My Doctor Told Me I Should Vaccinate My Children, But Then Someone Much Louder Than My Doctor Told Me I Shouldn’t

Like all new mothers, I want to make sure that my baby is safe and healthy, so when my doctor told me about procedural vaccinations, it seemed like a no-brainer. Later that same day, a much louder person on TV shouted that I should not vaccinate my baby. With all of these opinions of differing volumes, what are parents supposed to do?

You see, this shrieking TV woman began by saying that she is not a doctor or medical professional of any kind, which already had me skeptical about whatever she was going to shout next. But then she delivered her position on why parents shouldn’t vaccinate their children in a much louder voice than my doctor’s, and it put some serious doubts in my mind. Would someone less sure of herself be able to be quite so loud? It seems unlikely.

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Dating Hack: This New Tinder Feature Will Blow Up A Bridge So You Have Something To Talk About With Your Match

To all the singles out there: Get ready for the best news ever!

While there’s no doubt that dating apps have made it easier than ever for people to find romantic matches, the majority of interactions still don’t make it past that first awkward message. It’s one of the classic pitfalls of dating, but thankfully, one company is going all in to reverse the trend: Tinder’s newest feature will blow up a bridge so you have something to talk about with your match.

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So im in class and I just got done watching YOI episode 10 and i just jkneidejwjcweiuwejnofuiqn. I feel so honored to be alive to witness Yuri and Viktor become an absolute CANNON. Im waching it in school and im just trying so hard not to scream. 

But also, I wont be able to post anything (like make my own posts and post) until Monday so if you have anything to submit, do it now,please!

Walt Disney’s Original Proposal For Disneyland Reveals How It Became The Happiest Place On Earth

In 1953, legendary animator Walt Disney dreamed up a new way for parents and children to play, shop, and explore together. In a single weekend, Disney drafted this proposal for his “Disneyland” in hopes of securing a bank loan to make his dream a reality. Take a look at Disney’s original vision for “The Happiest Place On Earth”


……listen i came here for star wars not to fucking CRY

so it’s “bullying” to accidentally offend/upset somebody and then apologize, but it’s “fighting bullying” to spend whole pages of posts attacking somebody for a miscommunication incident?