Parks and Recreation: April Ludgate [INTP]


Introverted Thinking (Ti): April is incredibly blunt and to the point, rarely providing explanation for anything she is thinking and leaving her coworkers to simply accept everything she says and roll with it. Her ideas often come out of nowhere and oftentimes she has to backtrack to explain why she came up with it. When Jerry puts up a potential picture for the Parks catalogue, she instantly recognizes the man on it as a pedophile. She is incredibly adaptable to any situation- April is very adept at analyzing people’s personalities and ways of talking and taking that on herself just to make fun of them and amuse herself. When she is not interested in something (which is very often) she is incredibly lazy and does not care about it, scheduling appointments for dates that (she thinks) don’t exist and not bothering to buy silverware or plates for her own home because she has more important things to do.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): April’s dream job is “finding things that people love to do and then sending them away from me”. She likes to see the directions that people take and what kind of potential they have. Oftentimes her passions involve finding things that Andy loves to do and finding him jobs that he enjoys. Her ideas can be on the crazy side but she oftentimes sees how they work even if it contains weird sacrifices or rituals. April is good at reading people she is close to and loves it when they are happy- when Andy begins his career as Johnny Karate she finds it sexy and awesome.

Introverted Sensing (Si): April has strong attachments to her past even if she rarely shows it. She has an extremely hard time leaving Pawnee because of her ties there, and at first refuses to leave it for Chicago when Leslie asks her to. She has a hard time with change- April refuses to stop making fun of Jerry and Ann even when they do nice things for her. She likes creepy stuff and reverts back to that during times that are hard- she puts on scary makeup to give birth to her child and suggests torture techniques on the people who threaten her or her friends as a self-comfort mechanism.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): April is very out of touch emotionally and often doesn’t know how to respond when people go in for hugs or try to connect with her on a personal level. You see her turn down displays of affection over and over. But when she cares a lot about someone, she cares a LOT. When Tom is looking for a new place to start his bistro, April sabotages his search so that he doesn’t leave the department. She marries Andy within a month of dating him because she knows what she feels for him and it’s a reasonable decision. 

Note: Overall, I think her Ne might be stronger than her Ti, so I considered ENTP, but she is definitely an introvert (you hear her saying over and over again how much she hates people and in general she is very quiet and keeps to herself). I considered INTJ, but she’s too lazy and doesn’t like thinking about the future or its consequences and she doesn’t seem to like following plans through to the end. Both her Si and Fe are underdeveloped.

INFP and INTP: Smack Talk

INFP and INTP have been invited to a small group get together to play video games.

INTP: *Grabs Controller*
INFP: You’re owning it INTP. Dude that was awesome!!
*Couple minutes later*
Mutual Friend: Ah, man you suck! You totally died INTP. That was ugly and pathetic *snickers*
INTP: *Doesn’t even look away from screen or skip a beat* You mean like you in general?
Mutual Friend: ….
INFP: …. *Smiles to self* *Internally laughs, then sweats a little all while having a mini heart attack*
INFP: Buurrrnnnnn

The night continues this way. INFP silently adores INTP’s abilities smack talk as they sit and watch them own the game and everyone in the room.

INTP friend told me I could totally post this conversation. So there ya go! lol

An Ni-Dom’s “Psychic” Abilities

*An Ni-dom meets someone*

Se: Disheveled clothes. A nervous playing with their hair. Glossy eyes. Their shirt is on backwards. Tense body motions. A tub of half eaten ice cream is sitting on the desk.

Ni: “I get the feeling … that you’re having a bit of a bad day today”

Person: “Yes, you’re right. How could you tell?”

Ni: “I don’t know”

Se: Oh come on

Destroying the Myth of Si

We all know the stereotypes. High Si users are “dutiful, responsible, stick to the rules, respect authority, etc”. They would never be called lazy– it’s highly that the MBTI community would look at a lazy person and never assume that they’re a high Si user.

Let me tell you something: “dutiful” “responsible” and “hard working” are POSSIBLE traits of high Si– IF the person has come to believe that this is the way shit gets done, and if it is what they are used to, grew up with, etc. These traits have nothing to do with Si itself, and it’s even possible for a high Si user to have none of these traits.

Si at its core is simply this: Recalling experiences and details and using it to compare what is expected, known, and reliable. It is looking at what has worked for them in the past to determine what to do in situations, how to solve problems, etc. It is looking at what has made a strong impression on them– whether good or bad– and storing that information to use for every possible situation in which this scenario comes up (which is why it’s so important not to make a terrible first impression with a high Si user).

Let’s use an example. Let’s examine my ESFJ aunt. This 47 year old woman has never worked a day in her life– neither in a profession, nor as a housewife, nor anything else. She has always lived off of others good graces by using Fe to guilt relatives, friends, or her partner into letting her continue the lifestyle she has always had. An uninformed MBTI fan might say “That’s no ESFJ– she’s not responsible”. She doesn’t have to be– she is simply doing what she is used to, and what has always worked for her. This is what has yielded results, and what she will likely always fall back on. It’s an unhealthy example, yes, but she is truly an ESFJ nonetheless.

In this way you can almost say that high Si users can be the most diverse of each other of all of the types, because how they behave and what they decide to do in situations is highly reliant on what they’ve experienced and been through. One ISTJ can decide to confront someone in a situation because they have learned that reliably gets results, while another ISTJ can decide to avoid the same confrontation because they have learned for some reason or another in their lifetime that confrontation is a waste of time and only leads to more problems. One ISFJ may adore doctor’s visits while another may refuse to go because of one very bad experience that they had (meanwhile Ni users will go to the doctor primarily due to future consequences, no matter what experience they’ve had in the past, and this is the most distinct difference between Ni and Si, but that’s a discussion for a different day). This is not to say of course, that non-Si users don’t consider their past experiences at all when making a decision– but Si-doms will consider it first and foremost, and for them it will happen automatically before they are even conscious of it.

Saying a high Si user must be responsible, dutiful, and hard working is like saying a high Fi user is always just, merciful, and kind (<— once again, possible Fi traits, but not a necessity because Fi at its core is simply making decisions based on the user’s personal beliefs and happiness– so therefore if the user believes it’s no good to give people mercy, then they will not be merciful!) In order to properly type someone, you cannot focus on these possible “byproducts” of the functions, but instead, examine what the person bases their decisions off of, and what they consider important when solving problems.

MBTI and Hogwarts House

Because MBTI types you and describes who you are many want to find a correlation between the houses and an MBTI type. What these are telling about people are a bit different. For one MBTI as 16 categories and there are only 4 Hogwart houses. I don’t believe a type is more likely to be in one house or the other. MBTI figures out how you function, what comes naturally, and how you will communicate with someone. A house tells you above all else, what you take pride in. What kind of community you fit best in? What community values the same forms of education you do? In what house will you learn best? No community works with the same types within them A Slytherin ISFJ will be different from a Ravenclaw ISFJ.

So I think I will create a series of posts (4, one for each house) that shows how each type would “act” or the reason they would be in each house. Wish me luck!

words to the types i know

disclaimer: I only know a limited pool of each type so take this with a pinch of salt

INTJ: oh my goodness. just omg you guys. I really respect how damn driven you are, you might not always do what you set out to do bUT YOU DONT GET FLUSTERED BY IT. You’re really easy to talk to because you have a way of not letting me dwell on my emotions and offer me a healthy and productive solution to my problems. You can plan effectively and it’s really cute when you start telling me about how you’re going to spend your time. You’re doers and I really respect you. But also when you let your guard down, you’re absolutely adorable and so lovable. Also your predictions are ALWAYS right and it really scares me so please stop saying that there’ll be a world war in ten years beCAUSE I LIKE BEING ALIVE QUITE A LOT THANKS. But honestly I could gush about INTJs all day.

ISFP: STOP DOODLING ON MY WORK. I love your unique view of the world and the way that you are frighteningly good at undetectable sarcasm. Also, the plots of your stories are SO INTRICATE, your attention to detail is absolutely pristine and I really admire it. It’s really cute when you go off on a crazy spiel telling me about the next plot you’ve worked out. Also, we have such a laugh together that we get very little done. People probably think we’re crazy, since we spend most of our time sat under the stairs giggling like idiots.

ENFP: you are really motivating. You are so, so hardworking, that it’s difficult not to be inspired just from a brief conversation with you. Honestly, I think we really do try to have a trivial conversation now and again, but somehow it always ends up being huge paragraphs about religion and existence and the future, and for that reason, I really enjoy talking to you; we have a lot to talk about and you are really accommodating of opinions (and me being really fickle and contradictory when I struggle to explain what I mean). Generally, you’re a really warm person and very easy to get along with.

INFP: for some of the INFPs I know, we have so much in common that it’s a little exhausting sometimes. We get along really well and have a fantastic time - and the same sense of humour - but when our views clash, we both get quite bullheaded. But you’re really cute as humans so I’ll let you off. For others, our mutual knowledge of the importance of alone time makes it so that our conversations are filled with excitement and meaningfulness, even if we do fall off the map a little too often.

INFJ: I really want you guys to like me. You have an intriguing and magnetic persona that makes me want to be close friends with you, but you sometimes seem difficult to get to know. I worry a lot that you don’t like me, but I find you compelling. You’re so intelligent in such an individual way that’s it’s impossible not to like you.

ISFJ: your stories are so well told. Honestly, no matter what we discuss, you have a relevant anecdote. You’re very caring and similarly to INFJs, I really want you to show that you like me. Your emotions are mysterious and though you may seem to wear your heart on your sleeve, I can’t figure out what you’re feeling and it’s something that draws me back a lot. I know we’re too loud and excited for you when you’re tired, and it’s very endearing. You have mum friend stereotypes to spare, and it’s lovely.

fuckjobss asked:

hey! i identify as infp, when i base my typing off of the 4 letters. but when i take a function test, i get infj. but if i type myself off of the letters i'm in no way a J type, i'm a HUGE improviser and procrastinator, so i'm just confused

hi, welcome to the “I’m totally a P type expect for the fact that I’m not” club. So here’s the thing introverts are harder to type then extroverts. Why? Well it’s because an introvert’s first function is, well, introverted. Introverted functions are internal, you don’t see them. What this means is that you see an introverts second function first and this is where the judging and perceiving labels come from. The first extroverted function determines whether someone is an judger or perceiver.

I don’t know if that made sense so here’s a thing


I’m a INFJ and I’m a huge procrastinator, I’m messy, I’m usually okay with spontaneous change in plans, and I definitely don’t plan everything in advance ( externally, internally is different ). In short, don’t type using letters, use functions.      

INFP Thought Process
  • Fi:Hmmm... I want to make her something to eat...
  • Ne:Ofcourse! You talkin’ like make a new recipe?
  • Fi:Yeah... lets do that...
  • Fi:Yeah.... I know...
  • Ne:Nah, it will be fine! Let’s be creative!
  • Si:At home you have some okra, some quinoa, some chili, some bread, tea, a few pounds of meat, salt, pepper, water, air-
  • Fi:That’ll do Si, thank you...
  • Ne:Okay so hear me out, what if you cook combine the tomato and okra together and cook it with the meat... and THEN combine it with the quinoa. BOOM I INVENTED A THING.
  • Si:That’s basically a gumbo of sorts.
  • Ne:Yeah, yeah...
  • Fi:Do you think She’ll like that?
  • Si:I don’t know, you don’t cook often.
  • Ne:I guess we’ll have to find out wont we?
  • Fi:I want her to like it...
  • Si:She typically is okay with your cooking. She’s never said anything
  • Ne:Yeah It’ll be fine so-!
  • Te:NO IT WONT.
  • Ne:Just give it a shot and-
  • Fi:....
  • Ne:... and maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t! who knows? The fun is in finding out, you know she’ll appreciate that right?!
  • Fi:Yeah... you’re right Ne..
  • Fi:Te! DOWN BOY!
  • Te:*HISSS*
  • Fi:We’re doing the thing.
  • Si and Ne:Right, Boss!
  • Te:*HISSS*