Hey all! Wanted to remind you that the album Searching All Galaxies And Nebulae, produced by myself and Mbulsht, is now available! Take a musical journey through the stars and planets with a wide variety of tracks, ranging from orchestral to electronic, and even a soundscape or two!

We will be premiering the album and be interviewed about it live on Ponyville FM tonight at 5PM EST/2PM PST, and I invite you all to come listen to the full album in all it’s glory (it’s not really that glorious but whatevs)! You can find Ponyville FM’s website here.

If you wish to purchase the album, or just take a listen, click this link!

Album art was done by Puppy Doctor. You can check out her blog by clicking on the picture above!

Thank you all for taking the time to listen to our work, and I hope to see you later tonight!

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oh shit i didn't expect that stupid burned furs post to make it here. I wasn't talking about SSWU. I honestly like the idea. What I was talking about was this backlash against adult material with the intent to "wipe out" adult material from the fandom. the Burned Furs taught us an important lesson: that you can't change an entire fandom to suit your tastes. They tried for three years, and now they are the ass end of jokes.

I kinda figured that out when I was half way through making my SSWU post… but I wanted to finish making it anyway because a lot of people misunderstand the intent. 

I agree that you can’t wipe out the adult material and there’s always going to be some.  When I did my comparison of Rule 34 material to clean material on Deviant art, it was like 4.5%… that’s really not that much considering how big the fandom is.  Plus other fandoms had it much worse. 

I wish people would realize this before hemming and hawing about an issue that’s really a non issue these days. 

Watch on mbulshtmusic.tumblr.com

DJ Poniver - Scratch (“Octavia” version by Mbulsht)


So yeah.

This is just a little variation on one of DJ Poniver’s tracks, entitled “Scratch.” It’s sort of a cover, sort of a theme and variation. I really liked Poniver’s track and since it was about Vinyl Scratch, I felt compelled to throw a little bit of Octavia in there. Because it’s the best ship. So I guess this song sort of represents how Octavia might hijack one of Vinyl’s tracks and fuss with it because she can often be a bit of a pretentious musician. In the end what we get is a marriage between what Vinyl would call “stuffy boring old pony music” and what Octavia would call “disgusting baseless noise.”

And since I’m tired of being asked for these, here are some download links for you:

WAV: http://www.mediafire.com/?l47q777a2x298do

320 KBPS MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?ddcm08ril83ixzp

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hahaha omg i thought i was the only person who actually liked American Idiot

dude that was, like, my first modern rock cd. before that album i was a little shit who would only listen to zeppelin and pink floyd and shit haha

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(there is nothing wrong with being single! Not wishing to be together with somebody else is okay! Being okay with being alone is okay! My last ex cheated on me and then dumped me for a long distance relationship with somebody living outside the country so I guess that kind of speaks to how relationships can go sometimes.)