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This is kinda random but this idea has been stuck in my head: what if mc just liked to go out and sit on the roof at night to look at the stars and one night their s/o catches them (I'd imagine Jumin would flip his Shit tbh)

need some cute ass fluff in my life so im doing this sorry


  • when he first finds MC, he doesnt say anything
  • he just stares at them, smiling
  • god, i am so lucky
  • how can just the mere sight of someone make me so, so happy?
  • i swear to god, i’ll never get tired of this view…
  • “hey there, cutie. you looked cold”
  • Yoosung sits down beside MC, wrapping his arms around them along with a blanket
  • they’re both inside the blanket together, snuggling on the roof while MC stares up at the stars and Yoosung looks mostly at them
  • he rests his head on MC’s shoulders and closes his eyes, soaking up the moment with them
  • “Yoosung? you’re not gonna fall asleep, are you?”
  • as Yoosung answers he wraps both arms around MC, smiling and breathing in the night air deeply
  • “so what if i do? even sleeping on the roof is warm with you~”
  • MC giggles a little and pulls the blanket over him more, resting their head on his


  • he sees MC and instantly has to join them
  • “hey baby, whatchya doin?”
  • he would catch them by surprise and talk in a cute voice
  • “oh, Zen! i was just looking up at the stars…”
  • “do you care if i join you?”
  • MC scoots over and pats the space next to them
  • “of course not!”
  • so Zen climbs out to the roof and sits next to MC, putting an arm around them and rubbing their arm in an attempt to warm em up
  • him and MC look up at the sky together in silence for some time before Zen decides to turn his attention to MC
  • after a few seconds of staring, they turn to look at Zen, too
  • “what is it?”
  • Zen looks into their eyes for a second of two, smiling, and leans forward to kiss them
  • MC can feel the smile in his kiss, and shudders a little when his hand touches their face
  • “nothing, i just wanted to do that” Zen says almost mater-of-factly through his smile, then turns back to the night sky
  • MC gets all flustered even though kissing Zen is something they do all the time, and he pulls them closer, running his fingers through their hair


  • as soon as she sees MC, she runs into her room to grab a jacket
  • “MC, what are you doing on the roof? do you need a jacket?”
  • Jaehee awkwardly climbs on the roof and drapes the jacket over their shoulders
  • “i was just looking at the stars, Jaehee! sorry if i worried you…”
  • “im just worried about you getting sick”
  • “i know, i know…”
  • they sit in silence for a few moments before Jaehee speaks up again
  • “you know, they way you look at the night sky is quite endearing”
  • MC feels warm suddenly
  • “r-really?”
  • Jaehee scoots closer to MC, wrapping an arm around them
  • she quickly pecks their cheek before looking up at the stars again
  • “really”


  • oh my god, what is MC doing out there?!
  • they’re going to catch a cold like that!
  • “darling? why are you on the roof at this time of night? and in your pajamas?”
  • when MC turns their face is red, and they nervously pushing some loose hairs behind their ear
  • “oh, J-Jumin! i was just looking up at the starts…they’re so pretty tonight”
  • Jumin’s heart softens with MC’s words, and his concerned look instantly melts into a smile
  • “well if they’re as pretty as you say, i’d like to see them myself”
  • this is where Jumin Han, still wearing his suit, awkwardly climbs onto the roof through the window
  • MC giggles as they watch him
  • “okay, im here”
  • “finally”
  • Jumin tries to fix his hair, smirking at MC in response to their joke
  • he takes off his suit jacket and drapes it over MC’s shoulders
  • he sits next to MC, hugging his knees as they stare up at the night sky
  • as much as he wants to join them, he just cant take his eyes off of MC for even a second
  • “Jumin! you arent even looking up!”
  • “hmm?”
  • he hadnt even realized he was staring
  • he reaches out, pulling MC close to him and wrapping an arm around their shoulder
  • “i guess i just love the way the stars look reflected in your eyes”
  • as Jumin pulls MC in, he places a soft, warm kiss on their cheek, then nestles his head into their neck
  • the sensation tickles MC a bit, but they just kiss his head and continue to look up at the stars


  • “come here often?”
  • when MC turns toward the window they see Seven leaning out of it, his arm resting on the window sill
  • “only when there arent any clouds”
  • Seven climbs onto the roof as if he’s done it a million times
  • “i like to come out here too, but mostly just to get away from you”
  • MC smiles and playfully pushes on Seven’s arm 
  • Seven responds by wrapping both arms around MC and pulling them in between his legs
  • he unzippes his jacket, then zips it back up around the both of them, hugging MC from behind inside the big hoodie
  • “what the heck are you doing?”
  • “you looked cold! what else was i supposed to do?”
  • Seven rests his chin on MC’s shoulder, looking up with them
  • he points out stars, planets, and constellations
  • he even has this cute trick where he knows where all the letters of the alphabet are in the sky, so he can spell MC’s name in the stars
  • after taking about stars and space and aliens for awhile, Seven decides to end the conversation by littering MC’s cheek, neck, and shoulder with little kisses
  • “love you so, so much. you know that, right?”
  • MC awkwardly cranes their neck so they can look at Seven
  • “i love you too, more than anything”
  • Seven places a small, uncomfortable kiss on MC’s lips before they turn around again, and he wraps his arms around them even tighter and pulls then closer as he returns to resting his chin on their shoulder

can u tell how much a crave physical affection? lol

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Can I request Zen, Jumin, 707 and Unknown reacting to MC being a cat mom? Your blog is amazing, by the way. Your posts always bring a smile to my face.

Thank you for the request, anon! i love this one – it’s adorable. I’m a cat mom myself, so I found this one fairly easy to do. And I hope it’s what you wanted! All four of them will be under the cut! It kind of turned into MC getting a new kitten and being a cat mom with it, rather than having a cat she already had prior.


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An MC musician in one of Zens plays...

Originally posted by lyriumweave

-You arrived early to practice the piano and begin some warmups (Or any other instrument you prefer.)

-Zen walked in not too long after word through the back. He immediatly noticed the tones echoing through the theater halls. 

-He quietly makes his way to the stage to find you playing away at the piano with hot fingers. 

-He stands there for awhile completely in awe of MC’s skills. 

-This makes Zen super excited for the play. 

-Once MC has gone through her warms up and has ran through the entire show at least a few times she stops to take a break. 

-She hears Zen rehearsing in one of the back rooms. 

-MC smiles to herself, she has something planned. 

-MC retrieves a small paper crane from their music folder and quietly walk to Zen’s location. 

-MC can still hear Zen practicing his lines. 

-Zen is completely unaware that MC’s right outside his door. 

-MC slides the crane into the crack of the door and quickly walks away. They can hear their heart pounding in their ears. 

-Zen doesn’t come out of the room until its time to change into his costume. 

-Its only then he notices the paper crane laying on the floor. He picks it up. 

-”Good luck today, I know its going to be great with you in it!.” Signed MC

-His completely flattered. 

-Zen tries to look for you to say thank you for the notes. 

-But MC is no where to be seen. 

-MC is taking a quick potty break.

-He doesn’t see MC again until the show is starting and MC has taken their place at the piano

-Zen sneaks a few glances here and there to see how MC is doing. 

-MC is always so engrossed in their music, Zen finds it beautiful. 

-The play finally comes to an end. 

-Everyone loved the show, especially Zen. 

-While Zen is just so wildly impressed with MC

-He comes up to MC, still in costume and everything. And tells them how great they played tonight and will definitely request their skills for every play. 

-MC can’t help but smile. She really appreciates him. 

-They both can’t wait until the next time they preform together. 

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RFA+V, Saeran and Vanderwood reacting to MC faking her death after protecting everyone from danger. (Level 1 A-class agent with better skills than any hacker or other badass person that's ever existed)?

Hi anon! Oh man sorry this took me so long, I figured it would work better if I wrote it as a fanfic and it ended up being way longer than I intended (of course).

I’m not gonna post the whole thing because I don’t want people visiting our blog to have to scroll through it, so I have the first part under the cut and the rest can be found here!

Spoilers for secret endings and Seven’s route, plus a slight bending of canon because I needed everyone to be in the fic lmao. Sorry for any inconsistencies!

-Admin Miles

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