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claire from motorcity :D

  • Why I like them - Claire is really cool and imho one of the chillest in the group of friends Julie has - she’ll be surprised by things in Motorcity for sure but seems to take things happening around her and Julie in some surprising stride. I just like her a lot bc she makes such an interesting addition to the main cast and also seems reall fun and friendly.
  • Why I don’t - no reason lol
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) - when Claire saved Chuck and Mike and their cars :D
  • Favorite season/movie -well, this is motorcity so obc just the 1st :’D
  • Favorite line - “They put me in charge of the fire extinguisher!”
  • Favorite outfit - her regular outfit is great and i love drawing it but i love her Amazons racing outfit!
  • OTP - Julie/Claire!
  • Brotp - Foxy and Claire/Mike and Claire
  • Head Canon - Claire will eventually join the Burners underground in MC! but she might just want to live there + she’s kinda the only inside man besides Julie, Julie only other connection to Deluxe so here’s another headcanon: Claire secretly has short races with the Amazons, sometimes even without Julie knowing about it, like she’ll be too busy with some mission and Claire just shwoops - back to Motorcity for a while.
  • Unpopular opinion - idk an popular opinions about her anyway so?? but i guess one thing that i haven’t seen is opinions about Claire’s interests? in which case I opine that she’s had programmer training but doesn’t have anthing to do with it at the time of the show besides occasionally assisting Julie
  • A wish - Motorcity coming back and Claire being there and an as much of an important part of the crew as ever
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen - uhhhhh, don’t not show up in Motorcity again?
  • 5 words to best describe them - Clever, Fun, Bored, Caring, Supporting
  • My nickname for them - I just call her Claire!! It’s a cute name :D
Want me to show you the ropes? - MC/Zig choices fanfic

Summery - A rewrite of the scene from Freshman Book 3. The first time MC and Zig are alone together.

Authors note - RATED R OR NC-17 or something. Super dirty. My first fanfic in probably 10 year. >.< I have a bit of a flow of thought style. I know I could use one more rewrite, but I’ve been itching to post. I’d love comments and advice from the more seasoned writers out there. Thanks so much for giving it a read! Also I named the MC Marie Claire, so I could still call her MC. Feel free to nab that idea if you like it.

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thank you + a fanfic

So first of all I’m not here for very long, but you, guys, welcomed me with such open arms, which is so cool, I’m eternally grateful and happy to be a part of such an amazing and creative community, thank you. ❤

(btw it’s also my 600th post, so yay, lucky)

Soooooo now… if you saw this post, you kind of know what’s coming hahah

You don’t (and you won’t, lol, sorry) get to see my works here very often because I can’t draw or edit and so on, but I’ve worked on this fanfic since June and wanted to share it somewhere. Buuuut since it was written in my first language (which is Polish) I had to translate it into English, sooo I did it and now I’m sharing it. I’ve written different things for almost 4 years now, but never in English, so I’m stressing a lot bit (honestly, I’m so f******* nervous rn, I feel like throwing up). I probably mixed up past simple with past continuous and past perfect, so please, take it easy on me, lol.

Note: It’s obviously a Maxwell fanfic. 🙄 I wanted to show how their lives and personalities might change after everything what happened in Cordonia, so it takes place one year after the social season. MC (Claire) decided to go to university (to Hartfeld, basically, and she’s a Zig’s dormmate), so she doesn’t see her boyfriend Maxwell very often, but in the summer he organizes a vacation in France for them.

this is pretty long, guys, so prepare some tea and maybe snacks haha

“Zig!” I shouted from my room. He appeared in my door a few seconds later wearing only his skinny black jeans. I sighed. “Told you to start wearing T-shirts.”

“I was about to take a shower,” he responded. “What’s up?”

“Help me with this suitcase,” I groaned. “I can’t zip it”.

I sat on it. Zig bended down and did it up in a few motions.

“Impatient about meeting your prince, aren’t you?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes. I hated when people in Hartfeld called Maxwell that way, but almost everybody did it, since they knew our story.

“You wanna… talk about it?”

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Cute Demon Crashers

I told myself that I wasn’t going to write reviews for games that I’ve played. But I just couldn’t not express how much Cute Demon Crashers means to me after my first, second, third, and subsequent playthroughs.

Cute Demon Crashers is an 18+ otome game created by sugarscript that stresses consent, communication, and trust.

The MC (Claire is the default name) is a college freshman spending spring break alone at home. Claire is sexually (and possibly socially) frustrated, which attracts a group of sex demons, three incubi and a succubus, who want to help alleviate some of that frustration.

In order left to right: Mirari is the bubbly succubus and the start of all the shenanigans. Akki, who is the youngest incubus, is extremely energetic, friendly, and very good-natured (they all are very good-natured). Kael, who takes on a more caretaker-like role with the other three, is extremely kind and caring, calm, and a bit of a clean freak. Orias is very reserved and quiet, but has some very sweet moments. 

Claire gets two days to decide who (if any) she wants to have sex with. Each of the demons has cute bonding scenes for each of the time intervals, which are basically day 1 morning and afternoon and day 2 morning. The interactions between the characters are genuine and wonderful. There’s more than a little encouragement to just be yourself. All of the demons are very honest with Claire and extremely endearing. 

Each of the four characters has a beautifully written, unique intimate scene. Before each new action, the demon asks Claire if she wants to keep going (or some variation). And there is even a little “STOP” button in the top right corner that can be pressed at pretty much any time during the intimate scenes. And the weirdest thing happens: THE DEMON STOPS! Not only that, but the chosen demon assures Claire that he or she isn’t disappointed and makes sure that Claire is okay.

I love this game. I love how much I learned from this game about what I deserve in a sexual experience. And I think that everyone over 18 should play through it at least once. You will love the characters. All five of them. You will love the interactions, the story, and the art. And you will learn something about the respect that you should have for yourself and your partner every single time you have sex.

Play this game. (Only if you’re 18 or older, of course)

Full review under the cut because I got extremely emotional over this game for personal reasons and not everyone wants to read that.

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For kicks, here are some of my ships for motorcity! Seriously though I used to be 17 with fringe ok it was torture so NO WAY I’m letting these punks get away with it

Also give me more Dutch/Julie as partners in crime/lovers/cool kids?? Their dynamic is really fun and I’m kinda surprised I don’t see more of it?

Title: A (little longer than a) Week in the Life

Pairing: Medusa/MC(Claire)

Rating: PG13

Spoilers: Nothing major, but it does take place after Medusa’s Main Story 3 and the Special

Authors Notes: I’m too gay for this snake gf  


Sunday Night/Monday Morning

A part of her hadn’t believed Cyprin when they said a field agent’s work mostly revolved around boring stakeouts and stale coffee. However, after her third night in a row parked near an abandoned shack of a warehouse and sipping cold tea, Claire finally admitted to herself that they had been right on the money.

Twisting her wrist, she sighed in disappointment as the small hand ticked past the hour and capped her half-full styrofoam cup.

“Careful rookie, another sigh like that and they’ll fail you on principle.” The man in the driver’s seat offered her a tired smile, chugging the last of his coffee before tossing the cup into the back.

“I don’t remember seeing anything about that in the manual.”

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KBTBB HC: Parting Ways - Eisuke

Here is another headcanon of Eisuke & MC parting ways. *Claire Shimizu is a character i created as Eisuke’s ex-girlfriend in previous fanfic where she appeared in Vacation with Eisuke (Part 2) If you’d like me to continue to part 2, do let me know! - Thanks for reading! 

It’s been a year being together with Eisuke, but life slowly gets rough. Eisuke been tied up at work with the upcoming launch of Tres Spades in London, he’ve been away to Europe for a month now. You felt alone and neglected. 

This morning, you went up the Penthouse to see all of the guys there, Soryu, Baba, Ota and Mamoru gathering around the table over some magazines and newspapers. You walk towards the table to see the highlights printed “Heir of Ichinomiya Group spotted in London linking arms with french daughter of Shimizu Corporation” you pick up the magazine and no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. It’s really Eisuke on the cover page.

you: Isn’t the lady…we saw in Switzerland? She’s…Eis..
Mamoru: Ex-girlfriend, yeah. Claire Shimizu.
Baba: Now now Mamo, it’s not a good time to scare _____.
you:I’m sure it’s just paparazzi’s stirring rumors up.

Mamo: That’s some confidence you got there kid. But Eisuke once loved her deeply too.

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