Holy cow, y’all. See, I hadn’t even gotten to finish my 100 follower giveaway before this one was needed. And by the time I had gotten the 100 follower giveaway winner chosen, I already had well over 600. I can’t keep up! XD 

This giveaway, there will be 2 winners! One winner will get the SUN box, with a wood burned pentacle keychain, a copy of my first ever spellbook, various incenses, a small sun charm, an incense holder and a Sacred Home herb set. The other will get the MOON box, with a wood burned triple goddess keychain, a small palmistry book, various incenses, a small moon charm, an incense holder, and a sage and cedar herb set.

The Rules:

-No spam blogs, no porn blogs, no giveaway blogs, no bots. Period. Sorry, I just… can’t? 
-You must be following me. This is a giveaway to appreciate my followers, so it’d be silly if I just gave the prizes to anybody! 
-Do NOT tag this as a giveaway and spoil the fun. Seriously.
-You must be 18 or older and willing to give me your shipping information! 
-If you don’t respond within 24 hours of me notifying you of your win, another winner will be chosen. 
-Likes and reblogs both count as entries
-If you want one or the other, make it known to me by sending me a single, polite, private message. If you’re a jerk to me, you automatically get disqualified.

The giveaway will end on my honey’s birthday, April 8th. That means, any entries before 11:59 pm April 7th will be accepted (PST).

I’m super excited!! I can’t wait to see how this turns out! <3 Best of luck, witches!


@jonnyjlm  Not great. 🐇🎩


jordyn: im sure it’s nothing..she’s single now right?

cole: yeah but she said she was into someone..

jordyn: and you think it’s that guy?

cole: i dont know!! i thought.. maybe it was me? but we haven’t talked since we that day and now she’s hanging out with new people? i’m so stupid.. how could it be me? why the hell wouldn’t she tell me about him?

jordyn: hmm.. i might have an idea..


hi all! I’m quite in need of some $$$ so it’s time to open this shit up!! im offering b/w and colored sketches and then a more ~painterly~ headshots for u guys!!

im comfortable with drawing humanoid characters so please no furries, mechs, etc. shoot me an email at s0tc.arts@gmail.com if you’re interested and if you have questions before committing abt price, etc hit me up via tumblr ask. references are required and descriptions too bc i gotta know ur cool ocs to capture them :) all transactions are via paypal and with USD! thank you <3

reblogs are much much much appreciated!

anonymous asked:

Show us a picture of you in a dress!!! Or put one on!


// Pretty sure you just signed your death sentence


The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, :

“In Jannah there is a market to which the people will come every Friday. The northern wind will blow and shower fragrance on their faces and clothes and, consequently, it will enhance their beauty and loveliness. They will then return to their wives who will also have increased in their beauty and loveliness, and their families will say to them: ‘We swear by Allah that you have been increased in beauty and loveliness since leaving us.’ Thereupon they will reply: 'We swear by Allah that you have also been increased in beauty and loveliness since we left you.”

[Muslim, riyad as-salihin 1889]