“So what we do in this part is we talk about some serious stuff…. So, tonight we celebrate love, thats what we do. And this the type of show that we put on is one that has no bullshit around it… What we try and do here is we try and get everyone here to have the best night of their life, and that’s our job. And it’s your job to have the best night of your life, also.” July 20th, 2016

imagine michael calling you on facetime the first night he’s away from home and before you can say hi to him he’d probably be laughing and you’d be like “what?” and he’d chuckle for a bit more before he’d explain himself like “i was trying to go to sleep, but then i got annoyed that i wasn’t being annoyed by you because you usually start talking about everything the moment i want to sleep and it annoys me but tonight you not annoying me keeps me awake” and even though it’s a bit confusing, you’d understand quickly and roll your eyes “so you called me so i could annoy you?” and he’d just give you that guilty smile and when he’d realize you won’t talk he’d pout and he’d be threatening you “if i suck tomorrow i’ll tell the fans it’s your fault” and some other shit he can think of until you’d say “do i really annoy?” And he’d get all serious and “a bit, but i find it cute and i do listen even if it doesnt seem like i do. i listen most of the time.” and the last sentence would make you laugh and you’d start talking about your day and michael would end the call when his sleepy eyes would be dying to close and close for a long time and yeah, i guess he’d still be annoyed at the end that you’re not here with him because it still isn’t the same


the gangs all here (wear headphones)

Broken Home (part 2) - M.C

Y/n woke up pressed against the chest of Michael Clifford as they slept in the hotel room they’d be spending two nights in due to a day off from the tour. It was the middle of the night, maybe two in the morning, knowing she wasn’t going to go back to sleep anytime soon she attempted to slide out of the bed, Michael’s grip only tightening around her. The anxiety slowly building through her body from fear was slowly consuming her.

“Where are you going?” he muttered, his eyes fluttering open, sleep written all over his face as he kissed the side of her head. It had been two months since she reluctantly agreed to get back together with Michael, joining him on his tour as well as his support.

“I was going to take a bath,” she muttered back looking to face him, Michael pulling her on top of him as he rolled onto his back. His freshly blonde hair was sticking up every which way as he rubbed at her sides, her head nestled into his neck. “I can’t sleep.”

“How can I help?” he questioned, only earning a shrug in response from her as he flipped the two of them over resting his hands on either side of his head. “Is this about us?” she nodded her head looking away from him embarrassed as he took a deep breath. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” she whispered before looking up at him, fear running through his eyes as he leaned down to kiss her, the passion in that single moment running through their veins intensified with each second that passed, their lips moving against each others’ like a dance while his hand caressed her body, the other rested next to her head for support. He pulled back from her slightly, looking into her eyes deeply before kissing her softly once again, trailing his lips around her jaw, down to her neck and collarbone leaving small little marks in his wake.

“Can I make love to you, baby girl?” he didn’t move his head away from her neck, continuing to bite and nip at the skin as her breathing faltered, between the question and his touch, she couldn’t think straight. “I wanna show you how much I love you, y/n.” His hips slowly ground into hers causing her to moan slightly just before he pulled away from her neck pulling his shirt off as well. “I need you to use your words baby.”

“I want you, Mikey,” she muttered as he pulled off her shirt as well. He leaned back towards her pressing his lips against hers as he let a hand trail down her body towards the only piece of clothing she had left. He didn’t waste time, quickly slipping his hand beneath the waistband of her underwear rubbing at her clit in slow small circles. His lips moved back down to her neck, trailing down to her chest where he licked and sucked at her exposed nipples, back and forth, over and over. “P-please, Mikey.”

“What do you need, baby?” He questioned, stopping his movements to look at her with a smirk on his face, her face flustered with hooded eyes as she whimpered at the loss of contact. She took one of her hands, slipping them in the waistband only to direct his fingers towards her opening, helping him to push two fingers inside as she moaned again. “Is that what you wanted, baby? You wanted my fingers inside of you? You have to start using your words.”

“Fucking make me cum,” she whispered moving her hips for more friction as he laughed slightly pulling his hand out, only to pull down her panties completely and exposing her completely.

“Oh, i’ll make you cum.” He slid down her body not even hesitating before licking up her pussy, barely moving his head away from her to connect his lips to her clit, his fingers entering her once again. Her hands made their way into his hair, pulling, yet pushing on him to make sure he stayed right where he was in between her legs. It was such a beautiful sight, the way he made sure to keep eye contact with her, his eyebrow piercing glistening from the moonlight pouring in the window, the way his face still held exhaustion, yet, here he was ready to get her off.

“M-Michael,” she moaned loudly, a muffled ‘mmm’ coming from him in response as his fingers sped up, curling back as they hit her g-spot every time, her hips raising from the bed slightly as he attempted to keep her someone still to finish the job. “I’m comin’.” He switched his tongue and fingers, his thumb rubbing at her clit while his tongue entered inside of her ready to clean her out. He knew her body better than anything, even guitar. The way she tried to control her breathing, eyes wired shut, one hand in her hair and one in his, just before she came with a loud moan, thighs shaking as she tried to keep herself from pulling back from him. He quickly lapped up her juices savoring the taste as if it would be the last time he ever could taste her.

“Wanna taste?” He questioned crawling up her body once again, sticking his tongue out slightly as she leaned towards him sucking it right into her mouth before kissing him properly. He pulled back once again, this time climbing off the bed to rummage in his suitcase for a condom as he slipped off his boxers. “I wanna take my time with this, m’kay?” He asked as he made his way back to her, opening the foil packet with his teeth. She nodded her head, watching as he rolled the condom on his length before kissing her once again. “I love you, y/n, so goddamn much.”

“I love you too, Michael,” she muttered back as he lined himself up with her, taking a hand in his as he slowly entered her, a groan escaping his lips as well as a loud moan from hers.

“Fucking hell, you’re tight.”

“Well, it’s been awhile,” she muttered back knowing the last time she’s had sex was with him two years ago. By the time he was fully inside her, she felt like she was ready to explode, completely forgetting how good he felt inside of her, fitting just like a jigsaw puzzle. And in that moment, the anxiety hit her as she tried to push off the thought of him making love to her, him putting all of his vulnerability and emotions into this one moment to show her how much he loved her. He could sense the panic through her body, nestling his face in her neck, wrapping a leg around his hip as he remained there without any sudden movements.

“Baby, breathe for me, okay?” He whispered in her ear as she nodded in response, pressing a kiss to her neck before moving to look at her face. “I’m not going to hurt you, love, alright? I promise I will never hurt you.” She nodded once again, pressing her lips to his while moving her hips against his letting him know he could move. He pinned both hands above her head, fingers intertwined as he thrust in and out of her at a slow pace, hitting every possible spot making it feel so good. He removed a hand, placing it on her hip to hold her steady as he continued to roll his hips with hers, the only sounds in the room coming from their moans and subtle sounds of skin slapping together. He made sure to his over her chest, neck, and face, snapping his hips a bit harder to go deeper inside of her while keeping the leisurely pace. There were no other words exchanged between the two except for the moans, Michael feeling her tense around him knowing her release was building up, as was his as he began rubbing circles on her clit, bringing his face back up and level with hers, searching her eyes for the familiar gleam they held just before she came. It was a sight to see, her unraveling underneath him, his orgasm hitting as well, more intense than it had ever been as they rode out their high, their breathing heavy as he slowly pulled out from her, getting up to dispose of the condom. He came back to see her sitting upright on the bed watching him, a small smile tugging at her lips. “Are you alright?”

“I’m more than alright,” she muttered back, crawling towards the edge of the bed to meet him, standing on her knees to be able to press her lips to his, his arms circling her waist as she rested her hands on his chest. “I love you so much. Thank you.”

“For what?” He questioned tucking her hair away from her face as she kissed him again.

“For not giving up on me.”

WITS Character Design Contest

The main character of WITS needs a base design, and we want one of you to be her designer!

So we’re holding a contest! 

All you have to do is create and send your design through our submit page. It can be a drawing, written description, reference pictures, anything really! As long as we can grasp the design :) Don’t worry about your skill level either, we want your submission anyway


  1. You may submit more than one design. You may also submit more than one outfit per design, as the MC will change outfits from time to time in-game.
  2. Please make the design friendly to skin-tone change. The player will have the opportunity to choose the MC’s skin tone, so please keep this in mind while designing.
  3. WITS does contain fictional elements, but it is based in a modern-day college setting. Keep this in mind when designing her outfit(s). You can also check out the WITS characters we’ve posted so far, here and here
  4. The winner will be credited in the game credits.
  5. Please understand that if your design wins, there may be some slight alterations in the final design.
  6. Keep designs original! It’s fine to take inspiration from existing characters, and even encouraged, but do not copy designs. If we recognize your design from somewhere else, you will be disqualified.
  7. The submission deadline is August 25th. This means you have a few days short of a month to design and submit as many entries as you wish.

Most of the main character’s personality will depend on how individual players play the game, but here is a few base tidbits about her:

  • Her default name is Lacie Gray, but her first name is completely changeable.
  • She is 18 years old.
  • She is an entering freshman in college. 
  • She comes from an upper-middle class family that she was adopted into at a young age. 
  • She has an older brother and younger sister, both also adopted.
  • She works part time in the cafe/bakery owned by her mothers.
  • She has the power of Lunar Manipulation, which is tied deeply with her emotions, and is very dangerous. This makes her a Class A Psych in the WITS world.

We are super excited to see what you guys come up with! Have fun! <3

EDIT: We will send you a message telling you we received your submission. If you don’’t get a message within 24 hours of submitting, you can assume that tumblr ate it and resend it! Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have!