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  • AOMG

♡Simon D

Actions Speak Louder than Words M


Just A Little Fun M | 2

  • BigBang

♡All Members

Sharing Is Caring M | 2


Eyes on Me M | 2 | 3 | 4


Say Aah M

  • BTS

♡All Members:

Kitten’s Last Ride M

Kookie Crumbs | 2 | 3 | 4


You Learn Something New Everyday

M ft. Namjoon

Prettiest Pink M


Bang! Bang!


You Learn Something New Everyday M ft. Jin


Line of Sight M 

The Hangover M


Live! M | 2

Sweet Tooth-Monni M


Wanna Bet M | 2 | 3

Friday Night (Prologue) M | 1  ft. Jungkook

First Position M ft. Jungkook


Better Than You M ft. Yugyeom

Friday Night (Prologue) M | 1  ft. Jimin

First Position M ft. Jimin

Sweet Tooth-Rogue M

  • Got7

♡All Members

Amazon Training M: Mark | Youngjae | Jinyoung


As Long As You’re Happy A/F


Smells Like Sex A/M

Break Down M ft. Jackson

Cream M ft. Wonho

Love on the Brain A | 2 M ft. Jinyoung


Break Down M ft. JB

Truth or Dare M ft. Amber


Love on the Brain A | 2 M ft. Jaebum

Partition M | 2


Kitchen Antics M | 2

Power Trip M


Better Than You M ft. Jungkook

  • Monsta X

♡All Members

Creatures of the Night M | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


Cookies M

PeacheM ft. Jaebum


  • AOMG

♡Simon D

Tag Along M

♡Jay Park

Play Your Cards Right M

  • BTS


Lunch Break M

School Crush F

Down to Ride M

All Access M ft. Wonho


Yes Daddy M


A Little Game M

Office Job M

Milky Way Mysteries ft. Jungkook

Birthday Licks M


Milky Way Mysteries ft. Jimin

Better Than You M ft. Yugyeom

  • Got7


Mario Kart M

Big M ft. Jaebum


Big M ft. Mark

Owned M ft. Kyungil

Waking Up the Morning After F


Stress Relief M

Something Good F

Stalemate M ft. Bobby & Zico

Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number M


Secret Room M ft. Yugyeom


Bad Girl M

Secret Room M ft. Jinyoung

Better Than You M ft. Jung kook

  • KNK


The Sweet Lie M

  • Exo

♡All Members:

     SEXO Day


Hands Off M


Practice Makes Perfect M

  • B.A.P.


Beautifully Done M

  • Club Eskimo


I Love It F

Updated 11/21/16

Muse – Psycho

looooooooooooov. it will get you nowherrrre. you were on your owwwwwwn, but lose in the willlllld. so come to me nowwwww. i could use someone like you. someone who ’ll killlELLLELALLL, ON MY commaaaand. and ask no questions (i’m gonna make you, i’m gonna break you, i’m gonna make you, A PSYCH OSPSPYJCHO. PSYCHY PSYCHO. ahehehh a fucking psycho) YOUR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS BELONGS TO MEE NWOWOOWWOOWOHAOWOOOO (ARE YOU A HUMAN DRONE aye sir AR YOU A HUMAN ANMNCHIEN aye sir THEN I’M IN CONTOR LMAOTHERUCKWR UNETSTAND aye sir) Yyour laaaand is just a prroooogram, and i’m the piraaaaaaaates, i’m changing the station. i’ll improve your freshcoooos. i’ll turn you int oa superpoowotiorl (suroprpapalro) and you will KILLLLLLLLLLLL ION MY COmmand. and it won’t be speicla 9I’;m gonna break you, i’m gonna mbreak you, i’m gonna make you, A FUCKSY PSYCHO. A FUCKA PSYCHO. ahehhah A FUCKING PSYCHOOO) YOUR AAAAAAAAASS BELONGS TO MEEEE NOWOWOWOHwhhhahHOOWOHOH (AR EYOU A POSYCHO KIULLET SYAI ’;M KA PSOYCHPLO OOILELR i’;m ap osyhco kiklelr WSCRAM IT I’m a sypsdych olkiker HSOW ME YOUR WAR CRY aihhhhh YIU ARE A PUSSY I SED SHOW ME YOUR EAR CRY aeehaeheh) (i’m gonna make you, i’m gonna break you, i’m gonna make you , A FUCKING PSYHCOOOO. A FUCKIN’ OSPYCHOOO. fucjakcUA UCKING PSYHCOO) YOUR AAAAASSS BELONGS TO ME NWONWOWHWWHWHWHwhhWOHhHOHHH. (I WILL BREAK YOU. I WILL BREAK YOU. STAND ON COMMAND. I WILL BREAK YOU. DO YOU UNDERSTAND. I WILL BREAK YOU. DO YOU UNDERSTAND. aye sir ) (you ufkcing psycho) YOUR AAAAAAAAAAASSS BELONGS TO MEEE nowwwwwwww, YOUR AAAAAAAAASSS BELOGNS TO MEE NOWOWHWOWHwhoHhhohWOHoOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo, mmyoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEAAAAAA. (ooeOAAA, oooEOAAA, oooEEAA, oooEAAAo o, OOoooAAA, oooEEAA,  ooooaEWAA<o ooeoAAA,o oooeAAA, ooeoEAA

♦︎Drabbles & Thirst Traps/Exposures♦︎

F - Fluff | A -Angst | M - Mature


☆Optional Bias

Red M

Click M

  • BigBang


Say Aah M

  • BTS


Royal Flush M

Misbehaved M ft. Hoseok


Liquid Luck


Misbehaved M ft. Seokjin


Decoded ft. Jinyoung

Midnight Snack M


Play Toys M ft. Xiumin & Wonho

Good Enough to Eat



Sweet Tooth M


Collar M

Marked M

  • Exo


Artificial Love M

Play Toys M ft. Jimin & Wonho


Sweet Dreams Are Made of This M

  • F(x)


Puppy Training M ft. Jackson

  • Monsta X


Play Toys M

  • Got7


Puppy Training M ft. Amber


Decoded ft. Namjoon

Playground Games M ft. Jin & JB

  • KNK


Drunk Jihun M

Break M


Drunk Youjin F

Postmates ft. Seungjun


Break M

Postmates ft. Youjin

  • B.A.P


Mornings F

Beautifully Done M

Thirst Traps/Exposures

  • BTS


Or Nah?


Kink Exposure

  • Exo


Kink Exposure

  • Got7


Kink Exposure

Updated 11/10/16