mbti stereotypes

mbti stereotypes
  • XXFP's: "oh, people! i love the people!" they said, moments before hating the people.
  • XXFJ's: sunshine, laughter, social functions, concerts, helicopter mothers, emotional manipulation,,, pinterest
  • XXTP's: beep bop boop emotional unavailability
  • XXTJ's: beep bop boop justified murder
How to figure out your MBTI type, according to Tumblr

If you play sports, do drugs, regularly injure yourself and have no idea what the words “future” or “long term” mean, you’re an ESTP.

If you are loud, fun, have never had an intelligent thought, and party for 27 hours a day, you’re an ESFP.

If you are a psychopathic bag of internet trolls, secretly are building Frankenstein and/or an Iron Man suit in your basement, and have never had a conversation that wasn’t an argument, you’re an ENTP.

If you eat rainbows and poop butterflies, can’t stop daydreaming about love and/or memes, constantly flake out on others, and have never finished anything in your life, you’re an ENFP.

If you love rules, yelling, unborn babies, crushing the dreams of your NF children, and being emotionally insecure, you’re an ESTJ.

If you are social, caring, and also extremely shallow, fake, and boring, you’re an ESFJ.

If you consider yourself intelligent, occasionally think about the future, and have zero respect for others, you’re an ENTJ.

If you founded a charity to save all the children in Africa and were born with the ability to read minds, you’re an ENFJ.

If you ever go out into the woods in a leather jacket and skinny jeans to build motorcycles with your bare hands you’re an ISTP.

If you have deep feelings, nobody understands you, and you like to get high and draw emotional pictures, you’re an ISFP.

If you have zero feelings, moderate six subreddits, love to procrastinate, and are secretly twelve calculators in a trench coat, you’re an INTP.

If nobody understands your tortured, selfish soul and you write dramatic poetry every waking hour that you don’t turn and toss in bed, wondering if anyone will ever understand your terrible plight of life, you’re an INFP.

If you are quiet, considerate, and literally made of chocolate, you’re an ISFJ.

If you love rules, never have ideas, and are extremely boring, you’re an ISTJ

And if you have ever thought about the future ever and consider yourself at least slightly above average intelligence, well you obviously must be an INTJ.

And finally, if you have ever thought about the future, have feelings, and want to be special, you must be INFJ. Did you know it’s the rarest type?

mbti as ways they say “i love you”



  • “stay over”
  • “you might like this”
  • “i was just in the neighborhood”


  • “i want you to be happy”
  • “you look like you could use a hug”
  • “i’ll wait”


  • "you didn’t have to ask”
  • “i’ll meet you halfway”
  • “i’ll be here when you’re ready”


  • “i saw this and thought of you”
  • “i’m worried about you”
  • “i like your laugh”


  • “don’t worry about me”
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • “that’s okay, i bought two”


  • “you should take a break - you work too hard”
  • “take my jacket, it’s cold outside”
  • “you’re important too”


  • “i made this for you”
  • “we can share”
  • “i don’t mind”


  • “it reminded me of you”
  • “i made your favourite”
  • “i want you to have this”


  • “listen to this song - it reminded me of you”
  • “i’m happy you’re here”
  • “i saved you a piece”


  • “well what do you want to do?”
  • “i picked these for you”
  • “stay there, i’ll come get you”


  • “you dont have to say anything”
  • “i’ll help you study”
  • “i noticed”


  • “do you need any help with that?”
  • “call me if you need anything”
  • “it’s no bother”


  • “i’ll do it for you”
  • “i really want your opinion on something”
  • “wow”


  • “you can have the last slice”
  • “what do you want to watch?”
  • “do you want to come too?”


  • “is there anything i can do to help?”
  • “it’s okay, i couldn’t sleep anyways”
  • “take mine”


  • “i appreciate what you do for me”
  • “you just made my day”
  • “we’ll figure it out”

Can we please kill the stereotype that NTs are cold, dispassionate people? I mean we might actually be planning your murder but I can assure you we’re passionate about it.

anonymous asked:

What are the general stereotypes of the types?

ISFJ: Book nerd. Helpful. Shyest of the shy. Hipster blog.

ISFP: Aesthetics are Important. Wanderlust. Tears of joy.

ISTJ: Organization. Always serious. Puns and sarcasm.

ISTP: Can fix things. Probably a mechanic. Will fight you.

INFJ: Existential. Knows what you’re thinking. Probably sad.

INFP: Always crying. Takes everything personally. Artsy. Ideas.

INTJ: No emotions. *Trips*. Probably planning your murder. Music.

INTP: Procrastinates. Knows a lot about space. Hates decisions.

ESFJ: Mom. Bakes. Greek life is their life. Always looks nice.

ESFP: *Flirts*. Parties and dancing. Superficial. Small talk.

ESTJ: Ambitious. Probably your boss. Best at making plans.

ESTP: High school football player. Likes parties. Best at gym.

ENFJ: The Protagonist. Advice central. Never wrong. Helps everyone.

ENFP: Brain is on drugs. “Fairies are real fight me”. Bad at math.

ENTJ: Intimidating. Always wins fights. Non-stop. No free time.

ENTP: Pyromaniac. Class clown. Thinks they’re the best. Awkward.


(ofc does not apply to every INTJ out there)


• Heartless.

• Cold.

• Smart.

• Doesn’t care about other people.

• Evil genius.


• Forgets what month it is.

• Says, “I’m gonna have a light read,” and reads for 8 hours.

• Bumps into random objects.

• Plans for events that have not yet happened.

• In a constant debate about whether they should come across as emotionless robots or people who actually care.

• DAYDREAMING (our minds are like black holes and in moments of boredom we are just completely absorbed in there)

• We may cross our hearts and hope to die promise that we don’t care and sometimes we really don’t but others we might actually care way more than we’ll ever admit

Types In The Classroom


- competition with others on how fast they can take notes

- 8 pages of notes summarized into 2 pages

- talking to people around them silently; doesn’t get caught


- notes organized so neatly that people around them thought it was a textbook

- always raising their hand either to ask questions, or prove the teacher wrong

- “what is the long term purpose of this?”


- playing video games on computer secretly

- whispers answers to people next to them, too afraid to raise their hand

- has a lot of doubts but refuses to raise their hand and ask them


- already knows everything the teacher is talking about

- on their computer, learning ahead of the class

- rolls eyes when someone asks a stupid question/comment


- class clown

- that one kid the teacher always hates but the kids love

- asks a lot of stupid questions


- “shut up I’m trying to listen”

- diligently writing their notes

- teachers love them; often left in charge when teacher leaves room


- thinks that the class is dumb

- points out logical flaws

- ends up playing video games with INTP


- neatly taking notes

- gets annoyed when someone raises their hand

- never talks during class at all


- laughs a lot to ESTP’s jokes

- easily distracted 

- talks to others a lot


- tries to help people who don’t understand the material

- takes notes correctly

- answers questions about why they would need the info in real life


- really quiet during class, unless sitting with friends

- laughs at everyone’s jokes and makes up their own, but doesn’t say them out loud

- notes are semi-finished


- talking to people next to them

- glances around room to see if they could spot crush

- lets people copy off of their notes


- also making jokes out loud

- teacher gets mildly annoyed at them

- doodling a little


- perfect teacher impression

- secretly talks to other people

- sometimes on their phone, texting friends to find out about what they feel about the lesson


- doodling

- notes are written in the form of doodles

- laughs internally at people’s humor


- quietly taking notes

- gets confused about subject but can’t raise their hand and ask for help

- asks friends for help after classes

“ Haha sometimes I’m an ESFJ, sometimes I’m an ISTP. It really changes depending on the day, you know?”

“ Umm… How is he an F in any way? He’s so smart!”

“ ISTJs are soooo boring amirite”

“ Sensors are so dumb, but I guess we do need people to work in boring office jobs and stuff like that lol”

MBTI Types as random things in Harry Potter

ISTP: The Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia which went wild and is now living in the Forbidden Forrest.

ESTP: The fact that Dumbledore let a 14 year old fight a dragon.

ESTJ: Howlers.

ISTJ: Remembralls.

INTJ: Voldemort managed to control the wizarding world but couldn’t take over a magic highschool.

ENTP: The Marauder’s Map.

ENTJ: Foeglass.

INTP: Omniculars.

ISFJ: Pensieves.

INFP: Pygmy Puffs.

INFJ: Patented Daydream Charms.

ESFJ: The Mirror of Erised.

ENFJ: Secrecy Sensors.

ENFP: The Knightbus.

ESFP: Screaming Yo-Yos.

ISFP: Cloak of Invisibilty.


INTJ: “Did we just share electrons? Because I’m feeling a bond here.”

INTP: “Usually people call me barium-beryllium, but tonight you can call me BaBe.”

ENTJ: “If you were a transformer, you’d be Optimus FINE.”

ENTP: “I’m not a photographer, but I can definitely picture us together.”

INFJ: “Do you have advanced radiation poisoning? Because you are GLOWING!”

INFP: “If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.”

ENFJ: “Is there an airport nearby or is it my heart taking off?”

ENFP: “You’re so hot that when you eat bread you poop out toast.”

ISTJ: “If you were ground coffee, you’d be Espresso cause you’re so fine.”

ISFJ: “Do you like Nintendo? Because Wii would look good together.”

ESTJ: “Are you Australian? Because you meet all my koala-fications!”

ESFJ: “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple!”

ISTP: *throws ice cube on the floor* “Well, now that I’ve broken the ice…”

ISFP: “Did you just say ‘Expelliarmus’? Because that smile is disarming!”

ESTP: “You know, I may not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you.”

ESFP: “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.”

What is your worth as an INTP?

Add up all that applies to you:

$2.00 – You love to read (books, articles, stories, etc.)
$2.00 – You love to write.
$4.00 – You are uncomfortable with small talk.
$1.00 – “What is breakfast?”
$10.00 – You had/have straight A grades in school.
$6.00 – You are competitive af.
$8.00 – You almost take pride in being called an emotionless robot.
$3.00 – You are kind of a loner.
$1.00 – You prefer cats over dogs.
$5.00 – You are obsessed with MBTI.
$4.00 – You collect a lot of weird/unusual things.
$3.00 – Your room is kind of messy.
$4.00 – Your desk is even worse.
$6.00 – You can’t even see your desk.
$4.00 – You have a chair on which you drape the clothes you decide to not wear.
$3.00 – You impulse buy (checkout lanes with candy are especially dangerous).
$8.00 – Your favorite subject is math or chemistry.
$10.00 – Something must be terribly wrong for you to cry in front of someone.
$3.00 – You could sleep for three days straight if you were allowed to do so.
$7.00 – But you can still function perfectly with just 2 hours of sleep.
$10.00 – In relationships, you either care too much or not at all.
$8.00 – You have been called a nerd/geek countless times.
$0.50 – You have a speech impediment.
$4.00 – You are awful with names.
$10.00 – But you can pull the most random facts out of your butt at any given time.
$3.00 – You play video games.
$10.00 – You have a dream job, but lack the drive to pursue it.
$7.00 – You have memorized the location of every country on the map.
$7.00 – You have memorized all or most of the periodic table.
$10.00 – You have attempted (successfully or not) to learn an entire language for fun.
$3.00 – You ask Google so. many. questions.
$10.00 – IQ tests are fun!
$2.50 – You consider yourself self-conscious or insecure. 
$2.00  – You would rather live in the city than the country.
$4.00 – You’ve been called insensitive.
$5.00 – You’re actually a huge goofball.
$10.00 – You’re procrastinating from doing something right this second.

Deductions – Subtract these if:

-$10.00 – Your favorite subject is history.
-$10.00 – You aren’t afraid to sing in front of people.
-$10.00 – You love theatre/arts.
-$10.00 – You are a manager/boss at your workplace.
-$10.00 – You love Christmas music.
-$10.00 – You have more than three VERY close friends.
-$10.00 – You work in a social setting or with a lot of people.
-$10.00 – Misspellings and bad grammar don’t bother you.
-$10.00 – You love the beach.
-$10.00 – You are not particularly interested in space/astronomy.

If you get $200, you’re as pure as they come.
Reblog your worth and tag your fellow INTPs!

reasons to date each type


  • isn’t really that shitty
  • long car rides
  • might let you win at mario kart


  • cute couples grocery shopping
  • can bake
  • has great music taste


  • surprise hugs
  • will stay up late with you
  • just imagine movie nights
  • adorable oversharing of things they like


  • wants you to be your best
  • chivalry is not dead
  • they have good wifi


  • will share cool wikipedia articles with you
  • never run out of things to talk about
  • i mean they never leave the house so lots of time together i guess


  • will bring you flowers the saps they are
  • your parents love them
  • enjoys cliche romance more than they will admit


  • probably super hot tbh
  • never boring
  • really good at hugging


  • good hair
  • always ready to make out
  • aLWAYS


  • sometimes they’re funny
  • memes
  • might share their pizza with you if you ask nicely
  • well why not


  • couples halloween costumes probably
  • wants to buy you things
  • says i love you a lot


  • always texts back
  • will mother you
  • is friends with all your friends


  • will share a love for dogs
  • too large sweaters


  • just wants you to be happy
  • doesn’t judge
  • listening to music together


  • um
  • they own a cat
  • how about we forget this dating thing and just pet the cat


  • is adorable
  • makes playlists for you probably
  • good company


  • will fight people for you
  • is good at gifting
  • will never ignore you