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who on tumblr do you also consider friends? make a list i wanna follow them all

oh god that’s so many people though

but I will try my best

holy shit this took too long

(if you’re not on here I’m sorry I must’ve missed you ;w; please forgive me this took a LONG TIME TO MAKE)

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oh shit i didn't expect that stupid burned furs post to make it here. I wasn't talking about SSWU. I honestly like the idea. What I was talking about was this backlash against adult material with the intent to "wipe out" adult material from the fandom. the Burned Furs taught us an important lesson: that you can't change an entire fandom to suit your tastes. They tried for three years, and now they are the ass end of jokes.

I kinda figured that out when I was half way through making my SSWU post… but I wanted to finish making it anyway because a lot of people misunderstand the intent. 

I agree that you can’t wipe out the adult material and there’s always going to be some.  When I did my comparison of Rule 34 material to clean material on Deviant art, it was like 4.5%… that’s really not that much considering how big the fandom is.  Plus other fandoms had it much worse. 

I wish people would realize this before hemming and hawing about an issue that’s really a non issue these days. 

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(there is nothing wrong with being single! Not wishing to be together with somebody else is okay! Being okay with being alone is okay! My last ex cheated on me and then dumped me for a long distance relationship with somebody living outside the country so I guess that kind of speaks to how relationships can go sometimes.)

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Hey have you heard of "Read Only Memories"? It's a throwback indie game on kickstarter right now that is a tribute to super old NES era point and click adventure games. It has a neat colorful cyberpunk setting and features a diverse cast of LGBTQ characters. I thought you'd be interested in it and I would link it to you, but it seems you don't have a submit button. You can find it easily enough though.

I should really get a submit button.

But yes thank you, I already found it and  made a post on it as well (seems to only show a link for me though). And I was just about saving money when suddenly it flew out of my purse and INTO THE INTERNET.


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sorry for the late reply, but I actually have a workaround for the noise! I live in San Jose, which is also a pretty loud city, especially in the evening. I counter it with those cheapass sony earbuds that plug your ears with rubber, and a pair of earmuffs or wraparound headphones on top to further muffle sound. then I load up some kind of BG noise generator in an mp3 player. It helps tune things out. Gotta be careful at crosswalks though.

Sounds good!