when thanos dies and the dust settles, the world rebuilds.

the world rebuilds, but pepper potts does not.

she is strong, that is true, she is brave, that is true, but she is tired and grieving and she is not iron.

morgan is not tony, and neither is peter or rhodey or happy or friday or dum-e, but they’re all similar, achingly so, in one way or another.

she thinks that she might be seeing him for the rest of her life, in words and smiles and shadows, flickers of an outline in the corner of her mind.

pepper potts loved tony stark, and she loves him still, though he’s gone and she’s been left behind to pick up the pieces.

she can’t grieve forever, though, has to remember that the world is still spinning and there’s so much work to do, and so she gets back on her feet and picks out a smile for the day, pins it to her face and doesn’t let anyone see how fake it is.

when she stumbles, someone unexpected is there to help her up again.

it’s carol, carol danvers, who finds her in the new avengers compound, clutching a photo of tony and wishing that she could turn back time.

and it’s carol who puts a hand on her shoulder that turns into a hug, who listens to her talk without even a hint of complaint or discomfort, despite them not being particularly close.

later, pepper tries to thank her, but carol just gives her a small smile. “don’t mention it,” she says. “everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes. and, hey, if you ever need to talk again and i’m in the solar system, just give me a call.”

pepper smiles back, and, yes, she does find herself taking her up on that offer.

they become friends, and maybe, one day, in a distant future much brighter than their current, painful present, something more.

Main Six Finding Out MC Sings Beautifully

oh i love this


  • They would already know from quietly listening to you sing in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up shop
  • But when you shared it with them, they would be SO HAPPY
  • Asra would always want to hear you sing
  • Before bed, Asra would ask you to sing him something while you ran your fingers through his hair
  • Puppy eyes
  • “Please MC…?”


  • “Why did you hide this from me???”
  • Would love hearing you sing and she would sometimes ask you to sing to her if she was stressed or upset about something
  • She would lie in your lap, holding your hands and intertwining her fingers with yours as you sang her something
  • Might fall asleep to your voice


  • “MC! You sing beautifully!”
  • I have a headcanon that Julian also sings, so you two could have jam sessions
  • You two would play instruments, laugh, and dance as you two sang to your favorite songs
  • Kisses in between verses and you can’t tell me otherwise


  • “Sing for me! Sing for me! Sing for me!”
  • Everyday after work while to two of you were cooking, she would wrap her arms around your waist, standing on her tippy-toes, and rest her chin on your shoulder
  • “MC…?”
  • “Yes Portia?”
  • “Can you sing me [insert song here], please?”
  • You can’t help but giggle at her childish yet very charming behavior


  • It would calm the big soft boy down
  • If he had a nightmare or couldn’t sleep, you would sing to him
  • He would never ask you to sing for him because he’s shy
  • But you’d do it anyway
  • He loves to hear you sing, but he doesn’t admit it often. But when he does, his face is bright red


  • This Thot, wait shit sorry, this is fluff
  • He would always wanna hear you sing
  • Lucio would boast about it to everyone, making you so embarrassed
  • “Have you heard MC sing? She sounds like an angel from above!”
  • The puppers would also listen to you sing
  • “MC… sing me something?” Lucio would whine sprawling himself out onto your lap
  • Making you giggle but you’d sing him something anyway

avengers endgame is the biggest crossover in cinematic history—



And here we have Tristan!

He is from the same clan as Noah and they actually were some kind of friends back in the days. When Noah still was rather asshole-ish himself.

While Noah is a really nice guy now, Tristan stayed an asshole and he loves to let people and all sorts of creatures suffer. He actually made friends with an enderman and they wander around together now.


this is the one my friend and I made!! it took too long bc we’re on survival on ps4,, and the entire world is still a big wip,,, but we loved the design so we tried it out!!! (you can post it if you want :3c)

oh my godd you did such a good job!!!!!! that looks great!! also, i wish i had done this sooner, but i googled seeing if i could find the original build that i based mine from and i found out there’s a whole youtube tutorial video about how to make it!! i know i recreated mine from looking at a picture from google but hadn’t seen the video until now… it might have been helpful if i had found that for you before you made this! here’s the video by the original builder:

your map is looking great so far! :D hope you’re having fun and thank u for submitting these!!

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Can I get Lucio cuddles plz? I need cuddles and soft lucio

Abso-fucking-lutely ;-;

  • The only thing Mc has to do is start playing with his hair and he’s putty in their hands
  • After a long day, Lucio just likes to climb into Mc’s lap and doze against their shoulder/chest
  • He’s also adamant Mc and him switch places when Mc’s tired
  • Lucio *loves* soft back scratches
  • Curl up on a comfy bench on the veranda on a nice sunny day
  • The dogs will want to be a part of this, of course
  • Sometimes it takes a while for all four of them to get comfortable, but it’s worth it
  • He’ll order the servants to collect every pillow in the palace and bring it to one room so they can build a pillow pile/fort
  • The dogs nest up
  • A servant puts on a fire and they all just lay there in a heap of hugs and gentle rubs

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Muriel or main 5 with an MC who has trouble talking when they get mad or flustered in anyway. Like I have so much trouble articulating sometimes when my emotions get the better of me and I’ll stutter or mess words up completely.

Muriel thinks it’s absolutely adorable when you can’t properly articulate when upset. When you’re just standing there fuming or trying to find the words to say, he can’t help but smile, although he’ll wipe that smirk off his face as soon as you look at him so you don’t think he’s laughing at you.