Joseph: Laptop overheating?? Pour water on it to cool it down!
MC: I trusted you.
Joseph: Do not trust people like me. I will take you to museums and parks and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place so you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave, you will finally understand why storms are named after people.

Ladies and gents, let me present you the simple, basic and free of charge outfits of the year (and years for my broke ass) !!!

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Hello! Can I please request you write something about Jumin getting drunk and suddenly calls out Rika's name while MC/Reader is taking care of him?

Title: Shadow

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters|Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

Disclaimer: This post is word heavy

a|n this was the most evil request i’ve ever received. whoever you are, thank you for breaking my heart while writing this. how could you. *cries for juju *also cries for self

The shadows of your heart
are hanging in the sweet, sweet air
The secrets that you hide
controls us and it’s just not fair

You were not ignorant of anything. In the little time you were able to spend with the members of the RFA, you have been given clues about the former mistress who used to run the association. The former mistress who, according to them, died due to suicide. You were not able to meet her in person but you’ve been given photos of her to look at while she was still alive.

They said her name was Rika.

What a beautiful name. What an even more beautiful personality. She made the organization to distribute and bring happiness for everyone. They said she’s engaged to be married to the current acting President, V. You wondered how was he able to cope up with her death?

You knew that Yoosung, Rika’s cousin was still mourning. It’s a given. He said they’ve been close since he was young. Everybody in the association admired and respected her and of course — in return, you did as well. With all the praises and beautiful things about her, you couldn’t help yourself but look up to her. A perfect role model. She did everything by herself, turning the RFA, which was named after her, an organization that would reflect her wishes.
Her pure, untainted hopes.
What a wonderful woman, you mused.

Yet, you found yourself as the replacement of the woman who died and left this earth. All of a sudden, just by accidentally downloading an app, you found yourself slowly become a part of something warmer than the sun — the friendship you gained with each member.

You are not ignorant. Yes, definitely, you weren’t. You are the kind of woman who knew where her boundary lies. You were not the type to go beyond or over something without carefully thinking about it.

But in the hands of love, everyone looses their own reasoning.

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#19 Saeyoung x MC! ❤️

This is complete fluff, and I got carried away. I am sorry. But I hope you still like it? :) 

19. With no space left between us

The hum of a monitor, the hardness of the keyboard, the bitterness of coffee…this was torture.

Saeyoung’s eyes burned as he fixated his unblinking stare at the glaring monitor. It had been a long while since he’d hacked, but his fingers were no less nimble. Actually, he was more productive now than when he was younger.  Perhaps the difference was a matter of incentive. No longer was he driven by a dangerous agency, but rather the innate protectiveness to provide for his family. That and…well, his life wasn’t on the line for these smaller freelance jobs.

The thought of you and Saeran probably lazing about just outside the door brought a small smile onto his lips as well as an intense pain to his chest. He wanted to be there so badly. Tiny currents of energy surged through his fingers, sending them gliding across the keys at an even faster pace. A few more hums…several more clicks…and the last sip of bitterness…

Saeyoung hit the final key and pushed back against his desk, spinning his chair in a triumphant circle. “I am finished!” he cried, throwing his arms up in the air. He swiveled towards the small window on the door, awaiting your beaming face or at least a note that you had left on the glass earlier.

His heart sunk a little in disappointment when he found neither. But he wasn’t going to let that get him down. Saeyoung shut off his computers before leaving the self-proclaimed prison that was his workroom. He stopped in the doorway, confused by the lack of light in the bunker.

He checked his watch. It was only a few hours after dinner, and neither you nor Saeran should’ve been asleep–no matter how much bickering there had been about your “decent sleeping schedule.” With a click of his tongue, he explored the rest of the bunker.

“MC?” he called, peeking into the kitchen. The counter was clean, and there was no trace of a late-night snack. Hanging onto the doorpost, he leaned back and checked the small table with his car keys on it. As he suspected…one of them was missing.

Figuring you two had stepped out for groceries or fresh air, he shrugged off his hoodie and headed towards the bathroom for a shower. He shook his head at the folded towel and fresh set of clothes already waiting for him on the counter, accompanied by a little note from you. Although, it wasn’t until after he washed up did he realize you gave him a sweater to wear…which was odd considering it was the middle of summer. Still, he learned long ago not to argue with you and just go along with it.

The bunker was just as dark and empty as when he had finished work. You two would probably be out for awhile then. Resigned to the temporary solitude, he moved to the bedroom. He opened the door and took a step forward into darkness, nearly swearing when pain crackled through his shin. He flicked on the switch and found his attacker. It was the edge of a chair…which happened to be mostly covered by blankets….which connected to even more blankets and more chairs.

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God bless my poster boy of feminism Zig ❤️🖤 Manny is like the perfect example of toxic masculinity, insulting women and claiming they dress how they do for attention, viewing them as sexual objects, etc. I’m really mad at him but good that Chris and Zig stood up for MC and even better that she was able to stick up for herself as well.

Brian’s Route, in a Nutshell

Me Before the Third Date: God I hate this piece of shit, he’s so pretentious and has to make everything some sort of competition.


The morning after

short prompt on Robert Small (A.k.a Hot rugged knife dad). It’s just fluff and cuddles don’t worry. 

Robert Small X MC Daddy

I woke up to a mesmerizing view: Robert Small, beside me in bed (HIS BED) sleeping with his arms wrapped around my body.  He holds me tight and close, as if he’s worried I’d leave as soon as I had a chance. I can’t stop staring at his sleeping face, I mean just imagine waking up to this view EVERY DAY. I stay like that for a while, just staring and enjoying the silence of the room. He’s right, silence is so underrated. But as much as I would love to just stay like that, my stomach was begging me to stand up and make breakfast for the two of us. I tried moving out of his hug without waking him up but the more I move the tighter his hug was. I was left with no choice. “Robert, Robert, Robert” I whisper. Nothing. I kissed him on his forehead this time, wishing the contact would wake him up. “Mhhmm… 5 more minutes” he mumbles, still quite asleep. “Good morning sleepy head. I hate to break it to you but I need to make breakfast.” I kissed him on the forehead again, hoping for a better response. “Can’t we just do that later?” He says grabbing me closer to a tighter hug, I can’t move an inch with this position. “Uhm. Robert, I’m hungry.” I say as he places his lips on my neck. WAIT. I’ve stepped into a Dad joke trap have I? I waited for his response and was surprised to get: “So am I.” He starts kissing my neck over and over with small pecks. “No wait- HAHAHAHA- if you do it like that – Stop HAHA” he just giggles at me pushing him away. Finally, I got him to let go. “I’m making breakfast.” I said as I sat up. “We.” he says in reply standing. “Oui? Since when were you French?” I laughed at my own joke, but I’m still quite unsure of what he said. “We, you and me. We’re making breakfast” He said as he kissed me on the forehead then the lips before he headed towards the kitchen. I am left speechless at the gesture.