sharon carter is so important in civil war. where would team cap be without sharon carter??

Everyone Positivity Post

This is a positivity post for everyone. Includes, but not limited to, boys, girls, gays, lesbians, straights, bisexuals, cis, trans, every race, and much more. I’m not very good at listing, and if you weren’t up there this is still for you.

Everyone deserves love.
Everyone is valid.
Everyone is important.

And that’s why we need a huge positivity post for everyone.


Gerard and Ray playing for the Puppets and Puppetry event yesterday!

(They look so good, holy -Dylan)

1K Follow Forever! :)

I hit 1K followers today! :D I would just like to say thank you all so much. Wow.

You all should go follow these lovely people.

The amazing mutuals and friends I’ve made:

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And the people I admire from afar:

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There’s probably more that I could/should tag, so I’m sorry if I left anyone out, but just know that you’re all awesome and I love you. xx


y’all i went and exercised today what kinda twilight zone is this?!

(add me on snapchat to see this fuckin hilarity: kaludiasays)