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what’s better than a really late video? here’s even if it kills me by motion city soundtrack for (some) music monday!


I’m on day 7 of Yoosung’s route and by far my most uttered phrase is:


…….I am Erika.  ;)  BWAHAHAHAHA!! 

This whole route is me constantly switching from “MUST PROTECT THE SMOL BEAN” to “MUST BEAT UP THIS DOOFUS” 


Anyway, this was my second animation ever! I tried to make it look neater and not messy like my first attempt.

707 in a nutshell

MC: tells a joke


Literally everyone else: … seven chill …

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i saw this request on another blog and i cried. how about the rfa members with sons + saeran reacting to thier son's friends calling MC a MILF. ~ 🌚🌚🌚 anon

i’m cackling anon. this…this is too good


  • b o i 
  • lemme get started
  • so Minhyuk invited some friends round
  • note that there is alway that really douchey one in large groups of friends
  • Zen was not so discreetly trying to listen to Minhyuk’s conversation
  • MC walks past with the laundry
  • Zen can see one of his son’s friends scan MC up and down
  • as soon as MC left the room the friend declared Mc as a milf
  • Zen and Minhyuk were like
  • ‘how dare you even look in her direction
  • Minhyuk was giving such a stink eye
  • Zen was about to square up
  • the friend could tell when his presence wasn’t wanted
  • Minhyuk and Xen promised to never utter a word of this to MC


  • Joong Ki was doing a school project with a few classmates
  • it was all relatively chill till MC came out of the shower in a bathrobe
  • u can legit see the drool coming out of the boy’s mouths
  • Joong Ki hadn’t even noticed his mother come in
  • one of his classmates uttered something about his mother being a milf
  • coincidently Jumin had decided to walk in
  • you can feel a cold chill in the air
  • Jumin is conflicted 
  • one side of him doesn’t have the energy to deal with horny teenagers 
  • and the other side still wants to be seen as a kool dad™
  • Jumin doesn’t kick them out but takes to acting like a territorial lion whenever the boys are around

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • Yonghwa was hanging with some shady teens from school
  • MC doesn’t trust them but Seven’s like
  • ‘he’s going thru a phase chill’
  • anyway MC is cooking dinner with Seven waiting for the boys to leave
  • one of the boys lets it slip that MC is ‘milf material’
  • MC was too busy seasoning to notice
  • Seven was trying to hold back cackles
  • Yonghwa was like
  • ‘dude that’s my mom’ (ugh can’t believe i had to type mom instead of mum)
  • Seven is on the floor rolling at this point
  • unhelpful much
  • MC is wondering what the commotion was
  • it should be noted that they didn’t stay for dinner


  • Hansol had invited his friends round to play video games
  • they were all having top notch banter
  • MC just happened to be coming back from a jog
  • MC being oblivious af didn’t notice the hungry stares she was getting
  • nasty
  • one of them stated that MC was a milf
  • Saeran didn’t really give a fuck at this point
  • horny teenagers are the least of his problems
  • as the evening progressed tho he was starting to get more annoyed by the boy’s subtle advances
  • by the end Saeran’s like
  • ‘ get yo dusty ass out of my house’
  • tbh one glare from Saeran is enough 

kinda crap but i’m tired a shit so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Guys chill, it's just 37 cents;;;
  • MC: *runs into the room outta breathe*
  • MC: I'm so sorry to bother you all, but can someone please lend me 37 cents, I was short at the cas-
  • Jumin: Not to worry MC, I just transferred $10,000 to your bank account.
  • MC: I don't even have a bank account;;
  • Jaehee: I opened one for you as soon as I got word.
  • MC: I just mentioned it-
  • Zen: I have cash, lets go.
  • Saeyoung: lolol too late guys, I already knew so I ran down there and paid for it.
  • MC: All I needed was 37 cents guys..

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rfa, saeran, and V reaction to MC wanting to adopt teenagers since they usually don't get adopted as often as younger kids

(heck yeah I’m here on team adopt older kids and teenagers!!!)


  • at first he doesn’t know if it’s a good idea
  • not because he thinks the teenager would be any trouble, or that the idea itself is flawed
  • he’s just not sure if he’s going to be able to be the father of a teenager right away??
  • MC can’t help but snicker when he spills his worries
  • seriously, that’s all he’s worried about
  • he knows he’s weak when it comes to his loved ones and he doesn’t think he’ll have enough strenght to berate his new child if they rebel 
  • MC is just, laughing at this point because they know this man will make a great father 
  • after a while, he’s much more calm and ready to talk with MC about the plans- when should they adopt? where could they go? should they start meeting teenagers in adoption right now? and all that important jazz


  • her smile is as wide as her happiness is
  • Jaehee is a pro for adoption of all kinds, especially seeing as she was taken in by her aunt and uncle
  • of course, when MC expresses how sad it makes them to think of all those teenagers thrown about in the adoption system, Jaehee joins in with her feelings too
  • it’s not even a conversation- MC just says it and Jaehee is agreeing by the second
  • Jaehee is usually one for calm planification though, so MC knows that it’ll be ages before the actual adoption takes place
  • because obviously, Jaehee will want to read up on teenager care, adoption care, nearby high schools, the psychological needs of an adopted teenager, and probably any sort of book related on the matter to make sure she’s prepared for everything


  • at first he’s a bit surprised to hear that
  • when he hears “adopting a child” his mind just tends to picture the typical scene of a couple with a baby in their hands after leaving an orphanage or something
  • he hadn’t ever just wondered what happened to the older kids? he guessed they left, but the more he thinks about it… the less he likes the fact they’re left behind
  • still, he’s a bit hesitant and MC notices it, mainly because he remembers how he was as a teenager
  • and oh boy is he not ready to take care of a teenager like that
  • him and MC end up visiting one of the adoption centers to meet some of the teens for adoption, mostly so Zen can see not everyone was an unruly little shit at age 15 like he was
  • once at home, Zen starts wondering about the future- he’ll skip through all the baby care, the raising… and he doesn’t really mind. MC seems happy, and honestly, just that is enough to tell him it is the correct decision


  • his heart is split in two
  • one side says he doesn’t mind, he really doesn’t care that MC wants to adopt and he’ll gladly go along, and that he’s happy as long as MC is
  • the other half screams that his father will be unhappy, that of course someone like his father wants a flesh and blood grandchild, and that this might just tear apart his father’s patience
  • MC notices he’s worried, and for a second they think he might dislike the idea of adopting a teenager
  • Jumin opens up rather easily, maybe because he’s spent so much time with MC, about why he worries his father won’t like the fact he’ll get a teenage grandchild like that
  • after talking for a while, Jumin decides to simply think it through- he and MC can tell his father after everything is done, and frankly, as long as neither him or MC mind adopting an older child, who cares?
  • it’s not easy for him to adopt the “it’s our choice” mentality (after all, his father had been asking for a grandchild since Jumin was about twenty, and had always been there to add his opinion to most of Jumin’s big life choices) but once he does, his worries melt away


  • Seven is a bit serious when it comes to the topic of children- not because he feels like it’s worrying, but because he feels like if it’s something important to MC, he shouldn’t joke around it too much
  • really, Seven is ready for whatever. MC wants children? he’s happy with that. MC wants no children? he’s more than ok with that. MC wants twenty kids? a-ok by him. 
  • so MC wants to adopt a teenager? he’s more than happy to cheer along
  • he just feels like his life is now complete with MC by his side, and whatever happens afterwards with them will be filled with happiness no matter what
  • and if that is by adopting a teenager, then he’s more than happy to proceed with that plan
  • he can’t help but crack a joke about it here and there, though- such as how he’s going to make the poor teenager’s life a mess by throwing in dad jokes 24/7 at them, or how he’s planning on driving them to high school in the most ridiculously expensive sports cars he owns to make their classmates think they’re the child of a multimillionaire
  • which, y’know, taking in count how much money Seven has, is kinda right


  • one of his fears, that he hardly ever expresses, is accidentally harming a child- even more so if it were his child
  • MC had mentioned adoption before, and he hadn’t minded much; the idea of adopting was natural to him? he’d never quite understood why people would say things like “they want it to be their child” when speaking against adoption
  • and fairly, teenage adoption seems more…easy, in a sense
  • MC warns him that it’ll be a bit difficult- and that the teenager might be a bit awkward at first around them, or might rebel a bit, but he knows he can handle that
  • secondly, he knows that at least with a teenager he doesn’t run the risk of accidentally dropping them and hurting them when trying to play with them
  • and as an added bonus, nobody would judge the teen’s clothes if they went through an emo phase. because. one of their parents is already a Big Emo so


  • after everything he and MC have been through, it’s easy to talk about anything with him
  • maybe it’s that or his naturally calming aura that make MC pretty chill with the whole telling him and seeing what he thinks
  • V listens to all of MC’s points, about why they think adopting a teenager would be good, and about why it’s harder for teenagers to get adopted, along with other benefits, as V listens carefully
  • he nods along and hums in agreement, not interrupting MC
  • once they’re done, MC looks at him, waiting for an answer
  • he just smiles, and asks MC if they have a plan or a set date when they’d like to begin the process
  • he just jumps head-first into it, ready to go along with it 
  • he’s also pretty excited to take a family photo- but he says he wants to wait to actually adopt so he knows what kind of scenery or aesthetic the teenager would like for the photo, so he waits before making the arrangements