[08.28.17] yellow & blue for the first week of august! i really need to start posting my photos on time btw i reached 1k followers a few days ago and i’m so so happy! thank you guys so much for the support and everything! i hope you’re having a great day wherever you are. ✧

spread inspired by @journalsanctuary & @laurie-writes 
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[09.03.17] august was a great month and hopefully september will be soo much better! i hope it will be good to you, too.  ✧

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I’m here
In pain

You promised.
You promised me this would never happen
You promised me you’d never leave
You promised you’d always be here
by my side…..

You let this happen
It’s all your fault.

anonymous asked:

we've all been given a talking to by a boss or authority figure or even mentor before why is this such a big deal??

okay, but how is being called to your boss’ office and sternly talked to (which is what happens to 99.9% of people in the real world) even remotely comparable to being put on a plane without your four bandmates, flown across the world with no real idea of what’s coming for you (so you get to worry for literal hours),  and lectured for having a few drinks before a performance, all while being put up in nice accommodations as a kind of reminder of how much money is at stake not only for you, but for four other people who are relying on you, and all this also while you have a super strict contract over your head. and that’s not even getting into the fact that louis was only what, 19, and still quite new to the business, and as he said, he drank in the first place because he was nervous.