

telling him to recreate a chord he just played

trying to sing along to whatever he was playing

making him play again so that they can sing it together

and that was enough because the only person whose opinion matter for Link is Rhett

they knew it wasn’t “great” but they were having fun

(gif by @graveyard-whistler)

Intermission appreciation week!

March 18: Let them be happy.

Bonus thats bound to happen:

Pieces of the auditorium 💕 #gleewrapparty

MM crew sends MC valentines
  • yoosung: roses are red/violets are blue/i would sacrifice anything/anything at all to save you.
  • zen: roses are red/violets are blue/i'm a beautiful guy/but i'm more beautiful with you.
  • jaehee: roses are red/a vacation? never/i hope you will be/my partner forever.
  • jumin: roses are red/elizabeth the 3rd is white/with you at my side/everything will be alright.
  • seven: roses are red/clouds are gray/lolol/does jumin han is gay

anonymous asked:

Mc!crew, have you told FAHC!Crew about Hot hoof yet? do you think your sheep are ok without you?

“What’s hot hoof?” FAHC!Jeremy asked.

“Oh, that was before I was a big part of the group. they put a bunch of sheep in this enclosure, light the floor on fire and whichever sheep didn’t fall was the winner.” MC!Jeremy explained.

“You guys tortured animals?”

“Uh… No! No there was… water below to catch the sheep!” MC!Jeremy explained.

FAHC!Jeremy crossed his arms. “That doesn’t sound convincing.”

“It’s been a while since we’ve thought of the game. We didn’t torture anything unless you count Edgar.” MC!Jeremy said.

“Edgar? The cow in the hole?” A brow raised up.

MC!Jeremy nodded. “Yeah. The hole was inside Ryan’s house. He fed Edgar and gave him water but still. It wasn’t a big hole.”

“Uh huh.” FAHC!Jeremy turned and left the door. “HEY RYAN WANT TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR COUNTER PART?”

“Fuck. You guys are assholes!” MC!Jeremy rushed off to help MC!Ryan escape a beatdown.

Updated Fic Recs (2)

The fourth in an unofficial series of posts in which I recommend my favorite CS fics from the past few months and compel you to read them. 

Previous: Captain Swan Multi-Chapter Fic RecsCaptain Swan One Shot Fic RecsUpdated Fic Recs 

Among Other Foolish Things by @blessed-but-distressed

“i have a crush on you and i’m too chicken to confess and you’re going for a 3 month trip to paris so i’m sure you’ll return with a sophisticated girlfriend while i’m a mess (optional sabotaging the trip)” Tumblr

Say Yes to the Dress by @captainswanluver

Snow convinces Emma to try on the new wedding dress in the store window across from Granny’s, despite the fact that she and Killian are not yet engaged.  But news travels quickly in Storybrooke and word soon gets back to Killian. Tumblr

Zemblanity by @lenfaz

William Boyd coined the term zemblanity to mean somewhat the opposite of serendipity: “making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries occurring by design”. A zemblanity is, effectively, an “unpleasant unsurprise”. It derives from Novaya Zemlya (or Nova Zembla), a cold, barren land with many features opposite to the lush Sri Lanka (Serendip). Soulmates gone wrong AU. Tumblr

It Runs in the Family by @mahstatins

Henry walking in on CS like Emma and Henry walked in on Snowing in season 2. Tumblr

It Was Real (It’s Real) by @i-know-how-you-kiss

The first thing they tell Emma Swan when she takes the job at the State Penitentiary’s infirmary, is to never fall in love with an inmate. It’s not that hard of a rule to adhere to, or so she thinks, until Killian Jones breezes into her life like the perfect storm – covered in tattoos, dashing to no end, brilliant of mind, incessantly mysterious – and promptly turns her world on end. (Prison Break AU) AO3 Tumblr

Untitled by @nephilimchloe

“we broke up after I left and moved away and months later I find you that you rushed to the airport to stop me but you were too late” AU. AO3 Tumblr

My Constellation by @caprelloidea

Emma is a bailbonds person, Killian a scientist. His research puts him at sea for several weeks in the summer, and after a slew of lengthy separations, this one just about pushes them past their limits. Tumblr

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